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  1. Lisa_Perry75

    Which phone?

    Hi guys, My contract is up for renewal and I'm wondering what phone/network to go for. I had an HTC hero which was rubbish and died very quickly, now I have an HTC desire. I haven't been too impressed with it as often it thinks I'm swiping a direction when I'm not. So trying to do most things...
  2. Lisa_Perry75

    Job opportunity

    I was looking for job opportunities for a friend of mine and saw this: Biology & Aquarium Technician Ocean & Earth Sciences Location: National Oceanography Centre Salary: £22,325 to £26,629 Full Time Permanent Closing Date: Wednesday 06 July 2011 Interview Date: To be confirmed...
  3. Lisa_Perry75

    Festival of Fishkeeping - this weekend

    I know UKAPs won't be doing a stand this year, but I wondered who might still be going? It is 10am - 5pm and day entry is free :thumbup: I plan to go with a few friends Saturday, would be good to meet up with some UKAPs members :D
  4. Lisa_Perry75

    Footballer fish tank

    Not sure if anyone is interested, but the large fish tank in a footballers house is on 'come dine with me WAGs'. About 3 minutes in and 30 minutes or so. I couldn't find the original thread - sorry.
  5. Lisa_Perry75


    Hi guys, Just wondered who is enjoying Springwatch? I'm just catching up on last weeks, just watching Thursdays. I know you guys love your insect macros so I recommend a section about 45 minutes in. A graphic designer from Salisbury and his pics. Some really superb insects which look to be...
  6. Lisa_Perry75

    Edible plants

    Hi Guys, This follows on from Steves thread about spring pictures really. I like to devote most of the space in my garden to edible and useful plants. I remember watching some tv programs that mention a few edible plants or flowers and I wondered what plants or flowers other people know are...
  7. Lisa_Perry75

    Own your photos?

    This was just posted by one of my friends who does photography http://stop43.org.uk/ Thought it might be of interest of any people with photographs on here. To me it seems far too often the government wants to rip us citizens off for everything we have and feed the pockets of themselves and...
  8. Lisa_Perry75

    Betta mini cube

    Saw this tank for sale at Aquajardin, Eastleigh yesterday. Looks pretty nice! A quick search reveals pfk have a v brief blurb on it. Its acrylic 8 litre tank, with filter in a back compartment like a marine nano. Comes with an adjustable LED bendy light (1.6W). Although the wattage sounds...
  9. Lisa_Perry75

    Natural Lighting

    In grand designs I've seen people use light tubes to light their houses for free. Is it ever possible to use natural daylight to light a tank without having algae problems?
  10. Lisa_Perry75


    Hey guys, This is probably cheeky, but just wondered if someone has an invite to spotify that could wing its way to me please? 8)
  11. Lisa_Perry75

    Got to be fake but clever anyhow...

  12. Lisa_Perry75

    Frog O Sphere

    Oh dear... http://www.brookstone.com/Frog-O-Sphere-frogs.html
  13. Lisa_Perry75

    Photography website

    Someone I knows website. Has a new picture everyday. I like alot of the nature pictures, but I'm not so keen on his industrial phases. http://www.phillprice.com Let me know what you think?
  14. Lisa_Perry75

    Back at UKAPS

    And wow its been busy here! I'm trying to catch up with all threads so I can get rid of the blue (can't seem to find a tool that makes them appear read). Anyhow, whilst I'm catching up sorry if random old threads suddenly get brought up again! I currently have my nano-reef. But thats bl**dy...
  15. Lisa_Perry75

    Liseys 60cm high-tech

    Thought I would start a journal. Tank stats:- Clear-seal - 60 x 30 x 37.5 Lights - 2 x 36w T5 PC ASL kit with reflector Substrate - ADA AS CO2 - Non-existant (grrr) dosing excel atm and only have one light on for now which still gives 2.3 wpg Hardscape - mini-landscape rocks and sumatra wood...
  16. Lisa_Perry75

    Damn D&D problems

    Soooo, after fighting loads just to get CO2 working ok coming on and off at the correct time and pressure I then had to turn it off for 6 days. It is now v. broken. I haven't been able to get the second gauge on because I have no spanner. When I leave the set not plugged in the pressure slowly...
  17. Lisa_Perry75

    Can't send out P. Helferi - Really sorry - Have horrible luc

    Hi there, Sorry I've messed some of you around but I can't send out the P. helferi. I had like the worst experience ever. Just moved to Cambridge and once I filled up the tank I realized everyone of my CPDs/galaxy rasboras were dead, and then the next day when I came home I noticed 3 massive...
  18. Lisa_Perry75

    Online members

    How come when I look at the members online there are members such as yahoo bot?
  19. Lisa_Perry75

    Fluoro fish

    Hi there, My coursework is to do an 1000 word report on Green Fluorescent Protein and came across this webpage. http://www.conncoll.edu/ccacad/zimmer/GFP-ww/cooluses16.html To the right hand side it shows cool uses of GFP and its analogs (similar function different primary structure). It...
  20. Lisa_Perry75

    Plants from Greenline - A review

    So I had to make an order to greenline to make up for the iffy plants from Java, in an established tank they would do fine but I was concerned with a new setup they may leech ammonia etc. Website is a bit tricky to use and I used the search function alot. It did take me a few minutes just to...
  21. Lisa_Perry75

    Liseys Rio 125

    So finally got all the bits together for a high-tech tank! Rio 125 - 125 litres roughly there was no lighting unit so I had to bodge one. It may last, it doesn't look as great as I hoped. Lighting - 2 x 36 W power compact T5 with reflectors bulbs are a 954 from Lamp specs and an interpet...
  22. Lisa_Perry75

    Plants from Java - A review

    Following the article in PFK I decided to get some plants from Java. I'm not sure if I am allowed but I thought I would review my service as a whole. I recieved what I ordered. All plants were separated into species and were labelled by name. All were packed very well although the quality of the...
  23. Lisa_Perry75

    Rotala rotundifolia

    Is available at MA in Fareham. Lovely place btw. They'd just done a trim of their display tank. Lovely chap in there came up to me to chat as I'd been in before twice. I bought a Nymphaea lotus (zenkeri) as I've been after a red one for a while. Now not sure if I've got a red one or not. Their...
  24. Lisa_Perry75

    My bit of good fortune

    So in a bit of good luck I managed to sell some items, and be offered a rio 125 for free! How lucky is that?! The only thing is the light is broken, and obviously it has to pan out. So I managed to find an ASL PC 2 x 36w lighting set including reflectors on sale at £29.99. I realise this maybe...
  25. Lisa_Perry75

    ASL Lighting

    Hi there, I'm looking into this lighting solution, does anyone know if the lighting units for this can be used with the interpet power compact lights? Lisa
  26. Lisa_Perry75

    Full time job in a Fish Shop

    Porton Pet and Aquatics is looking for a full-time member of staff that will pretty much run the fish house. I am not sure how much it pays, I know the last guy was on £6.50 an hour. Just thought I'd mention it in case anyone is interested.
  27. Lisa_Perry75

    Help with my nutrifin canisters

    I am going to set up my two sets from Supercoley1 (cheers btw mate), and I want to use just one ladder. Can I use a standard T piece for now? Most major question, if I am putting this on top of my aquarium can I use a standard non-return valve for now? Or do I have to make one?
  28. Lisa_Perry75

    Mulm collection

    How do you guys collect the mulm from filters? Should I strain the water through a pair of tights or something?
  29. Lisa_Perry75

    Dammit I'm going high-tech

    Why why why.... I want to aquascape!!! I've put a bid on a 2/3 x 24W luminaire for the 60 x 35 x 40 tank I currently have. I have that D&D pressurised CO2 kit. Just need substrate, drop checker, perhaps a second diffuser, cover glass/acrylic... going to buy most from this ebayer...
  30. Lisa_Perry75

    Maidenhead Aquatics - Fareham

    So went for a trip today to the new MA, which was the first problem... Trying to find it! It is not listed on MA website, google couldn't find it. Luckily I found the address on the back of my pfk... Well the 3 meter display tank has definately matured somewhat! The swords are Huuuuuuuuge and...
  31. Lisa_Perry75


    Got this months pfk magazine today, loving the articles George! I live just down this way and you never said Hi!?!?! Am miffed :wink: Did you get to visit the fish shop I mentioned the other week? I didn't know there was a new one in Fareham. There is one just off the island but I've...
  32. Lisa_Perry75

    Vision 180

    This is quite random, but if you had a Vision 180 with a faulty light unit... * Can you just buy a new juwel lighting system with T8 and convert to T6 * Could I buy the high-lite one and find cheap bulbs (I tried looking on lamp spec but couldn't find the right ones 35w 742 mm apparently) * Can...
  33. Lisa_Perry75

    T8 lighting help please!

    Hi there, Until me and the fiance move into our own flat (julyish) I've been banned from setting up the new 180 litre tank I got at the FoF. Which I guess is good as I will be earning money then, so will be able to pay for stuff like a nice cabinet. Atm though I'm still have one tank on the go...
  34. Lisa_Perry75

    Please advise on an external for 180L tank

    What external filter would you recommend for a tank that holds about 180 litres? I have always used the X04 range from fluval but noticed that after a year or two they get quite noisy. Does anyone have a Rio 180 or similar that could recommend an external to me? I tend to agree with George...
  35. Lisa_Perry75

    Micro fish ahoy

    I visited Arundel Avairies in Arundel Street, Portsmouth today and they have loooooads of micro fish! Loads of types of rasboras, including cpds and this really cool type which are the same shape but have tiger stripes and a spot by the tail. I would give latin names but they don't tend to label...
  36. Lisa_Perry75


    Hey there, For my new tank I'm not sure what lighting to go for. I was highly considering the realux T5 all in one jobbys, getting 2 x 35". I am a little worried about the fact that once the light blows you need to throw the whole thing away. If it comes with a years guarantee then it's fine...