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  1. Dave Spencer

    Uk, British rock with aquascapes

    Here is a scape I did a few years back, but never managed to finish. The rocks are from a quarry in N Wales. Regards, Dave.
  2. Dave Spencer

    ADA step-by-step by ADG Vibe

    Thanks, George. I am starting to feel a little inspired again. I just wish I had the time to redo my two tanks. Regards, Dave.
  3. Dave Spencer

    First Iwagumi

    It`s amazing how we all produce our first Iwagumi with rocks that will disappear. I know I did. It just seems to be something we all have to go through before we have the kahunas to use proper sized rocks the next time round. The large central rock looks ace. Dave.
  4. Dave Spencer

    Opinions and help with 80cm 'scape

    The rocks are a big improvement, and have now become a more significant part of the scape. My reservation is with the two large pieces of wood running parallel to eachother at the same angle. I would either put the left piece at a shallower angle, or make the piece towards the centre more...
  5. Dave Spencer

    Opinions and help with 80cm 'scape

    The wood is nice enough, and I like the way some roots reach out to the front of the tank. They will have a nice effect of disappearing down in to whatever foreground plant you choose. The rocks will almost certainly disappear once the plants become established. How about leaving a fair amount...
  6. Dave Spencer

    IAPLC 2010 TOP 27

    I can`t help but think that landscapes are becoming too much of an influence. Dave.
  7. Dave Spencer

    Tanks with branches you've collected

    Most of the wood in this tank was collected from an almond grove in Spain. The latest tank that I am struggling with is Manzanita wood collected by Tom Barr in California, and sent over to the UK. Sorry, but there is no picture of that one. Dave
  8. Dave Spencer

    Golden Ratio use

    Luis, chuck the Golden Ratio out of the window, and go with what you think. The same goes for photography too. :D I have tried thinking along these lines, but they are just restrictive. Dave.
  9. Dave Spencer

    Mr Amano's home tank!! (must see)

    I agree 100%. No one else comes close in terms of originality, productivity and consistency. I hope you are wrong on this count, as I feel the hobby is in real need of an injection of originality. I get the impression that you are right, and that aquascaping has been done, and all that is left...
  10. Dave Spencer

    A large Wabi kusa

    Very nice....and inspirational. Dave.
  11. Dave Spencer

    Aquascaping couse

    If you look directly up from this topic, you will seem some stickies written by George Farmer. :thumbup: Dave.
  12. Dave Spencer

    ADA Seiryu Stone vs Mini Landscape Rock

    Didn`t we have this conversation at TGM. I`m sure I told someone mini landscape rocks and Seiryu were the same. Dave.
  13. Dave Spencer

    keymaker's composition studies

    Absolutely... I 100% agree with this. . I have toyed with ratios, etc including with photography where many of the same principles apply. There are no rules as far as I am concerned. If it looks right, it is right. A scape can have something slap bang in the middle if it works, and some of the...
  14. Dave Spencer

    Interview with Cliff Hui

    He is THE best, in my humble opinion. Good find, George. Dave.
  15. Dave Spencer

    Dry start: my 11gal nano (Title was: Hardscaping my 2nd try)

    That is a nice looking tank, helped by some decent pics. I think I will give R. wallichii a go in my next scape. Dave.
  16. Dave Spencer

    a tale of 2 driftwood

    I have used wood from an Almond grove in Spain, but the wood had been dead and bleached in intense sun for a good while when I picked it up. I agree with TBRO in that your wood doesn`t look sufficiently dead and dry. I usually pick up branches that have lost all their bark. Dave.
  17. Dave Spencer

    Here is the proof...

    This tank is now stripped down due to a house move. I had big plans for this tank in my new house, but it doesn`t appear to fit in anywhere. I like my tanks to compliment a room and be part of the decor, rather than shoe horn them in. Unfortunately, this tank doesn`t look as if it is going to...
  18. Dave Spencer

    FOF Iwagumi Challenge - POLL

    Number 2 by a mile, with the right planting as Steve suggests. Dave.
  19. Dave Spencer


    My thoughts exactly, Fred. The SW tank looks nice in its own right, but next to the planted tanks it comes a poor second for me. Needle leaf Java fern certainly seeems to rule. Dave.
  20. Dave Spencer

    Here is the proof...

    Dan, I have just noticed your comment about the gravel. I have to have mine nice and flat at the front, otherwise I find it too distracting. It dose remove a little interest from the area, admittedly. George, I am beginning to agree with those that say a tank should be judged either in person...
  21. Dave Spencer

    Here is the proof...

    Cheers for the comments guys. glad you like it. My next scape of this type should be better, considering what little I knew starting out with a fairly complex scape in a tank twice the size I am used to. I reckon another week fighting with the moss will give the Rotala at the back time to play...
  22. Dave Spencer

    Here is the proof...

    So here is an impromptu shot of the whole tank, although I did use a tripod this time. I`m not sure why, but something isn`t quite right with the image having saved it for the web as a JPEG from its RAW format. Anyway, the mosses are matted with spriogyra after my CO2 blunder, and the Crypts at...
  23. Dave Spencer

    Here is the proof...

    Cheers Garuf, but I would have to pull the whole scape apart. Dave.
  24. Dave Spencer

    Here is the proof...

    I think the AGA comes a little later, Garuf. Judge George may be able to give a date. Either that, or have a look on The Aquatic Gardeners website. Dave.
  25. Dave Spencer

    Here is the proof...

    This hobby hates me sometimes. :cry: I have just spent the last week or two getting ready for the competition photo....water changes, finessed pruning etc, when I noticed the moss getting matted in spirogyra one day when I got back from work. Lo and behold, the bloody CO2 had run out. So now I...
  26. Dave Spencer

    60cm - Espei's Escape (preview)

    I have always thought HC and E. parvula go well together. You certainly controlled the E. parvula well. I like the way it has been used in moderation around the base of the rocks and along the horizon. 8) Such a shame that you chose to ill treat your fish with this type of scape, George. :wink:
  27. Dave Spencer

    60cm makes a comeback

    After another week of slow decline, I have come to the conclusion that the CEC of the amazonia has resulted in it becoming tainted by the mysterious additive. I have planted some of Stu`s HM, which has slowly declined, yet the stems I left floating for the duration have remained healthy. There...
  28. Dave Spencer

    120cm - The Crypt Eternal (preview)

    What do you think of C. undulata "broad leaf", George? I`m a big fan of the normal, narrower leafed version. Apart from using C. parva in an earlier scape, I`ve never bothered with Crypts until now. I have only used four types in my 120cm, so I have some catching up to do. Dave.
  29. Dave Spencer

    60cm makes a comeback

    Cheers guys. The HM is being replaced as we speak (cheers Mr Worrall). The D. diandra coped fairly well, so I have left it in, but it now seems to be deteriorating after I gave it a trim to get some more stems out of it. Yeah, I`m still happy with the look of the hardscape Mark, which is what...
  30. Dave Spencer

    60cm makes a comeback

    Cheers guys, I am actually looking forward to the fight back. I can now turn out any old rubbish and people will be praising my efforts, as it can only look better. :lol: Sure John, butter wouldn`t melt and all that.... :lol: No, I can`t blame anyone or anything, I suppose. :? Dave.
  31. Dave Spencer

    60cm makes a comeback

    I have no idea what went in there Graeme. There was no suspiscious smells or water discolouration, so I don`t think it was anything like fruit juice. No bubbles, so detergents are unlikely, but something fairly potent and quick acting went in there for sure. I guess I`ll be paying you a visit...
  32. Dave Spencer

    60cm makes a comeback

    I`ll have to change the name of this topic. :lol: Here are my HC, HM and Didiplis diandra dissolving away at an alarming rate. What you are seeing is the result of a five day fight back of huge water changes, with some new signs of growth. This die off literally happened overnight, and half...
  33. Dave Spencer

    Group shipping buy for Manzanita driftwood from Tom Barr

    Count me in, Tom! Could you be a little clearer on what is required from us Limeys? Dave.
  34. Dave Spencer

    Here is the proof...

    Hi Steve, I think they are PM glass from AE. A bit cheaper than Cal Aqua, but similar quality, with the outlet pointing in the more conventional upwardish direction. The inlets are fluted with several slots, so the smaller critters don`t disappear in to the filter. One thing I like about...
  35. Dave Spencer

    Here is the proof...

    I never thought of using it for portraits. Most of my kid pics are candids on the 50mm in crap light, but the 105mm should perform well too at f2.8! Cheers George. By the way, fish choice is Honey Gouramis, Copper harlequins and Boraras maculata (had doubts about these little ones). I think all...
  36. Dave Spencer

    Here is the proof...

    D`oh! :roll: Mind you, I was in a rush. Cheers George. I think I may start to photograph my tanks a little more and experiment a little. I have a 105mm macro that hardly ever gets used. :oops: Cheers Clive. I`m not sure if I have ever used the 50mm. The 14-24mm seems to be spot welded to...
  37. Dave Spencer

    Here is the proof...

    Cheers Mark. This was taken with an overhead flash fired wireless remotely. I couldn`t find anyone to hold a second against the background. Using it on the background left the foreground in darkness. :? Bloody Nikon....they give you wireles remote flash, but I still need a cable release for...
  38. Dave Spencer

    Here is the proof...

    OK Crawford, outside now. :lol: This tank doesn`t have a name yet. How about "The Grumpy Old Sod"? I think I will need a little more light from somewhere to show up the shadows more. There is a fair bit of detail in there. Either that, or I might go with a black background and keep it moody...
  39. Dave Spencer

    Here is the proof...

    Here is a quickie pic of the right hand side. I rushed this one just before going to the camera club last night, to see Stu win his usual haul of firsts in the competitions. This is just after a major prune, so there are no Rotala sp showing at the back, and lots of unphotogenic pearling. Not...
  40. Dave Spencer

    Is this wood safe?

    I only use wood that has been long term dead and bone dry inside. Usually, all ther bark will have fallen off, too. Dave.
  41. Dave Spencer

    If you had a 90x35x45 what would you do...

    I am totally with George on this. I did shudder a tad when I saw your plant choice. Even the E. acicularis would overpower your rockwork. Dave.
  42. Dave Spencer

    If you had a 90x35x45 what would you do...

    Get the details of the planting in and around the rocks right, and it should be a beauty Steve. Dave.
  43. Dave Spencer

    New tank - 4ft

    I have an Arcadia with 3 x 39W T8. I find using two of the lamps, with a mid day burst from the third is plenty of light. Dave.
  44. Dave Spencer

    Caught the bug, my second tank

    You have hit the nail on the head with the problem with the hardscape. Look to get the tallest at least two thirds of the way up the height of the water column. I suspect your next scape will look better without any advice. :D You seem to have a good grasp of what is required, and of...
  45. Dave Spencer

    Here is the proof...

    I used to be meticulous cleaning the glass ware, but I have broken too many. They are overdue a clean and may get it at the next water change. I hate separating the pipe from the flexible hosing. :( Dave.
  46. Dave Spencer

    Here is the proof...

    Cheers for the comments guys. Garuf: Mosses require way more maintenance than I anticipated, and the way they sink after pruning doesn`t help either. Still, they are worth the effort in the right tank for sure. Stu: I plan on raping your tank of its moss and Cherry shrimp some time. That new...
  47. Dave Spencer

    Here is the proof...

    Here is what I would call an impromptu lazy shot I took whilst `er indoors watched her soaps, leaving me without the opportunity to set up the tripod or flashguns. I took it, basically, to show that I am still sticking plants in mud. There has been no trimming, no glass cleaning and there is...
  48. Dave Spencer

    Thoughst to the new look please.....

    You could tie wrap single branches to the existing wood, having them going up at 45 degrees or so. Dave.
  49. Dave Spencer

    Thoughst to the new look please.....

    Personally, I would like to see some wood reaching higher up in to the water column. A lot of what you currently have may well get lost in the undergrowth. A bit of hardscape bursting proudly out of dense planting can look pretty good, and create a balance between planting and hardscape. You...
  50. Dave Spencer

    Help with aquascape...

    Aaron, if this was my tank, the thing that would bother is the dividing line that disconnects the right hand third of the tank from the left hand two thirds. This is clearly caused by the way you trim the HM and the large rock itself. My easy fix would be to trim the right hand side of the HM...
  51. Dave Spencer

    A little help for my first 'proper' aquascape

    Steve, I think your best bet would be to get the hardscape sorted first, then plan your planting around this. It is the hardscape that will form the foundations for the look of the tank. Then, after a while, the plants take over and the hardscape all but disappears :lol: . Nevertheless, the...
  52. Dave Spencer

    60cm makes a comeback

    Cheers for the comments, guys. I have always wanted to grow Cyperus helferi Graeme. I always like to try some new plants with each scape, so you have me thinking now. The lens is awesome, George. Well spotted, but you are not a judge for AGA for nowt. Barrel distortion at 14mm is virtually...
  53. Dave Spencer

    60cm makes a comeback

    The aquascaping ball is well and truly rolling for me at the moment. Long may it continue. :D I have grown a little bored using my freebie rocks, so I had to bite the bullet and line Jim`s pockets again. Still, I get the last laugh as I nicked a piece of rock he was using as a paperweight...
  54. Dave Spencer

    Here is the proof...

    Hi Will. All of the wood on the right hand side is basically what I have picked up off the floor. Some of it is from an Almond grove in Spain. The wood on the left is based around some redmoor wood (the only bought wood in this tank), but there is a lot of wood I have collected tie wrapped to...
  55. Dave Spencer

    Aquascaping Thursdays!

    It`s a respectable club, Graeme, so no loutish, drunken behaviour. :lol: Dave.
  56. Dave Spencer

    Here is the proof...

    It was about time I grew out of my boy racer, high light, Rotala phase Andy. :lol: And yes, the glassware and clear tubing does need a good clean. :oops: Tank specs: Hardware; 2 x Tetratec 1200s with added Zeolite and Purigen 300W Hydor inline heater Pressurised CO2 via an Aquamas reactor 3 x...
  57. Dave Spencer

    Here is the proof...

    Stu, this is the one you have seen. Thanks for the comments Clive and aaron. George, I hope to make this a long term scape, considering the size of the tank (120cm). I will move in my badly neglected 60cm soon and use it for short term stuff. Fred, this is my first real attempt at Crypts...
  58. Dave Spencer

    Here is the proof...

    Cheers for the comments, guys. Garuf, the sand/gravel is from TGM. It is in unmarked bags and they have tons of it! Mark, just trim moss to the shape you want. This is my first attempt with mosses, so I am learning too. The mosses are Taxiphyllum barbieri, Taxiphyllum sp (spiky moss) and...
  59. Dave Spencer

    Here is the proof...

    ...that I am finally back to aquascaping. I set this one up at the GFs house, so played it safe with an Amano NA copy. It is only one month old, so the mosses are a little untidy as I am letting them take hold before any cutting and shaping. Dave.
  60. Dave Spencer

    Where can I get rocks like this?

    It looks very much like Dragonstone, which you can get from TGM. Dave.
  61. Dave Spencer

    Mountainscape V2

    I bought a second SB600 flashgun to use for photographing my tanks, without realising I can`t use them, or the built in camera flash in commander mode. What a clown! :lol: The salient point of this thread is that it is the subject that is far and away the most influential aspect of the final...
  62. Dave Spencer


    I agree with Neil. An area of just grass with fish swimming ove rit could work well. Sometimes less is more. If you feel like you need to add some interest you could always add clumps of E. acicularis or E. parvula. Dave.
  63. Dave Spencer

    Anyone tried taiwanese Aquascaping?

    I think we should all look at nature that is ours here in the UK and use that as our influence. I know what you mean Aaron. I used to pore over all Amano`s tanks, and have all the IALPC books with photos of all the entrants. I have also spent a lot of time looking at scapes in the Aquajournals...
  64. Dave Spencer

    Help me improve my scape.

    I reckon Juncus repens used in moderation would look nice at the back. Rotala certainly will, once it is established and nicely shaped. One thing I would definitely do is level out the sand at the front of the tank to make it less distracting. Dave.
  65. Dave Spencer

    AGA 2008

    I can`t remember the last time I had a scape ready for a competition. I should have had two for this year, but life got in the way of these. :roll: Dave.
  66. Dave Spencer

    4FT tank yaay!!

    Me too! Dave.
  67. Dave Spencer

    which plant shall i use?

    I`m not sure Java fern will give you the effect you are after. I suspect it will just make the HM look even smaller. IMO, everything you have so far is in nice proportion. Personally, I would leave the P. helferi as the largest leafed plant, and go for something like Micranthemum umbrosum or...
  68. Dave Spencer

    Aquiring a 4ft tank - Need ideas!

    I am currently setting up a 240l 4 footer, and will be using two Tetratec 1200s with 3 x 38W T8. I really wanted to do an Iwagumi, but it is for someone else and they are sold on the Nature Aquarium look. Dave.
  69. Dave Spencer

    Aquascaping discussion - fast, slow and styles

    TBH, I am still in boy racer mode, and don`t plan any long term scapes. I have a hell of a lot to learn, and think I can gain this through turning out as many scapes as I can for the duration, rather than sit back and wait for Crypts to grow. No doubt this will change one day, but for me, my...
  70. Dave Spencer

    Rescape plan

    Good to see you back, Neil. Seems that a few of us have let our tanks go to rack and ruin due to recent personal circumstances. :( Dave.
  71. Dave Spencer

    Record UK entries in the ADA contest

    Possibly true, but the 2005 winner (I think, without having the book to check) was an awful photo. Dave.
  72. Dave Spencer

    Mr Amano's home tank!! (must see)

    Two stunning tanks. I would say ´Tom´s client chose "goldfish type Discus". TA has altums the last time I saw it. Testimony to how important fish are to an aquascape. Dave.
  73. Dave Spencer

    The Gaze of Solemnity.

    Just to let you know, the 120cm is almost a reality, so I am currently using this tank to grow some stems for it to keep the costs down. Then I will get back to trying to sort this 60cm out. Dave.
  74. Dave Spencer

    Aquiring a 4ft tank - Need ideas!

    I prefer E. parvula because it stays lower than E. acicularis, which can grow quite tall when it is thriving. The E. parvula does need thinning out from time to time, though. Once its growth becomes dense, it is forced upwards and looks more or less like E. acicularis. Dave. PS like the...
  75. Dave Spencer

    The Gaze of Solemnity.

    Thanks for resurrecting the interest in this scape, guys. Unfortunately, my personal life has resulted in this tank becomong very neglected. I am currently in the process of retrieving it, with most plants having coped with the neglect very well; even the UG. The Didiplis diandra took quite...
  76. Dave Spencer

    Welsh Mountains...A Distant Echo.

    Lee, you really should visit this forum more often. :lol: I am going to bump the Cardinals up to 20 tomorrow. I am starting to see more of the current group, but I want a nice shoal for the final photos. There may be a little more work done on the foreground rockwork. Graeme has suggested a...
  77. Dave Spencer

    The Gaze of Solemnity.

    Thanks for the kicking, Graeme. Wrong time of the month? :lol: Thanks for the time you have put in to this critique. The Rotala green and rotundifolia aren`t together to Create a contrast of type, they will create a contrast of colour. The rotundifolia is behind the green to frame it, with the...
  78. Dave Spencer

    The Gaze of Solemnity.

    Thanks for the positive replies everyone. Negative comments/criticism are welcome as well, if you feel like having a go. :D Graeme, Zig.... Clive, these rocks are from the same quarry, but have a different shape and texture to the Welsh Mountain scape. Having said that, the huge rock on the...
  79. Dave Spencer

    120cm - Harlequins' Haven

    Hey George, How`s about knocking the Harlequins on the head and going for a pair of Arrowanas instead. One black and one white. It should look mint. :lol: Dave.
  80. Dave Spencer

    Welsh Mountains...A Distant Echo.

    For any potential competition purposes, this scape is called...... A Distant Echo. Go on Tourney, this one is way too easy for you. P.S. I am in the process of building up the Cardinal numbers. Dave.
  81. Dave Spencer

    The Gaze of Solemnity.

    Freaking nerd. :lol: I didn`t think anyone would get it that quickly. :roll: Dave
  82. Dave Spencer

    The Gaze of Solemnity.

    I think I see where you are coming from, George. The P. helferi will be able to find aqua soil around the edges of the rocks, which is where I originally wanted to keep it. It will be interesting to see how it copes when it sends out shoots in to the inert sand. Some of the C. parva is in aqua...
  83. Dave Spencer

    The Gaze of Solemnity.

    Anybody know where I have lifted the name for this scape from? Here is a hastily taken pic of my 60cm from a couple of weeks ago straight after planting, water change bubbles, reflections and all. This will hopefully turn in to a potential competition entry. I`ll see how the Pogostemon helferi...
  84. Dave Spencer

    My New Project 'Celestial Rapture'

    You could consider Marsilea sp as a Glosso substitute. I`ve only ever grown it in high light which does keep it nice and low, but it can get a little leggy where it starts intruding under stems etc. It does have lower light requirements than Glosso, though. Cryptocoryne parva is a nice plant...
  85. Dave Spencer

    Welsh Mountains...A Distant Echo.

    Vauxhallmark, The Cardinals are the original occupants of this tank when I first set it up 15 months ago. Basically, they have sat in a bucket during the many occasions I have rescaped, and have been none the worse for wear. Personally, I don`t get attached to my fish, and don`t look upon them...
  86. Dave Spencer

    Welsh Mountains...A Distant Echo.

    Good stuff. I reckon I`ll build their numbers up over the next week or two when I am not stuck at work. I`ll dust off my old aircraft marshalling wands, too. :lol: They are lovely fish when they come out, and really enhance the look of the tank. Dave.
  87. Dave Spencer

    120cm - Harlequins' Haven

    It`s a hell of a portfolio you are getting together, George. I love the simple and fresh look of the tank. Its main attraction is its simplicity of colour and leaf shape. It will be intersting to see how the Cyperus helferi will look. Have you considered Eleocharis vivipara, George? It may not...
  88. Dave Spencer

    Welsh Mountains...A Distant Echo.

    That`s a blow. I was hoping greater numbers would make them more confident, and I certainly won`t be able to fit in anything like 100. Dave.
  89. Dave Spencer

    Welsh Mountains...A Distant Echo.

    D`Oh, I knew I forgot something. There are seven Cardinals in there, but they always hide out back by the diffuser. I will get more in due course, hopefully giving them more confidence in numbers. I don`t want to overdo it though, as I don`t want the hassle of moving fish when this tank is...
  90. Dave Spencer

    Welsh Mountains...A Distant Echo.

    Thanks everyone. Cheers for the glowing endorsement, George. Are you just being nice because I gave you some CO2 stuff? :lol: Dave.
  91. Dave Spencer

    Welsh Mountains...A Distant Echo.

    Thanks for the positive reply people. You have warmed the cockles of me `eart. Clive, funnily enough I was thinking how the camera AWB picked up the purple hue of the Interpet Triplus on the largest rock. It`s never done that before. The last two pics are probably the closest I have ever got...
  92. Dave Spencer

    Welsh Mountains...A Distant Echo.

    It starting to look like a planted tank now, instead of just a pile of rocks. The HC has let me down a bit, and taken an age to start growing. I doubt I will get the effect from it that I wanted. The Micranthemum umbrosum is growing mad, as always. I guess it is time to start pruning in...
  93. Dave Spencer

    Redmoor wood

    You`ll find a forest of the stuff if you attend the UKAPS meeting at TGM. Dave.
  94. Dave Spencer

    Welsh Mountains...A Distant Echo.

    I know what you mean, Garuf, but this is the main area for planting. If I did not plant here it would be hard to justify calling it a planted tank. :lol: The HM itself will raise this central area once it grows in. There is also a little Micranthemum umbrosum planted along the back just in...
  95. Dave Spencer

    Welsh Mountains...A Distant Echo.

    Hi Zig, The tank is a Juwel Lido. It`s 120l, but only 60cm wide with a height of 50cm. The front to back depth is pretty good, but its cube like shape makes aquascaping a bit of a vertical process. Hopefully, once I have got this scape out of my system, I shall be setting the tank up for...
  96. Dave Spencer

    Welsh Mountains...A Distant Echo.

    Thanks for the excellent critique, guys. I think we are all agreed that the foreground needs some work. Dominos about sums up the left foreground, Tom. Once the HC has grown in it will cover a lot of evils, but i would rather get it right before then. One must strive for perfection. :roll...
  97. Dave Spencer

    Welsh Mountains...A Distant Echo.

    It`s way too early to reveal this scape ( one day old), which represents the third reincarnation of this tank, but I would appreciate any advice out there. I ran the Riccia scape to destruction to see far how I could push the Riccia for future reference. I am sad to see it go, but I will do...
  98. Dave Spencer

    NA vs Dutch

    It`s very similar to our football style. We go in to competitions convinced we are the best, and that we are going to win it. After a few lack lustre performances we are quickly knocked off our perch and crying in to our beer. :lol: I have a new scape that will be worth photographing soon, I...
  99. Dave Spencer

    Scape help

    It looks like you have the makings of a nice tank there, Garuf. I am not sure about the straight line of rocks that separate the fore ground from the rest of the tank. Personally, I would remove the large rock on the right. Dave.
  100. Dave Spencer


    Well, I am ready to do my rocky scape this week, Zig, but I`m not sure I`ll bother now :lol: Think I`ll stick to sunken galleons and bubble walls where there is less competition to make me feel inadequate. Dave.