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  1. Dave Spencer

    UKAPS Members' IAPLC 2010 Showcase

    I love the look of E. vivipara. of course, when I used it it was next to some M. umbrosum. Now that is when it becomes high maintenance. :oops: Nice flow to the wood, Zig. Dave.
  2. Dave Spencer


    Love the tank, Fernando. You make me want to use Micranthemum umbrosum again. Dave.
  3. Dave Spencer

    nelsons lava outcrop

    This tank has real potential, Nelson. Get on top of the trimming and it will a bit special, for sure. Dave.
  4. Dave Spencer

    Where do you have yours?

    Here is my house moving tank, which has ended up in the hall of my new house. It was a temporary tank to house the fish when i stripped down my 240l to move homes. The wood reaaranged itself, and I haven`t had the time to rescape this yet. Here is my scabby Juwel Lido, set up two weeks ago...
  5. Dave Spencer

    Rio Negro biotope

    I have found some fish don`t like CO2 levels approaching 30ppm, especially when I had Trigonostigma hengeli. With those fish, it was a fine line between Spirogyra and unhappy fish. My current house move/makeshift scape has Moenkhausia pinnieri and Pristella maxillaris, which seem happy nearer...
  6. Dave Spencer

    FoF 2009 UKAPS Display Aquascapes

    You did yourselves and UKAPS proud guys! Great stuff. Dave.
  7. Dave Spencer

    A Great British Biotope

    Superb stuff, George! My gob is smacked. You certainly aren`t one to let the hobby stand still. Dave.
  8. Dave Spencer

    Brackish Experiment

    Thanks for the info. I have often wondered which plants would be best suited to a brackish aquarium. Does running with an SG below 1.005 reduce your choice of fish? Dave.
  9. Dave Spencer


    Cressgumi? :lol: It looks like an aerial view of "The Land That Time Forgot". Got any plastic dinosaurs you could lob in there, with a little bit of CO2 mist. Tyrranatastic! Dave.
  10. Dave Spencer

    Planted Ripariums

    That`s me one step closer to a riparium. :thumbup: Dave.
  11. Dave Spencer

    ADA entry 2009 - Forward Motion

    Major congratulations Peter. Not half bad for someone who is away most of the time. It has nice, unkempt but controlled look to it, if you know what I mean. I like the way you never lost the piece of wood on the ground, too. WCMM eh? Dave.
  12. Dave Spencer

    llj 20g; not quite finished, but it will take forever...

    Hiya Madam Jimenez, long time no speak. Lovely tank. We certainly don`t see many three year old tanks on here. So, how is the singing going? Dave.
  13. Dave Spencer

    my planted tanks

    Absolutely first class, uttoshii! I knew everyone would love your tanks. Dave.
  14. Dave Spencer

    65L douce ambiance

    I love the the contrast in textures between the plants on opposite sides. The photography is first class, too. You will have a tough time making the next tank even better. What do you have in mind, Nico? Dave. EDIT: by the way uttoshii, could you post a picture of your iwagumi? I think people...
  15. Dave Spencer

    The forgotten valley - Timeline

    I feel the biggest improvement was going from the rock to the wood hardscape. Dave.
  16. Dave Spencer


    I remember seeing an Iwagumi of yours from a while back. It`s still one of my favourites. Dave.
  17. Dave Spencer


    You wouldn`t happen to be uttoshii, would you? :idea: Dave.
  18. Dave Spencer

    Mikes tank

    You have certainly got the growing healthy plants side of things sorted out. Take a look at some of the tanks on here and see how they are structured in terms of hardscape and keeping plants grouped together. You have a wide variety of leaf shapes and sizes that don`t necessarily compliment...
  19. Dave Spencer

    60cm play tank

    I see it now. It looks a bit different to mine (Tropica). Like most Tropica `red` plants, I tend to find it is the stem that goes red. The look yours has compliments the smaller Rotala behind. Funnily enough, while carrying out a water change on the 120cm just now, I found two stems of the...
  20. Dave Spencer

    60cm play tank

    Is it Nesaea pedicellata George? I found it a bit too robust to use as a stem bush in my 60cm, but if it is the orange accent in the centre in the tank then koudos on its use. That little accent compliments the fish a treat. I love Rotala sp backdrops, too. :D Dave.
  21. Dave Spencer

    Aquascapes 2003 to present

    Re: Six years of 'scaping I`m using mosses for the first time, and the look kicks Gluteus maximus. For me, the problems with them are they really do catch the crud, and when you prune them back, there is a real mess in the tank which sinks rather than floats. For a slow growing plant, I would...
  22. Dave Spencer

    Blyxa-Bolbitis scape

    I had Cardinals and they were a PITA for constantly hiding. Copper harlequins (Trigonostima hengeli) are awesome fish in looks and behaviour. Dave.
  23. Dave Spencer

    Aquascapes 2003 to present

    Re: Six years of 'scaping Seeing as we are all sticking the boot in to you, George, I think you need to introduce a little more red. :lol: The Mother Microsorum (you spelt it wrong, na na na na) scape is reminiscent of my all time favourite scape by Amano that had Discus. This one...
  24. Dave Spencer

    Blyxa-Bolbitis scape

    That scape is full of potential, Dan. You have the foundations, so a little tinkering here and there with the hard scape should help it realise its full potential. I, of course, would like to see some wood breaking the waters surface. Give it some time to get to where it wants to go in my...
  25. Dave Spencer

    120cm - South East Asia

    You complete and utter copy cat. :lol: Yet another perfect transition from foreground to background. I still think Harlequin Haven has the edge, though. Dave.
  26. Dave Spencer

    60cm - English Summer

    Bagged any medals yet, George? I got one for my sterling efforts on the Italian Riviera at Aviano AFB during Kosovo in the mid 90s. :oops: Didn`t know I was a war hero, did you? It always make me laugh when I come across it. We were given the option of a full ceremony in uniform, or receiving it...
  27. Dave Spencer

    Chocolate gourami biotope

    Crikey, George, those leaves are struggiling. Have you thought of dosing EI and some Purigen for water clarity? :lol: What is like setting up a tank with the emphasis on the fish? I bet it would look even better sat beside a planted tank for a bit of contrast. I am not ready to go that...
  28. Dave Spencer

    My Tank

    Nice to see your tank on here, Tom. I think I recognise it from APC. To give a little critique, maybe the wood could be a little more gnarled and twisted to make it more interesting. It just looks a little straight to me. Plant health looks excellent and your photography is certainly pretty...
  29. Dave Spencer

    Big Danne's 180

    Both scapes have distinctive textures, which i believe the scapers would have been trying to achieve. The Dutch has a spiky feel to it, balanced with rounded leaves for contrast. The second scape has a very distinctive, deliberate fuzzy feel to it. I am not a big fan of Dutch, so I would...
  30. Dave Spencer

    low light, low maint, long-term - Juwel Rio 125

    I like the way the C. balansae frames the picture, but it probably is getting a bit too much. Cyperus helferi should work a treat. The small clearing at the front also works pretty well, but the foreground on either side would look better if the growth was denser. More leaves low down in this...
  31. Dave Spencer

    My current tank!

    What actual algae issues do you have with this tank, Matt? Any chance of a low down on how you are using the light to control the algae (this is something I have yet to master). Dave.