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  1. sjb123

    canon 350d best lens ?

    Re: canon 350d ????????? Not sure if all lenses fit Canons Full Frame Sensor Bodies? No expert though!! Cheers Steve
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    Random find

    Salvinia Auriculata(Butterfly Fern) i think? Cheers Steve
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    No co2 from FE to bubble counter

    Hi, try connecting regulator direct to bubble counter, then solenoid & check valve in turn to find fault? Regards Steve
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    Pearling plants and natural sunlight

    Hi, Have a look here, might help explain? viewtopic.php?f=21&t=112&p=527&hilit=pearling#p527 Cheers Steve,
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    Hi, can anyone tell me where I can get an FE-Refill in the Banbury area please? Cheers Steve,
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    viewtopic.php?f=21&t=11124&p=118234&hilit=false+pearling#p118234 Cheers Steve,
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    fly (old red eye)

    Hi Mark, Fantastic shots! Looking at your Macro shots is really giving me the urge to give it go? I've got my eye on a Canon 450D, having never owned a DSLR before would this be a good camera to start with? What lens would i need to start off with to get reasonable results without spending a...
  8. sjb123

    Ark's Nano South East Asian Biotope

    Hi Nabhan, Sorry about that last post, just hadn't seen it in viewtopic.php?f=23&t=6131 Good luck with the tank, Regards Steve,
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    Ark's Nano South East Asian Biotope

    Hi Ark, is that the Rotala Rotundifolia i sent to you last Monday i see in your tank? Haven't noticed agreed Donation to cover! at least Postage :oops: Regards Steve,
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    Where is best to buy shrimp online?

    Hi, i'm interested to know! Did you ever order from these guys? Regards Steve
  11. sjb123

    Tap safe and water changes

    Yes you should! Try Seachem Prime - 1ml per 40lts of Tap water changed, Cheers Steve
  12. sjb123

    Platinum Tetra - Hemigrammus vorderwinkleri

    Hi Stevie, I've never seen them before but, try this one ... etras.html What about Diamond Tetra's? Cheers Steve,
  13. sjb123

    DIY Project Replaced the Juwel Plastic Brace

    Has anyone actually heard of a Juwel tank breaking without these Brace's? Mine (Rio 400) have been broken for about 6 years!! I was told, when trying to obtain replacements that they were not really needed, only as a precaution to dropping light units in tank? Worried now :jawdrop That's...
  14. sjb123

    Undergravel Heaters

    I've used one for the last 10 years or so, but mainly because it's what I started with! As to any Benefits i'm not really sure but they must help drawing nutrients down into the substrate for the plants roots as well as making the substrate a Biological filter with a Huge surface area! Regards...
  15. sjb123

    New online plant store

    Received my plants Sat morning as promised. They are the Best Quality plants i have ever had through mail order & at a really value for money price. Will certainly use again, :thumbup: Regards Steve
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    Hi, I would definitely agree with Andy on the Echinodorus Osiris (Red Amazon) as i had one years ago but it grew to large! If you ever take it out, wait till you see the size of the root system on it!! Cheers Steve
  17. sjb123

    Trace Mix Plus

    Great News :thumbup: Thanks, will be placing order shortly Cheers Steve
  18. sjb123

    Achieving redish color in plants such a eleoharis and glosso

    Just try letting some Tenellus float on the surface for a few days and see how red it goes! Cheers Steve
  19. sjb123

    One for James

    James is Right!! Your gas supplier would soon be out of business selling 500kg for £3 Are you using 4dkh solution in your drop checker? Cheers Steve
  20. sjb123

    Achieving redish color in plants such a eleoharis and glosso

    Hi Antoni, I think you will find it is down to very high amounts of lighting? Regards Steve
  21. sjb123

    advice please

    Hi Pike, I can't really tell you what to use, the choice is yours!! I have a Juwel 400 which i run 2 x Juwel t5 High Lite units on (with reflectors) this gives me ample light to grow most plants. Check out this link for High lite units ... 115014.htm...
  22. sjb123

    Temp and pH with plants

    Sorry Andy i was thinking of the Cichlid family :oops: Check out this link, might be of some help ... Discus.htm Cheers Steve
  23. sjb123

    Temp and pH with plants

    Hi Andy, I think your plants will handle the water parameter changes ok but, your Discus may take a fancy to most of them!! Cheers Steve
  24. sjb123

    Thank You - Now with a few pics :-)

    Re: Thank You Hi Neo, I know the feeling!! I've had my tank running since 2004 but have never really got it how i would like it? There are so many good idea's on this Forum you would think it would be easy to scape what you want "I think my problem is i don't really know what i want"...
  25. sjb123

    want to learn more....

    Hi Sam, interesting article on trimming stem plants! I've always followed the Dennerle method which recommends taking out the whole plant and replanting the strongest cuttings! Think i will give it a go as i can see the benefits in getting the stem to bush out and then shape it. Thanks, Steve...
  26. sjb123

    Is this a Cherry Shrimp?

    Yes, Females are the more coloured ones, which you should see carrying eggs! Hopefully!! Cheers Steve
  27. sjb123

    water lettuce

    It will definitely survive in a tropical tank between 10-28 oC I put 4 in my tank 2 weeks ago, now must have 100 plants!! Thinking of getting rid though as roots are about 150mm long & look unsightly!! Cheers Steve,
  28. sjb123

    JamesC's 200 litre Akadama journal

    Hi Mark, can i just say if you go down the RO route, for a 1,000ltr tank you'll need an awful lot for water changes at 25% - 50% every week!! That means allot of waste water! Hope your not on a meter? :jawdrop Regards Steve
  29. sjb123

    New Traces from Aqua Essentials

    Thanks for that James :thumbup: Regards Steve
  30. sjb123

    New Traces from Aqua Essentials

    Hi James, thank you for the information on AE's new trace mix. Can i replace the missing Iron with Iron Sulphate? Regards Steve
  31. sjb123

    Algae v Ph?

    Thanks for that Clive, would you know where, or if i can get some sort of T piece connector for my Co2? At the moment i am running a Dennerle CO.C.400 Bio-Filterstation which has 2 x built in reactors and have added my old CO.C.200 with 1 x reactor to increase the flow however, i would like...
  32. sjb123

    Help! Catching Columbian Tetras

    Hi Thomas, I think they are just great survivors as they just breed in the tank! I've also had Diamond Tetras breed but not so frequent as the Columbian. Plenty of hiding places for fry also helps! Ph 6.6>6.7 Kh = 2 Gh = 5 approx. Tank Juwel Rio 400 was run using the Dennerle Nature system but...
  33. sjb123

    Algae v Ph?

    Hi, had Staghorn algae appear about 7 days ago which i think was caused by increase in light & no increase in Co2? Changed from 4 x 38w Trocals to 4 x 54w Trocals which on my Rio 400 gives me 2.45w per gal! Have done water changes, increased flow & increased Co2. Yesterday Ph was reading 6.4...
  34. sjb123

    Would RO ReMineral+ cause Algae?

    Hi, have just got back into it after neglecting tank for the last 6 months!! (odd water change/to much Golf)! I have always used RO water but used to mix it with tap water so thought i would try all RO water with(Dennerle) Osmose ReMineral+ added, this was 2 weeks ago. Last week noticed...
  35. sjb123

    Help! Catching Columbian Tetras

    Thanks for all the suggestions, will give them a try! Think i was being too careful & too selective? Will take out more & sort afterwards. Cheers Steve B......
  36. sjb123

    Help! Catching Columbian Tetras

    Hi, has anyone any idea's on catching Columbian Tetras in a Planted tank without Wrecking it? I have too many in my tank, they breed like mad but they are so hard to catch? It took me about 2.5 hrs the other day to get 30 out! i was being selective as my local shop will only take the younger...
  37. sjb123

    Eusteralis Stellata ID?

  38. sjb123

    Eusteralis Stellata ID?

    Hi, can anyone ID this plant for me please? Bought off an online dealer two weeks ago as a Eusteralis Stellata but it dos'nt look like the picture in my oldish plant book!! Any idea's please??