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  1. Dave Spencer

    Advice on Keeping Crabs

    I am currently trying to talk her in to the micro crabs. Cheers for the help one and all.
  2. Dave Spencer

    Advice on Keeping Crabs

    Thanks Clonitza. I have facebooked the link to her. Regards, Dave.
  3. Dave Spencer

    Advice on Keeping Crabs

    Hi everyone, I am just after a bit of advice for my daughter on keeping crabs. Basically, I don`t know a great deal about them personally. She wants to keep them in a small tank of around 20l - 30l, so my guess is that they would probably need to be small, and preferably more freshwater...
  4. Dave Spencer

    Cherry shrimp and liquid carbon

    When I moved house recently, I went from very soft water, with a KH around 2, to an area with super soft water, which I haven`t tested. The girls blonde curly acts differently now after it is washed, which was what alerted me to the water being different. I couldn`t keep shrimp longer than two...
  5. Dave Spencer

    Iodine for shedding?

    I was chatting to a guy in TGM the other week and had Sera Aquatan recommended to me because it contains Iodine. I am desperate to keep shrimp, but they just keep dying on me. Dave.