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  1. Mattallic

    UK Shops for the Planted Tank Hobbyist

    Any known places in the West Midlands? Preferably Dudley / Wolverhampton way ... Or Birmingham.
  2. Mattallic

    Hello everyone, novice checking in ...

    Just done a Google search. Some of those morphs are really nice looking - imagine these on a green background. :thumbup:
  3. Mattallic

    Hello everyone, novice checking in ...

    Thank you, both of you. I guess I'll stick with Red Cherry Shrimp. Love the red with a green background. Anyone had any experience with - I've sent them an email for a quote. Unsure what their build quality if like.
  4. Mattallic

    Hello everyone, novice checking in ...

    Ah thanks for that. Shrimp only then :thumbup:
  5. Mattallic

    The Celestial Swamp - A voyage through a flooded forest fringe (Shallow Riparium)

    Hitmanx this tank is gorgeous mate. Unfortunate about current events. But the tank is amazing.
  6. Mattallic

    How/Where did you hear about

    I just googled Planted Tank Forum UK and this was the first one to pop up.
  7. Mattallic

    Nigel's Mountain scape 36L

    Nigel I stumbled upon your YouTube channel when heading down the YouTube Aquascape rabbit hole. Great videos and your most recent one looks brilliant.
  8. Mattallic

    Songs from the Man Cave!

    That 4 minutes of guitar play :D
  9. Mattallic

    A little low tech jungle

    Love the vibrant colours. Really nice looking tank.
  10. Mattallic

    Hello everyone, novice checking in ...

    Cheers mate :thumbup: Lucky enough, thanks to a thread on this forum with CO2 vendors, there is a Bryland Fire Protection ltd up the road from me. So all good there. One more question for anyone who stumbles on this post. Is there a section of the forum to ask if anyone has had experience with...
  11. Mattallic

    Hello everyone, novice checking in ...

    Good morning, Thought I'd use my first post to introduce myself. Name is Matt, live in the Wolverhampton area (West Midlands). I wanted to start a planted tank a few years back but funds didn't allow me to do what I had in mind. Well I have a little more leeway now. Just going to get Christmas...