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  1. clonitza

    Junglerino [NEW PHOTO]

    Long time no see, I just wanted to post a picture with my current arrangement for my little ones, the tank was set 2 years ago and has gone through different plants arrangements, the soil was unchanged (OK Nature Soil) works a treat. Nothing fancy for a 60l, light 18w T8 with a reflector (wonder...
  2. clonitza

    Sword flower

    Haven't posted in a while, not many things happened lately just my sword flowering while on vacation and one more time today :) I wish it happened when I returned to see all 6 flowers. Cheers, Mike
  3. clonitza

    Slow Life

    Worth every penny in Full HD
  4. clonitza

    Plants pearling

    I see that many folks still have questions about pearling, especially why it isn't happening in their tanks. :) So here's a nice article I've found, feel free to discuss it further: Pearling - True or False? Cheers, Mike
  5. clonitza

    Sounds familiar? :)

    Cheers, Mike
  6. clonitza

    Untitled II

    Hi guys, I know some people are wondering what is my next low tech project so here it is. Some specs: Tank: GA Opti-white 60x30x36 cm (big thanks Viktor) Filtration: JBL e700 Heating: Jager 75w Light: Resun 2 x 15w T8 Osram 865 Soil: Oliver Knott Nature Soil (Contra-Soil) + ADA Sarawak Sand...
  7. clonitza

    Untitled [Emersed]

    Mornin'! Planned to start an emersed tank for a while and since the goods for the other tank arrived I gave it a go. 7l clear glass tank covered with a glass lid and plastic wrap to keep the moist in. Nature Soil ADA Sarawak Sand Dragon stone Plants: Juncus repens Rotala sp. "Colorata"...
  8. clonitza

    The little one - Take 2

    Since the last journal of this tank doesn't feature any pics (had to remove them from flickr) I decided to open another fresh one after doing the last arrangement. The tank Eheim - 60cm long x 30cm wide x 35cm tall Soil - ADA Forest Sand Orinocco - Some regular white sand - JBL Manado...
  9. clonitza

    Takashi Amano - SUMIDA AQUARIUM - display tanks

    Just wondering what tools they'll use to trim the carpet plants :) Part 1 More to come, English subtitles from May 22nd Some info here: ... e-Aquarium Mike
  10. clonitza

    Survival [70L]

    Sorry guys I don't have time to post more now. Mike
  11. clonitza

    DIY "ADA PRO Razor"

    Best algae scraper I had :) + superglue + JBL Aqua-T Handy blade The bad: I wish it was longer The good: I can also clean the back glass without removing the spray bar Cheers, Mike
  12. clonitza

    Just Fun ...

    Hello boys and girls, Finally the new soil arrived so I can start the journal. I did a fast sketch so you can see where this one is going to. Looks like a mountain scape but I plan it to be a little different, you'll see tomorrow when I'll post the first photos how it will look like. A...
  13. clonitza

    Planting aquarium using wabis

    A good idea if you manage to prepare them in advance.
  14. clonitza

    The little one

    I wouldn't have started this journal but I see many people struggling with dosing I think this one is a good example how to keep things simple and less frustrating especially if you are a beginner. This was not intended to be an aquascape nor a hardware showcase, I don't have the proper...
  15. clonitza

    Side lighting the tank

    Just started my experiment by keeping on the background light 2x24w t5s during the photoperiod (indirect light bouncing from the white wall, the unit is placed slightly below the tank level). Anyone into this? After a week I can say that my rotalas near the back glass are pinkish but crawling...
  16. clonitza

    Planned Obsolescence

    Enjoy or not: Mike
  17. clonitza

    Mr. Big Nose

  18. clonitza

    Two worlds [THE END]

    Hi boys and girls, After a long absence I wanted to tell you a thing or two about my aquarium. Unfortunately I had a problem using the old account so I had to register a new one. So.... the aquarium: A week ago ... The tank - 70cm long x 35cm wide x 30cm tall - optiwhite glass Soil - ADA...