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  1. Paulus

    Algae won't go away and i am running out of ideas tracing the cause

    Never had mayor algae issues in the past 20 years (even made it to an article in a UK aquarium magazine for an interview :p) compared to my current tank. In the past i always used the EI method for dosing. Just plain filter sand as "soil" for the plants. Plants did perfect and only had some hair...
  2. Paulus

    Galaxy paradise 2021 [ADA 120P]

    After a couple of years it was time to get a new tank :cool: (old tank is still running for now). So what upgrade did i make? Setup Tank: ADA 120P Cabinet: Custom made one in the style of ADA Light: Chihiros Wrgb 2 120 Filter: Eheim 4+ 600 (2275) + Eheim classic 2217 (from the previous setup)...
  3. Paulus

    Options to turn old GHL dosing pumps into a smart 2021 version?

    I have still a GHL dosing pump here. But it's not a "smart" version. The screen brightness is going down after these years so reading it is also hard. In the past i already replaced the screen/board for a new one. But it expensive. So i was wondering: would it be possible to convert this "old"...
  4. Paulus

    3D printing

    Got a 3d printer for a while now and picking up the 3d modeling (still a rookie :P ). I was thinking to make something for inside the eheim 2217 to prevent the foams and the especially the white foam to be crushed by the media on top of it (substrat). More people have tried this or other filter...
  5. Paulus

    New filter for 120x60x50 hightech tank

    Planning an upgrade on my current tank to a 120x60x50. Also will it get a twinstar light and co2 etc. Currently having a Eheim 2217 (and a biomaster 850T which will return to the shop because of the air purging problem and noise). So i'll go back to Eheim. (sorry oase) But which model/type...
  6. Paulus

    ideas for a pre-filter

    Hi, I have a nice pond with goldfish in it. i also have a Velda Cross-Flow Biofill filter on it. But the first chamber with japanese matting is always pretty dirty. Result is less flow inside the filter and a mess when cleaning :P So i was thinking for a pre-filter. Because of the small...
  7. Paulus

    Best lighting schedule?

    Hi, Been a while since my last posts. :) But always kept reading other posts. Now i have a question about my lighting above a 100x50x50 cm plantend tank (nature scape again) I use the following system: 2x T5 39W + 1x HQI 150W I am dosing ferts with the EL method. But still the plants aren't...
  8. Paulus

    150W HQI ???K

    Hi, I am using a 150W HQI above my planted tank for a couple of years now. Works great but i want to replace the lightbulb. Before i ordered them in germany from a webshop but this one is gone. And i can't remember what K value i am using (text on the bulb is also gone). What is the best K...
  9. Paulus

    circulation pumps

    Any tips for some circulation pumps? Do you use any stream pumps in the planted tank? i am thinking to buy a HYDOR KORALIA 2800 or a HYDOR KORALIA 4000. which one will be better for my tank? my tank is 100x50x50cm 250L :)
  10. Paulus

    funny commercial

    watch this: :D
  11. Paulus

    cleaning an old tank

    a friend want to buy a second hand tank. but it isn't that clean any more. with a good brush and water you can clean most of it. but the problem are the kit borders/connections. on it you find some Algae. always fun :silent: you can't brush it hard cause then you will destroy the kit and...
  12. Paulus

    Handmade Daft Punk helmet

    OMG!!!! :D so cool :D More info,videos,photos see his blog: http://www.volpinprops.blogspot.com/
  13. Paulus

    painting on water

    check this out! very cool :) http://www.dumpert.nl/mediabase/1036361 ... water.html
  14. Paulus

    Showcase of Beautiful Photography - Smashing Magazine

    enjoy :) http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2010/07 ... otography/
  15. Paulus

    My first iwagumi 60x30x30cm

    this is my first iwagumi :D well i tried to make a nice iwagumi scape :P some information about the tank: dimensions: 60x30x30cm lighting: 2x24W Filtration: Eheim 2213 i rescaped this tank again. the previous scape was boring and the driftwood was almost gone. so time to clean the whole tank...
  16. Paulus

    hot weather

    it is summer :D . temperature over here is 37C at the moment 8) but the water inside the tanks is only 26 :) don't know how but i guess it is because of the type aquarium: open top tank :) before i had a juwel rio180 and in the summer i need to use some computer fans to cool down the water...
  17. Paulus

    Rango movie trailer

    You need to see this. great new animation movie :D trailer: http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/paramount/rango/ (watch trailer 2. trailer one is only a fish :P)
  18. Paulus

    eheim 2217 filter media cleaning question

    i have an eheim 2217 with the following filter media setup: - fine (white) filter pad - eheim substrat - Blue filter pad - eheim mech but sometimes the blue pad is full of dirt. so it needs a clean. but when i remove the substrat it sometimes stick to the blue pad. sometimes i gives the...
  19. Paulus

    trimming Bolbitis heudelotii

    I was wondering how to trim the Bolbitis heudelotii. can i just cut/remove the long leaves or will this lead into a dead plant. Never had this plant before so it is new for me :) some leaves are to long now. 25cm :roll:
  20. Paulus

    The world's only immortal animal

    http://green.yahoo.com/blog/guest_blogg ... nimal.html http://green.yahoo.com/blog/guest_blogg ... nimal.html
  21. Paulus

    your opinion

    made a new scape with some Seiryu stones and colombo substrate (all new for me :)) do you guys like it or do you see some things that can be imporved? (i need to fill the background with some more substrate to get a nice slope :)) My first iwagumi :roll:
  22. Paulus

    CO2 tube splitting

    i was wondering if i can split the co2 tube i use for my big tank. I am setting up (again :P) my 60cm tank and maybe i want to use CO2 for it. before i used bioCO2 (works also). I have an empty 500Gr co2 bottle. but i need a regulator for that. and they cost alot :P so i was thinking how to use...
  23. Paulus

    glass diffusor cleaning tips

    Hi, I found an old glass diffusor in some old aquarium stuff boxes :P but the diffusor isn't tha clean anymore. the glass itself is a bit white and the ceramic plate (top) is green. how can i clean this? i cant get inside the glass. will war mwater do the trick? any suggestions? :roll:
  24. Paulus

    type of filter for 60x30x30cm tank

    I am looking for a nice filter for my 60x30x30cm tank. I found the Eheim 2211. Can i use this for my tank? or is it to strong? i owned a 2213 before and it was way to strong for the tank (water was splashing around :P) any suggestions?
  25. Paulus

    great looking tank [video]

    nice video of a great looking tank: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qh5r_5m6 ... re=related and a hand with scissors trimming the plants :P
  26. Paulus

    substrate use in running tank

    I was wondering the following: Say I want to switch to a new substrate (ADA, colombo, oliverknott etc). Can you use this in an already running tank with fish, shrimps, plants etc. Can you change this without problems? or will this have horrible effects on the water values and animals?
  27. Paulus

    2009 ADA Iwagumi Challenge

    http://www.superaflam.com/video-fmt18/E ... lenge.html :)
  28. Paulus

    UKAPS workshop @ Vivarium 2010

    Yesterday it was Vivarium day :D I was there with my camera and i have made some photos from the UKAPS workshop :) Great workshop :thumbup: On Saterday they made a nature style tank, on Sunday they made an Iwagumi. i was only there on Saterday. so i hope someone made some photos from the...
  29. Paulus


    Found this song: enter sandman. everybody knows this song :D but this version is a bit different :P they turned it into a jazz version:
  30. Paulus

    God of War 3

    more people playing this game since the release? it is so cool!!!!!!! :twisted:
  31. Paulus

    some phototips

    i need tips. i can;t get my tank on the photos how i want. somehow the photos are always different then the tank in real life. an can';t get the colors right :( i am using a Sony A300 camera. more people using this camera or have some good tips? what settings are you using?
  32. Paulus

    the pacific

    i have a question about the new miniseries "The pacific". the new Band of brothers from tom hanks and steven spielberg. I have seen the first BoB alot :D it's still so cool to watch the episodes. The first time i saw it was on the BBC. my question: march 14 is the premiere of The Pacific on...
  33. Paulus

    funny video

    whehehehe this is funny. Sleeping Baby Pigs React To Sounds with their ears :lol:
  34. Paulus

    Cladophora, Blanket Weed

    just wondering how to get rid of this *#&$(#) algae. or how does in enters the aquarium? cause i heard it is a very hard algae to get rid off. is this right? cause i am getting crazy here because of this algae :thumbdown:
  35. Paulus

    japanese hairgrass in europe?

    why is it so difficult to find japanese hairgrass in europa? any ideas? i am still looking for this plant and can't find it anywhere :( found a webshop on this forum but the delivery costs were so high it would be a very expensive plant to buy. Is this a very rare type of plant? or is it...
  36. Paulus

    Back to Nature

    In this topic i shall post the progress of my new tank. from the start till the end (but i guess there will never be an end ;) ) So first, ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The plan...
  37. Paulus

    japanese hairgrass

    just wondering. any idea for an onlineshop who sells japanese hairgrass? and also sending to europe/netherlands? i can't find this plant anywhere :(
  38. Paulus

    air in filter/reactor how?

    I am just wondering. i have an eheim 2217 and sometimes i hear some air inside it. but where is the air coming from? once the filter is completly full of water how is it possible it blows air sometimes inside? when it blows the air out i gets inside the co2 reactor (aquamedic 1000). and ofcourse...