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  1. Dave Spencer

    Broken Ex1200 (again + again)

    Re: Broken Ex1200 (again) I`ll never buy Tetratec again. I have had two 1200s dump allover the kitchen floor. My 60l still has an EX700 running on it, which I never open up any more, as I don`t trust it to seal again. Dave.
  2. Dave Spencer

    Optimal arrangement to maximize flow

    To be honest, only you can answer that question. As long as you achieve your goal of water movement and, therefore, nutrients in all four corners, you are on the right track. Just experiement, and keep an eye out for algae in certain areas as an indicator of low flow, and adjust accordingly...
  3. Dave Spencer

    what route would you pick?

    Going for the two smaller is cheaper, gives you more flow and gives you redundancy. This would be my personal choice. Filter media should generally last a considerable amount of time, so the cost factor isn`t really an issue here. Dave.
  4. Dave Spencer

    Filter Recommendations, Please.

    I just can`t believe how little time I have had for aquascaping over the last year and a bit. My only efforts have been: The 60cm scape that died overnight due to some unknown substance poisoning the water. A makeshift, house moving tank (in the 60cm) which I didn`t really have enough Amazonia...
  5. Dave Spencer

    Filter Recommendations, Please.

    No pics of the scape yet, Stu, as it looks a bit scabby at the moment. Plant mass is virtually non existent, and lost amongst the Manzanita wood. I can`t remember the last time I photographed one of my tanks...probably because I am crap at it. :lol: Dave.
  6. Dave Spencer

    Filter Recommendations, Please.

    Well I fired up the new AquaOne 1500 and I am very happy. Turn over matches the Tetratec EX1200, but it is noticeably quiteter, which is a major plus. Nice one George! All I need to do now is let the mosses, Crypts, E. parvula and needle leaf Jave fern take a hold (all propogated) and I will...
  7. Dave Spencer

    Filter Recommendations, Please.

    I`ll be getting in touch tomorrow, Stu. I have just done a 72 hour week, and every night I was coming home to a different leak. The hobby was giving me more stress than work, and I nearly jacked it all in. You was very close to getting an ADA quality 60cm opti white. Dave.
  8. Dave Spencer

    Filter Recommendations, Please.

    Thanks for all the help, guys. I`ll get in touch with Tetratec Garuf. Thanks for the info. I think George`s option wins the day for me. Dave.
  9. Dave Spencer

    Filter Recommendations, Please.

    I thought it was the seal on the motor, but having swapped motors, it was on the canister. Neither motor with either canister seals. I only got about one years use from either, when I had them running on my 240l. Unfortunately, I bought them over two years ago, so I doubt whether I will be able...
  10. Dave Spencer

    Filter Recommendations, Please.

    Do you have their email address Garuf? I have a few quids worth of their filters that are currently just scrap. Dave.
  11. Dave Spencer

    Filter Recommendations, Please.

    Cheers, Garuf. I loved my two Tetratec EX1200s up until this week. They just seem to be inventing new ways to leak at the moment. The JBL is my favourite from my searching, so far. Dave.
  12. Dave Spencer

    Filter Recommendations, Please.

    After a series of disasters setting up a 120l Juwel Lido, I am on the verge of knocking this hobby on the head. Anyway, three leaking filters and one broken CO2 regulator, I am hanging on in hope that someone could recommend a filter for me. It has to have 16mm ID fittings, and not be a...
  13. Dave Spencer

    Ozone Processor / Generator in Planted Tanks

    Aren`t healthy fish in a well run tank a far better means of protection? Prevention is better than cure. Dave.
  14. Dave Spencer

    Tetratec media

    I ran two 1200 filters on a 240l tank. I wanted to keep the flow as high as possible, so I just used the ceramic rings and one layer of sponge. I added Zeolite and Purigen to one of the filters. Dave.
  15. Dave Spencer

    Surface Agitation

    I run my high tech tanks with a fair bit of surface distrubance for a high O2 and high CO2 environment. Dave.
  16. Dave Spencer

    TT ex1200 tubing

    We probably visited the same ones. :( Dave.
  17. Dave Spencer

    advice on aquaEL external unimax500

    I have the 250, which I am very happy with, although it isn`t in use at the moment. Iprobably comes closest to the manufacturers quoted output out of all of my filters. I plan on using it on a 60cm set up when I move house. There should be no real need for the UV, though. Dave.
  18. Dave Spencer

    Over Circulation

    It`s hard to make an accurate assessment on something as hit and miss as this Paul. With a little experimentation you should find the optimum position no problem. With a nice open scape like yours, flow may not be a real problem until the plants really start to grow. As for over circulation...
  19. Dave Spencer

    korallia positioning

    It will be pure trial and error on your part, my friend. Dave.
  20. Dave Spencer

    Tetratec 1200 ext filters

    I have two Tetratec 1200s on a 240l. :D Dave.
  21. Dave Spencer

    Lily pipe compatability (sp)

    Hose reducers will reduce the flow, which could exacerbate any algae issues. PM do lily pipes that will fit the clear hosing. I stick the end of the hose in hot water for a few seconds to soften it, the push it on to the lily pipe. Lily pipes work well, but they are not as good as the multi...
  22. Dave Spencer

    what to put inside external filter

    I always add zeolite as the last stage of filtration on a new tank, to deprive algae of using ammonia to get an early foot hold. Placing it as the last stage means that the developing bacteria colony get first dibs on the ammonia. I like to use Purigen as well for crystal clear water. It...
  23. Dave Spencer

    Which media?

    I keep the media minimal too, just to keep flow rates up. I have in line gear already reducing the flow. Fish loads are generally low in my tanks, so minimal media isn`t really a problem. My two Tetratec 1200 filters contain one stage of floss, one stage of foam, one stage of ceramic noodles...
  24. Dave Spencer

    Pearling with High Turnover?

    O2 isn`t particularly soluble in water, so my guess is that the plant is producing it quicker than it dissolves. My Rotala sp can be covered in the stuff, yet there will be minimal amounts on my Pogostemon helferi, so the different rates of photosynthesis may come in to play, too. Dave.
  25. Dave Spencer

    Thermo Filter

    Why not try a Hydor inline heater? Dave.
  26. Dave Spencer

    Glass lily pipe

    They look very much like the PM Glass design to me, Sam. I hope to be using the PM type on two EX1200s pretty soon. I also use the Cal Aqua which point downwards. Dave.
  27. Dave Spencer

    High water turnover - discuss :)

    I won`t allow any hardware in to my tanks that will dictate where I have to aquascape to hide them. When I set my tanks up intitially, I always have high light, turbo growth and be able to grow anything from an unresticted plant list in mind. With this, and the fact that I love my fast growing...
  28. Dave Spencer

    Filtration for 5x2x2' discus

    Try Aquacadabra on eBay and see what deal he can give you for two. For that kind of money you should have a little bargaining power. That`s how I usually go about business on eBay. Dave. EDIT: He also sells Hydor external heaters which could give you even more chance of a decent discount.
  29. Dave Spencer

    Filtration for 5x2x2' discus

    Have you considered the AquaEl 700, George? It comes with two inlets and two outlets, and the spray bars are multi part, so you can direct the water flow in a variety of directions on each of the spray bars. The inlets are a bit cumbersome looking, a bit like an afro comb, but against a black...