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  1. nayr88

    Clip-on light for low tech bowl?

    Hi, I've ordered this lamp but in black - Went with this bulb - going to be using this over a low tech bowl.
  2. nayr88

    RO & EI

    Ok I may go 75 RO and 25 water. Have you noticed the difference in plant growth and health? Thanks :)
  3. nayr88

    First scape Scapers Tank 55l

    lovely little tank this, really like the dimensions of the scapers tanks and the plant choice/lay out really suits.
  4. nayr88

    RO & EI

    Hi Guys, Going to give RO a try in my next scape. I understand many folk cut there RO with tap water. My question is, if i am using EI method of fertilising do i need to cut at all? also, when doing the water change on the six day, i cant just be adding pure RO, so will i need to remove the 15...
  5. nayr88

    ADA 30c The Joans Tank

  6. nayr88

    ADA 30c The Joans Tank

    Hi everyone, I have been keeping planted tanks consistently for a little while now but never really make journals, I'm trying some different things with this one so wanted some advice and help along the way. SPECIAL THANKS - Ryan Thang So for the tank, lights and bits - as well as some...
  7. nayr88

    I saw a post asking about the ADA terra base

    Great job! Do you have to load the terra base with water for a few days before planting so it isn’t dry when attaching? I wonder if you could get a sheet of the terracotta and create a wall? Similar to the style tanksthay have a plastic sheet a few inches from the back glass and pump with...
  8. nayr88

    "Cheap" 60F

    more picture please!! any fish in there also?
  9. nayr88

    "Cheap" 60F

    more picture please!! any fish in there also?
  10. nayr88

    Lockdown 60L Nano

    great start, where are your lights from? really different. The inlet and outlet are very smart too, where are they from?
  11. nayr88

    A growing collection

    very nice mate! did any of these plants come to you as 1-2 Grow cultures?
  12. nayr88

    Forum has been upgraded

    great work LD
  13. nayr88

    Dennerle Scapers Tank

    Siege thank you mate. Will put a call into them.
  14. nayr88

    Dennerle Scapers Tank

    Hi Guys, Says on the website you have the 55L in stock but I cant put it in my basket? Thanks
  15. nayr88

    ADA 45P "Winden Caves"

    what is the name of those stones. there really cool. Hows the progress on this tank
  16. nayr88


    Ady, great tank. I've really enjoyed reading this one start to finish, the fish choices was my favorite bit haha. I'm dreadful with fish choice and would of ended up with some rainbow snakeheads!! Or if i was being more sensible, a lvery large gang of pencil fish and a Male + Harem of one of...
  17. nayr88

    CmLaracy's 90P ADA

    very very nice, oits not very often at all i get the feeling to create an iwagumi but this has really got me thinking :) I know id end up with many more plant types, adding a little red here, a stem there...oh and a little moss blah blah and boom.....ive ruined it haha.
  18. nayr88

    It was meant to be so easy

    Due a water change and prune tonight but this is how it’s looking. Really need to get some shrimps in there now it’s established Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. nayr88

    Garden Turf woes

    As above lol very sad when it happened Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. nayr88

    Garden Turf woes

    It would of been used if it didn’t crack!! I put my substrate in it and wood....just say there and the thing just cracked....left it for a month as couldn’t bring myself to empty it until I had a replacement and CRACK !!! The exact same crack appeared on the opposite side Sent from my iPhone...
  21. nayr88

    Garden Turf woes

    Just replaced a few of the worse bits with some betters rolls, going to pick a few more up Wednesday when they get a fresh delivery. Annoying as there will be a few bits rooting st different times so will have to wait bit longer to mow. It’s going to have a few different nights haha Sent from...
  22. nayr88

    Garden Turf woes

    This was when I got home yesterday looking worse. When it’s soaked it doesn’t look this bad but obviously I think I’m going to either be seeding and feeding or do I just cut my losses and replace? £3.60 odd for a roll at B&Q I’m not fussed getting 10 rolls and replacing the stuff that’s too far...
  23. nayr88

    Garden Turf woes

    Thanks guys, appreciate the confidence boost that it’s workable. @Angus I noticed one or two rocks, im going to get a bag of top soil and do a few more checks and chuck some in a few spots. I’ve been water early morning and late evening with a light spraying at 12/1pm Today I couldn’t get...
  24. nayr88

    Garden Turf woes

    Hi all Tuesday this week I returned back from work to find out my mrs mother had new turf laid in her garden. The chap had come around and done it all on the quick with the old offer of I’m doing one up the road and whilst I’m here I’ll do yours - it was in need of doing and she had passed him...
  25. nayr88

    It was meant to be so easy

    The decor in the tank has been left alone after I changed it one more time and it’s growing in nicely. The pebble on the right is going to be replaced by either something VERY compact and red ( suggestions ) , more Grass or a nicer pebble. The grass really is growing very slow and very deep...
  26. nayr88

    It was meant to be so easy

    massively struggling to leave this tank alone!!! i've now got mini landscape stone in the tank that will be getting the moss treatment. i have done what i always end up doing and not allowing much space for the foreground to be any bigger then a border line. i do want this to be very shrimpy so...
  27. nayr88

    It was meant to be so easy

    Ok so I didn’t get the ada I put it in my basket and then decided I’d plant something else to grow out some plants and then if I’m successfully scaped a cheap tank I’d go all in on a 45p and 451 moon light. This tank is from pets at home and came with a filter, the light is an old one I had...
  28. nayr88

    Outdoor Planted "tub"

    Hi that looks so good Can we have some more details What is in the base of the tub and the size The temperature and so on Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  29. nayr88

    It was meant to be so easy

    Crack and aquascaping [emoji23]- I did wonder how Oliver knot comes up with some of the odd scapes he designs haha!! I Jest of corse. Although it has made me think of going for an ADA 45p.....are they opti white? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  30. nayr88

    It was meant to be so easy

    Honestly that was the only positive, there must of been a weakness in the tank and I’m so happy it was exposed now rather than after live stock, plants and a filter where added. Well my mrs cleaned the office on the day so I guess she must of bumped it? She doesn’t re call and she’s the type...
  31. nayr88

    It was meant to be so easy

    Hi all I have been keeping planted tanks a while and every now and then post up a journal. HERES ANOTHER ONE!! Bit upset as I took photos whilst setting up and turned the light on today to make sure after 24 hours I’m happy with the scale and BOOM!! There’s a huge flipping crack in the...
  32. nayr88

    All in one tank

    hi all I’m after an all in one style tank, the type that comes with filter in the back with space for a heater. A good light in the hood also (hood is must) 30-60 litres would be good Anyone had good experience growing in a straight out the box style set up? Thanks EDIT * the fluval flex...
  33. nayr88

    Pathway to Rio Negro 864L (biotope)

    This is going to be amazing!!! Will be keeping an eye on this journal for sure
  34. nayr88

    ADA 60p "Reach Out"

    Lovely tank mate. 60's are such a good size to scape
  35. nayr88

    Bonsai driftwood

    Ooooooooo!!! Haha Wood looks good lads and I sure as heck don't have a contact is Portugal haha
  36. nayr88

    Nayr88's 40cube HiTech

    Got these over the weekend. Coloured up nicely already :)
  37. nayr88

    Nayr88's 40cube HiTech

  38. nayr88

    Please help

    Hi guys, @PlantedBows - thanks for the the reply. yes for the picture the light is on high. Im going to bring it down to 6 hours on low. It's so irritating as it's making the glosso grow leggy and the overall growth of the plants very slow for a high tech tank. This is my 1st experience with...
  39. nayr88

    Please help

    :banghead: Hi all, I've had this hanging around from a week after set up to now. I can't seem to shake it! Even removing large amounts manually dailey. Here's some details I do 10% Dailey water changes The filter is 700lph via spray bar Dailey dosing EI - TNC complete 2ml per day same time...
  40. nayr88

    Blue lab Truncheon

    You've blown my mind Darrel haha. I'll do some reading in that link and come back to decider this.
  41. nayr88

    Blue lab Truncheon

    Any insight on this would be really appreciated.
  42. nayr88

    Blue lab Truncheon

    Hello all, I have come into possession of one of these and was hoping someone could shed some light of its worth using. If it is then how The types of readings I am looking for. A quick play with it I have found My planted hi tech Daily dosed and after light out CF = 10 PPMx700 = 700 PPMx500...
  43. nayr88

    Spezial N - Nitrogen Fertilizer

    Hi is any one using this currently? I'm dosing aqua rebel EI, Eisen and spezial N. I'm dosing Co2 with the drop checker green and lights on and off I have 12 x turn over and am doing weekly 60% water change. I have high light that's in for 8 hours a dayand have medium plant density(planted...
  44. nayr88

    Nayr88's 40cube HiTech

    Getting a nasty algae popping up :( Does anyone have any experience with JBL proscape soil? It's so light and dusty! I have a big area of dwarf hair grass that has literally lifted from the soil :/
  45. nayr88


    Thanks mick
  46. nayr88


    Hi all. Does any one have experience with this plant? Could you post some pics of it in your tanks also :) thanks
  47. nayr88

    Feedback Leaving feedback on site

    Hi guys, Made a recent purchase and left some feedback on the particular portion and it's. It showing on your website?? I felt the portion was quite small and would be better if paying a little bit more and getting the larger portion OR tropica
  48. nayr88

    Nayr88's 40cube HiTech

    How has it be doing for you? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  49. nayr88

    Nayr88's 40cube HiTech

    YAYYYYYYY hahahah. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  50. nayr88

    Nayr88's 40cube HiTech

    Thanks GreenFinger, Going to order some aqua rebell ferts today so should see some speedier growth over next few weeks *fingers crossed* Thanks
  51. nayr88

    Nayr88's 40cube HiTech

    Hi every one. I've been slowly collecting some kit for a new planted tank. I got the last items from the Mrs for xmas. Set up and planted a couple of days ago. I'll be getting a black or frosted back ground shortly [emoji6] This was after planting This morning at lights on I will be...
  52. nayr88

    Regular dodecahedron bowl

    Why don't you try a wabi kusa instead? I don't like the idea of anything living in that. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  53. nayr88

    20l - Forgotten Ancient

    Great start. Small dosing of liquid carbon will help things grow in nice and cleanly. Keep on top of your water changing and keep everything consistent :)
  54. nayr88

    Small Wabi Kusa

    Looking good. IMO it would look even better with a light sand base
  55. nayr88

    Another Walstad Naturescape

    Love these set ups!! Please share more about the tank! Filers and lighting used. Will you be stocking heavily or dosing anything additional?
  56. nayr88

    New tank has LED

    2nd that all day long even on a Sunday!
  57. nayr88

    First days of aquascape with ADA Amazonia

    Please provide full list and set up of your tank Size of tank(in litres)? Are you filtering the water ? Are you dosing any liquid co2? What lights are you using? Do you have any livestock in the tank yet? You have an nutrient rich substrate and you are also dosing the water column I'm going...
  58. nayr88

    Hello from Southampton, Hampshire, UK

    Hi James Welcome to the forum, please let me know your Facebook group. enjoy the forum mate
  59. nayr88

    Hi all!

    Hi and welcome to the forum, good to see your getting stuck in :) enjoy
  60. nayr88

    Is this hobby right for me?

    Hi Andrew Good question For me I believe it is what you make your allowances for, when I keep aquascaped tanks I would dose high ferts and high ligh and tons of co2 and carpeting plants Now this meant my fish choice to an extent would suffer, I did not want to put any wafers or flakes into the...
  61. nayr88

    Hello from South London

    Richard, Welcome :D Brilliant tanks too, the 180 looks so fresh and alive!! Same with the 60p. Was the 60 set up after or before?
  62. nayr88

    step by step propagation montecarlo emersed

    thats really cool, thanks for sharing. ghostsword luis would love a bit of this haha
  63. nayr88

    800 ltr

    wow!! thats a pretty special build you have! the plants look healthy and i bet the fish love the space. you would guess the co2 should be enough to the get the hair grass spreading, and the light should be enough to, i can only think that the co2 is not enough BUT i haven't had much luck with...
  64. nayr88

    Help with my tank!

    thank you for this
  65. nayr88

    Hello From United States.

    beautiful tank!!! I'm looking forward ro seeing your journals and threads popping up, I'm sure after creating something like that there is plenty for us to learn from you. you must be a military man to be as regimented as you need to be to produce something that neat haha
  66. nayr88

    I'm Canadian, Eh!

    Hi Emrgroup, welcome to the forum. sounds like your doing the right thing and doing lots of research. Im sure by now you have seen that the 'tons of lighting' you mentioned may be something you will be revisiting and calming down. we love our ferts and co2 here and are as a group not to keen on...
  67. nayr88

    Quick intro

    Hi Paul, welcome :) i looked forward to seeing you around.
  68. nayr88

    Announcing the UKAPS Aquascaping Experience 2016

    Looking forward to this :)
  69. nayr88

    What’s behind Japan’s moss obsession?

    Beautiful pictures! I have a love for moss also, so many kinds and looks to chose from! I would love to know more about this! Where did you get the moss, substrate and regime ect....great achievement and very minimalist looking, I hope you're happy to share :) Thanks
  70. nayr88

    50l of Stones and Grass

    Still looking spot on. Can you get a picture using any other lights? The purple light reflection really takes away the focus from the aqua scape? Cheers
  71. nayr88

    Low-Tech mini garden journal.

    Ovidiu - lovely start! Nice and simple. Yourll enjoy this one, getting back into the hobby. How did your previous tanks go? What makes you say this Eduard? I've been keeping planted tanks for many years and always fertilised from get go, I believe most do.
  72. nayr88

    algae seaweed for ottos

    Hey Good to see your thinking about your clean up crew :) nothing nice about a scrawny Otto. I leave my light of alllllllll day and have oxygen pump on. I don't fertilise and no co2....perfect recipe! Obviously if you want a nice clean tank it can't be done like that. I'd get a secondary tank...
  73. nayr88

    Good evening all!

    Hello laser! One key bit of advice, preparation!! Prepare everything you need. Ensure you have a nice area to work in. Oh and one more. Get yourself easy to grow plants to start with. Tropics ranges have the raging in then that'll tell you how hard or easy they are. What's on your got list...
  74. nayr88

    hey. im new and in need of sum help.

    That's fine Jamie, aslong as rhizome is out of the gravel your fine.
  75. nayr88

    first tank planted tank setup

    That's outrageous (the good kind)I love big fish like that! Stunning. What do you feed something like that?
  76. nayr88

    first tank planted tank setup

    WOOOOOOOWWWWW Are those peacock bass!!! Could you share a couple of videos. Give the fish the bigger tank and use this one as the only panted. Do you HAVE to use the sump? Can the other tank not use it and have the holes drilled to suit and this one have a huge external or two?
  77. nayr88

    Superfish Home 80 - Step-by-step video

    On the 'quite zone' too!! The tuts would of be deafening. Cracking video that George. I've been wanting to do a root strong tank and that may push me to go buy some and take the drift wood out
  78. nayr88

    What happened to JamesC

    Haha im the worst, I spend my whole day sending emails to clients! This is my down time and I'll be f'ed if I'm proof reading that too. Good spot though ;)
  79. nayr88

    hey. im new and in need of sum help.
  80. nayr88

    hey. im new and in need of sum help. Dosage would be 1ml per 10litres per week. So 40ml per week. It would be good to add this also That dose is 1ml per 50 litres per day. So 4ml per day. Start low. For the first...
  81. nayr88

    hey. im new and in need of sum help.

    Sounds like a good plan. The plant you have back left looks like 'Java fern' is that pushed into the gravel? If so you want to pull it out as the roots are not ment to be buried. instead tie it to a rock. With a tank this size I'd just look at ordered a good few portions of quick growing...
  82. nayr88

    Superfish Home 80 - Step-by-step video

    I'm on the train with no headphones why o why whyyy!! Will check back and watch when I'm home
  83. nayr88

    White Rock Mountain - Wabi Kusa

    Very good. Any temptation to grow in then flood?
  84. nayr88

    Hello All

    Welcome, no such thing as a daft question Your better to ask one or use the search function and yourll find plenty of people including those who has been here longest asking the same things when they started
  85. nayr88

    hey. im new and in need of sum help.

    Hi Jamielegge welcome to the forum The tanks looks really good, have a look through the forum and see what plants people have in there tanks or on websites under the easy to grow sections and just grab a few different types. Dot them and around and see how you get on. The basics are; •10x...
  86. nayr88

    What happened to JamesC

    Brilliant forum that I have learnt so much from over the years. I've been on a few others for different hobbies and this is by far the best, I remember a few which you would be ripped apart on, the odd spelling or grammar mistake and they would hound you for it. You would come back to your...
  87. nayr88

    60L low tech progress.

    Hi Matt Good thing is it's still early doors so it's not a chuck and start again. I looked on your thread and I didn't find what I wanted quick enough, I'm not that into ready journals either so could you provide the following Tank size - (I know) 60l Filter - turn over Lights - wattage and...
  88. nayr88

    50l of Stones and Grass

    Good read. Keep up the good work
  89. nayr88

    The Hunting Grounds

    Looking good mate :) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  90. nayr88

    Is it just random luck?

    Ok so the idea is that is you need A B and C to grow taller. If A and B are in surplus but C is scarce you will still grow but just at a slower rate. The problem being that when we look at that with our tanks we are led to believe that if A is light B is carbon C are fertilisers That will...
  91. nayr88

    Is it just random luck?

    Sorry to go off subject @luckyjim I hear you when you say about all those hugs adding up. I mean there are simpler ways of doing things. Get yourself do pets at home most of not all there plants are of the easier to grow variety, use earth capped in gravel and have a small pump with no media...
  92. nayr88

    Windowsill Nature

    8!!! In my previous house I did get a fair few past the Mrs but no where near 8! Good effort mate. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  93. nayr88

    Windowsill Nature

    Akwaskape I really like this style of tank and your executed it perfectly! Getting my head thinking about how I can justify a 2nd tank haha. Very well done :) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  94. nayr88

    Do you pay for bog wood wet LOL?

    I would not buy wet wood for any where near the prices showed for dry wood. It would have to be a huge difference. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  95. nayr88

    Is it just random luck?

    Play nice children :) :) :) haha Good to have a debate but it is always good to refer your beliefs back to the original source and I have not been into the barrreort ever...(that I recall) so don't know how strict the testing is on the idea of limiting particular nutrients with a positive...
  96. nayr88

    Aquanano 55 'Pride wood'

    Wow!! Haha that's really nice. Is that stringy moss? Or maybe Java? Haha Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  97. nayr88

    Aquanano 55 'Pride wood'

    The fact it's all hidden away and came as a package that as far as I can tell does what you need it to - possible exception to the light - really made the purchase worth it for me. Getting yours for a tenner is bargain of the century haha!! The plan is to get a mini led if growth is painfully...
  98. nayr88

    Aquanano 55 'Pride wood'

    Put a link on here to your journal so I can keep a look at that one too haha. That's not a bad idea at all. Currently it's working out pretty good because kind of creates a swirl around the wood. I'm going to keep an eye on it when things get a bit thicker at the back tho. Good to hear. I'm...
  99. nayr88


    I would recommend too. Have a look in the sponsor area of the forum and you may find there funning a promotion and have shared the code within that section. They support the forum so we can keep it going and keep it nice clean and maintained so always good to use on of the guys that are...
  100. nayr88

    Purigen advice

    Cheers you lot, will sort clean it up today :) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk