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  1. Dave Spencer

    My vivarium (pic heavy)

    That is a real beaut. Dave.
  2. Dave Spencer

    How fast does your HC grow emersed?

    I have three pots which are very slow. Dave.
  3. Dave Spencer

    My emersed setup

    I run mine without CO2 and find most plants hold their own, or grow slowly. Adding CO2 should increase the growth. TGM add CO2 to their emersed set ups and get excellent growth. Dave.
  4. Dave Spencer

    Dave Spencer`s Attempt.

    Funny you should mention this Aaron, as I have just moved house, which meant strippng the 240l tank down. The plants in the propogator have been a neglected lately with a two week holiday, and the house move. I am expecting them to bounce back, but the next major issue is finding the time for...
  5. Dave Spencer

    Emeresed start up for utricularia graminifolia?

    Provided your house is warm enough, I see no problems temperature wise. A lot of people with centrally heated houses in the UK don`t bother with heaters in their tanks. Dave.
  6. Dave Spencer

    Staurogyne Flower

    My emersed Staurogyne has been flowering like mad emersed, but it looks like it may have given up for the winter. Dave.
  7. Dave Spencer

    emmersed growing on the windowsill?

    I rely on good old N. Wales sunlight, and find it to be sufficient. It sounds as if your approach will be similar to mine, so give my thread a read. For the hairgrass, make sure the blades are separated by combing, as they can turn brown and die off. Dave.
  8. Dave Spencer

    growing hairgrass emmersed

    I am growing Eleocharis parvula emersed at the moment. I don`t think it likes it when the blades are stuck together with moisture but, other than that, it shouldn`t be a problem. Dave.
  9. Dave Spencer

    Dave Spencer`s Attempt.

    It`s early days yet, but I have given a few bits and bobs away and plan to give away some more as a UKAPS donation. Start up and running costs are minimal, and if I can keep all my more expensive plants ticking over, then I should make a reasonable saving. Dave.
  10. Dave Spencer

    Dave Spencer`s Attempt.

    Cheers Tony and Steve. It is well worth giving it a go as it is quite interesting, and not too difficult, although success with plants does vary. Hiya Llj, I am mostly doing this to save money. I have lost count of the number of times I have thrown or given plants away, only to have to buy some...
  11. Dave Spencer

    Dave Spencer`s Attempt.

    Cheers dude. :D I split two pots in to four, and all are chucking out runners. I`ve got a lot of growing on to do yet to get enough for my next project. They haven`t laid the first brick yet. :? Hopefully we will move in in time for a Christmas house warming. :D Dave.
  12. Dave Spencer

    Dave Spencer`s Attempt.

    Here is an update now that I have had time to make a few observations on my failures and successes. My current formula, which is working quite well, and is easy to maintain and algae free is this: Light: sunlight through a patio door. I sometimes move the propogator back a bit on sunny days...
  13. Dave Spencer

    Dan's Vivarium...

    A properly scaped viv....coolamundo! Can`t wait to see how this turns out. Dave.
  14. Dave Spencer

    Matt's emersed setup

    Re: Will this emersed setup work with Crypt Parva? I am currently finding that one spray per day of EI water from one of my tanks is keeping all my plants happy. The humidity levels seem to be naturally high on their own. Dave.
  15. Dave Spencer

    Dave Spencer`s Attempt.

    Stu, the Fissidens is just out of the water (it is what you gave me) on a small piece of wood. I suspect it will do well, but it is hard to see its shape when it is not under water. When it attaches properly I will just dip it under water in one of my tanks to see how it is doing. Dave.
  16. Dave Spencer

    Dave Spencer`s Attempt.

    Here is a quick update, but with no photos just yet. The temperature has been getting up to around 35C during the recent weather, and the stems have wilted a bit. L. arcuata: A lot of die off of the immersed growth, but some good emersed growth had started after a week. I`ll be able to make one...
  17. Dave Spencer

    Dave Spencer`s Attempt.

    Cheers Aaron. I sincerely hope there will be some progression to report. Even if the plants hold their own I will be happy. I should be able to keep a small stock of all my favourites and save myself a fortune. I have a thermometer in there now, and it is at 22C. Dave.
  18. Dave Spencer

    Dave Spencer`s Attempt.

    Mine was a basic £5 or so one as I already had the cable from my naive days in the matrix. The vents are open, so CO2 levels will hopefully be OK. Cheers Tony. Sorry about the lens dude. :oops: I will be keeping the water at about 1cm below the top of the rock wool for now. Cheers Andy...
  19. Dave Spencer

    Dave Spencer`s Attempt.

    You can get smaller propagators than this, Steve. Basically, I am hoping that the lid will keep the humidity up, but it is very trial and error for me. The cable will hopefully keep the water warmer and, therefore, the humidity should be high enough. I will probably mist the plants at every...
  20. Dave Spencer

    Dave Spencer`s Attempt.

    This is nowhere near as Gucci as your set up SO19Firearms. The gravel is primarily for the cable, but it also helps even out the base, which had a few peaks and troughs moulded in to it. Got anything you want to try in here Stu? I have just added a pot of Staurogyne sp too. I reckon I may...
  21. Dave Spencer

    Dave Spencer`s Attempt.

    First off, thanks to Super Duper Coley for some useful starting up info and pictures. Here are all the component parts. I don`t know whether the cable heater is really necessary, but it may help to keep the humidity up. Most light will be daylight, but I may supplement it with one or two 11W...
  22. Dave Spencer

    Do We Definitely Need CO2?

    Well, my mind is made up after seeing Andy`s neat set up. Atmospheric CO2 is the way ahead for me, and hope I don`t need to inject any. Dave.
  23. Dave Spencer

    Do We Definitely Need CO2?

    This was exactly my line of thinking, Andy. Keep a steady flow of air through the unit and the plants will get more CO2 than they could ever need. My thinking with the CO2 injection in to the water was that the gas would barely have time to dissolve in the water, so the spray bar would...
  24. Dave Spencer

    Do We Definitely Need CO2?

    I have been lead to believe that CO2 injection is a must, but I originally started thinking about propogation and assumed a steady flow of air would supply this. Anyway, the propogation unit I intend buying has a small sump with a pump and sprinkler system that sprays the roots, and keeps the...