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  1. Dave Spencer

    60cm makes a comeback

    The aquascaping ball is well and truly rolling for me at the moment. Long may it continue. :D I have grown a little bored using my freebie rocks, so I had to bite the bullet and line Jim`s pockets again. Still, I get the last laugh as I nicked a piece of rock he was using as a paperweight...
  2. Dave Spencer

    Here is the proof...

    ...that I am finally back to aquascaping. I set this one up at the GFs house, so played it safe with an Amano NA copy. It is only one month old, so the mosses are a little untidy as I am letting them take hold before any cutting and shaping. Dave.
  3. Dave Spencer

    The Gaze of Solemnity.

    Anybody know where I have lifted the name for this scape from? Here is a hastily taken pic of my 60cm from a couple of weeks ago straight after planting, water change bubbles, reflections and all. This will hopefully turn in to a potential competition entry. I`ll see how the Pogostemon helferi...
  4. Dave Spencer

    Welsh Mountains...A Distant Echo.

    It`s way too early to reveal this scape ( one day old), which represents the third reincarnation of this tank, but I would appreciate any advice out there. I ran the Riccia scape to destruction to see far how I could push the Riccia for future reference. I am sad to see it go, but I will do...
  5. Dave Spencer

    Dave`s 60cm Iwagumi.

    Thought I would post it here to keep Zig`s Iwagumi company. It is a bit more basic in design than Zig`s, but it is my first (of many hopefully) attempts, and am happy with it thus far, with one or two reservations. Tank: 60 x 30 x 36 opti white high clarity. 60l capacity. Lights: 1 x 24W...
  6. Dave Spencer

    International Aquatic Plants Layout 2007 Winner.

    What do you think? Dave.
  7. Dave Spencer

    Aquarium Plant Paradise

    Has anybody got this book by Takashi Amano, and an opinion on it? Dave.