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  1. sjb123


    Hi, can anyone tell me where I can get an FE-Refill in the Banbury area please? Cheers Steve,
  2. sjb123

    Algae v Ph?

    Hi, had Staghorn algae appear about 7 days ago which i think was caused by increase in light & no increase in Co2? Changed from 4 x 38w Trocals to 4 x 54w Trocals which on my Rio 400 gives me 2.45w per gal! Have done water changes, increased flow & increased Co2. Yesterday Ph was reading 6.4...
  3. sjb123

    Would RO ReMineral+ cause Algae?

    Hi, have just got back into it after neglecting tank for the last 6 months!! (odd water change/to much Golf)! I have always used RO water but used to mix it with tap water so thought i would try all RO water with(Dennerle) Osmose ReMineral+ added, this was 2 weeks ago. Last week noticed...
  4. sjb123

    Help! Catching Columbian Tetras

    Hi, has anyone any idea's on catching Columbian Tetras in a Planted tank without Wrecking it? I have too many in my tank, they breed like mad but they are so hard to catch? It took me about 2.5 hrs the other day to get 30 out! i was being selective as my local shop will only take the younger...
  5. sjb123

    Eusteralis Stellata ID?

    Hi, can anyone ID this plant for me please? Bought off an online dealer two weeks ago as a Eusteralis Stellata but it dos'nt look like the picture in my oldish plant book!! Any idea's please??