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  1. Sweded

    Moss ID?

    Is threre a big plant ID thread Im not aware of? There should be at least! So, what Moss could this be? This is grown under a single t5 in low tech No ferts conditions so Im rather impressed. Second favourite low tech Moss behind spiky Moss.
  2. Sweded

    2,000L High tech BEAST

    An island in the middle with emersed Echinodorus palaefolius and bolbitis would look sick.
  3. Sweded

    ONF Flat One

    They got the aesthethicsof the light spectrum done almost perfectly. Only the ADA RGB has better light quality when it comes to LED from what I've seen.
  4. Sweded

    Upgrading lighting, 2 or 4 bulb t5?

    You are better off getting pressurized CO2 over 2 more bulbs for pure results, especcially with slow growers that don't demand much light like anubias and crypts. It's so easy to get green spot algae on anubias with too high PAR values.
  5. Sweded

    Gunk, what am I doing wrong???

    Pleco + wood in the tank will create a large amount of that darker gunk. Like a lot. They need wood in their natural diet and poop it out in droves.
  6. Sweded

    Redneck LED lights

    I've seen these cheap flood light have different light quality even at the same color temperature on paper. Must be different diodes used with different CRI rating and different looking peaks in the spectrum. Do you have a picture of the tank lit by the lamp?
  7. Sweded

    Plant rot

    Usually no colder than 21C / 70F. With some fish species I don't go under 25C. Maybe you should raise the temperature in the room to avoid putting an ugly heater in there. :thumbup: Personally I prefer my living room around 21-22C.
  8. Sweded

    Plant rot

    Monte carlo grow larger leaves with more CO2 in the water and subsequently smaller leaves in less CO2 environments. A big chunk of peoples problem with growing plants are CO2 related and not ferts related. Unrelated but bioballs suck in a canister. Use a media with more surface area like any...
  9. Sweded

    What exactly causes BBA?

    The reason neglect causes BBA is high organics build up in substrate and filter which subsequently effects many lines of biochemistry in the tank.
  10. Sweded

    My plants aren't growing :(

    Amazon swords are not the easiest of plants in pure gravel setups with lower light levels. They are grown emersed like 95+% of all aquarium plants and they will shed their leafs to adopt to new submersed growth. Gold fish are not plant safe either and so are ancistrus, especially with swords and...
  11. Sweded

    Issues with BBA! where am I going wrong??

    Black molly will not really reduce BBA. Black molly are great for surface film build-up and they are one of few fish that can consume cyano. Siamese algae eaters actually do an amazing job eating BBA. Get 1 for every 50 litre if you have an outbreak, 2 if it's severe. By the look of the algae...
  12. Sweded

    What’s wrong with my plants?

    Do you have pleco by any chance? If so you might have the culprit right there.
  13. Sweded

    Small Java Fern?

    You can achieve much smaller leaf size with heavy trimming with a "standard" variety. I had a tank with goldfish that grazed down a java over the course of a year and the leaves never grew larger than a few cm after the goldfish was removed. Or you can just get one that genetically has a...
  14. Sweded

    Lava rock 90x45x50

    The balance of the wood is a bit off. With such an awkward shape I would cut of some branches and fix them in better angles.
  15. Sweded

    What is the best way to clean new plants to prevent snails?

    Much better to buy in vitro plants or plants that hasn't been in water yet straight from the nursery at tropica and dennerly etc as almost all aquarium plants are grown emersed. Just ask your fishstore for it.
  16. Sweded

    Searching for an micro fert

    Why not this?
  17. Sweded

    Lava rock 90x45x50

    Where do you live where you can collect lava rock like that?
  18. Sweded

    IAPLC 2017

    Lot's of people me included were perplexed by the ranking of this scape. Don't get me wrong it's a terrific and clean scape but some that placed above in had it beat when it come to artistic expression, composition detail and imagination by a large margin. Like these masterpieces. Yoyo...
  19. Sweded

    carpeting guideline....I need to know.

    Shrimps are more sensitive than fish so if they can survive the fish will be safe. I would do lots of water changes though as some of the soil is new.
  20. Sweded

    Mosses that do or don't attach to Hardscapes!

    I have spiky moss attaching to wood no problem. You just can let it grow too thick and let the lower layers that are in touch with the wood get light deprived which in turn make the de-attach over time. This is true for many moss though.
  21. Sweded

    Nigel's Forest scape 128L

    It's easier to build a steeper slope with a heavier and uneven substrate. A trick from keeping avalanches at bay is to stuff things in the substrate at the slope. The green machine sell something they call TGM Substrate Supports which is basically corrugated plastic you can find on amazon and...
  22. Sweded

    Nigel's Forest scape 128L

    You want to add as much detail and dynamics as possible as long as it looks natural. Those thin roots need to be wrapped in line with the larger wood they are attached to just like in nature. This takes a lot of work and trial and error. You know how much time was spend on this hardscape...
  23. Sweded

    carpeting guideline....I need to know.

    So your Amazonia is from an older tank and your canister is already cycled? If so excessive water changes may not be necessary in the beginning. The ADA substrate leech a lot of ammonia from the start which is why they suggest doing frequent water changes. You also only need to dose potassium...
  24. Sweded

    Lighting for deep planted tank

    You need to go back to the drawing board with this tank if you want to succeed and have a beautiful aquascape with lush plants. First you need to get a sense of what you want the tank to look like and be inspired with other aquariums so you have something to aim for and a blueprint. Beginners...
  25. Sweded

    Lava rock 90x45x50

    Great looking hardscape but I would add some extra height to the left side for a more balanced layout. Just don't make both sides too alike. Yes riccardia growing on some of the stones and HC and Monte Carlo growing on the substrate and draping over some of the bare stones would look good. Maybe...
  26. Sweded

    Critique my hardscape Trying to mix different roots.

    Dimension on the tank? Personally I would add at least another large piece of wood but that is also depending on what type of composition you are going for. Some stones may be fitting but not necessary. Here are some inspiration for composition and planting.
  27. Sweded

    Nigel's Forest scape 128L

    Here is the same style done to utter perfection for inspiration:
  28. Sweded

    What exactly causes BBA? Part 2 - Bacterial imbalance

    In my experience is BBA strongly correlated to high organics. I base that on 60 low tech aquariums of different flora and fauna. Dirty substrate and filter is the most common trigger. Too many fish, not enough water changes and gravel vac. I can trigger BBA in a low tech aquarium with medium...
  29. Sweded

    The Celestial Swamp - A voyage through a flooded forest fringe (Shallow Riparium)

    Show us a picture of the algae. Too much light, not enough CO2 and ferts sound plausible. Maybe high organics on top of that.
  30. Sweded

    Is this oxygen?

    That amano shrimp is shrimpin' out big time.
  31. Sweded

    Low Tech Spider

    Some java ferns and some cryptocoryne beckettii petchii in this cape and you are good to go.
  32. Sweded

    George's "Crystal Palace" - now with HD video

    Thanks! Who is the biggest moss expert on this forum to confirm or deny? :)
  33. Sweded

    George's "Crystal Palace" - now with HD video

    A bit late to the party but what is that moss? Moss ID isn't the easiest thing and I see a few options being possible.
  34. Sweded

    ADA Amazonia problem.

    What is your CO2 setup? HC turning yellow is almost always a lack of CO2 or unstable CO2.
  35. Sweded

    IAPLC 2016 rankings

    You attach a hose to a scissor so when you trim the moss with the scissor you can easily suck up the leftover moss with the hose.
  36. Sweded

    IAPLC 2016 rankings

    I have to disagree about everyone shitting on the diorama type scapes per say. Sure the ones that look like miniature landscapes above water, especially the ones with miniature tree imitations looks a bit out of place in an aquarium, as out of place as miniature divers and plastic skulls...
  37. Sweded

    1-2-LETS GROW!

    I've been really happy with the 1-2 grow by Tropica so far. You get more stems for you money and the plants are healthy, snail and algae free. The one exception is Hydrocotyle tripartita which came looking weak, thin and not a lot of plants in there. Buy the standard rock wool version is my...
  38. Sweded

    Which moss works best?

    Tropica is selling a moss called Taxiphyllum 'Spiky' which they categorize as Christmas moss big brother. Grows more beautiful than java moss in a low tech tank but try keeping up with tight trimming from the start or you will get die back from the inner light depraved part and your moss might...
  39. Sweded

    Nature Stylish -60x30x42 lowtech

    It's actually possible to get a HC carpet without CO2. With the aid of soil and a few months of emersed growth to ensure healthy root systems it can be done in a tank were no other plant compete for CO2.
  40. Sweded

    New Planted Tank Advice

    Before you think about the technical, take some time to reflect on how your tank should look like in an optimal situation. Get inspired by all types of planted aquariums and aquascapes and figure out the layout you find most attractive. This will in turn guide your technical apparatuses...
  41. Sweded


    I have this plants in many type of aquariums, both low light, low tech to high tech, high light. In a low to medium light non co2 tank the plant grows very healthy and bushy. In a high tech tank with good lighting the internodes will grow far apart and looks leggy. The behavior is opposite of...
  42. Sweded

    Nature Stylish -60x30x42 lowtech

    Really like the look of the Monte Carlo. That gamble paid off big time. Maybe try a bit of HC Cuba now as well when you are on a roll :)
  43. Sweded

    Journal My best low-tech 'scape so far

    First, really nice looking scape and the reason I signed up after reading here for some time. Are these the correct plant species? Cyperus helferi Pearl Weed (Hemianthus micranthemoides) C. Wendtii C. Parva Bucephalandra (what variety?) Anubias Nana Rotala rotundifolia I bet the Parva...