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    My Dario sp. Scarlet & 'Melon/Flame red' badis

    I plan to try and breed these. Right now I have two Dario Hysginon, I believe they are a male and female pair, and a single male Dario dario. I've been searching for a few months now for female Dario dario with no luck whatsoever. The male who I found on his own amongst a huge shoal of tetras in...
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    what is this ground cover plant?

    not the staurogyne, but the mossy looking plant in the bottom of the image? they say it's utricularia graminifolia on but I've only ever seen U. gramnifolia looking like grass. Is this some other form of the plant?
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    Otocinclus negros / Hisonotus paulinus

    Managed to acquire sone of these from my LFS and as they seem to be much rarer than most Otocinclus, I thought I'd give the members here a heads up that there are still some available from Water Wonders on Gorgie road in Edinburgh. The reason I've listed both names is that some people catfish...
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    how red are your cherry reds.

    It seems there is a wide range of colour intensity for these from almost transparent to the 'sakura' variety available in the east. It also seems that the colour standard for them in America is generally better too. Just how red are your cherry red shrimp? does anybody have any of the really...
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    Shrimp and the lunar cycle?

    All my shrimp molted on the same day, both Amanos and Cherries. I thought it was strange that they would all shed at the same time, then I looked out the window and saw the full moon........ has anybody else noticed shrimp being affected by the moon?
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    how many hours of illumination is too many?

    When it comes to how many hours you should light your tank for I have seen many contradictory figures, all of which presumably take into account the needs of both the plants and fish, shrimp, etc. In a tank with only flora and no fauna is there any reason why you shouldn't leave the lights on...
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    barbula sp. millimeter moss

    does anybody have any experience with this moss? supposedly it is actually a terrestrial moss, is anybody successfully growing this in an aquarium?
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    where to get fissidens in the UK?

    I can't find anywhere selling this in the UK and i really don't want to have to order it from Malaysia as I'm practically allergic to ebay. I would literally give one of my fingers to get ahold of some fissidens fontanus, does anybody know where to buy it here? or if it's even possible?
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    regarding the water for changes...

    i am considering replacing 750ml from my 20l planted tank every day with bottled highland spring mineral water as the healthiest wild aquatic mosses i have seen are in natural springs and it seems that the added minerals may be beneficial for shrimp, however I want to make sure that this wont...