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    Betta_246S Low-Tech Planted Shrimp Tank Pico

    Yep, i have a sponge filter which has been running in my main tank for over a month now. It should be cycled by now. I will be doing daily water changes so i hope the Ph stays within range. My shrimp have not arrived yet, when they do arrive i will put them in the main tank then introduce them...
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    Naija's 1st planted tank

    Tank looks great!
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    Betta_246S Low-Tech Planted Shrimp Tank Pico

    I have decided to try aqua-scaping (after failing miserably on the community and betta tank) 2 tanks just aren't enough, whilst you have a 3rd spare, and so the journal begins! :) Tank Size: Small 10l Bow-Front Acrylic Tank Lighting: Waterhome 3 - Compact 9W Fluorescent (hood removed due to...
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    Moss from the garden?

    I have lots of moss in the garden, just wanted to know is it *safe enoough* to put into my Planted 10l tank, bare in mind, atm, im not sure what the inverts will be yet.
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    10L Planted Low-Tech Shrimp Tank.. HELP! :)

    Ive changed my mind about adding shrimp :roll: Due to the fact of them being sensitive to water quality etc. I think i might just plant it with no Inhabitants, or maybe a snail :? How do you prepare the cat litter for the tank, do you wash it then pop it in?
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    10L Planted Low-Tech Shrimp Tank.. HELP! :)

    Ok, well atm, im going to use 0.5" of Clay Cat Litter, and ill cap it with either *smashed* slate tiles, or black gravel. But in the cat litter, im going to put some fert tabs in it. Will upload pictures soon! :) Thanks for the help.
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    Any Uk/Usa/Ireland Person Brought Plants From Taiwan/Malay

    Anyone brought them from there, there pictures look great! I want to but some, there prices are good, Just really want to know if they are *real* or not, are there prices too good to be true?
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    10L Planted Low-Tech Shrimp Tank.. HELP! :)

    hhmmm.. ok Thanks for answers.
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    10L Planted Low-Tech Shrimp Tank.. HELP! :)

    Hiya all, Newbie here. :) I have a 65l Community tank and a 65L betta divided tank. I have a 10l tank spare, i want to make it into a Low-Tech Planted Shrimp tank. A few questions; 1.) Is a DIY cycled filter safe enough to use for shrimp? 2.) Are 11W Christmas lights bright enough, i will...