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  1. Oldguy

    H202 Water Treatment

    The Royal Society of Chemistry once offered a £1M reward to any one who came forward with a substance with 'no chemicals in it'. They were required to lay off the liability with insurance. I despair at the lack of scientific and technical education. What happened to the 1944 education act. I am...
  2. Oldguy

    H202 Water Treatment

    I do not think that I can enlighten anyone. From personal experience water clarity is greatly improved with UVC see @Dr Mike Oxgreen above. I use rain water in my water change regime which is often discoloured due to tannin leachate and microscopic leaf and seed particles from the roof...
  3. Oldguy

    H202 Water Treatment

    It is difficult to comment without knowing the reason for the addition of H2O2. If it is for oxidation of metabolic wastes then an alternative approach could be with UV. See Wilki:- 'Advanced oxidation processes (AOPs), in a broad sense, are a set of chemical treatment procedures designed to...
  4. Oldguy

    Dr Timothy Hovanec's comments about Bacterial supplements

    Some thoughts: It is very difficult to run tests on living systems which only change one variable at a time, see the thread on dosing with ammonia and urea. We live in a world that wants instant results and there are plenty of businesses based on supplying such aspirations. Stuff in a bottle...
  5. Oldguy

    Maidenhead Aquatics/Fishkeeper

    It really does depend on branch and the staff. I have none local to me but I call in if passing. Found plant quality very variable but have recently bought some lovely plants both for my tank and for a indoor mini bog garden and patio bucket ponds. Have in the past negotiated price reductions on...
  6. Oldguy

    The scientific background to the "Leaf Colour Chart"

    Thank you for your response. Looking forward to your article. I have difficulty with floating plants, the surface current moves them to the front pane and they tend to become submersed and rot. Playing with riccia fluitans and greater duckweed in two different bucket ponds (both came in as hitch...
  7. Oldguy

    The scientific background to the "Leaf Colour Chart"

    Interesting chart & link. Any chance that the numerical scale on the back (not visible or stated in the link) could be printed on the front. My thinking is it could be a better bet for planted tanks than Nitrate test kits. I assume it would need a bit of experimentation to find an indicator...
  8. Oldguy

    Weird water help: low kH

  9. Oldguy

    Fert Calculator V1.8 - currently no download as next version on its way

    Wow. I think I will stick with my 'back of a fag packet' calculations. However I do have a pencil sharpener, if I can find it.
  10. Oldguy

    Full disclosure

    @dw1305 my condolences at your sad loss.
  11. Oldguy

    Tap Water or RO

    Slugs can be a problem with rain water butts. A band of anti fouling paint is a good deterrent. I pump rain water from the collector butt to storage butts with covers. I use about 15 gals per week and have yet to run out. (approx 30 gal water change) A hard winter may be a challenge. Have...
  12. Oldguy

    Inline uv

    Welcome to the forum. The answer is: Yes and No. Inline (the bigger the better) are the only ones that are worthwhile. Its all about 'dwell time' and that depends on flow rate and the power output of the UV device and tank turnover values. Are they a sound investment for the planted tank...
  13. Oldguy

    Rabbit or Guinea pig droppings as fertiliser

    Hi Ray, yes is the simple answer. Never liked the idea of a cold stagnant substrate. Also UG is a first rate pre-filter for an external canister. I just EI dose the water column and away they go. Most water plants absorb nutrients through their leaves (and terrestrials too like a foliar feed)...
  14. Oldguy

    Rabbit or Guinea pig droppings as fertiliser

    Sheep poo was also used, but typically the fish kept were live bearers and as tough as old boots. Best to use 'pure' chemicals and follow the EI route. Garden fertilizers of the type Epson Salts(magnesium sulphate), potassium sulphate etc. In the UK high purity chemicals from eBay are cheaper...
  15. Oldguy

    High photosynthetic photon flux density (PPFD) and LED dimming (pulse width modulation)

    From the internet: ' Most people cannot notice the flicker in fluorescent lights that have a flicker rate of 120 cycles per second (or 120 Hz). Flicker with LED lights may be more noticeable due to the fact that LED lights flicker between less than 10% and 100%, where as fluorescent lights dim...
  16. Oldguy

    Resolved! Edit has gone

    Thank you for your prompt reply. Would it be possible for it to be re-instated as 'just a data base of information' and then depending on others coming forward to make it more interactive. Unfortunately my computer expertise stops at oxalic acid and ox blood. Velum seldom, if ever, crashes; but...
  17. Oldguy

    Resolved! Edit has gone

    Good morning. I may have gone 'man blind' but where as the plant base gone to. It used to be on the menu header. Bye the bye the dark screen is rather good. Easier to read and less elastictrickery to run.
  18. Oldguy

    Increasing GH

    General & total hardness are measured as if the hardness was all due to calcium carbonate, not that useful but we are stuck with it. I must prefer parts per million (ppm) which is very useful as it can be taken that mg per litre are ppm. Temporary hardness is due to Gp II elements present as...
  19. Oldguy

    Diatoms, diatoms, diatoms!!!!

    Orthosilicic acid (H4SiO4) is in tap water and coats the insides of water distillation equipment and I assume steam boilers in power plants. However never found a problem at fish tank temperatures. The only diatoms I have found are in the inside of the lav flush tank. Tried to grow them but...
  20. Oldguy

    Day Vs Night setting

    Does this apply to other fish, or is there little or no research on other fish species. What about growlux tank lights and their equivalents in LEDs as used in hydroponics. These match the photosynthesis absorption spectra. Its dim to us but is it dim to plants.
  21. Oldguy

    Day Vs Night setting

    Surely red/blue light is utilised by the plants for photosynthesis, so the photo period is just extended. It may look dim to our eyes because we see better in a yellowish light. To humans a cold light is not as 'bright' as a warm light. I use red/blue LEDs for my 'high noon' lighting for plant...
  22. Oldguy

    Are they open?

    Are the shops open? Some shops remain open. But non-essential shops are closed. Food shops, pharmacies, corner shops, hardware stores, petrol stations, pet shops, post offices, banks, newsagents and shops inside hospitals will stay open. The Government has ordered people only to shop for food...
  23. Oldguy

    Expensive Lighting?

    I have two 'LED proper tank lights' - both budget. Two banks of LED spot lights, some white and some 'growlux' type, and some patio decking LEDs. They are controlled by budget electro-mechamical timers. This gives Dusk and Dawn; Shafts of Light, General Lighting and High Noon. I like DIY and...
  24. Oldguy

    Magic cleaning pads WARNING.

    If only! They are good little workers but always miss bits. Nice to have a pedant onboard. You and my eldest lad would get on well. Medical advice is that alcohol will kill COVID-19, been taking this very seriously and internally. Don't want to waste any.
  25. Oldguy

    Magic cleaning pads WARNING.

    I shave with classic razor blades. When they get blunt I use them to clean the inside viewing pane of the tank. Usually I let the Otos do the work. Good tip about the white pads for non stick pans for the car. Might try and sneak these onto the wife's shopping list.
  26. Oldguy

    Magnesium in tap water

    I requested Mg in ppm from my water company and got a reply in degrees Clark of CaCO3 equivalent. Very useful I don't think. As my posting above I assumed nil and added Epson salts to about 15pmm Mg. Depending on how serious you are to find the amount of Mg in your tap water and as an extension...
  27. Oldguy

    Magnesium in tap water

    My tap water is about 100pm hardness. I assume that it is mainly from calcium salts. (only small dolomitic inclusions in the local geology) I cut this approx 50:50 with rain water and add Epson Salts to give about 15ppm Mg in the water used for approx 50% weekly water change. (Also add to this...
  28. Oldguy

    Discoloured macro mix . . .

    I am not familiar with branded ferts. My macros are pot nitrate & pot dihydrogen phosphate, both lab grade. I also use pot sulphate & magnesium sulphate both garden fert grade (about £2.30 a kg). The pot sulphate throws a small milky ppt which I decant. Each is in their own bottle. As are my...
  29. Oldguy

    Discoloured macro mix . . .

    Looks like iron is coming out of solution. Best to keep stock bottles of ferts in separate bottles & only mix together small amounts for auto dosing. Definitely keep iron/traces separate from your macros. Mix your iron/traces with RO or rain water and not tap water, which is fine for your...
  30. Oldguy

    Magnesium in tap water

    Yes the ratios are a very good fit. I use this ratio with regard to water analysis in general, however tap water can be lower. Bottled water typically comes out of dolomitic limestone. Potassium boost - about 10ppm. IE should be EI Estimated Index. Dyslexia lures KO.
  31. Oldguy

    Magnesium in tap water

    UK tap waters tend to be low in Mg compared to Ca but there are many local variations. The big water companies tend to blend water to reduce hardness and maintain supply to a growing customer base. [My home town was liquid rock from bore holes but is now blended with river water and is much...
  32. Oldguy

    Tap water for plants - and moving them

    Yes it will be fine just temperature match, hand guestimate will do. Some people use very dilute bleach to disinfect plants.
  33. Oldguy

    Dosing hydrogen peroxide H2O2 with dosing pumps and diffuser?

    In a dirt cheep model I once considered very dilute H2O2 added drip by drip via a burette, obviously not a uniform addition but lack of head room and the fiddle faff of it all it remained just a thought. Went for a 'dry' trickle filter to deal with easy BOD's. Still tight on head room but it...
  34. Oldguy

    Dosing hydrogen peroxide H2O2 with dosing pumps and diffuser?

    I think that the 'Bohr effect' is often overlooked. As a user of injected CO2, I am always watching for behavioral changes in fish. If the catfish are taking the odd gulp of air but the rummy noses are bushy tailed then all is well. Thought about drip feeding H2O2 but not worth the effort, too...
  35. Oldguy

    Journal Hermetosphere

    Certainly is, one of my cars has left and right hand thread wheel nuts, always have to stop and think. Really like the vent.
  36. Oldguy

    Don't know what defiency

    Assuming its not snails or fish, do you know the magnesium content of your water. It is often over looked especially if you have hard water.
  37. Oldguy

    Iron salts vs chelators

    They are all chelated. The iron ion is covalently bound to the organic ligand(s) and the resulting complex has an ionic change typically balanced by sodium ions. The chelated complex can be directly taken in through cell walls. The chelates have different stabilities to the central ion (in this...
  38. Oldguy

    Advice on Easy Plants

    Welcome to the forum. Try Vallisneria sp. but not the giant type. These plants seem to be out of fashion but are elegant and give depth to the water column. Keep us posted on how things progress.
  39. Oldguy

    Corydoras breeder with planted tanks

    I am not a fish breeder but my Corydoras sterbai regularly spawn on Cryptocoryne leaves in my display tank. Despite egg predation my group has gone up from eight to thirteen and down to nine or ten or so over the years. Difficult to count, seldom all together, often in small sub groups. Seldom...
  40. Oldguy

    Post Your Pics & Videos of the Great Outdoors

    Appears that way with hydrangeas. In our garden, plants sometimes change colour. We have white bluebells in some parts of the garden and blue in other parts and to the announce of the wife some of her white flowers in her white garden have gone pink. The latter are not self seeders but original...
  41. Oldguy

    How often to feed fish and otos

    I feed once or twice a day, but not every day. A slice of cucumber is almost always in the tank. Otos seem to ignore it but it keeps the giant oto Hypoptopoma gulare & the red lizard whiptails Rineloricaria sp. L010A happy. Hopefully leaving more natural biofilm for the Otos. What goes on after...
  42. Oldguy

    Epsom salts

    Try for about 0.2ppm, or less, of Fe in your water column for starters. Your stock solution is 252ppm in 100ml so 1ml will delver 2.52ppm if added to 1litre of tank water or 0.252ppm if added to 10litres of tank water. You need to guestimate the net volume of your tank in litres, divided by 10...
  43. Oldguy

    Floating plants larger than Salvinia Auriculata

    A large floating plant that does well even under cover glass is Ceratopteris cornuta, a very nice fern. Grew it as a kid under incandescent lighting (the only type going) and in very hard water (my job was to chip the kettle out). New plant lets grow from established leaves. May benefit from...
  44. Oldguy

    Raised light height but what about intensity?

    Had a look on the internet to see what this light looks like. I would assume that it could fall between a linear light source and an infinite flat plane, with a strong bias to the linear. Point source is inverse square of the distance from source to object. Linear is inverse distance from...
  45. Oldguy

    KNO3 question

    It depends on what is blurry. Some saturated solutions look hazy as solute is coming into and out of solution resulting in differences in density and refraction. In some cases blurry/haze may be impurities. If colloidal they will remain in suspension. If of larger particle size they will settle...
  46. Oldguy

    Questions about CO2

    Welcome to the forum. CO2 suppliers, try pub/bar suppliers & general bottled gas suppliers. I get mine from the Hereford area £20 returnable deposit on the cylinder and £15 for about 15lbs of food grade CO2. I mention this as a price guide. CO2 regulator, you need one that fits UK equipment...
  47. Oldguy

    calculations for Zinc, Cu, Mn

    Welcome to the forum. It is best to make a few assumptions. You bag of Zn EDTA contains 15% by weight of zinc. ie 100g of complex contains 15g of Zn and 85g of other stuff. (EDTA chelator and sodium). That is 15g of Zn in 100g 1.5g of Zn in 10g 0.15g of Zn in 1g and so on. 1 gram...
  48. Oldguy

    Show your orchids!

    Bought the wife a very nice orchid yesterday, £9.99 reduced to £3.00, I know how to spoil her ;). (We were shopping for half price Christmas lights for next year). Interesting the mark up on stuff.
  49. Oldguy

    Substrate Requirements/Suitable Products

    I use an inert substrate with rounded grains. Once coned into buying a bag of Florite or some such stuff. The ideal grain size for me would be the size between coarse sand and fine gravel. Difficult to find so I settled for fine gravel, deep but over under-gravel filter plates with a canister...
  50. Oldguy

    Would This Work?

    Very interesting, I thing I got my dose figures from an American handbook on fish store management. Unfortunately the book is mislaid and was a tad expensive. If microwatts then my use of millwatts are overkill which is better than underkill, but if microwatts a much higher flow rate can be...
  51. Oldguy

    Would This Work?

    Yes it is on tank volume. 25 Watts and above just gives flexibility of deployment. Also my calculations assume 100% which is never the case. Pleased you liked the post. After running for a day or two your water should be crystal clear and you have some leeway with your unit. (My set up developed...
  52. Oldguy

    Would This Work?

    Flow rate and power of unit are very important. Most flow rates are too high for effective UV action. Pass most of the canister return directly back to the tank by having a by pass. This will enable a slow flow rate through the UV unit without back pressure on your canister pump. To be clear...
  53. Oldguy

    Do Healthy Plants Release Organics?

    Good evening @jaypeecee, Thank you for your links, most interesting. Nothing in life is good or bad. I rely of biofilm [hopefully the good guys] in my wet/dry trickle filter which I modeled on a sewerage works treatment plant as a important part of my tank set up. Complex films of chemicals...
  54. Oldguy

    Do Healthy Plants Release Organics?

    Do healthy plants leak organics? Just an observation, Otos et al are often very busy on plant leaves that are strong, healthy and have no obvious algae. Are they grazing on films formed on these leaves by lipids and other complexes and does the removal of such films helps prevent algae...
  55. Oldguy

    How to balance my tank?

    Welcome to the group. With a 14 litre tank may be better off with plants and shrimp and no fish. Small tanks can be difficult to manage, however 50% water changes would be very easy to do.
  56. Oldguy

    Do Healthy Plants Release Organics?

    I like to think of Activation Energy as the size of the brick behind the wheel of a car ( with no brakes) parked on the side of a hill. Spontaneous reactions just have Activation Energies lower than that provided by ambient temperatures, very tiny lego bricks.
  57. Oldguy

    100+ppm calcium and nutrient uptake

    Plants can and do absorb iron as a simple ion and also as a chelate and not just iron but other Transition metals also. For convenience I dose at breakfast, macro and chelates on alternative days. Tank lights start to come on about mid day and go off about eight pm with a dawn/dusk and 'high...
  58. Oldguy

    100+ppm calcium and nutrient uptake

    That's my assumption. I was interested in these finding because of the high concentrations of fertilizer that was being used compared to our tank dosing concentrations. As for the light in the test it was on for the duration, our planted tanks have a photo-period of about 8 to 10 hrs. I am of...
  59. Oldguy

    100+ppm calcium and nutrient uptake

    I dose full EI on alternative days. I dose EDTA iron together with a EDTA trace element mix. These I make up from dry powder and are dissolved together in rain water. I dose for a target Fe of about 0.2ppm on the other alternate days with other trace elements at about 0.02ppm. I do not know the...
  60. Oldguy

    100+ppm calcium and nutrient uptake

    Photo degradation of FeEDTA with Time in Commercially Produced Soluble Fertilizers ie Master Blend and Peters. by: Joseph P. Albano and William B. Miller
  61. Oldguy

    100+ppm calcium and nutrient uptake

    I agree a very big Hmmmm. Chelated iron is often available as either the sodium salt (cheaper) or the potassium salt of the complex. These are aimed at top fruit growers as a folia feed. No leaf curl in these situations. As you rightly point out the dilution in tanks is such that cloudiness...
  62. Oldguy

    Fish die, videos attached HELP please!

    Do not know if it is shrimp safe but two hits in one go. It is available on eBay. Good luck with your efforts.
  63. Oldguy

    Do Healthy Plants Release Organics?

    Some very interesting information and opinions on this thread. I have found the effectiveness or otherwise of a surface skimmer to be related to surface area proportions. In general if the tank is linear/rectangular and long form, skimmers are less effective that if the surface is square. I use...
  64. Oldguy

    Re-scape issues

    Is it worth baiting the small shrimp in a trap. You could make one by taking a small (say 500ml) plastic bottle, cut it off at the shoulder and push it back in the other way round with the cap removed so that it is now a bottle with a funnel neck. Bait with food and remove and re-set daily. You...
  65. Oldguy

    Good uk id book

    Nice to see Stace is listing hybrids. I am not a Botanist or a Biologist but I have often though that many 'species' were hybrids or were extreme examples of plant plasticity and would be worth growing under standardised conditions. This raises the thorny issue of what is meant by species, no...
  66. Oldguy

    Good uk id book

    Could try The Concise British Flora in Colour by W. Keble Martin easy to use but not a definitive text any more. (Nicely illustrated) Grasses by C.E.Hubbard. These plants are often overlooked but are very important on many many levels. (Line drawings) The Oxford Book of Flowerless Plants by...
  67. Oldguy

    Slow or fast growing plants... which do you choose and why?

    All lovely plants but have a care on which types you get. Some of the anubias can get large. It depends on your set up high tech or low tech. Patience is a virtue.
  68. Oldguy

    Crypts missing something but I don't know what Help please

    Crypts take some time to get established. They tends to make roots/rhizomes first then leaves. Old leaves will then melt and be replaced with new growth. Once established their root system be be very wide spread. As you have reflectors on your lights you might find that the petioles will remain...
  69. Oldguy

    Building Acrylic Tank

    Thank you Marcel. I have emailed the company. Now I must do the jobs I have to do so that I cant start on the jobs I want to do.
  70. Oldguy

    Building Acrylic Tank

    Tried UVA glue, but was very disappointed. My dentist uses some wonderful resin which is UVA cured. Assume if it is dental, one would have to remortgage the house to buy a pot. Sets a nice white colour, thinking of replacing all of my teeth with it. Lol.:D A strong easy to use gap filling clear...
  71. Oldguy

    Building Acrylic Tank

    Only ever used this as a paint stripper. (Once worked for a company that made paint strippers for the car industry & made then by the ton). Used chloroform as a cement either neat with a needle for models or thickened with perspex off cuts to give it 'body'. Very little experience with nail...
  72. Oldguy

    Building Acrylic Tank

    Dichloromethane ebay 1 to 5 litres from 'pure' to paint stripper grades, but I am in the UK. Sod it just found a similar post on page 1. Note to self read threads from the beginning:mad:.
  73. Oldguy


    Reminds me, about 35years ago I visited Amsterdam's zoo and was most impressed by their aquarium section. Especially a tank of very large Congo Tetras, fins like veil tailed goldfish. If I remember correctly most of the tanks were nicely planted. Got me back into the hobby
  74. Oldguy


    When urban watercourses are 'cleaned up' fish stocks usually fall. No shelter and no hiding places for gribleys. Old tyres and shopping trolleys look awful but can be home to some. However I did draw the line in one water course I was surveying, there was a old vacuum cleaner in the stream and...
  75. Oldguy

    Tissue culture or potted plants (crypts specifically)?

    I use an inert substrate. The older type of aquarium gravel always had sea shell fragments in it and was OK for low tech tanks.(As a lad there was only low tech). Crypts grew slowly but were immortal and you bragged out having some. These days I use inert silica gravel over a UG system and dose...
  76. Oldguy

    Tissue culture or potted plants (crypts specifically)?

    Interesting, but like you on both counts. Never really had crypt melt other than old leaves die back. Melt can occur if you you radially change conditions once they have become established. Have tried to thin established plants in order to introduce stem plants but crypts always grow back even...
  77. Oldguy

    Electrical wiring advice

    Once long ago there was a LFS which used this method. My specs would always steam up when I went in. Several hundred tanks on steel racking. Alas no more. He temperature graded, coolest near the floor (hands & knees to look into these tanks, with wet knees from the squelchy carpet) and warmest...
  78. Oldguy

    Bit of a warning with superglue

    Welcome to UKAPS. Sorry about your lose. Black Phantoms are nice fish. Used Gorilla super glue gel to attach plants to heather stalks without ill effects. However I lowered the water first, let the glue set then raised the water level back again. The only issue I had where with dried glue on my...
  79. Oldguy

    Bad back and carrying 25L contaners-Options?

    I too have back problems. I use three 10 gal builders buckets. Half fill them with rain water at 2gals a go with a bucket, them run a hosepipe from the hot water supply to fill the 10 gal buckets. A small pond pump to transfer the blended water into the fish tank. While I am filling the big...
  80. Oldguy

    Bentosi tetra

    I have a small group of these. Peaceful but will hold a display area. A bit piggy at feeding time and will intimidate cardinals and rummy nose tetras. I feed two sizes of granular food the larger size first to try and satisfy the Bentosi and then nano granules for the smaller tetras. Corys mop...
  81. Oldguy

    My hydroponic project

    Have you thought about using plant propagators, the type with a plastic base and a transparent domed top. Some come with a small pump and spray nozzles to produce a course mist or very fine spray. The transparent domed top usually has one or two ventilators depending on size. You can get the...
  82. Oldguy

    Anyone use Spotless Water?

    The UK has a very complex geology. Every horizon can be found in the UK. Typically if the water supply is from a bore hole - very hard water or from mountain run of into massive reservoirs and is very soft. However water companies typically harden soft water to reduce corrosion in the supply...
  83. Oldguy

    Bored. Newt paludarium conversion

    I did a similar thing for Fire Bellied Toads. I just lowered the water depth and siliconed some glass shelving as a platform form for the 'land'. Planted up with moss and grew some aquatic plants as emergents and had the rest planted as an aquarium. I left the tank bracing in place. Wounder...
  84. Oldguy

    Shops near Ross on Wye?

    Not really, Aquajadine at Stonehouse, usually good quality stock. I have to drive to get to an outlet. Typically call in places if I am passing. Not bought any stock for years.
  85. Oldguy

    Any use BOC gases

    l found BOC expensive. I found a Pub supplier. £20 for a lifetime returnable deposit and £20 for a 6.5kg refill. If too large, then use a CO2 Fire Extinguisher (FE) which are cheap when time expired. Standard gas regulators should fit. Beware of USA/Chinese regulators they may be a different fit...
  86. Oldguy

    A Wardian Case

    Finally got a glass tank for a similar project. £5 from the local tip. Not an aquarium but some sort of vivarium with opening glass doors. I need to strengthen the base section. Hoping to grow Anubis plants, they have taken over my aquarium since going EI, but do not have the heart to throw then...
  87. Oldguy

    Get your garden out

    Sorry about snails, I use chemicals/throw them over the hedge. The root system on the Balloon flowers is robust. Have some concerns about being invasive. Time will tell. The price was low and in my defense I was left unsupervised.
  88. Oldguy

    Get your garden out

    Still in the dark about picture not loading, but plant ID as a Patycdon or Balloon Flower. Bought two today one white and one blue, £2 each. Sorry about the two duff postings.
  89. Oldguy

    Is sand sand?

    Rounded quarts 2 to 3 mm should be fine. It is sold, but most substrates are either larger or smaller in particle size. Be aware that sandstone sand/gravel will leach due to grains being cemented together by calcium carbonate. I use dilute mineral acid to test. If it fizzes, its got carbonates...
  90. Oldguy

    Plants struggling

    Cut the air stone hours and watch your fish. Most planted tanks don't have an air stone running except for emergency use ie gassed fish with overdose of CO2. When your pH metre comes, check the pH of your tap water.
  91. Oldguy

    Domestic hot water cylinder - is it harmful?

    Not all dechlorinaters will break the amine to chlorine bond. If your water is disinfected with chloroamine your fish are still at risk when using most 'water safe' products and have spent money for nothing. The more the source water has been filtered through kidneys the more likely that...
  92. Oldguy

    Domestic hot water cylinder - is it harmful?

    Our tap water is chlorinated and in common with UK tap water has phosphates added to prevent lead and copper leaching from pipe work. (Lead service pipes were in common usage up till about 1965) Our supply happens to be plastic. Water enters the hot water system via a header tank in the roof...
  93. Oldguy

    MTS...Just how bad do you have it ?

    Spot on and sometimes by the throat. Love your island tank.
  94. Oldguy

    MTS...Just how bad do you have it ?

    Estate agents say that fish tanks do not sell houses. Have one tank which I built into house, planning to stay till wooden box time. Wife is of the same mind set. One 20gal quarantine tank in the garage, need to move it to some where else. I run a dehumidifier in the garage/workshop to help...
  95. Oldguy

    Hobby laterite balls? Any reviews?

    Always thought this was a laterite. The only useful thing with this product is that being crushed the plants stayed anchored. Would not buy it again. I see these products as snake oil. Iron and trace elements best dosed as chelated compounds that you buy as dry powders and mix yourself. Low...
  96. Oldguy

    Where does the wood come from?

    Like most people I stared with pond life and sticklebacks. My father was a keen angler and also kept fish tanks and in the winter months would sometimes come back with very small fish in a wet rag. They typically survived and out grew their tanks and then the old bath tub. They got relocated to...
  97. Oldguy

    Syngonanthus Belem tips yellowing

    Sorry got timed out, nighbour at the door got his cancer results. 1mg per litre is 1part per million (ppm) I Imp Gal is 4.546091879 litrs. I use a mix of 8.5g of 13EDTA and 11.0g of TEMag (now replaced with a better product also both are available as potassium salts which are better than sodium...
  98. Oldguy

    Syngonanthus Belem tips yellowing

    Welcome to the Green side. Many people on this site by chelated iron and chelated other trace metals from horticultural suppliers. I use Solufeed products, don't know if they are available in Australia. How do I use them. They come for instance as 13Fe EDTA ie 13% by weight is iron therefore...