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    Help plants suggestions please

    +1 for crypts and java fern, I had them in my 30l betta tank with hairgrass (soil capped with sand though). Zozo's right about the akadama, even though its inert it has a high CEC so absorbs nutrients from the water column. I also used red root floater and amazon frogbit to give the little guy...
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    Micro organisms. ID needed

    You can get reversing rings to join the two lenses together for £1- try ebay or suntekstore.
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    Next Gen Consoles

    £300 can get you a pretty decent gaming PC. Intel i3 4130 , Radeon 7850, 8gb ram, optical drive, semi modular psu and a h81 mobo, that's what I'm doing :) I still use my ps3 but having to pay for online has really put me off.
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    PAR and PAR readings

    I have been looking around a few of those forums and it shocked me how they rate lighting, everything is about lumens. They say HPS and MH bulbs are better than fluorescent and their reasoning is that they throw out more lumens, but surely par is a better measurement than lumens?
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    Heater / Heater-stat / Temp Controller...

    If your using two lower wattage heaters and one sticks on the water will not heat up half as fast, giving you more time to discover the problem. I know this better than anyone, I used to use two 75w heaters in my 240l tank and one day one stuck on, the water only managed to get to 26c, which was...
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    Heater / Heater-stat / Temp Controller...

    Have you tried Eheim jager heaters ? They are very reliable and you can calibrate them. O thing to consider is the accuracy of the thermometer you are using, it helps to always have a couple of good ones on hand and check the temperature at different areas in the tank. Before I used to think my...
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    Andys HC propagator step by step

    Hairgrass is the easiest plant int he world to grow emersed, just don't forget to water it or it will die off quite fast, I'll post a couple of pictures up later of this years hairgrass and hydrocotyle later.
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    BiOrb Air

    I do.
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    If none of the above work i'd pour acetone in the pipe, I think it destroys plastic, this will make it so easy to get out (if the bristles are plastic). Chemistry people :)
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    How to dim this LED driver

    Ok, I was wrong as I now remember it is 12x3w LED's. They are 3.3v each so 3.3vx12= 39.6v. The driver is constant current (650mA+-5%) 25-42v DC. At 100% brightness they should draw roughly 25.35w. @Ichthyologist I have tried the dimmer you sent me but it only flashes and stays on, even if I only...
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    Forum Donations - Gauging Opinions (Poll)

    Can I also say I don't think its a good idea to have parts of the forum which are subscription only, but maybe a small perk like direct image uploads and a small emblem next to the names of subscribers would be nice.
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    Forum Donations - Gauging Opinions (Poll)

    As a student I have no money but £12 a year is nothing, especially for all the resources and experience the forum has to offer. Think about it, without this forum how many people would have brought 20g Fluval CO2 kits instead of a good regulator and fire extinguisher or Tetra Plantamin instead...
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    How to dim this LED driver

    That would be great thanks, I'm still not sure on how to set it up properly though.
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    How to dim this LED driver

    10x3w leds, i know it works on 100% as I have tried it and its very bright but the dimming is the problem.
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    How to dim this LED driver

    Hi all, I am looking for a way to dim this LED driver, I think its PWM that I would need but I am not sure which one to choose.This would be used to power 10x3w LEDs on a PCB. The specs are as follows: Ideal for 6~12pcs 3 watt high power leds. Input Voltage: AC 80V~140V/AC 180V~240V (will send...
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    calor weldcraft regulator

    Buy Solenoid Valves 2/2 way solenoid valve,1/8in port 230Vac Burkert 134094 online from RS for next day delivery. They have a few different models of the 6011. They are caller Vernier handles, they are nice but they come at a premium and they are not essential for what we would need them for...
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    My emersed project

    Looking good, if you feel you have too much Staurogyne I’d happily swap for some different Hygrophila varieties, Hedyotis salzmannii, Hydrocotyle tripartia and a couple of other miscellaneous stems that I have got growing emersed to add to your collection.
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    calor weldcraft regulator

    RS Components | Electronic and Electrical Components These are the cheapest I have found so far, from £30-£35 each for a Burkert 6011.
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    Why are there no "monster" planted tanks ?

    I don't consider it a 'monster' but I previously had a 700l tank. The average house in the UK is tiny- Average Home Sizes Around the World | Apartment Therapy Also, electricity is very expensive here so you would want to heat it with the boiler, I saw someone on Monsterfishkeepers do that...
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    urgent help needed , forced switch to low tech

    Defiantly better using T8 tubes, 50w would be perfect for that sized tank. I wouldn't be too tempted to buy expensive mother plants though, a LOT of cheap fast growing plants are the best thing to make sure algae never returns, Elodea, Hygrophila etc. Nothing worse then spending big £££ on...
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    Suitable soil for planted tank?

    Beech sand should be ok if washed thoroughly. I'd use 2 bags of john innes No3 personally.
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    Suitable soil for planted tank?

    As it says 'enriched with nutrients' I would stick to John Innes No3. It is tried and tested and it gives results(It works even better with water column dosing). What will you be capping it with by the way?
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    Opinions needed urgently

    I would not buy Fluval, except for a FX5 for around £100 if I was desperate. I would buy Eheim, however only used ones as they are too costly new. I would pay more than JBL actually charge for their filter, as they are incredible.
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    columbian red finned tetra

    They can be nippy if kept in groups below 4, however they are fine with any fish not considered food (including angelfish).
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    columbian red finned tetra

    I love mine, if you look closely you can see their teeth, a pack of 16 looks like a shoal of piranhas. They also look amazing with a dark background it makes their colours pop.
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    Ideal needle valves

    Sorry to resurrect a 3 year old thread but do you know how much the ideal valves are now, specifically the 1 and 2 series. I can't find any UK distributors :(
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    What plants

    The algae is not because of the plants, its generally because of too much light, try using one of the lights or get some floating plants to cut down on the light. Are you injecting CO2 (or dosing liquid carbon ) ? You may need another small filter or power head for a bit extra circulation but...
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    Who ate all the pies, who ate all the pies......

    I dumped some mosquito larvae in to my bettas tank a couple of days ago, thinking he would eat some and ration them. Nope he ate all of them, every last one and looked like a ball.
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    Germination due to reduce light

    Maybe if you are not E.I dosing there might be a higher concentration of nutrients in the water column at lower lighting levels which could signal the plants to reproduce as the young plants will not be in short supply of nutrients. I read before about breeding catfishthat a rise in TDS then a...
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    Which external water pump for my DIY co2 reactor build?

    You would have better flow overall using only one reactor, but then co2 will be going through one spray bar only. Two reactors would be good, one on each JBL and two circulation pumps (rated about 1500-2500lph each). If you had 2x 2ft spray bars at the back top of the tank pointing towards the...
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    Which external water pump for my DIY co2 reactor build?

    I like Grundfos pumps, they are normally used for central heating. They generally are the best pumps to go for as they are extremely reliable and last years, as well as being 3 speed pumps so you can adjust flow by restricting power consumption unlike normal pumps where you would just restrict...
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    Allpondsolutions 1400ef+

    You can't do wrong with JBLs, just as good as Eheim in my opinion.
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    Which Fish is this?

    That's what I have been thinking, wikipedia shows a 2cm red fry with the black lines developing however they also look washed out and stressed so their black markings may not be as vivid in the pics as they would be in a natural setting.
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    Which Fish is this?

    I think C. mircropeltes, as that is the only one I know of that would show the red colouration and you can see the black stripes developing above and below the red band.
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    calor weldcraft regulator

    I don't think they will compare to a good parker/swagelok metering valve, however for €15 each they may be worth looking into, especially for multiple tank manifolds which would be mega £££ using 3 + Parker metering valves.
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    calor weldcraft regulator

    If you like the reg and don't want to use an inline diffuser I see no reason why not to, I've had my BOC 8500 arrive today and that was only £50, but if you can get it cheap then go for it. Make sure it is CO2 though, not any other gasses. A Burkert 6011 solenoid is about £42 and needle valves...
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    Does living waters in Croydon post plants?

    I have seen Hygrophila balsamica and red green on their stock list and I need these plants, does anyone know if they post plants, or if not would someone who's visiting be willing to post me some. I'd give cash or forum donation for the inconvenience. Cheers, Harvey
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    Moss what's the secret

    All moss varies, some grow better in cooler water, some attached to wood/rocks ect. I am growing flame moss in a 1l jar of water near the t5 lights for my emersed tanks, yet not directly under it. I don't do anything to it, just forgot about it. Some swear by water changes however I keep...
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    Utricularia graminifolia, shrimp safe ?

    Its bladders trap paramecium and small amphipods, I doubt they could catch something 1 mm at largest, paramecium are about 0.05mm - 0.3 mm.
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    15 Litre Nano

    I have a Betta in a fluval flora, 30x30x35(h) 30l tank and I will probably upgrade him when I rearrange some tanks, right now he is ok but there is only some moss and crypts in there. A 25cm cube would be the bare minimum if it wasn't planted at all, and in that case it would only be temporary...
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    15 Litre Nano

    You could go for a pair or trio of small live bearers such as endlers but I don't think 15l is big enough for fish personally, have you looked into shrimp, such as sakura cherrys or other vivid varieties.
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    Custom regulator. PICS ADDED.

    Have you looked into Clippard mouse solenoids, on the American forums they seem to be the best, they are only 0.67 watts so no heat at all really. They are also pretty cheap. I just brought a BOC 8500 10 Bar yesterday for £42 + postage and i'm planning a multi tank setup like the one you posted...
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    Anabantoidae, Polpteridae and CO2

    Just to let you know as you may have gotten the wrong end of the stick. I was trying to understand the full role of lung-like organs in fish, I wasn't suggesting anything to do with aquarium C02 injection. I was just interested in the adaptations of certain fish to live in CO2 rich conditions...
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    Anabantoidae, Polpteridae and CO2

    I thought I had replied to this thread, but it appears that my reply wasn't posted. Thanks for the detailed reply. It would be interesting to try and measure the tolerances of Anabantoids and the like in comparison to similar 'normal' fish, as the levels of tolerance to Carbonic acid should be...
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    Getting started

    The reversing ring method generally produces better quality images that extension tubes, also the reversing ring was a couple of pounds and really easy to use (just mount the lens backwards), however you have to be careful not to damage the back of the lens as it is exposed.
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    blyxa japonica

    I believe they are true aquatics, they belong to the family Hydrocharitaceae, which contains the genera Egeria, Elodea, Najas and Vallisneria and others which are all dedicated aquatic plants. Some of the confusion may be down to people misidentifying the plant for another species altogether, or...
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    p@h 30cm, Dragonstone Iwagumi attempt (DSM) Now Flooded

    You should be fine without a heat source, I never use one and I have never had a problem.
  48. Palm Tree

    Refuguim on a water butt ? Advice/help

    I would seriously contemplate algae turf scrubbers.
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    Serpentine Rock - Asbestos?

    I was told that as well, yet when looking at it further I found something saying that the effects of digesting have not fully been shown.
  50. Palm Tree

    Serpentine Rock - Asbestos?

    I am definitely not qualified enough to answer this properly, but I can tell you if there is any chance of it being asbestos (any kind) I would not touch it, even though its a small amount. Having inhaled a lot of brown asbestos (amphibole) dust last year, I am honestly scared of the stuff. Even...
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    why your user name?

    I like palm trees.
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    Is algae always bad?

    I personally don't see a problem, however my tanks are jungle style so it would be impossible to get every last piece of hair algae. I really don't have that much though, and I like the fact the fry can munch on it throughout the day.
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    any one have a dog

    Ok, here's mine This is Maisey, she's about 4 and we got her from dogs trust and she is an absolute nutter. She will hunt anything and everything given the chance, even me if I start running into a field. This is Fergal, our epileptic irish rescue from Greyhound Rescue West England. He's about...
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    newbee confessions

    I filled my 700l tank almost all the way up to the top, I think the extra pressure was too much. Poured straight onto my Sony TV and on to 4k's worth of solid oak flooring that we fitted a year before, and it was 4k just for the floor without fitting, we fitted it ourself. I only lost one...
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    A Chocolate Puddle -

    Just seen it in PFK, they should have done a 2 page article on it :)
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    Female fishkeepers and aquascapers...

    And as a side note, I do not appreciate comments like as this can easily be viewed as sexist. I do not think it was said nastily but just be careful what you say. Sexism works two ways.
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    Female fishkeepers and aquascapers...

    Just before I say anything, I am a young male and I am in no way sexist. Also this is a very simple idea, and like most things in psychology, just a theory. I study psychology and the first thing to understand is that males and females are different. Also it is not just the sex, male vs female...
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    More terrestrial plant ids

    The second plant picture looks like lavender as well.
  59. Palm Tree

    More terrestrial plant ids

    A few of them look familiar, the last one looks like a Hydrangea.
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    Wooden Aquarium

    How about sheets of thick foam, they could also work like Hamburg Matten Filters ?
  61. Palm Tree

    One day...

    I went in to my local maidenhead this weekend, pretty awful place bar a couple of uncommon livebearers and a nice marine tank. This reminds me, as I was waiting they had a list of policies that they stick to, ' we will not sell goldfish to aquaria of less than 13 litres of volume' was one of...
  62. Palm Tree

    Where can I find these fish?

    I am pretty sure I have seen them on the stock list of tyne valley aquatics, also ask your lfs if they can get them in for you, my local ripples and maidenhead have my number for if any Elassoma sunfish appear on their lists. In my local madenhead they have quite a few unusual livebearers...
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    Water and Sound experiment

    WOW, truly amazing :)
  64. Palm Tree

    HC Propergator Journal into DSM

    On a lot of the cp forums a weak mix of general pesticide is suggested so I went with that option. Most of my plants are emersed so I had to make sure they didn't do much damage fast. I filled up my aqua one 850 (160l) tank with most of my hygrophila salicifolia but I had no space left for...
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    Tom's Bucket O' Mud - The End

    Seriously you need to start selectively breeding those blue shrimp, they look amazing :)
  66. Palm Tree

    Lighting for a 30 liter Fluval Ebi,30cm deep

    Personally I have found this only happens with quite high lighting, with low lighting levels you get a better shimmer effect and its more pleasing to the eye colour wise.
  67. Palm Tree

    Warning bauer media scam (IMO) PFK

    I made a few more calls and emails and now I have been offered the seneye hometo shut me up :) If you don't ask you don't get :)
  68. Palm Tree

    Lighting for a 30 liter Fluval Ebi,30cm deep

    Yes you could, you can get two 12w led bulbs for under £6 on ebay. Most people use a solenoid valve on their co2, when power is fed to it it allows gas through so you just hook it up to a timerand set it to come on a couple hours before your tank lights. How are you finding the filter?
  69. Palm Tree

    Lighting for a 30 liter Fluval Ebi,30cm deep

    The 13w unit should be more than enough, however if its the aesthetics that bothers you you could have a look around ikea or shops that sell indoor lighting and go from there, that way replacment bulbs are mega cheap are there are loads of different types to choose from, be it CFL or LED...
  70. Palm Tree

    Warning bauer media scam (IMO) PFK

    Hi, I just got charged another £47 for a magazine subscription I only got because of an offer at the time a year ago for practical fish keeping magazines. Called them and they generously offered to stop sending me the magazines but without giving me any refunds. I'm absolutely fuming as right...
  71. Palm Tree

    I would like to get a Betta

    The other fish may be used to the water parameters, so that could explain why only the new fish are dying. Just a thought. Dwarf gourami's can sometimes be a bit finicky and weak, its the Corydoras that surprises me.
  72. Palm Tree

    I would like to get a Betta

    Don't take this the wrong way but if you lost 4 gouramis and 6 corydoras it may not be disease, you way wan't to think about other possible causes.
  73. Palm Tree

    DIY fish food blend...

    I use a diy beefheart, shrimp, and vegetable mix. I use agar to keep it together, they love it. You may want to try grindal worms asa treat.
  74. Palm Tree

    A 'little' box of chocolates, licorice n allsorts - baby chocco fry

    Is it just me but does ' If I could get up there mate youd struggle to pull me away from your bucket' sound a bit odd if heard out of context lol. My girlfriend just read it and is in hysterics :lol: Shame about the tank though:(
  75. Palm Tree

    I would like to get a Betta

    I'm assuming you are on considering your typical selective bred male Betta splendens. Well, a lot of people back away from bettas in larger tanks because apparently they dont like large open spaces that much however you seem to have quite a few plant so you should be ok in that respect...
  76. Palm Tree

    Custom regulator. PICS ADDED.

    I'm looking at building a custom reg, could I connect 2 5kg FE's to a BOC 8500, then to a solenoid, then to a metering valve, then to a manifold with about 4 outlets so I ciould run 4 tanks off it ? By manifold I mean something like this- 360420777752
  77. Palm Tree

    Where can I get some 5Kg Fe?

    Hmm, so tempting. The thing is I can only afford a chinese reg and solenoid and i'm not sure how well they would work. My buget is £50 max. I would much rather do my own reg build but then I'm talking £100+ ... Descisions descisions :)
  78. Palm Tree

    Where can I get some 5Kg Fe?

    Debating buying one and a regulator and going pressurized...
  79. Palm Tree

    Anabantoidae, Polpteridae and CO2

    Hi, I was thinking, would fish that have lung-like organs have a higher tolerance to CO2 than other 'normal' common fish without the organs? I read that anabantoids can drown if not given access to air, even if the water is saturated with oxygen. If they are that dependent on atmospheric air...
  80. Palm Tree

    Grobeam 1500

    I would hang it just enough to get a decent visual spread, I would think you need a dimmer though.
  81. Palm Tree

    New computer.....iMac?

    I absolutely 100% argee with you, I want to slap the inventor of windows 8 with a cod. They are trying to reinvent the wheel IMO, what is with having the home screen with massive buttons, there was absolutely no problem with the layout of the previous windows. Now it is harder to acess control...
  82. Palm Tree

    Fire extinguisher CO2

    Its was designed to supply more than even fast growing stems plants could ever consume, basically it provides excess nutrients to ensure there will never be deficiencies. The following quote is from, Tom Barr's website (the creator of EI) ''I’ve done numerous test runs over a week...
  83. Palm Tree

    Fire extinguisher CO2

    Why are you dosing more than EI ? The Estimative Index method ensures there is always more than enough nutrients for any planted tank. Those Crypts look amazing by the way :)
  84. Palm Tree

    Allpondsolutions 1400ef+

    I can't find the elbows so not really, I'm also a bit too busy at the moment but if I have some spare time soon i'll have a look for the elbows and get a video up.
  85. Palm Tree

    Allpondsolutions 1400ef+

    I might strip everything down again and clean it so its like new, then see if the flow has improved at all. I'll try and do a test with and without media.
  86. Palm Tree

    Allpondsolutions 1400ef+

    I done a water change and cleaned it out this weekend, its not quite as powerful as yours though but its not a million miles off. I will get an actual flow rate tomorrow or sometime this week.
  87. Palm Tree

    Allpondsolutions 1400ef+

    The filter outlet points straight downwards vertically into the tank :)
  88. Palm Tree

    Allpondsolutions 1400ef+

    I disagree, yes the APS 2000 will have more water pass through it per hour, and yes it should take in more debris but the filter is much bigger, the debris should be alot more diluted in the filter due to its larger capacity. I run the APS 2000 half full of the media they supplied, had to...
  89. Palm Tree

    Allpondsolutions 1400ef+

    You may have not have experience these problems with this filter but I, and many, many others have, I would show you what I mean about the pipes kinking, sucking in air, low flow rate and priming issues but there is no point. I do not agree with you that ''Eheim filters are just better marketed...
  90. Palm Tree

    Cheap root tabs.

    I bought a tub of slow release fertilizer from poundland and have just put them in the freezer to make some tabs, @dw1305 would be a good guy to ask about this.
  91. Palm Tree

    Getting started

    I will be trying to get my plants to flower this year so I can help get some proper ID's. Then there will be alot more pics up with pics of submerged, emersed and flowers for as much as I can. Here is Hedyotis salzmannii breaking the surface of the water and growing on wood.
  92. Palm Tree

    Getting started

    By using a reversing ring, you can use the lens the 'wrong' way round. To focus you have to move the camera manually forwards and backwards. Here is a great explanation: How it works These diagrams show how reverse lens macro photography works. With a lens mounted on a camera in the normal...
  93. Palm Tree

    Getting started

  94. Palm Tree

    Getting started

    Hi guys, I've had my first DSLR a while now and I thought i'd post up a few shots. None are edited although I have acccess to photoshop and I can re download GIMP, I wouldn't know where to start though. I have a lot to learn, mainly trying to capture what I see, not what the camera sees. I could...
  95. Palm Tree

    My Little Wabi

    You won't get a reply dowheim, he took a load of money off us and ran :(
  96. Palm Tree

    Lighting break kills algae! Any truth?

    I use T5, albeit still low light IMO. I do infrequent water changes with a low flow rate. I use siesta's and do not post about algae issues because I have none, I don't have shrimp or algae eaters because I do not need them. I feel without my siesta I would have massive algae issues, but I'm not...
  97. Palm Tree

    Lake Tanganyika Riparium

    I would love some seeds :) pm me
  98. Palm Tree

    Lake Tanganyika Riparium

    Hi, today I noticed Asclepias tuberosa in a 99p store. I only noticed it because the flowers look identical to the ones you posted up in this thread :) Would it work as well as A. curassavica in a riparium ?
  99. Palm Tree

    Advice on substrate

    Yes that would be the way to go, obviously the best option would be pressurised CO2 but I understand thats not always a viable option.