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  1. Dave Spencer

    2 new plants added

    A new type of C undulata. Wizard! :D Dave.
  2. Dave Spencer

    More Aquafleur plants

    These prices are great news for sure. 8) Dave.
  3. Dave Spencer

    Featured Scapers

    Yeah, but the sunken galleon has to stay, otherwise your scape would look crap! :lol: Richard, I have this scape at one month old. I`ll give you a shout in a year when it is fully matured and you can`t see all the tie wraps holding it together. :oops: Dave.
  4. Dave Spencer

    Congratulations, Aqua Essentials!

    Well deserved, Richard. Whoever came first must be able to deliver stuff on the same day as ordering. :lol: Dave.
  5. Dave Spencer

    Feedback 5 Star service as always!!

    I ordered a few bits and bobs yesterday afternoon and they were here this morning. Superb service Richard. Cheers! Dave.