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  1. Maurits

    600 litre planted discus tank ( Journal)

    Hi all. think it's about time to be a bit more active with posting my journey to my 600 litre planted discus tank. People who know me know that I have a back ground in the trade so if mention certain products I use please don't see this as an advert. I think nobody will drive to an LSF to buy...
  2. Maurits

    My Lygodactylus williamsi paludarium

    A few years ago somebody introduced a new gecko to me Lygodactylus williamsi. A really stunning electric blue gecko but at that moment way to expensive for me. One of my friend which ows a frog shop in Holland phoned me up a few months ago to tell me that he was breeding this gecko and that 2...
  3. Maurits

    60 cm - Old fashioned Dutch style scape

    Hi All. please let me first use the opportunity to introduce my self. My name is Maurits, born in Holland and moved to the Uk last year. Into the aquatics already almost 30 years, I had my first tank when I was 7 or 8 or so. Lost interest 10 years ago due to poisson dart frogs, but since a...