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    A big decision on major project

    Bump - I’m guessing this question might be more relevant to a building forum!!
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    A big decision on major project

    I have been researching pre fab garden rooms and there are a few wood structures- some which state they are fully insulted such as : My guess is that the insulation is pretty poor and given I...
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    Black Lava rock prep

    Be extra careful as it can be quite sharp so can scratch your glass.
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    A big decision on major project

    Very helpful- many thanks. When you say gravity do you mean that the water would be stored above the height of the aquariums? Sorry you lost me a bit with thermal mass! Is this related to retaining the heat from the building?
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    A big decision on major project

    Very helpful- many thanks. When you say gravity do you mean that the water would be stored above the height of the aquariums?
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    A big decision on major project

    That’s a thought. I presumed that using the existing walls would be cheap, however including my labour costs a wooden, modern and insulated off the shelf design may be best. We have been here for a year and a half and it is leaky. Just to find a competitive quote to dissemble and dispose off...
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    A big decision on major project

    Thanks for this Darrel - having never used rainwater I’m interested in a large container as the link you provided. Do you use this type of a solution? How do you pump the water out from the container, and realistically how many tanks, say 100 l each could rainwater support? Cheers
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    A big decision on major project

    As you can’s a concrete garage! In addition to insulating the hell out of it, it needs a new roof (not decided whether pitched) new window that can open, a larger door as I keep banging my head and removing the existing garage door and filling in with bricks/breeze blocks. The...
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    least ugly powerhead!

    It does! More Flow will assist in a low tech, although I don’t find it as imperative as in a high energy system
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    least ugly powerhead!

    Do you use an external with lily pipes? If so you can position the power head in the alternate position to create a kind of whirlpool effect which is ideal for co2. Conversely I don’t as I have a v inquisitive son so I place the lily and powerhead together to max the circular flow. Hope that...
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    least ugly powerhead!

    Certainly you could use a timer (I do similarly for my surface skimmer. My aquarium is a 90h, approx 230 L. Glad I went for the 2000
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    What a nightmare- sorry to hear this. At least there was no harm to you and your family. As others have said critters should be fine in a bucket with something as a lid for a while- water changes and rather than worry about a low is temp (not too bad this time of year) try and keep the temp...
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    A big decision on major project

    Thanks Dean. I was thinking Kingspan as I also don’t want to loose to much internal space. It’s a concrete construction so v cold. The building is just taller than me (6ftt) so I was thinking about adding more height to make it a bit more pleasant- thinking about it I could insulate the floor...
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    A big decision on major project

    Hi all I’m considering converting and knackered old concrete garage (approximately 5.8 x 2.8 m) into a fish room. I have already done some research so understand the importance of insulation, heating the air and minimising maintenance. My aim is to have 15 - 30 aquariums to be stocked with a...
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    Any idea what this little chap is?!

    I’m worried both the goby (neon blue) and loach won’t survive. They are both nowhere to be seen although it’s possible they are hiding in the various caves and dense planting. My SAE seems to have decided to stay in the sandy substrate at the front, where the loach was previously. Added various...
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    Any idea what this little chap is?!

    Lol! I recently received a shipment of fish from a small eBay seller and this seemed to have got mixed up as a fresh water goby. Can’t see the goby and the loach isn’t that active so I really hope they make it
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    Any idea what this little chap is?!

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    least ugly powerhead!

    Thanks for this suggestion- running this pump for a few days and I’m very impressed what you get for 30 quid!
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    Adams gas

    Hi all Any one use this service? Initially looking at their 6kg option which would be quite a bit cheaper however won’t fit into my cabinet! They have a 3 kg option, however it only works out marginally cheaper than new 2kg extinguishers, with the down side of two needed and therefore £110...
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    Server Migration

    Just had the same issues trying to upload a pic from my iPhone, don’t think I had any issues with file size before...
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    least ugly powerhead!

    Thanks Ed, that’s interesting as I could set it up on the wall side of my aquarium so a bit less ugly perhaps. A bit more than I wanted to fork out, although I’d rather pay and get it right first time
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    BBA changes

    Giving this a tad more thought- given than daylight I’d currently from about 6, and midsummer is about 4, with the time before - should I just run the Co2 at a low ish level 24/7 I know this is contrary to many people’s successful set ups (inc my previous tanks) Welcome thoughts from any one...
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    BBA changes

    so given that I am house bound for the coming weeks I have decided to finally fix my BBA infested aquarium. I moved my 90h to my kitchen area as a divider between the dining area a couple of months ago. Two changes since the move : 1 I have gone from 2 externals to 1 (due to child access...
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    Diaper in tank leads to destruction

    I feel your pain brother! I have a 1 year old and 2 year old. Haven’t yet smashed my Ada aquarium but the whole set up and maintenance regime has suffered to ward off enquiring hands. Perfect reaction - look at the positive, surely you need to treat your self to a newer, child safe set up?!
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    least ugly powerhead!

    Looks great but pricey at 130 pounds! What’s your feedback on the product please and where did you buy?
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    least ugly powerhead!

    Hi siege Tried that, but they won’t fit in my Ada cabinet gap at the sides! I would MUCH rather use the second external for aesthetic reasons l, but I can’t run the risk of my son breaking glass etc
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    least ugly powerhead!

    any recommendations on something small please? I had two externals on a 90h, however I now have this setup as a room divider and have ditched the second filter due to a 1 year old taking far too much interest! I am using the ehiem skimmer, but I think more flow would benefit with Co2 distribution
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    Woodland Troll - Take Four

    nice scape Tim - interested to see how you get on with the Co2 on constant at a lower rate and how that compares.
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    EA600 high tech jungle, fingers crossed!

    very nice natural looking scape
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    External filter hoses kitchen cupboard HELP

    Drilling holes seems pretty extreme! Is there not an option on the other side ?
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    ADA 90P - "Low Roar"

    Stunning aquarium!
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    A little paranoid or not....

    How reliable are these Ed? Not had any experience, however I do control my general room lighting via WiFi with Philips Hue, and if there are WiFi issues the lights can remain on
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    Advice during a water change with external filter setup.

    Not sure why you would need to lock the inflow and outflow- if you turn the filter off (which isvwhat I do) you should be fine. There will be some residual water in the intake/outflow pipes so take care and if you can position a bucket below when you gently remove the lily pipes/spaybar etc...
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    Happy New Year from the UKaps Team!

    Happy NY guys- good time to think of a new/rescape?!
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    Water sprite in aquascape

    Cheers - I think I shall uproot as it’s growing like a weed, I will also put a couple of the smaller fronds on some lava rock, to see if it will grow akin to a java fern
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    Water sprite in aquascape

    Thanks Darrel, the trimming advice is especially helpful. I just wonder how much work it will be in high tech and what it will eventually look l don’t think I have ever seen in an Ada type set up
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    Water sprite in aquascape

    Happy new year! Does anyone have experience of this plant in a high tech set up? A week ago I set up new aquarium and added this for plant mass. It’s attractive fern like, however after googling looks like I can’t simply trim the stems/branches? I’d like to keep but if I have to constantly...
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    90h as a kitchen / dining room divider

    Thanks for such an informative reply!
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    90h as a kitchen / dining room divider

    It's hard- agree that Co2 is easier in softer water. When you say more maintenance can you specify please?
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    90h as a kitchen / dining room divider

    Thanks - all three, my initial thought would be an island scape, or bank up the substrate on the one side which would be against the wall
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    90h as a kitchen / dining room divider

    Hi all What do people think about using an aquarium as a divider? I understand the challenge with aquascaping, but is it worth it? Just having my house renovated and this is an option - really can't decide!
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    Alternative to ADA light screen

    I currently have a Phillips light strip from the hue range - certainly not the cheapest, but it's good quality and if you have the hue system easy to use. However the effect is nice, it's not quite the same as a light screen. It's obviously what you like and how much your willing to pay for a...
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    Alternative to ADA light screen

    Looks like aquarium gardens will be getting to test the product to see if they are happy with the design, and if so may retail in future. I will be interested in their findings!
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    Fillipe tank please

    Very nice indeed! Are you using an in tank diffuser at the back right amongst the stems? What filters are use using please?
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    ADA 90P - "Low Roar"

    Looking great. Do you have two lily outflows next to each other? Is that due to the layout or do you also prefer the increase in flow?
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    Nature Aquarium Party 2019

    All please! Congrats on your placement, superb!
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    What media are you using in your Eheim classics?

    I like the classics as they are really robust and good value. They aren't the most powerful so I only use course to medium foam and clean every 2-3 months.
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    Alternative to ADA light screen

    Thanks- yes I currently use backlighting, which admittedly looks very nice, but when you compare with ADAs light screen, the effect is different. For anyone of interest I contacted The Light Ground and they informed me that they would shortly provide details of a distributor in Cambridge. Isn't...
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    Bentosi tetra

    Lovely tetra, especially as they display character with males jostling for dominance. As mentioned not small shrimp safe if you intend on keeping with cherrys, my largest male wiped out a large colony when he matured and got a taste.
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    I'm unsure on this

    Presume you mean bubble per second not bubble per minute? You have quite a large volume of water so you will likely need a lot of CO2 and very effective flow and distribution. Perhaps if you could outline the set up and equipment you have and we can provide more specific advice?
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    Alternative to ADA light screen

    Cheers- having a read through looks like they have a German distribution via the Scapers Lounge and will announce other European distributors shortly. I think the price point will be key, if it's say 100 euros less for a cheaper product I would rather pay more for ADA as the quality is proven
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    Alternative to ADA light screen

    Think this was the one Tim
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    Alternative to ADA light screen

    Just seen on a Phil Olivera vid the use of a back lit panel that was not ADA I think the company is Polish- anyone have any better info about this? Love ADAs product, but 400 euros for the 90cm version is difficult to part with!
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    Where art thou @Ceg4048 ?

    Agreed - learned an awful lot regarding effective CO2 use from Clive, hope he's doing okay and makes a return to this excellent forum!
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    Filter and flow for 300l tank

    Really depends what you aim to achieve- that size tank is excellent for aquascaping, i would go for a classic nature aquarium (see Ada for inspiration) with large shoals of 3 or so tetra species, clean up crew and perhaps a pair of dwarf chiclids. If you want to go high-tech with Co2 you will...
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    Filter and flow for 300l tank

    If you’re intending on injecting CO2 you will need more - I would use two personally if using lily pipes, if you use a spray bar I would recommend something more powerful than the oase. It’s a matter of taste, but I wouldn’t look to keep discus in a tank that size, not good to get any decent scale
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    The Island - ADA 75P - Tropica Feature results

    where do you get this mesh material from please? Thanks
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    Brown Fuzzy Algae Everwhere. Help

    Looks to be predominately on your carpet so may be associated with nutrients from substrate. Either way from your pick your plant growth looks good - especially from the tripartita, which is fast growing so likely to indicate quite quickly if there were any more underlying problems with the C02...
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    New member tank location question!

    Given you are coming back after many years out I would strongly advise against any direct sunlight if you can position in another area. You can succeed but you are really limiting what you can do as you will need to add C02 to cover the ever changing natural lighting times and intensity. I had...
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    Is the dennerle 55l kit a good first buy ?

    You can have a really nice little planted aquarium at that size, however my suggestion would be to consider a 60p (or cheaper version same size) Reasons being you have significantly more options stocking wise, easier to aquascape and in the long run the equipment will be more transferable. Have...
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    Why is many people putting co2 diffusers up front?

    All valid questions- as with many aspects of the hobby there are different ways of achieving the same results depending on you specific tastes/budget/size of aquarium etc etc (the variables!) I have used in tank diffusers, reactors, in line diffusers, and feeding C02 into an internal filter...
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    Brand New ADA 120P Setup (5th month update)

    V nice - especially like the tidiness of your cabinet, I need a clear out! Wouldn't you be best to position the skimmer at a diagonal to you outflow, to achieve a circular type flow?
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    Faulty electric timer

    I purchased a pack of 3 timers from Argos as they fit nicely on my extension lead and quieter than the old mechanic ones. However one I have been using on my very high power light seems to have developed artificial intelligence and has decided a lit aquarium in the middle of the night would be a...
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    suggestions please

    The obvious choice would be a large shoal of small tetras - what ever you like the most. Rummies are popular - personally I find their shoaling behaviour and fast swimming back and forth a bit too much. Bentosi are underrated and display really interesting behaviour.
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    CO2 And filter recommendations

    you have various options that will work. My preference would be OASE (the largest) as the heater is hidden. I also like the aqua rio diffusers as they produce a fine mist, easy to clean and cheap to replace. I find in tank diffusers preferable for a few reasons, but others prefer other methods ...
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    Algae identification

    Yes lots of info -key question is do you get a full PH drop before lights on? A simple way to test this is with a drop checker, so that it is lime green lights on. it generally takes 2-3 hours to get the drop, sometimes more.
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    Algae identification

    Its always a bit of trial and error! are you certain you are getting a full PH drop before lights on? Moss is slow growing so it is generally more at risk of algae than say stem plants (remove as much as possible). it looks like the algae is on some of the older growth so if you have the...
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    Algae identification

    looks like Staghorn - problem is co2 related, e.g. you need more, better flow or reduce lighting period and/or intensity. to assist rather than cure you could also use h2o2 or try a blackout. Thanks
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    Co2 diffuser just can take the pressure!

    Its Co2 art dual stage. Prior to this no issues so I'm a bit perplexed what has changed- process of elimination I would say it must be some blockage on the aqua rio, tried bleach might try H202 overnight as a last resort until I bin and replace!
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    Co2 diffuser just can take the pressure!

    Sorry should have specified I am using CO2 tubing (from ADA infact). Slightly baffling.
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    Co2 diffuser just can take the pressure!

    hi all Hoping someone can help. I have an aqua Rio diffuser and has been working well no issues. Recently however after an hour of gas on pressure has been building and either the diffuser has come off or some of the air line. Replaced the air line so I’m guessing it must be the diffuser. Mt...
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    Olympus is Calling

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    Plant Identification!

    Looks like verticalata to me
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    A Brief and Incomplete History of Aquascaping

    Really interesting read - thanks for providing Tim
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    Hello, I'm Sarah and I'm a schapoholic

    Welcome Sarah - nice scapes, esp the bonsai tank! totally agree getting your water change routine down to a tea helps tremendously (I have two under 3s!)
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    Not so much new but "Born again NHS Junkie!"

    Welcome back, I recall reading some really informative posts from you regarding insulating shed/outdoor fish room!
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    10 ppi vs floss/wool for polishing

    Floss is great and cheap for polishing IF you are willing to open your filter very regularly to sling and replace. I am currently using two canisters, so my second has some floss in it - I wouldn’t use it if I was relying on one, and I only use it in the filter at the back
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    Oase BioMaster Thermo External Filter

    Some feedback from me after approx 6 weeks of using the 600 thermo: When I initially set the filter up, I used all the included media, with the exception of a tray of matrix. My initial impression was very impressed with the flow, I would guess double of my old ehiem 2217. Sure enough this...
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    Uneven production of CO2 bubbles from diffuser better options?

    On a 240 L ada 90H I am using one aquario diffusor, best diffusor I have used, much better than tropic IMO. The key for me in this set up is that I am using two canisters and lily pipe sets, therefore the gas is forced down and then around the aquarium.
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    Positioning Spraybar?

    In non Co2 injected growth rate will be slow. Soil/root tabs should help, but if the aquarium hasn’t started with a high plant mass (ie full of plants) you will probably need to wait a long time to see the tank fill in. Ironically, if you increase light to increase the growth rate this may lead...
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    Is there such a thing as a right angle lillypipe?

    I had one of the ehiem plastic pipes a few years back. Personally not impressed for C02 distribution as it affects the flow too much for my liking. This will obviously depend on your exact set up but I have more success with higher flow (lily pipes or spray bars)
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    Co2 solenoid intermittently working

    Yes - seems really random that most of the times it works, but occasionally it doesn’t. I’m guessing some kind of loose connection internally
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    Co2 solenoid intermittently working

    i have a co2 are dual stage regulator which sometimes I cannot turn the co2 is not isolated. Has anyone had this issue before? Sometimes it’s not a problem so I’m guessing it’s faulty. Only about 2-3 years old from c02 art, so I was hoping to get a bit more life out of it.
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    Hello from London

    Welcome- totally with you having 6month and 2 year children! Find the easiest way to make water changes quickly would be my advice if going high tech (daily water changes etc)
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    Wood stone

    I have used before - its nice in a subtle way, no nooks and crannies like lava or mini landscape but the colours can be nice and I believe its also inert. Some of Amano's early scapes have used it, to impressive effect.
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    Maintaining a Sloped Substrate?

    Interesting thread - does Lava rock have any impact on water i.e. does it release minerals/micro nutrients into the water column. presumably because it is porous there is more opportunity for micro life to develop in the aquarium rather than just in the filter? I have just flooded an aquarium...
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    ADA 45P - Red Planet

    lovely use of colour and texture
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    Positioning Spraybar?

    Nothing particularly special- low lighting, regular water changes, soil substrate and quite a high volume of plants to start.
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    Positioning Spraybar?

    I am assuming the more plants i add to the tank the easy it will get to maintain as well as find of aglae? That's right, they won't be growing that fast in low tech so trimming won't be too bad. Just make sure they are 'easy' plants, some will do better than others a bit of trial and error...
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    Positioning Spraybar?

    Yes, flow looks good. Regarding fertilisers you need to supply plants with Macro and Micro. The fish you have in there will create a lot of waste, which will probably suffice for your Macros. So occasionally micro dosing should suffice, I don't know that brand look on the label if it refers to...
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    Positioning Spraybar?

    the flow and movement look great. I would strongly suggest filling with much more plants (easy section from tropica), the plants you have may well fill in, but this will take a long time in your set up and more importantly algae have a much lower chance of outcompeting a high volume of...
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    Green aqua blog

    okay, it doesn't look too bad to me. What is the substrate? is it possible you have a build up of organics in this as I can see BBA on the gravel. H2O2 is good on substate. just avoid the plants. I also think you need more plants - you could even get some cheap vals/cambomba and sling it the...
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    Green aqua blog

    Sounds almost identical to my previous issues. I tinkered around with things like curtains / cardboard blocking one side and whilst they may work for some people for me they are not an effective long term solution. As you can't move the tank my advice would be as follows: - start the CO2 as...
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    Positioning Spraybar?

    if your spray bar is powered by a decent flow canister, the water should exit evenly at a decent rate i.e. If pointing vertically should hit the front glass without dropping too much height. If this is the case with your set up point the bar very slightly upwards so you get a good ripple effect...
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    Positioning Spraybar?

    Both surface movement and decent flow. In my non co2 tanks I find they do better with more of a rippling effect than Co2 injected as this way the water is in more contact with atmospheric Co2 (albeit very low levels, which is fine with lower lighting intensity and period). So, spray bar either...
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    Hydrogen peroxide disaster

    Agreed- I use 3 percent when spot dosing, never had any issues with fish or shrimp, although I am careful where I dose. I also turn my filters off for one hour. Personally I prefer than liquid carbon, which my moss hated and I have read is nasty stuff. If your spot dosing 3 percent h2o2 and that...
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    Green aqua blog

    I battled with BBA in an aquascape a few years ago - and via the process of elimination my main problems were cause by sunlight - no directly hitting the aquarium, however the room was painted cream and I was in a top floor apartment on the south coast (loads of sun all year). Moved house, same...
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    Lighting hours

    I would advise against long ramping up/ramping down periods for you lighting as this previously caused me algae issues. Stick to 30 mins either end.