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    Thai Micro Crabs

    I added two of these to my 50L tank a week ago and they seem to be doing just fine. I never see them when the lights are on but they're out and about very quickly after lights off wandering around the tank. I've been lucky and noticed last night that one of mine actually has eggs which I hadn't...
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    Help me identify this snail baby (ramshorn?)

    I've read a lot about ramshorns eating cyano, it's actually why I got them, but mine don't seem to touch it although I don't doubt for a second that they can/will based on the number of reports I've seen of exactly that. I've been assuming that they only do so as a last resort when NO other...
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    Help me identify this snail baby (ramshorn?)

    I have red ramshorns and initially all the offspring were red however after some time brown spotted ones exactly like this started to appear. I assume it must be some combination of rare recessive genes that produces them as only a tiny proportion of all the offspring show this pattern.
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    I think this is algae?

    I reckon that will be fungi rather than bacteria but could really be either. Not something I would worry about, it should eventually disappear of it's own accord once it exhausts the nutrients that are immediately available to it. Shrimp and probably some fish would eat this.
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    mystery of the vanishing cherries

    that's your guilty party right there.
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    Moss ID

    very curious to see the picture too, I assume this was somewhere near essex so there are quite a few different native species it could be.
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    My Dario sp. Scarlet & 'Melon/Flame red' badis

    Castle I understand the best way to determine sex before maturity other than by their behaviour, is that actual females will never have ANY red striping on the body, especially when sub-adult. Fully mature females may develop some darker stripes or a reddish tint to certain areas but never the...
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    Strange looking stuff on moss

    you're not wrong, and the picture doesn't really make for an easy positive ID, the only reason I say vorticella with such confidence is that I've spent a fair bit of time examining them closely recently and what's depicted in the OP appears exactly as they do in my daphnia and moina cultures...
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    Strange looking stuff on moss

    Here's a couple of good links on Vorticella and the risk they might pose to your shrimp: Vorticella: Risk to crustaceans, page 25, under heading 'Vorticella'...
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    Strange looking stuff on moss

    couple more picture for comparison.
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    Strange looking stuff on moss

    My bet is on a colonial protist, something like Stentor or Vorticella. They occur in many of my livefood cultures but they MAY be harmful to shrimp. The quote below is from a database of shrimp diseases that can be read at...
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    My Dario sp. Scarlet & 'Melon/Flame red' badis

    AlbaAquarist, I'm embarassed not to be able to give you better information on the water. I keep them relatively cool at 21/22c and would plan on raising that a little once they're in breeding condition - I understand the females get quite plump. I have well water rather than mains and it's...
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    My Dario sp. Scarlet & 'Melon/Flame red' badis

    I plan to try and breed these. Right now I have two Dario Hysginon, I believe they are a male and female pair, and a single male Dario dario. I've been searching for a few months now for female Dario dario with no luck whatsoever. The male who I found on his own amongst a huge shoal of tetras in...
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    Floating plants and PAR

    I think you are probably right zozo, the 'dwarf' variety can certainly unexpectedly begin to produce full sized plants although I've not had it happen to me. There seems to be a wide range of environmental triggers that can affect it's growth form. Although my lighting has remained constant the...
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    Floating plants and PAR

    Pistia stratiotes dwarf and regular forms thrive in low humidity, they can actually struggle and begin to rot in closed top tanks where the humidity is too high. I have the dwarf variety in an open top tank under a wavepoint led strip light and it would cover the entire surface in a week if I...
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    Plant ID please - think it is from the Microsorium genus

    papa_cee I'm pretty sure your picture is 'spoon leaf' java fern, and as you say it is very rare. I don't have any experience with it myself so I don't know how big it might get but I knew I'd seen similar before as I'm always looking for rare ferns. here's a couple of pictures I found of 'spoon...
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    Experiences of Carpeting plants

    Sorry I don't have any pictures to post andrew but google throws up a lot of results for 'elatine hydropiper aquarium' it looks much the same. Smaller darker leaves in low light, bigger lighter leaves in high light.
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    Experiences of Carpeting plants

    I like Elatine hydropiper, it has very small leaves, stays low and grows slowly. Whilst it takes a lot longer to fill out than some other carpeting plants it requires less trimming. I'm growing it right now in a high light setup with pressurised co2 but also had it in a lower light tank with no...
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    Snails & Ferts

    I don't know if I can offer much help here but I use high doses of tropica specialised daily in a tank with red ramshorn snails and they never seem to be affected by it. I would suspect the excel, it can kill some delicate plants so at the very least I would imagine big doses would irritate a snail.
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    growing a moss wall

    I'm growing a moss wall with weeping moss at the moment exactly as Zozo described with a few java fern 'mini narrow' spread through it and it's working beautifully. Weeping definately grows more slowly compared to Java etc. but this is potentially a good thing as once the wall has filled in it...
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    Spirogyra - How on earth to deal with this?

    No peeking is the golden rule of blackouts. I've made the same mistake with cyanobacteria and can confirm that even a little peek can give it enough light to survive. Might be worth manually removing for another few days and then trying another blackout but this time resist the temptation. It's...
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    Help with my Amano shrimp!!

    I don't think this is necessarily cause for concern, especially if he's eating and has been this way for a month. Every amano I've ever bought has taken on different colours and markings than they show in the shop once I add them to my tank. They're often very blue when I buy them but this fades...
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    Growing plants hydroponically out the back of your tank

    zozo I reckon that because co2 is heavier than air there's probably some accumulation in the air directly above the surface and this rather than availability at the roots is what affects the duckweed growth.
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    Growing plants hydroponically out the back of your tank

    is it possible that growing plants this way can deplete nutrients in the water too much? I could some pothos cuttings behind my hamburg matten filter so the roots are hidden and water is continually drawn over them but is there a point at which the pothos will just be competing with my aquatic...
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    Ottocinclus, Amano shrimp - What to feed

    how big a tank do you keep them in papa cee? I've never tried letting them just forage for their own food but I'm curious about how much space is required to provide the amount of algae and 'aufwuchs' they need to thrive. I suppose surface area available for grazing is more important than volume.
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    Growing plants hydroponically out the back of your tank

    "pothos" Epipremnum aureum will work well and is a fast grower so should remove decent amounts of fish waste but isn't edible. you can just stick a cutting in the back of your tank and it will throw out roots. I've seen it used this way but never tried it myself in an aquarium. there's a good...
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    Ottocinclus, Amano shrimp - What to feed

    I second repashy gel foods for ottocinclus, I have used supergreen rather than soylent green but I've read that either will work. Some people definitely believe the extra protein in soylent green is beneficial for ottocinclus but others seem to disagree. I've only used supergreen which is...
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    Native British mosses for aquascaping?

    As everyone else has said there are actully more than a few species of aquatic or semi aquatic moss and liverworts native to the uk that can grow in aquariums. The biggest limiting factor will be temperature as many will struggle with temps that are too high. In my experience it tends to be the...
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    Fissidens Fontanus Dry Start

    There are at least two, and probably more, species of native Fissidens other than fontanus that can grow submerged. Fissidens rivularis and Fissidens crassipes.
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    Fissidens Fontanus Dry Start

    F. fontanus is a true aquatic, it will only grow emersed if it's kept saturated. The only places you can find it above the waterline is in rocky streams and rivers where it grows in the splash zone or very near to the edge of still water where enough moisture is wicked to it. but you won't find...
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    Fissidens Fontanus Dry Start

    I actually overlooked the fact that you had used rhizotonic in your dry start. One of the active ingredients, cytokinins, does certainly have positive effects on moss growth.
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    Fissidens Fontanus Dry Start

    zozo that's impressively quick for it to spread laterally as it has. I think it would take a little longer for me, how much light does that patch recieve? Something I keep puzzling over, if anyone has any ideas, is whether there might be a submerged analogue of the blended paste method of...
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    Fissidens Fontanus Dry Start

    I don't think dry start is ideal for fissidens fontanus. It takes quite a while adapting to emersed growth and then again once you submerge and it has to re-adapt again to those conditions. From my own experience you also risk mold and the growth rate for F. fontanus seems to be slightly better...
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    barbula sp. millimeter moss

    I very rarely check ukaps these days, maybe once every few months so it was quite a coincidence that I saw this thread revived from so long ago at the top of the page tonight. In the end I bought some of this moss, I think from the green machine, and it does grow very well submersed with co2...
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    what is this ground cover plant?

    not the staurogyne, but the mossy looking plant in the bottom of the image? they say it's utricularia graminifolia on but I've only ever seen U. gramnifolia looking like grass. Is this some other form of the plant?
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    Shrimp - Open Top Tanks

    I had this happen with a huge amano shrimp called special agent jack bauer once. He jumped out overnight so CO2 might have been responsible but this particular shrimp was really hyperactive and would jump at the corners of the tank sometimes when we put food in. RIP special agent jack bauer...
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    Otocinclus negros / Hisonotus paulinus

    Just thought I'd add to this thread for anyone interested in ottos who might read it that my experience with this fish suggests they're not exclusively vegetarian as a lot of material suggests. My O. affinis definitely eat baby brine shrimp as well as their usual cucumber and the native algae in...
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    Small schooling fish for new tank

    I understand Tyne Valley can ship, I haven't used them but they look pretty good and they have mosquito rasboras. Galaxy rasboras are pretty common, if you bide your time I bet some pop up in one of your locals.
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    Small schooling fish for new tank

    Boraras uropthalmoides is my favorite nano fish, you could keep quite a large group in a 50l. They're great to watch, mine tend to do their own thing most of the time but sometimes form a very tight group when I feed them. When they're happy and healthy these fish have really beautiful colors...
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    Otocinclus negros / Hisonotus paulinus

    I'd love some zebras but I don't fancy my chances of finding any around Edinburgh and it seems like otos by mail order might be a bit risky on account of their delicate nature. 90% of the time when I see affinis or macrospilus in edinburgh they're half dead already and it's pretty slim pickings...
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    Otocinclus negros / Hisonotus paulinus

    I've not noticed them going for wood yet but they do seem to have a go at more mature clado algae that my affinis don't seem interested in, the biggest difference I can see is that they seem more calm and less skittery than my others. what do you mean blah way more than normal ottos? how big are...
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    Otocinclus negros / Hisonotus paulinus

    Managed to acquire sone of these from my LFS and as they seem to be much rarer than most Otocinclus, I thought I'd give the members here a heads up that there are still some available from Water Wonders on Gorgie road in Edinburgh. The reason I've listed both names is that some people catfish...
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    Growing Mosses

    WIllow moss will definitely attatch itself to wood or stone.
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    What's this moss please?

    I'm actually desperate to identify this moss too. I saw it on youtube in a nano cube and i've been hunting it ever since.
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    Cuba moss

    I'm sure I bought some of this from outside-inside aquatics in Scotland a while ago. It was from Dennerle and did fine in my nano tank. Very slow growing but it really looks good once it fills out, much neater than many other mosses. i'd definately buy more but does anybody know if aquashrimps...
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    how red are your cherry reds.

    WHERE did you get those sakuras?
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    how red are your cherry reds.

    It seems there is a wide range of colour intensity for these from almost transparent to the 'sakura' variety available in the east. It also seems that the colour standard for them in America is generally better too. Just how red are your cherry red shrimp? does anybody have any of the really...
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    I have two in a 20 liter dennerle nano which I believe is equal to about 2.5 gallons. They're doing fine and there's four cherry shrimps in there too, you will find that they eat all the algae on the glass and run out pretty quickly though so you have to supplement their diet.
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    Anti Hair Algae and mosses

    you are right. I just can't shut up about shrimps because I was literally blown away by the impact they had on my tank, all the algae in it grew over the period of about a week, I reduced lighting and increased CO2 and gave the filter a clean and it stopped growing completely for several weeks...
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    Anti Hair Algae and mosses

    Your cherries and amanos will definitely eat it in vast quantities just make sure the suckers are hungry as they will eat other tastier stuff first, it's probably comparable to the decision between brussel sprouts or something that doesn't taste like crap for us. I agree that you should try to...
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    return to algae

    I can't emphasize enough how impressed I have been by the extent to which amano shrimp will remove algae of all sorts.
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    aquaticmagic mosses/cresses

    Lots of people seem to have had very different experiences with this company, I have heard that it changed hands and it went downhill with the new owners. Anyway, my depiction of them concerns moss specifically rather than any of their other plants/dry goods which for all I know may be of...
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    'Super-pico' tanks :D

    I did this about a year ago, I bought seven kilner jars and lined them up next to each other on the jutting out indoor part of a window frame that is actually the top part of the bottom section of the window that slides up when you open it (hope that makes sense), anyway I made 4 nano vivariums...
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    Ricca Fluitans ( Not growing ) Help

    In my small moss and liverwort tank I have four cherry red shrimp and three amano shrimp, none of which have EVER eaten a single piece of riccia, I didn't even put riccia in there, it came in by accident with some coral pellia and its a weed. I don't want it in there but no-matter how sure I am...
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    Anti Hair Algae and mosses

    If you have shrimp then I'm surprised you have hair algae? what sort of shrimp do you have? three amanos decimated my hair algae infestation in only three days, a week later there wasn't a single 'hair' of it left. Apparently Rainbow / Malayan shrimp are the best hair algae consumers though.
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    aquaticmagic mosses/cresses

    .........I don't suppose that also applies to slightly less new people? :o
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    aquaticmagic mosses/cresses

    Also they don't advertise this in their e-bay shop but aquatic magic are actual the devil himself. Never buy moss from them, it's a con. If you want moss then get it from aqua-essentials or greenmachine.
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    Shrimp and the lunar cycle?

    with regards to why the moon would affect them, why wouldn't the moon affect them? When a woman is heavily pregnant they can sometimes feel the gravitational effect of the moon on the amniotic fluid when it is full moon, I'm sure there's more water in most of our tanks than there is in a...
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    Help in choosing plants - specifically for a tall aquarium

    Egeria densa will grow pretty tall and is fairly basic in it's needs but I'm no expert.
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    What would you do with a spare tank?

    You could go for triops, they're very cool and if you manage to get eggs of one of the rarer or larger species off ebay then you could breed to sell although not for a great deal of money, you could also adapt the tank for growing your own organic mushrooms and sell them to any local delhi's...
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    Shrimp and the lunar cycle?

    All my shrimp molted on the same day, both Amanos and Cherries. I thought it was strange that they would all shed at the same time, then I looked out the window and saw the full moon........ has anybody else noticed shrimp being affected by the moon?
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    oh my!

    I remember back in the day the union canal froze over with ice more than a foot thick in places and everybody was on it playing ice football, ice basket ball, ice hockey, ice rollerblading, cycling etc. I even saw one fool standing in the middle with a metal chair trying to smash a hole in the...
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    another "what algae is this" photo

    I would recommend amano shrimp, I bought three yesterday and I am literally blown away by the sheer volume of various algae they have eaten just over the course of 1 night in my tank. They ate a huge amount of Rhizoclonium that was growing over a piece of wood. Now all that's left is the BGA...
  65. L these need CO2 injection?

    I think so so long as they get their carbon from some other source like flourish excel etc.
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    Controlling shrimp populations

    jokes aside......... and I'm not saying i have or necessarily that you should........ but you can eat cherry red shrimps and apparently they taste pretty good. The most authentic preparation is to steam them then serve with salad, thats how they do where they occur naturally.
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    Where can I get non-Tropica plants?

    You should try and get him to send some of the rarer mosses and liverworts they have over there and grow them yourself for re-sale to your fellow countrymen, I for one would pay more for most mosses than I would for a solid gold sculpture of them.
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    Where can I get non-Tropica plants?

    Dennerle sell good plants, if you can find a shop that sells them then they are cheaper too.
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    Small planted tank?

    Outside inside aquatics in Haddington sells a a range of Dennerle products including plants, the Nano tanks and accessories. I bought a 20l kit and the crysta-line pressurized co2 system and i am very happy with my purchase.
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    the most resilient fish in the world

    This reminds me of toad stones and although most accounts of these are pretty questionable, some are hard to dismiss. I also know of a coke can that with no holes other than that which you drink from was found during a voluntary rubbish clean up to contain a fully grown, extremely fat and...
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    80 x 40 x 50

    what is the stem at back left of the tank?
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    how many hours of illumination is too many?

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    It seems that they don't actually grow these plants themselves, they claim they buy them from the grower then sell them on but I doubt somebody growing these commercially would include soil, leaves and pine needles in their tank and even if grown emersed i bet they would be covered; I strongly...
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    Help! Catching Columbian Tetras

    You could use one of those bottle fish traps. Just cut the top off, put it back so it points into the bottle and put some food inside, I used to catch newts and minnows with these all the time as a boy.
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    my packet of Fissidens splachnobryoides just arrived and i have to say i almost laughed when i opened it. Not only was it clearly wild collected (it had pine needles and bits of leaf in it) but it was also mainly brown soil which they describe in an affixed note as "healthy leaf structure"...
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    Where to buy in Scotland.

    Outside inside aquatics is without doubt the best aquatics retailer in Scotland, it's a family business and they are the most friendly helpful people you could ever hope to meet. Nowadays they have a good range of shrimp and several different kinds of moss and liverwort that you wont get...
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    Good substrate covering plant.

    As you may have guessed I've had some traumatic attempts at a Riccia carpet.
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    Where are you from?

    I'm from Edinburgh.
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    how many hours of illumination is too many?

    Thanks a lot for the detailed explanations chaps, I wonder how the terrestrial plants that can be grown under 24 hour lighting are adapted in order for this to be possible? I know they need a day/night cycle to flower but they will supposedly just keep on going under 24 hour lighting in the...
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    Nursery & sump nursery

    Re: Attempted Nursery this is sort of like a miniature system. pretty cool, i think you should run with this and start selling clip on systems for planted aquariums so people can grow their own plants emersed with the obvious increased growth rate and remove some...
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    Good substrate covering plant.

    Riccia lawns are absolutely vile wicked creations, i hate them with the passionate fiery vengeance of a thousand burning suns. I would go with Glosso.
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    Yes, another riccia question...

    You could grow it terrestrially in a plastic seed tray with some wet capillary matting on a windowsill in a warm room, it will grow pretty quickly and by using the matting instead of soil you can just rip pieces off as and when you need it for a tank without it being filthy, this is a simple...
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    Marimo balls

    No, marimo balls grow a bit faster with good CO2 and the right nutrients, as such some of the eastern tanks have amazing marimo carpets.
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    how many hours of illumination is too many?

    When it comes to how many hours you should light your tank for I have seen many contradictory figures, all of which presumably take into account the needs of both the plants and fish, shrimp, etc. In a tank with only flora and no fauna is there any reason why you shouldn't leave the lights on...
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    The funiest post I have read this week

    there are a couple other species similar that sometimes get used in aquariums, i have never seen them in the uk but i think some of the moss growers in Poland use a native species of algae similar to marimo.
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    EI Natural substrate...

    the dennerle gravel somebody else mentioned is good stuff. I'm using it in my new moss tank.
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    First post and intro to my Shrimp tank.

    i think there is something to be said for the second picture, sometimes tanks seem to look a little too manicured. I really like those which are thought out but retain some sense of wilderness *not the right word but I'm sure you catch my drift*
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    Utricularia Graminifolia???

    i have seen dart frogs eating flies off various sundews and bladderowrts in planted vivaria, perhaps utricularia in an aquarium may also benefit our shrimp in a similar fashion.
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    My Planted Discus Tank !!!!

    i bet the cat likes this tank.
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    this really is an outstanding tank, you must never be bored with something like that to hypnotize you.
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    Utricularia Graminifolia???

    should we be concerned about this plant eating our baby shrimp?
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    barbula sp. millimeter moss

    does anybody have any experience with this moss? supposedly it is actually a terrestrial moss, is anybody successfully growing this in an aquarium?
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    where to get fissidens in the UK?

    Damn. the search goes on, i will try the trading section here. cheers.
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    where to get fissidens in the UK?

    Damn. the search goes on, i will try the trading section here. cheers.
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    regarding the water for changes...

    it wouldn't cost me any money. i might experiment and see if i notice any difference in growth between tap and spring water.
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    where to get fissidens in the UK?

    I can't find anywhere selling this in the UK and i really don't want to have to order it from Malaysia as I'm practically allergic to ebay. I would literally give one of my fingers to get ahold of some fissidens fontanus, does anybody know where to buy it here? or if it's even possible?
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    regarding the water for changes...

    i am considering replacing 750ml from my 20l planted tank every day with bottled highland spring mineral water as the healthiest wild aquatic mosses i have seen are in natural springs and it seems that the added minerals may be beneficial for shrimp, however I want to make sure that this wont...