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  1. bogwood

    Back Flushing RO unit

    Hi. My RO unit has a tap for back flushing, in order to preserve the life of the membrane . Not really sure when, and how long to do it for. What do those of you with one do.?
  2. bogwood

    Bogwoods TMC Signature 60cm "Shrimp Heaven"

    Here are few pics of my TMC signature scape at 8 months. Its been designed with shrimp in mind, with a selction of smaller plants and mosses. Its for keeping my shrimp not breeding as i have specialist breeding tanks for that. Tank: TMC tank and white cabinet 600mm x 450mm x 300mm Light: TMC...
  3. bogwood

    Alternanthera reineeki "mini" floating free.

    My beautiful Pink mini which is about 4 inches tall, and a spread of 6ins, has been producing numerious visible roots off the stems. During tank mtce, it all floated free, no apparant stem/roots in the substrate. I allowed it to grow taller so you can view the underside of the leaves were the...
  4. bogwood

    CRS - In their new home

    Hello Just a quick update, moved some of my home bred CRS into my planted tank. Full tank shot Nov 13 by awhsjh, on Flickr Thanks Bogwood
  5. bogwood


    Just a couple of pictures of my CRS getting there weekly treat,
  6. bogwood

    Planaria in Shrimp only tank.

    Planaria are not new to me. Ive had them from time to time and have always managed to contain them naturally with fish, and reduced Feeding. However, i have them in a shrimp only Tank, which basically has had plants,substart and wood, for the last two months. Looking on line ive come up with...
  7. bogwood

    Shrimp safe fertilizer

    Ive never been happy using any fertilisers in my CRS tanks. Has anyone found a "off the shelf" fert that has no copper in,and is shrimp safe. Like most i have mystery deaths, and can never say with total accuracy, what the cause was. But for me, i will not knowingly add any product with copper...
  8. bogwood

    Dwarf gourami and cherry shrimp

    I would be surprised if your shrimp population does not start declining gradually. I would suggest you keep a close eye on what happens. If it fits in their mouth, most fish will have a go. Its natural for them to do so.
  9. bogwood


    Over the years ive used most products, live/dry/and cultivated. What im looking at is the ZM fry food. Never used it myself, but seen the name pop up several times recently in articles. Have any of you actually used it ??? if so how did you find it.
  10. bogwood

    Eheim 2075 External filter owners

    During the last service of my filter. On removing the cover on the impeller housing, i noticed there was no "o" ring on the cap.just a empty groove, were you would expect to find one. My question, are they all like this? Cheers Boogwood
  11. bogwood


    I use 4dKH solution, bought from one of our sponsers. To this i add 4 drops of JBL CO2 plus pH solution. I change it say every 10 days. My question, is this correct. As im presently tackling BBA, i want to be sure, im doing the right thing. Thank you.
  12. bogwood

    BBA returns with a vengance

    Ive been struggling for 3 weeks now to control the outbreak, and dont really know what to try next. I did a 3 day complete blackout, last week, but no differance. My set up is; EQUIPTMENT ADA Amazonia?? AquaOne 620T tank and cupboard/stand;Tank size 62cmTall x 62cm Wide x 39cm deep, tank...
  13. bogwood

    Eheim Liberty Hang on filter

    Just fitted one to my shrimp breeding set up. Well impressed. Ideal for a non display, functional set up.How come ive missed it. Used Eheims for longer than i can remember, but this one has escaped me. Messed about with internals, sponge, hang on, diy etc. all cheap options. Never quiet...
  14. bogwood

    Mobile Aquarium

    Spotted the other day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :jawdrop Yes......... you guessed right............ a painting. :clap:
  15. bogwood

    Introducing fish into a CO2 set up

    Just curious, any tips , best way to do it. As a experienced fish keeper i have no issues how to do it normally. However, now i have pressurised CO2 ive started only introducing fish , several hours before it comes on, and in fact tempted to keep it switched off for 24 hours. What do others do?
  16. bogwood

    Hygrophila Pinnatifida........

    Thought i would try something different, so three weeks ago i bought a tropica Hygrophila pinnatifida :thumbup: Very impressed with it, on planting i cut off about 3 ins and planted them along with the rooted plants. All have taken and have plenty of new growth, the lateral branches now have...
  17. bogwood

    Storing PH meter

    Im curious what others do, in this respect. I have had mine for many years, and changed the calibration tip once. I calibrate it frequently using 4 +7 calibration fluid i usually get off fleabay. When not in use, i store it with the sensor stood in water. I was told this stops it drying out and...
  18. bogwood

    D&D Bottle converter

    Just about to order my converter, so i can move over from disposable, to my 3kg refillable bottle.using my existing gauges Ive looked at several threads on the subject, and it appears i must have a special type of washer. IS THIS TRUE ?? Does this fit between the converter and the...
  19. bogwood

    Are CONGO TETRAS plant eaters/nibblers

    Can anbody who is presently keeping these beautiful fish at present, clarify whether or not they would sample the local fauna in my tank. Whilst some plants i have are considered safe with most fish, i do have some delicate ones.
  20. bogwood

    The Deep 130 litre

    Hello After being a member on here for quite some time i have finally decided to bite the bullet and start a high tech planted tank complete with a journal. I have been a keen fishkeeper for many years and have kept Koi, Discus, Cichlids, catfish plus much more, so i am keen to start my first...
  21. bogwood

    Amano goes Walkabout

    One of my shrimps spent about 10 hours on the kitchen floor, only being discovered the next morning. Remarkably she was alive and well, and had managed to avoid being eaten by the dog. :clap: It would appear i was pruning one of my tanks in the adjacent room, and it must have been attached to...
  22. bogwood


    In both my planted tanks small leeches are appearing. Probably a max of 3/4 visible on the glass at any one time. The tanks contain only shrimps and ottos, so nothing to predate on them. They appear as either a small blob, or half inch long when travelling across the glass. Initially only came...
  23. bogwood

    CO2 Running out

    My system has been running for 3 months now, and all is fine. Are there any early warning signs of when the CO2 is running out. I have a 600g disposable cylinder from Machine Mart.
  24. bogwood

    Pruning Rotala walllichii

    I bought a pot 6 weeks ago, however as it was probably around 9 ins tall, i reduced it down to about 3 ins. I planted the existing roots , and the cut off stems. The original roots have not done so well, but the cuttings are excellent, with beautiful red tips. These have now reached the surface...
  25. bogwood

    Additional Diffuser

    In order to improve the distribution of my pressurised CO2, im looking at adding a second diffuser. As the stem plants continue to grow, i find it harder to reach all the plants. Apart from the obvious drawback of the visual one,are there any other reasons not to try it. Ive considered putting...
  26. bogwood

    Orange shrimps

    I have just added half a dozen to my planted tank. Has anybody kept them ?, are they similar to cherry when it comes to breeding ?, ive not really been able to find out much about them.
  27. bogwood

    T5 Tube life

    My two T5 tubes have been in for 6 months, say roughly 1400 hours use. At the moment all seems fine in the tank. When are they considered to be past their best?. i know there is a gradual reduction , and i have been told to replace after 6 months. What do you think, and how do you decide ?. Any...
  28. bogwood

    Solenoid valve not shutting off.

    My Solenoid valve does not shut off completley.It allows one bubble every 9 secs to get through. Whilst this is not a major problem, I assume the only solution is replacement, Is this correct. The pressure on the gauge was about 2 , ive reduced it to say 1, to see if it helped. but no improvement.
  29. bogwood

    Disposable CO2 BOTTLE HOLDER

    Not sure what people use out there. However Ive find a bottle holder fitted to bikes is ideal. I got a cheap Aluminum one from, wheelies_direct , on ebay for £3.99 including p&p
  30. bogwood

    Sawba Resplendens (ascian Rummeynose)

    I have a shoal of 12 males and 4 females. Over the last few days the males have been going through what appears to be a spawning ritual, and their Orange heads and tails, are quiet luminous. Has anbody spawned them recently.
  31. bogwood

    Securing Xmas moss

    Well familar with Java, now have sevaral portions of xmas moss, some are loose, others on plastic webbing. What im after is , will it eventually adhere to bogwood/rock in time, or does it always need to be held/tied or sandwiched.
  32. bogwood

    Pruning Riccardia Graeffei

    Much to my satisfaction, :D :D two pieces i boughta couple of months ago have grown great, Im well pleased. In effect they have completly covered the wood, i feel, i perhaps ought to trim them to keep them compact, and attractive. Any tips before i take scissors to them. :?: