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  1. Dave Spencer

    light pendant stand help

    Have a word with Stu Worrall or Mark Evans. They have DIY stands that look pretty good. Dave.
  2. Dave Spencer

    Proposed lighting in an 8ft tank.

    Eleocharis parvula works really well in a propogator. It is one of the few plants I have that actually progress, rather than tread water (pun intended). HC ia another that seems to thrive for me. Dave.
  3. Dave Spencer

    ADA Solar 1

    I hope that wasn`t the light unit I was looking at in TGM, otherwise it will be covered in drool. That is some top notch clobber Dan, and I look forward to seeing it at Hallowe`en. I was going to get an 90cm ADA set up for myself as treat for working long hours, but I have to waste my money on...
  4. Dave Spencer

    actinic lighting vs algae growth

    This type of statement above annoys me from time to time. I have been playing tennis longer than Roger Federer....does he come to me for advice on his dodgy back hand? :lol: Out of interest, which forum was it? Dave.
  5. Dave Spencer

    Bit lost in the Luminaire Jungle, new Project

    Try EQJ Trading on eBay. Dave.
  6. Dave Spencer

    1.5wpg enough for planted tank?

    You could run T8s throughout the photoperiod, using the third for a midday burst. That`s what I do on my 240l and there is plenty of light for pearling. One pice of advice I can give, and to echo Clive, is get the flow around a tank of this size right, or you will struggle with plant health in...
  7. Dave Spencer

    Optimum Lighting WPG

    I reckon you could get away with two reflected T8 tubes running the length of the tank. You could buy an Arcadia luminaire with three tubes, and possibly use the third for a midday burst. I was a little concerned my 120cm may not have enough light, as I have always used T5 tubes and PCs, but I...
  8. Dave Spencer

    how much WPG should i have?

    Yep! Dave.
  9. Dave Spencer

    Lighting a 4ft. Opinions?

    My up and coming 120cm that I keep rattling on about endlessly, will be powered by 3 x 39W T8 Arcadia unit. The unit is a little disappointing, because two of the tubes are virtually touching, so there will be some serious restrike. I am still planning on there being enough light to grow...
  10. Dave Spencer

    Cheap HO T5 fluorescent tubes

    I remember when you linked to this site a while back and put it straight in to my favourites, but quickly forgot about it. Lamp replacement time is coming around and I will definitely be shopping here. The beauty of it is, at these prices, we can afford to experiment with several different tube...
  11. Dave Spencer

    T5 100cm unit needed.. suggetions?

    No experience for me yet, and I have never tried the below, but they still seem cheaper once VAT has been added. ... lang=en-gb Dave.
  12. Dave Spencer

    T5 tubes

    I use Geisemann Midday tubes alongside their Aquaflora tube and am very happy with the results. I haven`t shopped around recently for the cheapest prices, but you can get both types of tube from here: ... lights.asp Dave.
  13. Dave Spencer

    What T5 Lamps to use?

    Congratulations on calling them lamps. I use a combination of Interpet 55W T5 PC Daylight Plus and Triplus with reflectors for an overall balance of good plant growth and colours that are pleasing to the eye. I can confidently say they come 100% recommended in this respect, but there are...