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  1. Dave Spencer

    UKAPS soppy ramblings....

    Thanks, Iain. To be honest, the others do b****r all around here, so I shall take all the praise for myself. :angel: Regards, shameless Dave.
  2. Dave Spencer

    Whats everyone's new year resolution???

    My first new scape in two years would be nice. Secondly, and it is more of a personal goal than a resolution, is to hand in my notice at work and become self employed buying/selling/renting property abroad. Regards, Dave.
  3. Dave Spencer

    Canon vs Nikon : Double Exposure

    Brilliant stuff, GhOst.
  4. Dave Spencer

    My Movember

    I`m looking forward to the missus taking part in Fannuary.
  5. Dave Spencer

    Solar roof panels

    This doesn`t get rid of the feed in tariff. In this instance, the company supplying the panels get it, but the consumer subsidises the tariff. Energy costs are due to carry on their meteoric rise, so now is the time for those considering solar PV.
  6. Dave Spencer

    Solar roof panels

    George, the downside for me is the FIT. This is a cost that is passed on to consumers that can`t afford solar PV, thus plunging ever more hard pressed people in to fuel poverty. Alison wants us to have panels fitted, but I personally find the whole system of subsidies grossly unfair. However, I...
  7. Dave Spencer

    Jobs; What do you do?

    I am a Shift Manager/Production Engineer at a power station. I am currently being kept away from my aquascaping hobby by my second job, which is my newly set up company, Meadowslea Properties, which is for buying and letting properties home and abroad.
  8. Dave Spencer

    Climate change (Why do PFK bother with blogs?)

    Re: Why do PFK bother with blogs? You have that right. it is more like religion than science. I have had some pretty shocking personal remarks aimed at me, at times. Godwin`s Law rules supreme. Still, I can take it.That said, there are some pretty high calibre scientists out there blogging...
  9. Dave Spencer

    Climate change (Why do PFK bother with blogs?)

    Re: Why do PFK bother with blogs? CAGW is based on man`s emissions, which were starting to become detectable in 1820ish. CAGW is nothing to do with what Mother Nature put there herself. Global temperatures have been rising since the LIA, and modern times are not "unprecedented". The graph I...
  10. Dave Spencer

    Climate change (Why do PFK bother with blogs?)

    Cheers Darrel, I do wonder if your friends that believe unequivocally in man made global warming could answer my questions regarding your graph. Dave.
  11. Dave Spencer

    Climate change (Why do PFK bother with blogs?)

    Re: Why do PFK bother with blogs? My apologies Darrel, I did say I would get off my soap box, but I am a bit like a dog with a bone on the subject of climate change. I did have some questions regarding this graph, but I hadn`t noticed that they disappeared when I had to split my post up. Plus...
  12. Dave Spencer

    Climate change (Why do PFK bother with blogs?)

    Re: Why do PFK bother with blogs? I shall hold this one with the same regard I would hold the one on the FIFA web site declaring their honesty. :D This site gives info on many aspects of climate change for those interested. As a little aside Darrel, what...
  13. Dave Spencer

    Climate change (Why do PFK bother with blogs?)

    Re: Why do PFK bother with blogs? Come to think of it, I`ll get off my soap box now. :silent: Dave.
  14. Dave Spencer

    Climate change (Why do PFK bother with blogs?)

    Re: Why do PFK bother with blogs? Sorry to get you bogged down in something that may not be in the forefront of your interests, but I think Phil Jones comes across somewhat disingenuous in the link below. ... /38711.htm
  15. Dave Spencer

    Climate change (Why do PFK bother with blogs?)

    Re: Why do PFK bother with blogs? To which the UK tax payer is expected to pay £768 billion by 2050. Surely we need something a little more substantial. Nobody is calling "huge conspiracy theories", but certain individuals bring the integrity of the discipline of climatology in to question...
  16. Dave Spencer

    Climate change (Why do PFK bother with blogs?)

    Re: Why do PFK bother with blogs? I have had to make three posts because I kept getting some message about how many quotes I could embed. Darryl, this is argumentum ad populum. Science is not a concensus, which someone as clearly scientifically minded as yourself will know. Besides, this...
  17. Dave Spencer

    Climate change (Why do PFK bother with blogs?)

    Re: Why do PFK bother with blogs? Darrel, you have linked to the very people who were under investigation. Is it not surprising they write a page with their own vindication? Could you tell me how your friends can be so unequivocally sure? There is zero unequivocal evidence of man`s finger...
  18. Dave Spencer

    Climate change (Why do PFK bother with blogs?)

    Re: Why do PFK bother with blogs? The Met "BBQ Summer" Office are in fine form. :lol: ... Met-Office For those interested, Phil Jones at the CRU has so far adjusted temperature anomalies for the UK twice this year...upwards of course. I wonder if this...
  19. Dave Spencer

    Climate change (Why do PFK bother with blogs?)

    Re: Why do PFK bother with blogs? With Cancun just around the corner, ocean acidification will be the next battle ground chosen by the CAGW crowd. "Between 1751 and 1994 surface ocean pH is estimated to have decreased from approximately 8.179 to 8.104, a change of −0.075 on the logarithmic...
  20. Dave Spencer

    Climate change (Why do PFK bother with blogs?)

    Re: Why do PFK bother with blogs? Luis, I believe climate change is far and away the most important subject on man`s agenda at the moment, barring getting our economies moving upwards again (which climate change policies could well negate anyway). When we speculate on the trillions and...
  21. Dave Spencer

    Climate change (Why do PFK bother with blogs?)

    Re: Why do PFK bother with blogs? Thanks for that, George. I like to think we tell people on UKAPS why posts are removed. Reading up on climate change is a bit of an obsession for me. :oops: Especially since I have changed over to being an AGW sceptic. Dave.
  22. Dave Spencer

    Saying goodbye!

    Time to man up, George. You are in the forces, don`t you know. It is a long time since I have messed about with CBLS on OTRs. I didn`t think the RAF still bothered with free fall munitions. Where are you posted, anywhere good? Dave.
  23. Dave Spencer

    Climate change (Why do PFK bother with blogs?)

    They start a blog about the Amazon drying up, but then delete any posts that try to give an alternative view to their beliefs for the reasons. The same goes with an "ocean acidification" blog I tried to post on. Here is the Amazon blog: ... p?sid=3329...
  24. Dave Spencer

    For Dave and supercoloey :-)

    We have earnt the right to be a right pair of grumpy old sods. 8) Dave.
  25. Dave Spencer

    World Cup 2010 Competition & Discussion Thread

    Most remaining teams look going forward, but there are a few dodgy defences. For me, it has to be Brazil, with Lucio finishing as player of the tournament. Dave.
  26. Dave Spencer

    World Cup 2010 Competition & Discussion Thread

    Some may think I have been heavy handed, but I am happy to let this thread run as long as it focuses on football, and not nationality. I have been on too many sports forum, and recognise how this thread is going. Sport, religion and politics..... :crazy: Dave.
  27. Dave Spencer


    I think it was Chris Packham that mentioned that Tits were nesting earlier than usual, a sure sign of man made global warming. Pricelss. Dave.
  28. Dave Spencer

    Brain Teaser

    I`ll put you out of your misery, Paul. Put a straight edge against the longest edge on both triangles. One is convex, and one is concave. No playing you at pool or snooker for money, then. Dave.
  29. Dave Spencer

    Brain Teaser

    My thoughts exactly, James. For those who need a nudge, the answer is in the hypotenuse. Here is an easier one. :lol: Dave.
  30. Dave Spencer

    Brain Teaser

    See if you can get to the bottom of this. SSSHHH if you have seen it before. :shh: Dave.
  31. Dave Spencer

    Absolutely gutted

    I wouldn`t blame yourself too much, John. It`s not as if you didn`t give them to a reputable source. Personally, I doubt they acclimatised them properly for them to die that quickly. Dave.
  32. Dave Spencer

    Volcano Pictures

    I was working on Tornado engines during the first Gulf War. I remember engines coming back to the UK where the turbine blades were coated in glass from melted sand. Once the cooling holes on the blades block up, the blade is burnt out in seconds, resulting in severe engine vibration and a shut...
  33. Dave Spencer

    Would you call this frogbit?

    I quite like Duckweed when I have wood breaking the waters surface. It creates a nice effect when it clings around the wood.
  34. Dave Spencer

    Barr Report.

    Damn it! That means I can`t tell Tom where he is going wrong any more. I have just tried it without using the link in my favourites and it works now. Dave.
  35. Dave Spencer

    Barr Report.

    Is anyone else finding Tom`s site off line? I ask because my new internet connection is being tempramental, and I wanted to make sure it wasn`t just my connection problems. Dave.
  36. Dave Spencer

    new expert

    Glenn has supplied the link to where it was announced. :D Dave.
  37. Dave Spencer

    Grasstrack Sidecar Racing

    I`m off that day, Dan. I reckon I might fire up the ole 70-200 and see what I can get. I`ll see if Stu wants to bring his big boys toy, too. :lol: Dave.
  38. Dave Spencer

    Grasstrack Sidecar Racing

    Thank God spandex hasn`t made it to the world of grasstrack racing. :lol: I would love to have a go at photographing one of these events, Dan (probs Stu too). Let me know when you are anywhere near me. Dave.
  39. Dave Spencer

    F1 GP Who do You support

    Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton. Go the English drivers! Dave.
  40. Dave Spencer

    How the Other Half Live. ... -tank.html Dave.
  41. Dave Spencer

    What/who are you listening too?

    I saw Natasha Khan when Bats for Lashes were supporting Radiohead. She does have a great voice, but I thought their performance was a bit ordinary. Radiohead were a different matter. At the moment, I am mostly listening to The Clash....not that I ever stopped. Jimi Hendrix and Talking Heads are...
  42. Dave Spencer

    Merry Xmas

    I`m working a twelve hour shift on Christmas Day. :( Have a proper Crimbo, one and all! Dave.
  43. Dave Spencer

    bbc 'life'

    I wasn`t being serious, Adam. :D Dave.
  44. Dave Spencer

    bbc 'life'

    It sure is. On Top Gear the other day they were reviewing a car that runs on sliced Dolphin. awesome. :angel: Dave.
  45. Dave Spencer


    Congratulations Zac. I expect you have added up how much money you have saved yourself. :thumbup: Dave.
  46. Dave Spencer

    UKAPS Baby!!!

    Congratulations to you and your family, Simon. Is the little chap getting a tank for Christmas? Dave.
  47. Dave Spencer

    Ice Road Truckers

    Both programmes are awesome in HD, too. Dave.
  48. Dave Spencer

    Ukaps Baby !!

    That is a great capture of something so precious, Tony. Congratulations. Now, empty all your tanks and put your camera gear on eBay, your life is finished for the next eighteen years. :lol: Dave.
  49. Dave Spencer

    time to retire from UKAPS

    There are a few on here that feel that way, Mark. I wonder how it all started? Dave.
  50. Dave Spencer

    Happy Birthday

    Sweet sixteen ay Aaron? I have got clothes older than you. :lol: Happy birthday. Dave.
  51. Dave Spencer

    Food For Thought With The Holiday Season Looming!

    This info was eMailed to me at work by a colleague. However, Stu has Pmd me these two links: ... 01,00.html Dave.
  52. Dave Spencer

    Food For Thought With The Holiday Season Looming!

    This is pretty good info. Never even thought about key cards containing anything other than an access code for the room? HOTEL KEY CARDS Ever wonder what is on your magnetic key card? Answer: - a. Customer's name b. Customer's partial home address c. Hotel room number d. Check-in date and out...
  53. Dave Spencer


    Congratulations! Buy yourself a huge tank for an under water birth. After that.....hmmm, what to do with that now redundant tank. :D Not that you`ll get time to do anything with it, of course. :lol: Dave.
  54. Dave Spencer

    Champions League Footie

    Be careful with your tone. Dave.
  55. Dave Spencer

    Champions League Footie

    I`ll always support the English team! :D Dave.
  56. Dave Spencer

    Duty calls

    Ouch! :lol: Dave.
  57. Dave Spencer

    Duty calls

    Good luck George! I reckon the Taleban coffee table division are in for a right kicking! :lol: Dave.
  58. Dave Spencer

    Happy Birthday

    Cheers guys. I got a monitor calibrator. Nerdtastic! Dave.
  59. Dave Spencer

    ID This Piece of Kit!

    Almost spot on. It is FOD damage, but to one of the compressor blades on a gas turbine. General Electric QA had passed the rotor as serviceable, ready for refitting. I was asked to take some pics of the various areas of damage as evidence. Dave.
  60. Dave Spencer

    ID This Piece of Kit!

    Yeah! I have never skived for a living like I did in the RAF. Happy days. Most power stations employ a full time chemist (probably well paid, too). Then you would really know your water chemistry, Aaron. Stu, you are a get! :lol: :lol: :lol: anybody want to guess at the latest pic. As a...
  61. Dave Spencer

    ID This Piece of Kit!

    I take photos of everybody else working? :lol: I am a production engineer/safety controller/team leader/workshy fop at a gas fired power station. Hopefully, I will be able to get on the nukes when they start to commission them. Dave.
  62. Dave Spencer

    ID This Piece of Kit!

    Well done Mark! It is the steam turbine low pressure rotor. It operates under a vacuum. To the right of the shaft is a coupling for a 70MW generator. This one is a lot tougher....I hope. Dave. EDIT: Just noticed your reply George. :lol:
  63. Dave Spencer

    ID This Piece of Kit!

    OK, so who can tell me what this is? No prizes, though. Dave.
  64. Dave Spencer

    forum members

    I reckon a couple of glasses of vino and he is anybodys. :lol: We`ll work on him this weekend. He is way too valuable a member to just let go. Dave.
  65. Dave Spencer

    North Wales Warning

    Who cares about fish. My kids have to drink that stuff. :x I have done a water change on both tanks today, but I can`t see there being a problem. Dave.
  66. Dave Spencer

    Anyone for ping pong?

    I used have a well tasty top spin back hand....and I didn`t have to stuff a pair of socks down the front of my shorts like George. :lol: Dave.
  67. Dave Spencer

    Anyone for ping pong?

    He`s got some crap on his shirt, Aaron! You should get it in the wash. Dave.
  68. Dave Spencer

    Anyone else share the same plant buying habits?

    Emersed has its own forum section now. I reckon it could become fairly popular. Dave.
  69. Dave Spencer

    Anyone for ping pong?

    I used to play a lot in my college days. It was a game I really enjoyed, and would love to get back in to, creaky joints permitting. Nice aggression on the forehand, dude! Dave.
  70. Dave Spencer

    Anyone else share the same plant buying habits?

    I`m currently looking in to it Nick. I have a lot of expensive plants in my 120cm that I want to keep for a later project. I`ll probably start a thread when I get it up and running, as I will almost certainly need some advice. Dave.
  71. Dave Spencer

    Anyone else share the same plant buying habits?

    I am getting a propogator pretty soon, so hopefully my plant buying, binning, rebuying days are over. :D Dave.
  72. Dave Spencer

    Boo Hoo!

    It`s like listening to Brian Clough. :lol: Dave.
  73. Dave Spencer

    Boo Hoo!

    Cheers guys, I feel much better now. :lol: Bouncing straight back may depend on what players we can keep. We lost a lot of our better ones before this season when the 30 points were deducted. Dave.
  74. Dave Spencer

    Boo Hoo!

    The mighty Hatters have been relegated. :( :( :( FA and FL.... :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: Dave.
  75. Dave Spencer

    Experienced hobbyists - could you write more?

    You have posted over 1600 times. :lol:
  76. Dave Spencer

    Peace @ UKAPS, please

    Here is a style in which I think you would really shine, George. The way I see it is this: I work hard and long hours, so aquascaping is one of my releases from this. I do it for myself for my own pleasure. If that means that I don`t want to do a journal, or just don`t have the time, then so...
  77. Dave Spencer

    apologies from saintly

    This sure is a passionate hobby. :D Experience or time served doesn`t always account for a great deal, Mark. You are a highly regarded and valued member of this forum, irrespective of how new you may be. Your passion will only lead you on to even better scapes. Let`s face it, us Brits have...
  78. Dave Spencer

    Sleepwalking Fail

    Great stuff! Check this ninja cat out. Dave.
  79. Dave Spencer

    Taking Pics at MEN Arena.

    Cheers Mark. That is pretty much what I thought. I`ve seen a few bands recently and could have taken some awesome pics. Dave.
  80. Dave Spencer

    Taking Pics at MEN Arena.

    Does anybody know where they draw the line? I was hoping to go with a 200mm lens and DSLR. I see people in the crowd using P+S cameras, but not DSLRs with telephotos. Cheers, Dave.
  81. Dave Spencer

    My "proper" job...

    You could at least say it like you mean it! Interesting props on the Herc, they were much straighter in my day. God I have done some miles chugging along in the back of those things. Dave.
  82. Dave Spencer

    My "proper" job...

    You may think you look hard in that uniform, George, but I reckon I could take you. 8) Dave.
  83. Dave Spencer


    Apparently, Robert Capa had the same problem with his missus. :lol: Call yourself an armourer, you great big pansy? :lol: Well, I have been embedded at work, stacking up the overtime and contemplating which lens next. 8) Anyway, I got an hour to myself this afternoon, so I took the camera...
  84. Dave Spencer

    for music fans

    I saw this live at an open air gig at Lancashire County Cricket Ground.....pure magic. ... re=related Dave.
  85. Dave Spencer

    Vegetable landscape photography

    Brilliant stuff. The trawlers on the sea of fish is superb! Quality find. Dave.
  86. Dave Spencer

    Friday night - What are you up to?

    Chester is a good night out. Unfortunately, I am at work generating electricity so you scum bags can all use your computers and bop around under the disco lights. :lol: Dave.
  87. Dave Spencer

    you know your obsessed with your planted tank when....

    You know when you are obsessed with planted tanks when... ...the sleeve on your T shirt is wet 24/7.
  88. Dave Spencer

    Paypal Verification.

    Cheers Guys. I did a bit of Googling and it seems legit. I just don`t understand why I have had to do it after all this time. I`ve certainly spent enough in the past without verification. :D Dave.
  89. Dave Spencer

    Paypal Verification.

    I just got an email from Paypal, stating I need to do this: Go to and log in to your account Click on the link "UK-Unverified" After you enter your bank details we will deposit two small amounts into your bank account, which will appear in three to five working days. Then...
  90. Dave Spencer

    ignore me ;)

    Re: Members Gallery - Post a pic of yourself! Steve, you were the first one to post on that thread, with the same pic as the one on this thread, you prize pillock! :lol: Dave.
  91. Dave Spencer

    Fred away in Africa for a month

    Sounds like a great adventure, Fred. Make sure you bring some quality pics back. Dave.
  92. Dave Spencer

    Funny e-mail

    The tone of his replies was perfection! Dave.
  93. Dave Spencer

    Me and my new toy Aprillia.

    Nice one squire!!!!! Don`t let anyone or anything come between you and your new found happiness. :wink: It`s a big old world out there and well worth seeing. Dave.
  94. Dave Spencer

    George away for 4 months

    If he is anything like the bombheads I knew when I was in the RAF, he will be strutting around like he is Joe Calzaghe after a couple of pints of Shandy. :lol: All the best ,George. Hope to see you some time when you get back.
  95. Dave Spencer

    ADA 2008 Catalogue

    This catalogue has been out ages, if you buy from Japan. You can also get the backdated ADA plant layout competitions going back to when the competition first started.....and Aqua Journals when they first come out. Dave. EDIT: here is the link I forgot.
  96. Dave Spencer

    What do you do?

    I am a workshy fop and hardcore loafer. Dave.
  97. Dave Spencer

    Happy Birthday Dave!

    Thanks for that, Steve. I have been away from the hobby for a little while, neglecting my tanks, but hopefully I will be back soon with something worth photographing. I have a brand new Nikon 105mm macro lens merrily collecting dust at the moment. Cheers, Jayne. I appreciate it. Only one beer...
  98. Dave Spencer


    It showed up on all the turbine vibration monitoring we have at work. There was a much smaller one near Conway a year or two ago as well that we recorded. Dave.
  99. Dave Spencer

    Last Night`s Snow Storm...

    Graeme, now you know why all my shots are sunsets. I couldn`t imagine getting up early and having nothing to photograph. We should get together for a camera session some time. Clive, it has been misty here for a few days and I had been watching how it sits low between each line of hills. I was...