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  1. Nathaniel Whiteside

    ADA Solar M - Bulb Replacement

    Hey gang, My bulbs a few years old now in my mini M. It's this one: http://www.adana-usa.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=262 Or http://www.thegreenmachineonline.com/shop/aquatics/lighting-system/bulbs-lamps-tubes/ada-na-twin-lamp-27w-solar-mini Does anybody know of an...
  2. Nathaniel Whiteside

    Not receiving Push Notifications from Tapatalk

    Hey, Anybody having similar problems? No push notifications/ alerts on iPhone 5S. Its in the notification centre with banners and alerts on.
  3. Nathaniel Whiteside

    Dogs and turf.

    Hello, Sorry for the odd topic name, but i laid a turf in our back garden maybe 8 weeks ago. I know its a common problem, but is there any way to, if not solve the problem of dog Urine burns completely, help it a little. Alternative is to put fencing pins around grass and keep him off it for...
  4. Nathaniel Whiteside

    Biotope Fauna/Flora Lists

    Hello guys, Im currently looking into a biotope setup. I need to source some lists on Flora and Fauna from Borneo / Sumatra in particular. Would anyone please be able to offer me guidance on finding such information? Any Expedition sites worth a look? Thanks, N
  5. Nathaniel Whiteside

    Nathaniel's Dry Start Mini-M

    Hello guys, I've decided to get a tank set up and get growing plants again after a lengthy time off. The Dry start method is particularly useful for me at the moment, as I move house in approximately 3 weeks. This should give me some growing in time. Haven't really had much sand substrate in...
  6. Nathaniel Whiteside

    Heat mat for DSM

    Hey guys, After a failed attempt of buying a 'heat mat' which actually produces heat (exo terra - Forrest mat. Meant to 'keep substrate warm in vivs but didn't even steam a closed off tank up :/ ) , I'm wondering if anyone else can advise me on a Mat that will do the job? Need one about...
  7. Nathaniel Whiteside

    Glass Cup - prevent splashing from airs stones.

    Hey guys, Stumbled over a random bit of equipment, that might be beneficial to someone here ( or perhaps not! :lol: ) It's designed to be used with an air pump and open topped tank, to prevent them tiny little bubble splashes that are frustrating as hell to deal with. I guess it could also...
  8. Nathaniel Whiteside

    Effects on PAR - Air and Water

    Hey guys, Does anybody know a correlation between the PAR measurement of a light from a specific distance and then the same distance but filled with water? So my tank is 18" deep, but lights may sit another 6" above water. Here's the Info page and mines the 160w. R420r LED Lighting...
  9. Nathaniel Whiteside

    Playstation 4

    Hey guys, Looking forward to receiving PS4 at the end of the month! Many more people got them on Pre-order? Has anyone heard when GTA5 is available for Pre-order on PS4, as I've heard it's not going to be released till April now to 'Prolong the Brands value'.
  10. Nathaniel Whiteside

    Okay to use on cover glass? Science boffins please.

    Okay this rain-x stuff does wonders on the car windscreen. Any one know why I can't spray the underside of my glass lid and then wipe off to obtain less condensation buildup? It's for use potentially on a CRS tank lid, so is there anything here that would be a problem to inverts? Taken from...
  11. Nathaniel Whiteside

    River Monsters Marathon

    Just heads up Jeremy Wades on all day on ITV4 - channel 120. 8 hours :o
  12. Nathaniel Whiteside

    New curved Cabinet anyone?!!?

    Can you imagine a tank on top. Wow. It's actually for under a bay window, But we can dream :lol:
  13. Nathaniel Whiteside

    Found this creature on my cabinet..

    Anyone know what it is? And if I should make beetle juice of it..
  14. Nathaniel Whiteside

    Best aquascaping sand? Opinions please.

    Hey, Was going to buy some 'standard' aquarium sand the other day, but want something a little more natural. Was thinking ADA forest or Unipac Fiji? Can anyone post up photos of sand substrates with what it is, to make my decision a little easier :) Cheers,
  15. Nathaniel Whiteside

    Resolved! Members near me addon?

    Hey, what would you think if there was a 'members near me' button under the members tab, that showed a list of members sorted by locality. Would help members find others close by if you listed like eBay '17 miles from you' or something. Even if people didn't want to show their location...
  16. Nathaniel Whiteside

    Jumping the gun..

    Hello guys, As you'll be well aware, theres been a thread very active of late regarding an Angelfish in a biOrb. I have deleted the thread for a specific reason, as follows; The person in question had a reason for housing the angelfish in question in such a way, due to the original tank...
  17. Nathaniel Whiteside

    Tapatalk 2 iOS

    Pretty sleek. Now available on Appstore. :)
  18. Nathaniel Whiteside

    Photograph Sources

    Hey guys, Just found this, Thought you'd like a look. Some nice photos of Clowns :D Unbelievable Underwater Photography | Inspiration | Scott Photographics | Free Inspiration Please post up more sites with decent photos, if you find any, with any subject matter. Sharing is caring! Cheers,
  19. Nathaniel Whiteside

    Another Great Fish/Shrimpkeeping idea..

    Cannot believe my eyes when I saw this, Mini NEW Ecosphere holoholo MOANA japan live shrimp decoration nutrients nature2 | eBay Quote: ''People nowadays are constantly occupied by their busy lifes, if you share the dilemma of wanting to keep a pet without having to take care of it''...
  20. Nathaniel Whiteside


    Currently on a walk about Richmond. Will catch some snaps with my iPhone :) For starters- Easby Abbey: River Swale White water :o Richmond castle from afar. Mercury bridge: Wolf cub: HIGHLIGHT - Richmond Falls Tired of being pulled round like a sled for an hour and a half...
  21. Nathaniel Whiteside

    ADA Manten stone

    Hey guys, does anyone know its 'proper' name? As I require a fair amount and don't fancy buying Takashi Amanos bird new Louboutins. Cheers,
  22. Nathaniel Whiteside

    Blacklisted from tapatalk

    Hey guys, I'm currently blacklisted on my Home network and mobile provider from tapatalk. I don't know what on earth I have done to get BL'd Anyone know how to get it unblocked? It's a lot easier via tapatalk then direct. Cheers,
  23. Nathaniel Whiteside

    Up Atomizers

    Hey guys, Can anyone confirm this is an 'UP Aqua' brand of atomizer? Looks like one I know. Found here Would support our sponsor TankScape but they have no 16/22 in stock. Cheers,
  24. Nathaniel Whiteside

    Local Waterside Scenes

    Hey, I was walking my dog today, and in the winter sun, the riverbank looked like a palette of Greens, Yellows and Reds. Situated in Richmond, a little Market town in North Yorkshire, this is a stretch of the River swale. I took this photos in response to a member from Africa, showing his...
  25. Nathaniel Whiteside

    Hi from Hampshire

    Hmm, NORR!
  26. Nathaniel Whiteside

    JBL Artemio

    Hey guys, Anyone use one of these to grow live food? Was thinking of investing in one. Would be nice to hear reviews/criticisms please. Cheers,
  27. Nathaniel Whiteside

    Utricularia Graminifolia

    Hey guys, Noticed some of this in the LFS today, and realised its an insect eater? What happens in the aquarium? And what insects does it eat exactly? Cheers,
  28. Nathaniel Whiteside

    Double TMC Grobeam 1000ND Tile suspension

    Hello Guys, I am posting this to try and see if, when suspended using the TMC AquaRay MMS Suspension Kit, that the height of lighting can be altered easily enough? If not can someone suggest an alternative method? I ask because I will be making a cabinet shortly from solid oak, and I will be...
  29. Nathaniel Whiteside

    UP Super Inline Atomizer

    Hey guys, Do many of you have experience with the UP Large Super Atomizer? Please can you give me a review before I purchase one :) Are there any design flaws etc? Thanks,
  30. Nathaniel Whiteside

    Best Reefscake ever!!

    Hey guys, As its my birthday today, I got a birthday cake, and as you can imagine, fish were involved :lol: Not only did it look great, it tastes fantastic too :) It was made by my girlfriends mate, who does it part time around her main job. Cheers, ( thanks Ady for topic title...
  31. Nathaniel Whiteside

    Ordering from U.S.

    Hey guys, Was looking at this website: Aqua Forrest Aquarium was going to potentially purchase some high end tools as they are half the price of here. Anyone had any dealings with these? Or know if they ship to the UK? Cheers,
  32. Nathaniel Whiteside

    Nikon 1 J1 Compact - Urgent Reviews please.

    Hey folks, Right, just a little insight: Me and the Girlfriend are going on Holiday in 4 weeks, and she randomly said she wanted to get a Camera before we go. So, I thought about it and offered her to go halfs (Still have our own money! Well, she has hers. I spend all mine on Fish and the...
  33. Nathaniel Whiteside

    Massive selection of Aquatic moss @ great price.

    Hey guys, Firstly gonna say that I am not the seller, only a very happy customer. I ordered some moss from Aquamoss-ukfrom ebay, and I was very pleased with the quality and quantity provided. I bought 3 x Mini Fissidens (Fissidens Fox) He also sent me 2 free packets of moss (1x taiwan & 1 x...
  34. Nathaniel Whiteside

    'Pretty Stream' - CRS tank

    Hello guys, Okay, this is a Journal dedicated to the rescape of my ADA Mini M which can be found here. The rescape has been coming for a long time as I was never really happy with it in comparison to the Raw nature feel I wanted to give it. The Title for this Tank is 'Pretty Stream', and the...
  35. Nathaniel Whiteside

    What do people do regards Lily Inlet in shallower tanks

    Hey guys, Just wondering what you do when you have a high substrate level at the back of the tank? or a shallow tank itself when you require 17mm Lily pipe inlets. I was particularly interested Cal Aqua Labs Influx X3 Does the 'Total' length in description mean from the bottom of the inlet...
  36. Nathaniel Whiteside

    Canvas prints

    I have no money, I spent it all on aquascaping :(
  37. Nathaniel Whiteside

    Dr. Slick Spring Scissor Review

    Hey Guys, just purchased a pair of these via eBay. Which are intended for use in fly tying, so should be very sharp and up for the task. I know a few of our forum sponsors sell these type scissors, but went with these instead due to appearance and possibly better function (due to intended...
  38. Nathaniel Whiteside

    Eheim 2229

    Hey has anyone used one of these 'wet & dry' filters on a planted tank? I was interested in the co2 levels especially, will it gas off a lot of co2? Cheers,
  39. Nathaniel Whiteside

    Zebra otto

    Hey, picked up a couple of these today. Think they're absolutely fantastic; Makes a change from normal ottos, anyone else have them?
  40. Nathaniel Whiteside

    Cal Aqua Labs Efflux 2 - Reviews please!

    Hey guys, has anyone got any experience with the Efflux 2? does the downward facing 'lily' cause good flow around bottom of the tank? I'm looking on TGM for the best (Reasonably priced!) lily Combo, The Do!aqua V2 one looks good too, has anyone got one of these? Looking for any...
  41. Nathaniel Whiteside

    >>Cabinet FINALLY together :)<< 'In my Dreams, I see Palettes of Green'

    Hey Guys, this is my first journal, and so is a big step for me, Into the world of Constant updates :P I've taken some inspiration, and looked at some peoples advice on here closely - thanks! So here we go. My aim is to create a rock based setup, using Ryuoh (sick of typing 'you' then having...
  42. Nathaniel Whiteside

    Just at alton towers..

    Waiting in the 13 queue, thought I'd check in ha. Will be going on Nemisis -Sub Terra Will let you know what its like ! :D :thumbup:
  43. Nathaniel Whiteside

    Can you help.. JBL M001 Reg.

    Hey guys, I know its a bit cheeky, but a shy kid doesn't get no sweets. I purchased a Jbl reg 14 months ago which has now broke, and now haven't got a receipt. They are asking for a copy of an invoice or receipt and they will ship me a new one. Does anyone have one within the last 2 years? It...
  44. Nathaniel Whiteside

    Fairly urgent help needed.. Co2 Regulator (m001) Problems.

    Hey guys, Ive had a suspected 'Leak' for a while now and Ive got round to finding it. Its exactly where I thought it would be too. Its the fact that where the solenoid screws into the Regulator, The small bead of silica looks slightly damaged. I have no idea why they havent used 'O' rings but...
  45. Nathaniel Whiteside

    My first sight..

    ..On a morning. This is more or less the shot I see from my pillow every time I wake up :D Minus the light being on of course, that would be burning my retinas 1st thing. Post your 'From the ..' tank shots here, I think this is an important angle, as its the one you see most often. It...
  46. Nathaniel Whiteside

    Manzi Bonanzi

    Just received some wood from hoggie. Do you think I got enough? :lol: Cheers Hoggie :thumbup: Time to start to figure out a hardscape!
  47. Nathaniel Whiteside

    Keeping discus in a marine setup.

    Okay, so im guessing fish keeping isnt a strong point at call of duty HQ. On the new map getaway, on the faceoff game mode, theres a fantastic looking marine aquarium. With all the usual marine fish, some really nice brain coral and Discus. :lol: Just noticed it then, not groundbreaking...
  48. Nathaniel Whiteside


  49. Nathaniel Whiteside

    ADA Mini M & D.I.Y cabinet build.

    Hey guys, Just thought I would share my ADA Mini M pictures, unfortunately taken by iPhone :( Here's my specifications;- Substrate;- ADA Powersand capped with ADA Amazonia Powder. Hardscape;- Dragonstone Flora;- staurogyne repens Hemianthus 'Cuba' Pogostemon Erectus Rotala Rotundifolia...
  50. Nathaniel Whiteside

    Fire Red Cherry shrimplets..

    Anyone interested in some of these if I was to sell on forum? They are only small yet, and not grade able but have come from Fire Red Parents. Se pic below; Deepest apologies for iPhone camera :lol: Would £2 a pop be unreasonable? Regards :thumbup:
  51. Nathaniel Whiteside

    Co2 Accessories Reviews Required Please!

    Hey, Im just looking through ADA / Do!Aqua Diffusers on TGM, I'm looking to run on my ADA Mini M. I would like your opinions on the following if possible please. ADA CO2 Pollen Glass Type-2 ( my personal favorite! - How is this connected to Co2 hose though ?)...
  52. Nathaniel Whiteside

    Dosing Ferts in CRS Tanks

    Hello, Im newly recruited to this Forum. I run an ADA Mini M + Solar M (27w) & a Fluval Ebi (bit of a contrast!) 2 x Fluval PCL 11w (so 22w). Ebi is running at 2bbps and i plan on adding co2 to the ADA shortly. Im basically wanting to enquire about the use of such Ferts as ADA Bright Step 1 &...