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  1. somethingfishy

    The Lonely mountain -Final photo before taking it down

    Its true lol .. a good looking bloke and a good looking scape
  2. somethingfishy

    The Lonely mountain -Final photo before taking it down

    Do you want more pics of the scape or antoni ? :D I liked version one alot but version two is def looking even better. Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
  3. somethingfishy

    Untitled II

    I must be the odd one out I love the gap .. really enjoy your hardsacpe and with the extra height you mention i think it will look superb
  4. somethingfishy

    George's TMC Signature

    wow thats the way to grow moss!! It looks so natural and will just keep getting better. Thumbs up to blenders and not trying hoplessly to tie knots while holding the moss and wood :banghead:
  5. somethingfishy

    Harry's Mangrove Nano

    This is prob a less than helpful reply .. But im sure i have read this before and it actually said in the pump manual that the taps can be used to reduce the flow ... Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
  6. somethingfishy

    Anyone having Cameroon BIG Shrimps in Planted Tanks with other cherries (Amanos & RCS) as well as te

    I have had two atyopsis moluccensis shrimp in my tank for a year now and they are very impressive to look at ... But very static lol they find a nice perch with good flow and pretty much that's it ... Still they are good to look at Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
  7. somethingfishy


    Pentazona barbs are great fish would recommend them to anyone Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
  8. somethingfishy

    >>Cabinet FINALLY together :)<< 'In my Dreams, I see Palettes of Green'

    Haha i worry sometimes when i look at something like your cabinet and can't stop think how sexy it looks lol Just in the middle of building two mdf cabinets and i was really chuffed with them til i saw yours ;) I think you should paint it grey haha so all us jealous watchers will stop turning...
  9. somethingfishy

    What rocks are neutral?

    Nah they know you have two kidneys they would want both ;) Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
  10. somethingfishy


    Beware the salawesi snails ... They munched there way through some vallis in my tank in a couple of days! I have always found snail populations easy to control .. But mts have completely taken over my tank!! To the point that my plecs are lucky to get any courgette Sent from my GT-I9100...
  11. somethingfishy

    DIY Reactor Build

    Great work bud ... You must of been at work today to get this much done;) Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
  12. somethingfishy

    DIY Project My ADA Style 60p Stand - The Huon Pine Story..(Lots of Pics)

    Seeing your natural wood cabinets is making me look at my two mdf ones with sad eyes. Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
  13. somethingfishy

    A Chocolate Puddle -

    The light unit is looking good mate :) Sorry about the crypt melt!! Hopefully they will bounce back to the perfect planting size just in time. Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
  14. somethingfishy

    Hi all, from cambs....

    Welcome to another cambs scaper Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
  15. somethingfishy

    Aquarium Weight

    Welcome back :) With regards to the tanks weight i really don't think you need to worry. Especially if they were flats to begin with and not a converted house but even then i would not be worried myself. Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
  16. somethingfishy

    New Camera Help

    Just got myself a 600d and im very pleased with it. I read up on the 650d and from my limited understanding i did not think it was worth the extra 100 notes. Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
  17. somethingfishy

    Help with my new led lighting

    Re: Help with my new led lighting Don't know how to pm from my phone but will send you my number tonight if you wanna pick my brains about the electrics. Haha i still can't grow plants that well but I've been doing an ok job at pretending to be a sparky :lol: Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
  18. somethingfishy

    Aquatics Live 2012 - photos and videos

    think they call them electric blue rams the ones in the tank ... i have a bad memory but think that was the aquajardin display. Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
  19. somethingfishy

    Whos going to aquatics live?

    will be there both days :grin: Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
  20. somethingfishy

    DIY Project DIY ADA style 60p Cabinet/Stand meets Exotic wood from OZ!

    Re: DIY ADA style 60p Cabinet/Stand meets Exotic wood from O Your making that cabinet look too good noone will look at your tank :lol:
  21. somethingfishy

    Growing Mosses

    there are a few threads on this but the K refers to the colour spectrum and the plants dont care about that its just personal taste from the uses point of view.
  22. somethingfishy

    Amano shrimp is gravid

    there were two really good amano breeding threads on here recently .. sorry im not sure how to link.
  23. somethingfishy

    What is dragon-stone rock?

    Has anyone else been carefully cleaning one large piece and ended up with three bits Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
  24. somethingfishy

    Sea fishing

    Well you started with fishing you might as well go all the way :lol: Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
  25. somethingfishy

    High Nitrate in Cycling Tank

    Im sure i have read on here from ceg i think that 8 weeks is needed for all the bacteria and stuff i don't understand to fully establish. Better for you fish to thrive rather than survive haha been watching to much yank tv!! Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
  26. somethingfishy

    Sea fishing

    Spear fishing now there is something i would love to try ... Would be really cool to see some pics or video of that. Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
  27. somethingfishy

    What is dragon-stone rock?

    Its a massive pain to clean thats what it is !
  28. somethingfishy

    Fish Tank Kings

    Prepare to be dissapointed lol ... thread running on this already its not great. PLASTIC CORALS!! have not seen a sunken pirate ship yet. Its worth watching for the comedy factor and the occasional interesting bit ... but very dumbed down american scripted rubbish overall.
  29. somethingfishy

    Sea fishing

    Been sea fishing a couple of times for tope and conga and loved it gotta say im pretty jealous that this is on your doorstep.
  30. somethingfishy

    clear sacks with white specs?

    Yeah they will be
  31. somethingfishy

    cherry red shrimp magically vanishing..

    Cheers Basil will get some ordered off ebay :thumbup:
  32. somethingfishy

    cherry red shrimp magically vanishing..

    Sorry to jump in I have had similar shrimp deaths maybe one a week .. are almond leaves really good then?
  33. somethingfishy

    Kuhlis and substrate

    Good luck :thumbup:
  34. somethingfishy

    Kuhlis and substrate

    Sounds good would like to see a pic of these :thumbup:
  35. somethingfishy

    90x45x45 Optiwhite : Thread Finished

    Re: 90x45x45 Optiwhite (not yet named) I have a pair of them but must be slightly different cause on the male the flame esk patterning covers his whole tail? They are a stunning pair but due to a soonish rescape i will be letting them go :( If you want them chris they are yours i would really...
  36. somethingfishy

    MOSS I.D.

    :lol: Thats what i meant to say
  37. somethingfishy

    Aqautics Live - Whos going?

    I might have a peak at the discover dogs just to see how good there flyball teams are :shh: most of my attention sat and sun will be on aquatics live its gonna top last year for sure and last year was great :thumbup:
  38. somethingfishy

    MOSS I.D.

    I dont know the difference but i remeber a1matt explaining whats a moss and whats a liverworts ... think there is a distinction :roll: Its good looking whatever
  39. somethingfishy

    Fish Tank Kings!

  40. somethingfishy

    60 Ltr Rescape

    Looks like jbl sansibar sand to me ... which i have used too and after rinsing for hours it still gives off loads of grey cloudiness!!
  41. somethingfishy

    A Chocolate Puddle -

    Re: A Chocolate Puddle - quick update with video pg 17 Wowsers that tank is really looking smart you must be so chuffed :thumbup:
  42. somethingfishy

    blue tiger shrimp to home

    Pretty much yeah .. she knows now lol it might be one tank too many! When i told her she instantly threw what she had in her hands at me ... luckerly it was a packet of chedders :lol: Eheim Liberty turned up today its a nice looking bit of kit. Did you find out what heater you had? Tempted to...
  43. somethingfishy

    blue tiger shrimp to home

    Really even in my shed?
  44. somethingfishy

    blue tiger shrimp to home

    Was gonna ask what peeps thought about the 25w .. now you mention it I remember you saying that before. Might try a 50w heater they are just so dam big .. If it was not in the shed or if my house was not like an ice cube i would poss not even bother.
  45. somethingfishy

    blue tiger shrimp to home

    Thats true bud .. cant get the hydor heater for less than £25 in the uk !!!
  46. somethingfishy

    blue tiger shrimp to home

    Great link thanks ... hmm still cant make my mind up but I think I prefer the hydor 25w one, The fluvals look cool but they are at a pre set temp which is to high for the blue tigers i think.
  47. somethingfishy

    blue tiger shrimp to home

    A 25w 6'' seems to be the smallest i can find ... Anyone do any better?
  48. somethingfishy

    blue tiger shrimp to home

    Right have got the tank , filter , lights and substrate sorted :D Just need a heater .. this tank will be in the shed so it will def need a heater throughout the winter. Can anyone recomend the smallest heater possble? Never had a nano but the first thing that has struck me is trying to set...
  49. somethingfishy

    Weird Cherry Shrimp

    Very cool pic .. I have seen my cherries do this I think they like the biofilm
  50. somethingfishy

    Living Waters

    Sounds like my kind of place :D
  51. somethingfishy

    blue tiger shrimp to home

    Yeah I was thinking of going with the same filter as you bud ... Might have to pop back to Amwells and see if they can do a deal on one of there dusty cubes :lol:
  52. somethingfishy

    blue tiger shrimp to home

    Looks nice and clean thanks for the link :thumbup: Theres a store near me i will pop in and have a look ... not sure if I want one slightly bigger :roll:
  53. somethingfishy

    blue tiger shrimp to home

    Oh lol think I got my tanks mixed up !! Out of my price range thats for sure ... hmm only got about 7 weeks to get this sorted :crazy:
  54. somethingfishy

    blue tiger shrimp to home

    :lol: you got yours at a bargain price though
  55. somethingfishy

    blue tiger shrimp to home

    Aint that the truth !!! Im prob looking at £150 ish for everything i.e tank, filter, heater and substrate most other stuff I have.
  56. somethingfishy

    blue tiger shrimp to home

    Cheers Nath :thumbup: Anyone got any nano tanks they would reccomend
  57. somethingfishy

    blue tiger shrimp to home

    Im gonna take advantage of Freshwatershrimps awsome deal and get myself some sexy blue tigers. Which i fell in love with when I saw there setup ... its very impressive Well apart from paying for them which I should be able to do tomorrow :D I need to create a perfect little nano home for...
  58. somethingfishy

    Why you should use jubilee clips!!!

    Your secret is safe with me .. hmm thats a nice tv :twisted: hang on brb thats dad on the phone :lol:
  59. somethingfishy

    Fish Tank Kings!

    Just watched the first episode hmmm dont think I will record any more ... plastic fantastic american sh~t
  60. somethingfishy

    Win stems..... comp now closed.

    Re: Win stems won by Ady..answer a sport question. Graeme McDowell ? well thats what google told me :lol:
  61. somethingfishy

    Win stems..... comp now closed.

    Re: Win a prize donated by Ady..answer a sport qu Happy Gilmore?? haha only golfer i know :lol:
  62. somethingfishy

    Price of Seachem Prime

    Stick them in the for sale section im sure you will get a taker :D
  63. somethingfishy

    giant tank for killis

    +1 to that :thumbup:
  64. somethingfishy

    "Moss Mountain"

    Cant beleive I have missed this Journal :shock: What an awesome tank ... like many on here I love moss and shrimp and to see such a well crafted tank with both in is just stunning :thumbup: Haha started my own moss/shrimp tank in my shed recently also going low tech ... was a little...
  65. somethingfishy

    total carnage

    I might of overreacted :oops: All of the snails i moved into my main tank seem fine And the ones that i left ie tadpole,garden etc also seem fine. when i walked in and saw them all on the substrate withdrawn i assumed the worst, then after a quick google search wherein the general opinion seems...
  66. somethingfishy

    total carnage

    Yeah im thinking some big water changes and some carbon in the filter ... all the snails are out, got two more days of treatment, then guess time on when to put any surviving snails back in?
  67. somethingfishy

    total carnage

    Then that will be more treatment of choice next time :) Thanks for the advice .. its looking good and i think i might of noticed the bad reaction in time they seem to be reanimating in my main tank ... however bit worried cause the main tank is a a bit chilly for the salawesi snails! Anyone...
  68. somethingfishy

    Snails - love or hate them?

    haha bad timing if you read my post just now .. but i love snails had/have some salawesi elephant snails which are very cool some blue ramshorns and mts ... think they look great working there way around the tank :thumbup:
  69. somethingfishy

    total carnage

    After my initial panic :crazy: Pulled all the snails that i could find out of the tank and put them in my main tank ... some seem to be alive, but i guess its a waiting game to see if there is any permanent damage. Fingers massively crossed
  70. somethingfishy

    total carnage

    Well today is one of those days that i feel like a total plum. Have recently set up a snail and shrimp tank in my shed which i have to say i love ... its a proper man cave lol I ended up with planaria :oops: So i borrowed some no planaria off a freind read the packet saying its safe for shrimp...
  71. somethingfishy

    Growing Mosses

    So the same windowsill technique but in a shallow few mills of water? Must admit the moss i keep submersed on the windowsill seems to stay healthy but does not seem to grow?
  72. somethingfishy

    Growing Mosses

    Will this have an effect when you re submerse it?
  73. somethingfishy

    Kuhlis and substrate

    Haha I think I saw mine most often when i did a filter clean!! They do have alot of character though but they are like ninjas!!
  74. somethingfishy

    Aquatics Live 2012 Competition

    haha :lol: that will be where i stop taking notes :lol:
  75. somethingfishy

    Aquatics Live 2012 Competition

    I will send an entry as long as you promise not to post who comes last outside of the ten :oops: :lol: If nothing else this is really gonna g me on to start having a play with my 90 :thumbup:
  76. somethingfishy

    Aquatics Live 2012 Competition

    Sounds like a great opportunity for the lucky 10, think im gonna have to come both days to see how they get on ... will also be great inspiration for my 90 tank thats sat in the hall waiting to be started. Good luck guys lol i will be the one watching and taking notes :lol:
  77. somethingfishy

    Aquatics Live 2012 Competition

    im getting low on socks?
  78. somethingfishy

    Kuhlis and substrate

    sorry not with akadama ... but my experience with them would be that they get everywhere but you never really see them? if that makes any sense lol
  79. somethingfishy

    Aquatics Live 2012 Competition

    Was great last year and looks like it could be even better this year :thumbup: Can you post any more details about the comp over the weekend .. haha i have visions of people turning up on the tube with hardscapes and plants :lol:
  80. somethingfishy

    Barb Island. its all over.

    Re: Barb Island. new video page 30 Haha heres some feedback from a non respected member :oops: Everytime I come round bud your tank is looking better and better ... chuffed your hard work is paying off I reckon this will be the first of many great tanks :thumbup:
  81. somethingfishy

    Hello from Lincs

    Hey Matt welcome to the forum :thumbup:
  82. somethingfishy

    New Camera On Monday :D

    Great first shot ... looking forward to lots of feedback and pics :thumbup: This is the camera i would like to get too so i will be watching with interest.
  83. somethingfishy

    hello from herts

    Welcome to the forum :) I think the hardest thing about your first project is not rushing it haha like I did :oops: Good luck and looking forward to seeing your journal :thumbup:
  84. somethingfishy

    Paralympic closing

    The Last Leg definately was :D
  85. somethingfishy

    Breeding l046

    I thought jencilbee was female too .. oops apologies mr jen by the way the shrimp look great in there new home. Back to plecs like i said before join plecoplanet there are some great logs on there and loads of information ... seen jencilbee on there and darrel is one of the experts lol he knows...
  86. somethingfishy

    Breeding l046

    check out plecoplanet just signed up myself .. looks like lots of interest to me
  87. somethingfishy

    Feedback on online plant retailer

    Your really luck if tgm is your lfs ... some of the plants on offer near me are appalling.
  88. somethingfishy

    New centre piece fish

    Re: New centre piece fish i have 5 gold guoramis you can have
  89. somethingfishy

    some people make me sick!

    Was not why i made the comment bud .. im not about to try and rush a borderline psychotic :lol:
  90. somethingfishy

    some people make me sick!

    Hahaha those clips you sold me (have not arrived yet) but im sure they are perfect :angel: no complaints from me ... please put the bat down now :crazy: :lol:
  91. somethingfishy

    how do people dim their lights

    There must be loads of dimmer units out there ... but you are quite right check your ballast/electronic starter to make sure they are compatable.
  92. somethingfishy

    259L bookcase rebirth

    In my opinion I think you put together the best journals on here Mike ... have just reread it all and its great to see all you hard work paying off so well :thumbup: Im still a low tech guy but if i made the switch i would be refering to your journal as a guide 5* bud :D
  93. somethingfishy

    Getting somwhere? pic updates

    Haha I have been messing around with my shed tank so much and trying to think what I want to do with my tank I bought from ED (pieceoffish) that this tank has been a little ignored :( Will be stripping it down soon so I had better pull my finger out and get some pics done :D Thanks for...
  94. somethingfishy

    Making the most from a point and shoot

    Great thread has given me a but more confidence to have a play with my camera instead of day dreaming about buying a dslr! Thanks :)
  95. somethingfishy

    LED/Drivers - Advice needed

    Prob not the case cause this is too obvious but it sounds like you have mains voltage leds not low voltage.
  96. somethingfishy

    shrimp inlet guard

    Cool thanks for that :)
  97. somethingfishy

    shrimp inlet guard

    Hi I have seen them talked about on here, but cant find them anywhere? they were metal guards that i remeber at the time thinking they looked pretty good. If anyone can point me in the right direction please :D
  98. somethingfishy

    Massive selection of Aquatic moss @ great price.

    Thanks for the link ..,. I guess they have sold out for now?
  99. somethingfishy

    450L Vision adventure

    Yeah im in the process of putting together an order with Tom .. problem is i dont really know what i want and i think he would prefer a more detailed request :crazy:
  100. somethingfishy

    Massive selection of Aquatic moss @ great price.

    The link at the beggining is down ... any chance of another :angel: