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    Light with Weather effects and area control

    Hi all, I remember seeing a thread with a video a couple of years ago (pre covid !) of a new fancypants aquarium light (large tank luminaire) that had control of dimming of almost the entire set of LEDS individually and it also had weather and lightning effects. the Light was a thin flat silver...
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    New Utricularia sp. name ? Alternative to UG

    I remember seeing a new alternative to UG on this forum but cannot remember the species name or find that thread via search. It was similar to UG but with broader and shorter leaves and apparently easier to grow than UG. Can someone help me out with the info ?
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    EI Waterchange with RO water

    Im just wondering if I am following EI dosing and instead of the weekly 50% water change with tap water can I reduce it to 30% if I use RO water ? Since it has a very low TDS, will it 'reset' the tank in a smaller quantity as compared to tap water which has a higher TDS ?
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    GH Booster

    I have gradually been making a switch to a 50-50 RO and tap water mixture and my GH is quite low so I wanted to add GH booster to my fert routine and also to add to a new shrimp tank that I have setup which I want to run exclusively on RO because I dont completely trust my tap water I normally...
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    LED DIY wiring help

    In my led build each driver will have 2 parallel strings of 10 LEDs each since the driver output is 1300ma and LEDs ate 700ma max I just wanted to check one bit of the wiring. The point where the single +ve of the driver splits into 2 +ves, one for each string as well as where the 2 -ves...
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    Acrylic Hood and Support design help needed

    I'm making a new Led lighting unit for my tank. The LEDs are pasted on 3 4x1inch and 29 inches long aluminium box pipes. Each array will have its driver fitted on the back of the pipe. I am making a 30x18x6 inch box out of 8mm acrylic. This would be the same footprint as my tank and the 6 inch...
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    Braceless tank question

    Since my tank size is pretty much fixed for the foreseeable future and a rescape is long overdue, I am making a new tank out of extra clear glass. The current tank is 30x18x16 inches LBH made out of 8mm glass and is rimless and braceless. The new tank will be 30x18x18 also with 8mm extra clear...
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    Anubias Nana trimming precautions

    Theres a single nana in my tank that has grown out of the scape and needs to be trimmed. Luckily it was just planted with the rhizome placed lightly on the soil so it can be removed from the tank if needed. This is my first time trimming one and Ill need to cut the rhizome as well. Ive heard...
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    Cat litter clay type

    Im in Bombay and I know a couple of guys who are going to set up planted tanks soon on a budget who I am helping out. So I started searching for cat litter since you guys have had good results with it. I managed to find only 3 types/brands and none of them are moler clay based 1] Bentonite...
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    Help designing LED fixture

    So I have found someone who will be able to make me an LED fixture that I will use above my main display tank that is 30x18x16 inches lxbxh. It will be a dimmable fixture which I think is important in an LED setup. The fixture will be using 3W Cree XPGs. I know all my questions are inter related...
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    Micros fungi and excel

    Some of us add a little bit of acid to our micros to prevent mold from growing in it. Would it be ok to add some Excel/Easycarbo instead since glutaraldehyde is a disinfectant ? Im guessing it wouldnt affect the micros at all but would it help with the fungus ?
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    Few general questions - LEDs Excel CEC

    1] LEDs : When you look at LED emitters, sometimes they give a range for eg 5000-8000k, does this mean that depending on your luck, the LED light will have a colour somewhere in this range ? Or does it mean you can adjust the colour temp by changing the voltage or something ? 2] Excel/Easycarbo...
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    Help stopping CO2 leak

    Hey so Ive got a 2kg FE CO2 setup with a welding CO2 regulator + needle valve and solenoid. I have always wondered why my CO2 ran out in a few weeks even though I tested for leaks but couldnt find any. This setup is about 2 years old, I had switched to Excel only for the past year. Im using it...
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    Algae in filter pipes

    So why does algae form in filter pipes and spray bars even when there is none in the tank ? Is there any way to prevent it ? As far as I know it can only be removed by regular cleaning.
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    Sheet betwwen tank and stand necessary ?

    So Im setting up a new tank soon in the new house and this time since we were geting new furniture made I got the carpenter to make me an ADA style stand for the tank. So far I have been putting my tanks on cabinets and desks and I have been putting polystyrene sheets underneath them to even out...
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    Great website to buy LEDs

    Hey guys hope you dont consider this as advertising (its not my website anyway). So there is this Chinese website http://www.1stopledshop.net/ that sells LED fixtures for aquariums as well as loose LEDs and drivers that look pretty good and seem reasonably priced. Just thought I would post it on...
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    Excel & CO2 together, what happens ?

    Hi, I have always wondered what happens when CO2 gas and Excel are used together in a tank. Obviously the plants would prefer and use the if it is enough but what would happen of it had access to Excel at the same time ? Would it use a bit of it or would it ignore it completely ? May main...
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    Double checking my fert dosing

    So I have been using EI ferts on my tank for a while now and I just thought I would check here if I was using the right amounts. Tank volume is 60L Both Micros and Macros are prepared in a 250ml stock solution of which I dose 15ml on alternate days with Sat off and WC on Sunday. For micros Im...
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    Boyu vs UP inline CO2 atomizers

    Hey guys, Im planning on getting an inline CO2 diffuser/atomizer. My two options are the Boyu and the UP atomizers. Ive heard good things about both but which one would you guys reccommend ? Is the UP atomizer worth the extra cash ? While both have generally favourable views Im hoping someone...
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    Cladophora - vile weed

    So my 60 litre tank has Cladophora in my Fissidens and HC. Quite a bit of it. From what I have read once I have clado, it will keep growing just like a plant. So far I have tried squirting excel on it with the filters off immediately followed by a 4 day blackout. It did turn brown but it has...
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    Does high flow cause/encourage algae ?

    As the title says, will a higher amount of water movement cause algae or encourage algae that is already there to grow ? I was just wondering what the thoughts on this were. Im using an external filter for the first time and noticed that there is some gren dust/diatom type algae growing inside...
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    Getting stems to grow straight up

    I have some rotala indica and wallichi in my tank and all of them seem to be growing in every direction possible other than straight up ! They arent growing 'towards the light' or anything like that, the light is right above them. Is there any way to get them to grow straight upwards ? I also...
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    Another liquid carbon question

    All 3 brands of liquid carbon (Excel, Easycarbo and AE) advise a higher dose when initially setting up a tank or after a large water change. This is followed by a recommended daisly dosing of about 1/6th that amount. It has ben mentioned that liquid carbon only lasts in the water column for...
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    Need some suggestions

    Hi, Im going to start a nano planted soon and needed advice/suggestions for it The tank is a 12" (L) x 10" (W) x 12" (H) that I had lying aroud with 1x 18W + 1x 24W 6500K lights, DIY CO2 + Excel, EI Ferts So far, Ive put in the substrate, scaped it a bit and added a couple of rocks. Ive...
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    Substrate nutrients and EI dosing

    Just wondering, what kind of a substrate goes well with EI dosing ? What I meant is what kind of nutrients does the substrate need to have when paired with EI dosing ? Obviously and inert substrate is not ideal for a planted aquarium but other than that how fertile should the substrate be ?
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    Help in getting the right EI dose

    Hi guys, Gonna be setting up a 12" cube soon (6.5 gals) and needed help in sorting out the right EI dosage for my tank. It will only contain Dwarf Hairgrass, Utricularia, Fissidens, Blyxa japonica and Rotala wallichi. Most of the tank is going to be filled with foreground plants and moss and so...