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  1. bazz

    Remanso . . .

    That's ingenious and looking great mate, no other words!
  2. bazz

    A Come back

    Hi, As I previously said I've not tried it myself for this specific task but I would've mixed approximately 2.5l of 3% (perhaps even stronger as it is not being used in the presence of livestock) H2O2 with 20l of water into a 25l tub and left it to soak for a week or so. I'm not sure how much...
  3. bazz

    Hardscape opinions

    Hi, Looks like you are getting ready to fill with water, if so I would start soaking that Corbo Root now, takes forever and a day to become saturated. Cheers!
  4. bazz

    A Little Bit Mossy

    Still looking good!
  5. bazz

    Do plants care about temp swings?

    Hi, How big is your aquarium? Anything from a bucket or a 25l container through to a 100l slimline water butt can be filled, warmed up with a spare heater, dechlorinated, water changed in a couple of hours and then stored in a shed/garage or outside when not in use. If time is a major factor...
  6. bazz

    Foam placement in an external filter

    Hi, As you can see the water is pre filtered at the top then flows to the bottom and back up through the media baskets. It's entirely up to you with what and how you fill these baskets but I would always use the prefilter sponge in the top basket. For reference I've got the 2180 which is...
  7. bazz

    Lido 120 water above the max level ?

    Good morning, It's been at least 5 years now since I had a Lido 200 up and running so memory might be a little cloudy but I'm quite sure you're correct with your assumption that line is there to avoid the lights (which I removed) coming into contact with the water or possibly it's the optimum...
  8. bazz

    Twin 96 litre tanks fish stocking suggestions

    Why not try any of the deeper bodied Rasboras, (I would steer clear of the torpedo shaped varieties in a 60x40x40). Trigonostigma, Microdevario etc and/or some of the smaller less active Danios, Sundadanio, Tinwini, then there are the Bororas which look amazing in a larger group. If your water...
  9. bazz

    ADA Terra Base

    I'm in exactly the same position, just received mine after pledging to Kickstarter over 3 years ago. Looking forward to see what you will do with yours as temp and humidity here in the UK will limit options. On the original advertising some form of Microsorum (not Pteropus) was used which sucked...
  10. bazz

    Low tech, new start, new to planted tanks - 2 nanos and a 110l

    Hi, I'm not sure where in Hertfordshire you are but for inspiration and information a trip to @Aquarium Gardens shouldn't be too far for you and may well be worth your while. Cheers!
  11. bazz

    First step in to this beautiful world

    Having a quick squirt around with a Turkey Baster before water changes will help get rid any settled detritus on plant leaves. Clithon Snails are also a good option to consider. Cheers!
  12. bazz

    Consistency Deficiency

    No, I would suggest that is an ideal number, they don't add a massive load to the tank unlike some of their larger cousins. Cheers!
  13. bazz

    Pistia is taking over! Help!

    Morning, I would definitely thin it out a bit. Cheers!
  14. bazz

    If you want to make god laugh...

    As far as I'm concerned the best way without a doubt is the use of the IFC Calculator IFC Aquarium Fertilizer Calculator Download and familiarise yourself with it, if you have any problems a good few people on here are more than willing to assist. Of course, there are other ways. Cheers!
  15. bazz

    Quotes from yesteryear.

    Although not strictly a quote as such the above reminded me of one of the funniest things I've ever read on UKAPS and I think is worth sharing, offered by @dcurzon 'It seems I had an unnoticed diy jelly co2 incident over the weekend, as the diffuser was full of strawberry jelly and everything...
  16. bazz

    Greetings from Denmark

    Welcome and looking forward to seeing what you come up with!
  17. bazz

    "Fish Food" Perpetual High Tech

    Hi, When you pulled up that Crinum did you not also disturb/pull up some of the bottom layer of substrate? BTW a lovely tank. Cheers!
  18. bazz

    New member & new tank

    Looks like you have got yourself off to a really good start and welcome!
  19. bazz

    Consistency Deficiency

    Good luck in your endeavors!
  20. bazz

    A Come back

    I've yet to try it myself but it looks like 3% Hydrogen Peroxide might be a wise investment. 5l added to a bucket of water and then a good soak. I would be wary of using bleach as Dragon Stone is full of voids which contain some form of clay of which may well contaminate the water for some time...
  21. bazz

    Adding RO water directly at 50% water changes

    I used to use one of these... https://www.bmstores.co.uk/products/slimline-water-butt-set-with-stand-and-filler-100l-349106 When not in use it can stored in the garden/shed/garage. It really is beneficial and easy to prep your water prior to water change and then it's just a case of syphon off...
  22. bazz

    Lighting Position Eheim vivalineLED 240

    Hi, Well essentially it's all a matter of personal taste plus it is always difficult to get the full picture of an aquarium from photographs, but from what I can see from here I would agree with @LightingBamboozled and @MichaelJ. Having the light nearer to the front will also assist in bringing...
  23. bazz

    First step in to this beautiful world

    Welcome, and I totally agree with this to a point where I'm slightly embarrassed to post photographs of my aquariums... Cheers!
  24. bazz

    Lighting Position Eheim vivalineLED 240

    I like them both, what happens if you put the light in the middle? Cheers!
  25. bazz

    Another Norfolk New Memember!

    Welcome and... ...how about starting a journal and sharing your journey with plenty of photos thus allowing people to comment and offer advice if needed? Cheers!
  26. bazz

    Aquascaper 900 - Comeback Lockdown Tank :)

    Looking good to me Paulo!
  27. bazz

    New member

    Hi and welcome, Most people on here with hard water would kill to have soft coming from the tap. The door will open for you to keep a whole lot more variety of plants and fish which should do slightly better in your water. Taking into consideration what @PARAGUAY mentioned above about Guppys...
  28. bazz

    Is this Ich on my Kerri Tetra?

    Hi, I'm certainly not an expert on fish diseases so could well be wrong but that doesn't look like white spot to me, it looks too prominent like a pimple or a cyst. Cheers!
  29. bazz

    Flow/Turnover Volume calculations

    Hi, I've never had a sump but I would imagine it will have an optimum through flow rate (efficiency, noise etc) so for me a 5,000 - 10,000/lph variable speed DC pump would suit. Any additional required in tank flow can be covered with Gyres or the humble AI Nero. Cheers!
  30. bazz

    Do I need DI before RO membrane if the water has high GH?

    Hi, @MichaelJ has described the chemistry but DI resin is generally used after the RO unit to polish the water. I only have limited scientific knowledge (but years of experience using RO Systems) but I cannot see where exchanging ions before entering the RO unit is of any benefit, plus the DI...
  31. bazz

    New member.

    Good morning and welcome, I've only seen two of his videos on Youtube of which one was titled 'do not feed your fish' but around 15% of the program was dedicated to the graphic showing of the feeding of live fish, urrgh! Some of his aquariums appeared to be stale and yellow, but each to his own...
  32. bazz

    Reactor for Sump Return

    Removed, double post.
  33. bazz

    Reactor for Sump Return

    Reading through this will be food for thought with regards to CO2 injection on a large tank.. https://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/olympus-is-calling.43046/
  34. bazz

    Montecarlo help

    No idea about the Monte Carlo but your tank looks great, what are dimensions, 1200x600x600?
  35. bazz

    Consistency Deficiency

    Good morning Hufsa, I'm pretty confident that in over 1200 messages that your tap water parameters have been discussed in great detail but I don't have the time to read through it all again right now :), but I can't help thinking that there is maybe something undetected in there somewhere that...
  36. bazz

    Algea Issues With My Nano Tank

    I'm not sure from the photograph but it looks like it would not be too difficult to remove the wood from the tank and carefully clean it up with a small wire brush in the kitchen sink. This tank is high tech and it looks like you have BBA on your filter outflow are you keeping up with your...
  37. bazz

    Jungle flex 57L

    In the second photo it looks like you're beginning to get a deposit of detritus on the leaves, giving your plants a good waft during water changes, maybe increasing flow and the addition of snails and shrimp (if your tank is fully cycled) will aid. Changing light intensity/duration and altering...
  38. bazz

    70L planted - first tank

    Hi, If it's highly likely that it has been off for ten days I personally would wash it well and start again, if your fish are all good there will probably be enough beneficial bacteria in and around your tank to deal with the various nitrification processes while the filter re-establishes...
  39. bazz

    Algae is inevitable

    I agree with you, I think maturation superseded by stability is algaes biggest enemy.
  40. bazz

    Cloverleaf BlanketAnswer to treat planted tank filamentous algae?

    👍 I've not carried a bucket for at least 25 years!
  41. bazz

    Hi from Ashford in Kent

    Welcome, and your tank looks rather nice!
  42. bazz


    Hi, I've recently been thinking to myself that it is not really fair for me to offer any advice to people without showing my wares so thought I would post some photographs along with a bit of history. I got my first tank at the age of 11 back in 1971, a 2' x probably 15"x15" a metal framed...
  43. bazz

    "backup" lighting for fluval aquasky

    I personally don't see why not, you could try adding the Fluval plant 3 to give you more scope with the spectrum. Both the Aquasky and Plant 3 are IP67 rated, so should be OK in your hood. Cheers!
  44. bazz

    Accidental fish in cycle - help please.

    I've just answered pretty much the same question from you in a different thread, why not start a journal and keep all your questions and answers together in one place with photos? It will benefit you in the long run documenting your history with the tank while allowing others to more easily...
  45. bazz

    Transfering algae to new tank when using filter gunk from old

    What is the volume of the tank, how many and what kind of fish have you added, if the tank has already completed the cycle it might be a case of the bacteria building up to compensate for the added fish load? Is changing 50 - 60% of the water once or twice daily out of the question?
  46. bazz

    Jungle aquascape

    My sentiments exactly! Growing plants at a superfast rate can for some become a chore which will inevitably lead to neglect. I speak from experience.
  47. bazz

    Jungle aquascape

    Morning, I use the AI Nero 3, to me it is less obtrusive than most powerheads/wavemakers and is capable of moving a vast amount water without creating a jetstream. I have mine set at 10% while the CO2 is on and just 1% while it is off (both on constant flow) but my tank is only 90cm 230l. As...
  48. bazz

    Dosing ferts inline

    I'm not sure if I'm seeing that correctly but it looks mighty dangerous to me, I'm sure if you scoured the internet you could find something more suitable. After a very quick look I already found these for about £1.50, a deeper delve I'm sure will result in something even more appropriate, and...
  49. bazz

    Jungle aquascape

    Plants are certainly looking nice and healthy, I would imagine any minor problems you're experiencing are possibly due to flow/distribution/light/CO2 (not all of them). You're in very good hands regarding the Fertz. Cheers!
  50. bazz

    Thailandia Sunset

    It's still holding together really well though.
  51. bazz

    How to store crypts between tank changes

    Just keep them in a bucket of tank water for a few days, they will most probably melt to a degree from being moved/disturbed anyway.
  52. bazz

    A pine root planted randomness

    Nice aquarium, fish and photos!
  53. bazz

    High tech without filter ?

    Hi, We are all different people with varying lifestyles with different aspirations for our very different aquariums. What works for one may very well not work for others. I thought the idea here is to share knowledge, experience, new technologies, constructive criticism when requested and new...
  54. bazz

    Excessive buce melt

    Hi, I've not really got any suggestions for you to improve your current situation but I personally would not have inserted any Crypts or Buce especially Invitro into such an immature tank. I learnt the hard (expensive) way a good few years ago. More recently (up until my tank was brimming with...
  55. bazz

    Specific shrimp food?

    Are you blanching it?
  56. bazz

    Fissidens Fontanus Availability

    Good old Dave @Aquarium Gardens!
  57. bazz

    Why is Fissidens Fontanus unavailable everywhere??

    Hi, I know @Aquarium Gardens website is saying they are out of stock but I saw 3 or 4 packets for sale when I was there at the UKAPS meet just over a week ago, might be worth giving them a ring. If not, in the interim why not consider trying Riccardia Chamedryfolia to satisfy your immediate...
  58. bazz

    Drop checker still lime green in the morning

    Hi, There's not very much information there for anyone to make a proper diagnosis. Does your tank have a lid which will help retain CO2, do you have any form of surface skimmer which will aid in off-gassing, do you run an airstone overnight which will also aid in off-gassing, have you checked...
  59. bazz

    Boosting pump?

    I tried to use this reactor, as it came with the bioballs, with Siporax as others have used and empty with a variable flow pump and could not get on with it. Whatever I did I could not get sufficient diffusion or stop it blowing bubbles into the tank. I gave up in the end.
  60. bazz

    Boosting pump?

    I personally wouldn't do this, someone with a higher intelligence than me will provide the metrics. This is the method I use and after 30 years of injecting CO2 found it to be the best to suit my needs. The pump on my CO2 loop is on a timer to switch on 30 minutes before CO2 and off 30 minutes...
  61. bazz

    16/19mm clear PVC filter pipe?

    Hi, I imagine it will be absolutely fine as long as all connections are up to standard. I've used clear thinner wall tube many times before, even on a 2180 with no problems, and obviously be aware when routing to avoid kinks, these will help JBL AntiKink . Cheers!
  62. bazz

    Welcome new Sponsor

    One shop I've yet to visit, now I have even more reason to do so.
  63. bazz

    Persistent diffuser issues.

    Hi, Are you not using a check valve between the Bubble Counter and Diffuser, if you are, then are you certain it is the correct way round? Cheers!
  64. bazz

    EHEIM biopower 200 Power plug removal question

    Just make sure you leave a drip loop, make sure it's not fouled by anything and you will have no problems. Cheers!
  65. bazz

    Espei Rasbora

    Out of 20 I had 2 make the leap of faith in the first day or 2 when first introduced. They were young, straight from the shop and spent the first few weeks (apart from feeding time) surfing the front glass where in the that first 5mm the flow from the lily pipe is deflected and is at it highest...
  66. bazz

    Pantanal Aquatic plants

    Fantastic photographs, thanks for sharing!
  67. bazz

    Hello from Cambridge

    Welcome and your tank is looking good.
  68. bazz

    Targeting Potassium

    I'm already following it mate 👍
  69. bazz

    RO/DI system upgrade

    ...and saves water. Cheers!
  70. bazz

    Whats wrong with my co2 setup

    I can't argue with ADA, my bad. I'm sure you must have a leak somewhere, my bubble count is fractionally higher than @erwin123 on a 90x55x53, although I am using a reactor. Cheers!
  71. bazz

    Targeting Potassium

    Cheers for the suggestions everyone but kind of what I am endeavouring to achieve is minimal TDS coupled with an interest in nutrient quantities/ratios. The difference between these ratios e.g. dosing full EI or using TSN is astronomical. Just slowly reducing EI until my Crypts start melting is...
  72. bazz

    Whats wrong with my co2 setup

    None of the CO2 line from here appears to have any of the clamping collets fitted and the check valve looks like an airline check valve to me (I may be wrong). Using an inline diffuser requires high pressure (30 PSI approx) and the gas will find any weak points in the loop. The bubble count...
  73. bazz

    Targeting Potassium

    Good evening all, I have a question or 2. Obviously I've seen photos of most of your aquariums and those that I have I know what you are growing but... Question 1, Would you guys and girls advocate the above water parameters (and lean dosing, ratios etc) for all tanks, whether for stems only or...
  74. bazz

    UKAPS Meet Aquarium Gardens March 26

    Don't forget to change your clocks!
  75. bazz

    KNO3 and Urea

    Hi, I've been doing this for the last 2 years without any problems at all that I'm aware of. I only mix up a 4 week supply at a time though. Cheers!
  76. bazz

    Advice on second LED unit

    I agree with @Nick potts, plus I think your tank looks really nice as it is with the Superfish.
  77. bazz

    Tidy Jungle II, III and IV

    Morning Courtney, Did you ever have any luck with the InVitro Cryptocoryne Albida Red? I tried 3 times and after an initial spurt they dropped their leaves never to return and at a tenner a pop. Hopefully will try again once I've moved and try to start them/it off emersed. Cheers!
  78. bazz

    Siamese Dwarf Rasbora (Trigonostigma Somphongsi)

    Afraid I've not kept these before but given half a chance I would.... https://www.seriouslyfish.com/species/trigonostigma-somphongsi/
  79. bazz

    Tidy Jungle II, III and IV

    The full complement.
  80. bazz

    Live /frozen food for Chilli Rasbora.

    ....and frozen Cyclops.
  81. bazz

    Low light, co2, shrimp, lean dosing and water change

    Low tech shrimp only tank, is it out of the question to change 10% per week, it should only take 10 minutes?
  82. bazz

    Remanso . . .

    Any updates @Wookii, I'm as excited as you to see this progress?
  83. bazz

    Help deciding which fish could be the right one

    Well it's doable, just keep a keen eye on your Ammonia and Nitrite levels and be ready for frequent water changes.
  84. bazz

    Help deciding which fish could be the right one

    Personally I would give it a couple of weeks between adding batches of fish to allow the biome time to multiply. I can't see any reason to not add some snails and/or shrimp though if you are going down that route. Cheers!
  85. bazz

    Noisy Oase Biomaster 850 Thermo

    I would just not be happy having to do that on a fairly new filter!
  86. bazz

    Alternanthera Reineckii struggling or just settling in?

    Hi, What I do is add just 2 or 3 per week (obviously in different areas) during most water changes in a 250l tank rather than dosing the whole tank at once. My theory doing this is it will help to avoid Ammonia spikes (which some tabs are famous for) and also to provide more stability with...
  87. bazz

    Should i raise ph of ro water

    I'll let someone else comment on the quantities because I'm crap at math's that's why I use the IFC Aquarium Fertilizer Calculator ;) What I don't understand is why you're making a solution and not just adding the ingredients straight to your RO water, with a pump and heater ready for the...
  88. bazz

    Sera CO2 reactor 500

    Hi, The working pressure of the reactor should be much less than with a diffuser, I'm not sure but maybe the amount of gas in the bubble would actually less at lower pressure. I've used 3 x 5kg FEs on my 230l tank in 2 years using the AM1000 and I would say that is quite economical and no...
  89. bazz

    Emersed growth - Hardiest plants?

    I thought it was native to the Americas?
  90. bazz

    mini pellia reappearance (after years)

    I could well imagine BBA making a reappearance on reused Bog Wood if not cleaned off effectively before use.
  91. bazz

    New tank startup question

    It looks to me like it is clearing up by itself, could it have been dust from the sand?
  92. bazz

    Garden standing around…

    Stunning, as ever!
  93. bazz

    Walstad Native Journal

    Is it unfeasible to go to the river and collect it yourself, you could do 2 x 50% water changes with a 25l container? Cheers!
  94. bazz

    Decaying bogwood

    I would imagine most types of untreated wood will rot away underwater eventually, plecos will assist in this process. Not sure if they actually eat it (never had one) or if they are just having a quick gnaw between meals. The Corbo wood in my larger tank is holding out quite well after 2 years...
  95. bazz

    UKAPS Meet Aquarium Gardens March 26

    ...and I'm looking for a Crypt Spiralis Tiger if anyone has a spare? Cheers!
  96. bazz

    rams horn snails

    As long as the water parameters are fine, then I would. Cheers!
  97. bazz

    Who needs a tank for a dark start…. Let’s see.

    Nope, but the SS jet pipe intake is 2/3 the way up the tank. The slots on the intake are not big enough to let anything too large to pass through, any minute bits of plant matter that finds its way through probably just gets chopped up by the impeller. It wouldn't hurt to put a Intake Strainer...
  98. bazz

    I don’t think this is schlueteri!

    All I kept for years were Echinodorus sp and SA stems. I can remember Schlueteri first coming onto the market supplied by Dennerle IIRC. The one I had was most definitely quite small (for a swordplant), had longish stems, and smaller than usual bright green heart shaped leaves with little...
  99. bazz

    Who needs a tank for a dark start…. Let’s see.

    It's a Eheim Compact 2000 dry/wet pump now superceded by the CompactOn 2100. I don't think you will, I'm sure you will be more than happy with the 600. Cheers!