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  1. macek.g

    Sound of Nature

    Hello everyone IAPLC -441 Tank -90-50-45 Light-ADA solar 1 Filter-Eheim 2078 Sand-ADA La plata Hardscape- Lava stone,Senggani rots,redmoore wood Plants-Bucephalandras mini,Anubias mini,Mini pelia,Bolbitis,Montecarlo,Microsorum Mini Coral. Fish/Shrimp- Gold tetra,Otocinclus,Amano shrimp
  2. macek.g

    Three Sisters

    My second tank Tank-90x50x45 NACD Light- Twinstar 900S (90--100 PAR from the substrate) Filter- Eheim 2076 Substrate- Elos Terra Black,Ichiban Dark Soil,Elos Bottom Mineral,ADA La Plata Sand CO2- ADA Pollen Glass Beetle 50mm Fertilization- ELOS Face1,2,K 40, Flora: Microsorium Mini Coral...
  3. macek.g

    Plitvice landscapes-unfinished

    Hello I wanted to show you all my fish tank. At the moment there is no details on the plants i will add them as time goes on. Aquarium: 120x60x50 ( 360l) Filtration: Eheim 2080,Eheim 2076 Lighting: Ati Sunpower 6x54w Fertilization Macro- diy Micro-Aqua Rebell,DTPA CO2: AM 1000
  4. macek.g

    Colors of Nature

    Hi, I would like to show you my FishTank :D Volume: 360L Dimensions:120x60x50 OW Substrate: New Amazonia Light: 6x54w Filter: Eheim 2080,2076 Fertilizer: Macro KNO3,KH2PO4-Micro Aqua Rebell,mikro special CO2-bottle 5kg,Aquatic Nature Tornado,before Atomizer,AM1000 Plants: Elatine Triandra...
  5. macek.g

    My dutch tank

    Hi everybody :wave: I present to you a new installment of my tank: Tank-120-60-50 OW Lighting-6x54w (later HQI 2X150W) Filter-Eheim 2080,2076 CO2-5kg bottle,reactor 1000 Substrate- NEW Amazonia Decor-Fork Wood Plants Eleocharis acicularis Hemianthus callitrichoides Lagarosiphon...