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  1. Danny

    The hands of a future aquascaper

    Well, on Monday we had a very unexpected rush to the hospital as my Mrs went into labour 5 weeks early. Could this be the hand of a future famous aquascaper lol
  2. Danny

    Removing stubborn watermarks

    I've tried scrubbing with a sponge and RO, scraping with a razor blade while wet, limescale remover and a toothbrush to scrub and nothing works..... Any ideas chaps?
  3. Danny

    ADA 60P - Shades of Grey

    I picked up an ADA 60P and ADA Aquasky 601 light unit for a bargain so here goes tank two.... I'm not sure what you would call the hardscape, not Iwagumi I think but not quite mountain either.... hey ho I like it lol This is all I have at the moment, no filter etc yet so will get it going...
  4. Danny

    Critique my hardscape Is it too much...

    I'm thinking perhaps carpet only and that once grown in it will help break up the placement of the stones and not look so placed....
  5. Danny

    Running two filters through single hoses

    In the past I have daisy chained filters for added filtration, I'm considering running two of the same externals through the single in/out pipes by joining them with a Y piece. Has anyone else done this? Can anyone think of any potential problems? I'm more interested in increasing flow...
  6. Danny

    Alternanthera Reineckii mini looking sunburned

    Hey guys, Any idea if this is normal or what it may be lacking? Looks crispy fried and sunburned lol
  7. Danny

    CO2, light & algae, my understanding.

    So before I start let me just say I am not an experienced user of co2 and am also new to a co2 enriched planted tank, my thoughts are based on my own understanding from hours of reading and a lot of trial and error and will probably confuse the hell out of you with my dodgy explanation lol...
  8. Danny

    Co2 2hr rule myth

    Anytime someone asks when the co2 should come on either on forums or facebook etc the answer is pretty much generic at 2hrs before lights on, everything you read about it in Google also says the same. Being totally new I followed that blindly as I'm sure everyone does, the thought of the...
  9. Danny

    A clear mind

    Well after a few failed scapes now and a ridicules battle with algae I "THINK" I have got my mind around a few things and have something I can push forward with...... Anyone that has followed any of my previous attempts will know how indecisive I am especially when it comes to scaping with...
  10. Danny

    Which Bacopa Sp?

    Grabbed a couple of bunches from the lfs to just fill in the tank but not sure what it is, any ideas? Bacopa.......
  11. Danny

    Critique my aquascape Your thoughts

  12. Danny

    Keeping the tank spotless

    It seems no matter how long I spend cleaning the tank each day it's never clean, I ruffle the plants daily and net/siphon out any debris etc but it's never ending. I only have 6 cardinal tetra at the moment and barely feeding, it's just dirty. So much so it's really getting annoying now, the...
  13. Danny

    Co2/ph/kh Table

    Going off my API kh test results of 10 and ph of 6.4 with the Co2 table I'm getting a result of 119.4ppm co2... How can that be right with Tetras and shrimp living happily in the tank.....
  14. Danny

    Nifty algae tool

    I've been getting a little ocd with cleaning algae recently and discovered that 30cm wooden bbq skeweres are awsome cleaning and prodding tools lol
  15. Danny

    The co2 algae circle

    Hey guys, I've been doing a fair bit of reading about co2 and algae recently but have started to get slightly confused.... From what I understand algae in a co2 tank is mostly due to lighting, circulation or fluctuating co2 levels. I also understand that big frequent water changes are...
  16. Danny

    White worm/slug thingys

    Having a close look at the tank and have spotted some tiny white worm thingys on the glass, at most the biggest are probably 5mm in length. Can anyone give any possible ID and info on them? There are no fish in the tank only plants and spiderwood. Hard to focus on but you can just about make...
  17. Danny


    So.... here I go again lol I've named this spirallassis which I think is a totally made up word but it reflects how my head has felt getting to this point, after numerous ideas and attempts I have finally settled on what I hope to be a lush dense forest..... we shall see lol Tank: TMC...
  18. Danny

    Feedback Great service

    Placed an order Monday night and it arrived first thing this morning, thanks guys.
  19. Danny

    Dimming ADA Aquasky

    Hi guys, Is it possible to somehow add a controller on to the ADA Aquasky? I'm thinking for the ability to have the gradual increase and then decrease before lights out....
  20. Danny

    Inline diffuser placement

    Hello guys, I've noticed the placement of the inline diffuser varies, I have also learned that the longer contact time the co2 has the better. Is there any reason not to connect it on the in feed to the filter? I have read about build up in the filter, is that a problem? Any risks aside from...
  21. Danny

    What hose to use....

    Hey guys, Bit of a simple one here, what hose do you use to connect your glassware? I know obviously co2 hose but which.... I've got some high pressure hose and it just doesn't seem right, it's stiff as old boots..... Am I right that the high pressure hose is used from FE to bubble counter...
  22. Danny

    Collecting leaves

    I'm wanting to get a good leaf litter to help with a biotope look, I'm not overly concerned about the beneficial factors such as catappa leaves have as the soil and wood should take care of most of that but more the asthectics so any will do. I'm thinking of just heading off to the local...
  23. Danny

    3.15kg FE

    Hello guys, Do you currently have any in stock and available to fill? Thanks
  24. Danny

    Critique my aquascape Fire away with your thoughts

    What do you guys think of this and my plant list? I have ordered the following plants, any other plant ideas? Bucephalandra sp. "Deep Purple" Bucephalandra sp. "Red" Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Rubella' Cryptocoryne albida 'Brown' Cryptocoryne beckettii "Petchii" Cryptocoryne wendtii "brown"...
  25. Danny

    ADA aqua soil Amazonian turned to dust???

    Hi guys, My ADA aqua soil Amazonian has turned to literally nothing and it's only been in the tank 5/6 weeks! I had a 're scape and it's mostly turned to literally microscopic particles? Is this normal? Surely it shouldn't do that? How does anyone 're use it if that happens especially...
  26. Danny

    Algae control advice

    Hi guys, I'm after a little advice specific to my set up if possible, I've read what I can on the forum but looking for more direct info. So tank basics; TMC signature 600x450x300 Daily dosing 2ml TNC liquid carbon and 1ml TNC complete ferts. Lighting ADA aquasky 601 7hrs a day (was more)...
  27. Danny

    Journey of the stones

    So I'm starting this one early in the hope of sneaking another tank into the house without my mrs noticing lol I've loved the look of Seiryu stone since I first started seeing it used years ago but never managed to find the ideal pieces that really grabbed me when I looked at them. I recently...
  28. Danny

    50%+ daily water changes during cycle

    Hey guys, I see it is pretty common to do huge daily water changes on new tanks while going through the first few weeks, I'm pretty old school where you fill it and wait type thing. So my question is, how does doing such big daily water changes affect the cycle? What is the main reason it's...
  29. Danny

    Rotala Wallichii "closing"

    Hi guys, just wondering why Rotala Wallichii opens and closes it's leaves while the light is on? I figure it's because it had taken in all the nutrients etc it can so protects it's self or something but looking for a proper explanation of what's going on please.
  30. Danny

    Show off your shallow tanks

    After having to move my current tank I have realised I have the perfect place for a 4ft tank now, I'm having visions of a 4ft shallow tank after looking at a few shallow scapes. I have a 120x45x20 in mind and would like to see what others have done with similar sized tanks.
  31. Danny

    Marsilea Hirsuta, DSM or not...

    I've been having a read and can't find anything that says if either makes a difference, I'm using ADA Amazonia and aware of a potential of high ammonia so considering to just flood start but looking for opinions please.
  32. Danny

    Liquid co2 vs Gas

    With say 75l of water how much difference will there be between using gas or liquid co2? The main plant will be marsilea hirsuta so not a desperate need for co2.
  33. Danny

    Critique my aquascape Thoughts welcome on my scape

    What was planned to be a Seiryu scape magically turned into a dragon rock scape after a quick stop at the LFS. Plants are planned to be very few but a carpet of possibly HC or GE. What are your thoughts so far?
  34. Danny

    Mont Gumi

    After a few years out of fish keeping I am finally getting around to setting up what I hope to be my best ever tank, I'm not entirely sure at this point if it will be a mountain scape or simple Iwagumi. I will be using Seiryu stone so will see what develops while dry scaping, I am also yet to...
  35. Danny

    ADA 60h 30/45 or similar quality

    Does anyone know where has either in stock and available for delivery at the moment? Alternatively can anyone recommend an alternative of the same quality? Thanks
  36. Danny

    Best lights for 5x2x2 River system

    Hello guys, It has been a while since I have had anything to do with tanks but have a new challenge in mind. I want to set up a freshwater UK based river system, I only imagine having some giant vallis and cabomba so actual light quality is not a major issue. I am looking for ideas on the most...
  37. Danny

    How does NA superclear really compare to optiwhite?

    Now my tank is really really clear but not optiwhite and I sit here wondering how it could be any clearer, then I see the NA tanks which they say are again superior to optiwhite........... Can anyone confirm if NA is in fact clearer and can you even tell once you get to a certain point of...
  38. Danny

    My rock scape ( Marine )

    Going for the less is more approach with my move from softies to LPS.
  39. Danny

    Bonnie and Clyde

  40. Danny

    Please help and sign my petition

    I would be most grateful if you would also share it where ever you can to get as many to sign as possible. Thanks Make Blackberry Messenger 18 and over. - e-petitions
  41. Danny

    Newave 1.6 powerheads ( review )

    I have two of these running in my marine tank, fantastic little powerheads! Nice and quiet, more than powerful enough for their size, easy to put on and take off and a nice matt black colour and great swivel ball head adjustment. If anyone is looking for a way to increase flow around the tank...
  42. Danny

    Lets get the 6500k debate going again then

    Right lol Since the last sort of debate on what kelvin colour is best I have seen nothing but people saying they are using 6500k, this goes from people new to planted tanks and more experienced guys basically everyone. What I want to know is why do people choose 6500k? Why not 4000k or 8000k...
  43. Danny

    If you are thinking about doing this don't lol

    Decided to keep my little cube but take it apart and re build it as not happy with the silicone work...........Well what a fantastic idea that was not! Taking the tank apart was hard enough but now slicing off the silicone from the panes of glass......well what a pain in the **** this is...
  44. Danny

    Tropica plant growth specialised fertiliser

    Would it be any good for a low fish stock fairly low plant stock 50L tank?
  45. Danny

    An old one

    Low res image to stop trolls "borrowing" it for public use without permission as happened several times when it was for sale online.
  46. Danny

    Here's Larry

  47. Danny

    Meet Frank

  48. Danny

    My tank with plants in

    Cant really call it a planted tank as it is a mess and has been neglected since pretty much September when I started marines lol There has been no light on it for the last 3 weeks only the room light and I stopped the diy co2 sometime a while ago that I can not remember lol It was supposed to...
  49. Danny

    Best value RO units here

    Colinswaterproducts I have not used his units but have seen many reviews on marine forums about them and every one has been happy with them.
  50. Danny

    What rocks are neutral?

    Thinking of going with only RO and want to use rock in the scape but what is available that is totally neutral and will not effect the hardness at all?
  51. Danny

    Bargain 4x24W T5 lighting

    Here I have just ordered one for my marine tank :) I will replace 2 or 3 of the bulbs for blue but great value.
  52. Danny

    How to keep the Mrs happy

  53. Danny

    Who lives in London then......

    When I first joined I think I was one of the rare few lol Now seems to be more and more from London joining. Maybe worth meeting up with enough people later in the year........ Barnet here but originally NW London.
  54. Danny

    Resolved! Forum keeps freezing

    As above, it keeps freezing and I have to close the tab and re open the forum. Not happening on any other tabs I have open so defo a forum thing and has been happening since last night.
  55. Danny

    Difference in quality between TMC and ADA

    Anyone know of a difference in glass quality or silicone work between the TMC Signature range and the ADA? The TMC 600x450x450 is £189.95 and the ADA Cube Garden £324.99 Quite a difference!!
  56. Danny

    DIY Project DIY ADA'esk cabinet 610x510x636

    Ok so here is my build so far, I will be laminating the mdf with proper laminate as used on any contiboard you can buy in the shop and also filling and rubbing down the cabinet, I have to also seal the mdf with PVA which I will do tonight. My cut list: 18mm mdf 610x510 x2 Top and Bottom...
  57. Danny

    I'm getting a Chinese!!

    Finally decided on what lighting I will have, it is a Chinese 48x3w dimmable led unit, got it for slightly more than it would of cost me for either a diy gu10 system or two x4 24w T5 systems. It has two channels which are individually dimmable and each has it's own power cable, have to say I am...
  58. Danny

    New PS3 COD clan being put together

    Hello guys, not been on here for ages, I still have my 2ft planted but been playing with marines the last few weeks. Sold the big tank in the end as did not have the time to look after it and now playing with a 2ft marine and planning a custom tank ( if I ever get around to it ) If any of you...
  59. Danny

    There goes my tank plans lol

    Been looking for a new bike for a while and was going to use the money for that to do the ada tank system as could not find anything I liked for the last few weeks and the money was just sitting there. Then last night I found this sexy animal It was a choice between doing the ada system now...
  60. Danny

    ADA stockists other than TGM?

    Sent them an email asking if they would negotiate on the price of x8 ADA tanks ( £888 total ) and if they could arrange the drilling of a single hole in each and do you think they would.........nope, the drilling I was unsure of but thought they may offer a slight discount on the tanks. If they...
  61. Danny

    Mega deep banks, what to use?

    I am thinking of making some serious banks in the main tank up to I guess about 15" high. What would be the best way to do it to keep the risk of them turning anaerobic and toxic as low as possible? Could I use bricks or concrete blocks to take up the void and put the substrate ( cat litter )...
  62. Danny

    Whats it worth?

    Thinking of selling my main tank ( tank only ) and getting a shorter 2ft high instead of 30" with clear silicone and optiwhite front I know at the end of the day it depends on what someone will pay but any idea of a rough figure it would be worth? Glass is mint apart from 3-4 tiny scratches...
  63. Danny

    Will this overflow work?

    Rather than having tanks drilled would this work the same as a standard overflow in a drilled tank?
  64. Danny

    ADA Do!Aqua vs ADA Cube Garden

    Anyone have or had both? what is the difference in glass quality/clarity like? what is the difference between clarity of a normal tank compared to either? is it really worth the extra £40 ish quid for the cube garden or is all all about the difference between one having Do!Aqua on the front on...
  65. Danny

    Best place to get tanks made?

    Anyone used anywhere or know of a good quality fair priced builder? Will be tanks only with drilling required and delivery if not in London :thumbup:
  66. Danny

    Using plain old BBQ charcoal instead of "carbon"

    Has anyone tried using standard bbq charcoal or similar instead of shop bought carbon? It is basically the same thing right?
  67. Danny

    Cardinal tetra getting really dark

    Since buying them last Saturday they have become much darker but more intense in colour, I guess this means they like the tank and water conditions? The red is almost dry blood red and the blue very neon with their backs being almost blackish.
  68. Danny

    Thumbs up for pc world

    Bought a new lappy Tuesday and it just did not seem quite right, over the last 2 days it began freezing and would not configure the updates. Took it back to complain etc expecting them to go on about sending it off for repair or something but adamant I wanted a straight replacement and would...
  69. Danny

    some people make me sick!

    Sold my big piece of wood to some guy a few weeks ago who has now opened a paypal claim claiming the wood has poisoned his tank! As with most new and even old bits of wood he has said it has a slime on it, this is nothing to worry about but he reckens this has caused his nitrates to go through...
  70. Danny

    Trimming plants

    How harsh can I be with trimming plants/mosses etc
  71. Danny

    Any printers on here?

    Thinking of doing my own backgrounds with photoshop but a plan printer would be needed for the 4ft and an a2 printer for the 2ft's to print them.........
  72. Danny

    Scape critique

    Bored so having a play with what I have laying around, supposed to be a relaxing day of nothing but bored as hell so fancied a play lol Excuse the severe reflections I will post a better pic once it is dark,
  73. Danny

    Filterless room temp tanks

    I have decided I would like to try out a un filtered tank with my spare 2x12x15, I am already running the shrimp tank at room temp so not worried about that side of it as have done it before anyway. After reading a couple of the journals ( think bucket of mud was one ) that was almost un...
  74. Danny

    What are the rarest plants?

    As above :thumbup:
  75. Danny

    Member collections service

    Had an idea that thought I would share, As we are all in different parts of the country and with the recent request I was thinking perhaps some may be willing to collect local ( set distance maybe 2-3 miles ) items for others for say a % of the item value so it can then be shipped to the buyer...
  76. Danny

    Anyone use tree wood in their tank?

    I know some are safe to use such as Beach but has anyone done it and how would I go about it?
  77. Danny

    Bubbles causing a film on the surface....

    Is it good or bad that the micro bubbles are causing a film on the surface of the tank?I guess it is down to lack of surface agitation but is it a problem?
  78. Danny

    DIY diffused through a powerhead

    I have decided to try this instead of the ladder and see how it goes instead, I have an old rena power head that I have the air line under so the co2 bubbles up directly into it and the PH then destroys the bubbles creating millions of tiny bubbles and spits them around the tank. Is that any...
  79. Danny

    how long does it take diy co2 to get going?

    Made the mix up with 2 cups of sugar and 1tsp of yeast and filled a 2L coke bottle with warm water up to where the bottle neck forms. Is has been about an hour I guess and it is just building a big bubble in the bottom of the ladder and not sending up the small bubbles as it should/will. How...
  80. Danny

    diy co2 first try

    Right got everything and the time to set it up to give it a go, anyone want to tell me how much of what they use for 50L ish? :thumbup:
  81. Danny

    Has anyone used this diy kit?

    Sold on ebay item number:260794496171 Looks great to me just wondering what the quality and longevity of it is like?
  82. Danny

    Private messages in the outbox

    Why do they go to the outbox and not sent folder? does it mean they have not been sent or are waiting to send?
  83. Danny

    50L recipe wanted

    Thought it would be easier to just ask for a recipe that someone uses on a 50L with good results than trying to get it right and not lol so anyone with diy on a 50L ish tank getting good results please share your recipe if you don't mind :thumbup: Will be using a 2L coke bottle :thumbup:
  84. Danny

    Removing tank braces

    Just got home with the clearseal 2x12x15 and as I knew it has two braces one along the front and one along the back, I am guessing to stop the glass bowing and exploding. My question is this, my 2x12x15 jewel does not have these braces and is 5mm glass, the clearseal is 4mm glass, I would like...
  85. Danny

    Just added another tank to the growing collection

    Just won a clearseal 24x12x15 ( same size as the shrimp tank ) on fleabay for £20, hopefully collect it tonight!It will go on the right of the main tank so will have matching size tanks either side of the main tank, had to even it out lol What to do with this one...........
  86. Danny

    Using standard water filters is it ok?

    I am thinking of rigging up 2 water filter cannisters to my return pipe, a carbon and a 1 or 5 micron. Has anyone used them and any idea if this will be ok? Its the same canisters you get on a RO unit just without the RO membrane so not sure what effect it will have on the water if any. I am...
  87. Danny

    Aponogeton natans amazing growth rate!

    In the last 48hrs this shoot has grown approx 14", you can actually see the growth increase hourly! I think it is a flower stalk headed for the surface........ The tall stem on the left
  88. Danny

    Can someone please buy this tank!! 4x4x2

    I want it so much and have tried to persuade the mrs it will fit in every possible location in the house but its a no go lol I would love someone here to buy it so I can see what is done with it lol Ebay item number 290756990747 :thumbup:
  89. Danny

    things ok to post as swap on the forum?

    I have a serious amount of top end photo editing software inc cs5 extended and cs6, would I be ok to put up a list of what I have in the for sale bored to swap for plants?
  90. Danny

    Running two or three tanks off a FE.......

    Has anyone does this and how would you recommend the amount be regulated for each tank as different sizes and amounts needed? Really thinking about getting into Co2 now and if I do it will be at least a 2kg FE set up so could run it on both tanks and possibly the third I have in mind :thumbup:
  91. Danny

    The ultimate DIY spray bar, your opinion please

    I am thinking of making a full surface spray bar, In the dodgy picture below I have added the possible extra pipe work in black and the red will be water flow, I will have the water flow over the surface and not running off the rim of the tank, I could either point the spray straight down or...
  92. Danny

    Spotted this little guy

    Noticed a few of these, this is about the biggest but still only a few mm lol, it is beside the newly planted Glossostigma Elatinoides so you can see how small it is. Am I right in thinking it and the others are baby pink ramshorn snails and will not eat the plants just any algae on them?
  93. Danny

    Low/medium light with DIY Co2 plants advice.

    I am after ideas for plants to use in the shrimp tank, it is low/medium light ( x2 8w T5 6500k ) approx 12" above the substrate. I can increase this to x3 8w bulbs if need be. I would also like to carpet with something, if you have seen the pictures of it so far you will notice the main focus...
  94. Danny

    Blue light for shrimp?

    Am I right in thinking that a blue bulb only will make shrimp sort of glow at night from the reaction with their exoskeleton? Got a single blue bulb that came supplied in the light unit along with x2 6500k, is it worth keeping the blue for viewing at night or should I just replace it with...
  95. Danny

    Lighting time requirements

    Ok, so this is my set up; light: x4 54w T5HO 6500k approx 8" above the surface of the water and approx 33" above the substrate ( fairly good reflectors ) tank: 120x60x76 what would you say would be the optimum amount of time to have the lights on? Currently on 12hrs but would 6-8 be better/ok...
  96. Danny

    Anyone know what this is?

    It is as if the sand is being burnt by the light but only happening there, is it a bacteria or algae or something......
  97. Danny

    Light PAR Tables

    I have copied these from another forum, thought they may help you guys :thumbup:
  98. Danny

    Bloodworm coming from the substrate......

    The last couple of days I have been getting loads of bloodworm ( midge larvae ) in the tank, I realised they are coming out of the substrate now never had this before and putting it down to the John Inns No3 I have under the sand, has anyone else ever had this happen and is it a problem? I have...
  99. Danny

    Thread closed

  100. Danny

    Scape opinions please

    I am so used to setting up 100kg of ocean rock that now trying to set up a couple of rocks with a mind to planting around them etc is killing me lol I just get brain dead when I try and get some ideas of how it will look with plants grown in, any ideas on rock placement welcome. Tank is...