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  1. sparkyweasel

    Plumbing a canister filter

    The second part of that is quite believable. :)
  2. sparkyweasel


    That might explain why plants grew well under incandescent bulbs.
  3. sparkyweasel

    What about In Vitro plants?

    My experience is similar. Often 100% melt. :(
  4. sparkyweasel

    Low-energy non CO2 tanks

    We don't.
  5. sparkyweasel

    Corydora health

    That's an industrial abrasive.
  6. sparkyweasel

    Floating Plants

    If you can post a pic, some-one will know. :)
  7. sparkyweasel

    are oxygen test kits useful?

    If the others are breathing normally, I would suspect gill flukes (or perhaps a gill infection) making it harder for the affected fish to obtain oxygen. Low oxygen in the water is likely to affect all the fish of a species equally. I would try treating for flukes. hth
  8. sparkyweasel

    are oxygen test kits useful?

    What symptoms are they showing?
  9. sparkyweasel

    Algae issues- lighting? Advice needed

    I would reduce the lighting to start with. Brown algae (diatoms) usually go away after a week or two; people can give any advice they like and it will always seem to work. :) I would also add more plants, especially fast-growing stem plants. Algae seem to have a hard time when there are lots of...
  10. sparkyweasel

    Amazon Frogbit (Limnobium laevigatum) phytoremediation references

    There are European and North American Frogbits as well as Amazon Frogbit. :)
  11. sparkyweasel

    Hello green buddies

    Welcome! :)
  12. sparkyweasel

    Anoxic denitrification in canister filters?

    Zero nitrate is not a useful goal. Happy and healthy fish is a better goal to aim for. Fish like space to swim around, the choice of interacting with their tankmates or keeping away from them, and a rich environment to live in. No amount of filtration will add that to a tank that is too small.
  13. sparkyweasel

    Brown algae/Diatoms

    You're right, it can. But also from airborne spores.
  14. sparkyweasel

    New to the hobby...

    Welcome! :)
  15. sparkyweasel

    Brown algae/Diatoms

    Are we talking about the brown patches on the Amazon Swords? They don't look like diatoms to me, more like damaged leaves. Can you remove the brown patches ny rubbing the leaves?
  16. sparkyweasel

    Guppy variation ID’s

    I would stick to the first of those links. :)
  17. sparkyweasel

    High ammonia on established tank

    And some information about it, and anything that's changed recently. Maintenance and water changes? Tapwater conditioner? What test kits are you using? Are the other fish looking and behaving normally?
  18. sparkyweasel

    Coldwater nano fish

    WCMMs look better in a decent-sized tank, and they will be happier. White Clouds love to swim about, dashing from end to end of the tank and chasing each other around, in and out of plants and round the hardscape.
  19. sparkyweasel

    Substrate maintenance!

    Do we? You could post a poll to ask people what they use. I don't remember any-one who uses active substrate claiming that they grow plants that users of inert substrates cannot grow. Although the manufacturers make some bold claims. :)
  20. sparkyweasel

    Hi From Spalding

    Welcome! :)
  21. sparkyweasel

    Members Introductions

    Welcome! :)
  22. sparkyweasel

    Insane tour of large private reef tank

    Either that or the top of an old table that's been in the shed for a few years. :)
  23. sparkyweasel

    Is it worth getting a helialux?

    I wouldn't change then. :) If the Helialux is a real bargain, you could use it as an excuse to get another tank. :)
  24. sparkyweasel

    Hello from Worcester

    Welcome! :)
  25. sparkyweasel

    New member yada yada

    Welcome! :)
  26. sparkyweasel

    Fenbendazole, planaria calculating dose.

    That website mentions 'grams' rather than 'grammes', leading me to suspect that it's American; in which case those gallons are probably US gallons, which are 3.79 litres. hth
  27. sparkyweasel

    New member, Cornwall

    Welcome! :)
  28. sparkyweasel


    Welcome! :)
  29. sparkyweasel

    Hello from London

    Welcome! :)
  30. sparkyweasel

    Hello from India

    Welcome! :)
  31. sparkyweasel

    Hello from Norfolk

    Welcome! :)
  32. sparkyweasel

    3 week into cycling my tank.

    Hi @Lee iley, have you posted the details of your tank? Maybe I missed it? Tank info guidelines
  33. sparkyweasel

    Extending concrete pond

    I am given to understand it's difficult to extend a concrete pond. I would consider building a new pond adjecent to the existing one as an easier option. If you build the new one a bit lower, you could link them with a waterfall. Just another idea for you. :)
  34. sparkyweasel

    Safety warning! Aqueon aquarium heater causing electrocution

    There seems to be as many people saying earth rods are dangerous as there are sayinh they are beneficial. This won't settle the debate, but it is entertaining; Electricity and water
  35. sparkyweasel

    Anubias Disease!

    Or any species. Tea tree kitten.
  36. sparkyweasel

    GSA- BBA Suspect Imbalance

    Congratulations! :)
  37. sparkyweasel

    quick introduction

    Welcome! :)
  38. sparkyweasel

    Getting neon tetras spawning?

    and it's hard work trying to teach them to read. :)
  39. sparkyweasel

    Can theese cichlids go together?

    And so tactfully expressed. :)
  40. sparkyweasel

    Can theese cichlids go together?

    Pair for these, harem for (most) Apistogramma spp. That depends very much on the tank decor. They like hiding places/caves which are out of sight of each other, eg with plants or hardscape blocking the line of sight from one to another. Apistogramma cacatuoides is a good first Apistogramma and...
  41. sparkyweasel

    Substrate maintenance!

    . . . and?
  42. sparkyweasel

    Heat getting to neon tetras/minnows?

    That temp alone shouldn't be a problem, but warmer water holds less dissolved oxygen. It also raises the fish's metabolism so they need more oxygen. It you can't reduce the temp, you could try increasing the aeration. I've kept White Clouds in a greenhouse which got much hotter in summer, but...
  43. sparkyweasel

    HELP! Small White particles on Plants and Decorations

    I can't see the pics either, just "Album is empty".
  44. sparkyweasel

    Can theese cichlids go together?

    I find that hard to believe. I have kept both, and I wouldn't try keeping them together. Rainbows can be aggresive, and are much bigger than Bolivians, I would think about Keyholes (as @Conort2 said) or Laetacaras. These also will be safer with your plants. Edit; Or Nannacara anomala. :)
  45. sparkyweasel

    Hi from Somerset/Bridgwater

    Welcome! :)
  46. sparkyweasel

    Suggestions on internal filter

    You might find this interesting; Bio-media
  47. sparkyweasel


    You can usually see a few out and about in the daytime (or photoperiod) but far more after lights-out.
  48. sparkyweasel

    New set up and plant help.

    That should be OK, I wouldn't expect that much temp difference would be the cause of the problem.
  49. sparkyweasel

    Get your garden out

    Lucky you! Have you seen the price of slabs? :)
  50. sparkyweasel

    Lean dosing pros and cons

    Which is why we sometimes get 'pearling' on hardscape, glass walls, filters etc.
  51. sparkyweasel

    New set up and plant help.

    What is the tank temp?
  52. sparkyweasel

    New member

    Welcome! :)
  53. sparkyweasel

    3 week into cycling my tank.

    Quite a few people do similar, calling it a 'dark start'. That sounds good; some people use ammonia, but I think a range of different organic matter would be better. It might give rise to a more varied population of micro-organisms.
  54. sparkyweasel

    Shelf mounted 200L tank

    I did a similar thing, slightly smaller, at 170 litres. I used 2x2 battens, and these fixings; Fixings The screws are thinner than yours, as the fixing goes into an 8mm hole, so maybe 6mm actual screw diameter. Three screws across the back and two on each side (into good sound bricks of course)...
  55. sparkyweasel

    Another Tank ?

    Absolutely :)
  56. sparkyweasel

    UK cave spiders - the scariest wee beasties in my home!

    Not nice indeed. :eek: Is that a typical reaction, or are you allergic or hypersensitive to them?
  57. sparkyweasel

    New tank planning

    Welcome! :)
  58. sparkyweasel

    optimum carbon dioxide for elodea Canadensis?

    I hope you didn't think I was having a dig at you @Matt1994 , you are absolutely right for an aquarium forum. But it I thought it sounds like @jennnndawg is studying plants for their own sake, not in an aquarium context. I hope s/he will be back and perhaps tell us more. :)
  59. sparkyweasel

    Fish 'stroller'

    A more indepenfent fish might prefer to drive itself around. ' Article
  60. sparkyweasel

    optimum carbon dioxide for elodea Canadensis?

    Welcome! :) The 30ppm mentioned by @Matt1994 applies to aquariums with fish, shrimps, snails etc. It is generally considered a safe maximum for livestock. In the absence of animals higher levels can give faster growth, - some people do this in a newly set-up tank to get the plants off to a good...
  61. sparkyweasel

    New Member

    Welcome! :)
  62. sparkyweasel

    Persistent Algae

    Have the plants been slowly deteriorating since the move? Or was there a sudden die-off? I suspect the plant problem may be causing (or contributing to) the algae problem. I would put some cheap stem plants in, and see if they thrive and whether they help with the algae. If they do, they can be...
  63. sparkyweasel

    Use of Activated Carbon, Purigen, etc.

    Great, a magic cure for a bad set-up and poor maintenance. :)
  64. sparkyweasel

    Stocking Choices For 25L Cold Water Tank

    But Oscars like to lurk in their spot, whereas White Clouds (for example) like to dash about from one end of the tank to the other, chase each other in and out of plants, round and round hardscape and so on.
  65. sparkyweasel

    Is this a bacterial bloom?

    As the fungus is usually attached to the wood, I have always assumed that it feeds on nutrients that remain in the wood. This could easily be wrong. :)
  66. sparkyweasel

    New Member

    Welcome! :)
  67. sparkyweasel

    Hello From the Black Country

    Welcome! :)
  68. sparkyweasel

    New member

    Welcome! :)
  69. sparkyweasel

    Breeding CPDs - food stages

    Try searching "culture green water". :) 1 2 3 4 5
  70. sparkyweasel

    Will domestic Apistogramma Macmasteri breed in white water or do they need clear water ?

    I had a female Nannacara anomala who tried to herd Daphnia. :)
  71. sparkyweasel

    Post Your Pics & Videos of the Great Outdoors

    My late father knew Jenny Owen, who identified (with the help of her university colleagues) 2204 species of insect in her (not huge) garden, including 60 not previously recorded in Britain and six that were new to science. And lots of other creatures too. She wrote a book, Wildlife Of A Garden...
  72. sparkyweasel

    (NO MORE) 2,000L High tech BEAST

    Good luck with the new home and job. :)
  73. sparkyweasel

    Oase in tank filter

    It will be fine for a planted tank without CO2 injection. If you are going to use CO2 you will probably need more flow. Not necessarily from a bigger filter, - you could add a powerhead for the extra flow.
  74. sparkyweasel

    Nerite Snail & Neon Tetras PH

    Commercially bred Neons are quite adaptable, pH7 or 7.5 would be OK. They are also very often weak and in poor condition/health. You might have to shop around a bit to find some good ones. Green Neons usually seem to be in better condition so you might consider those as an alternative.
  75. sparkyweasel

    Is it possible to eliminate algae by sterilization

    ah yes, 'the land of the free'. :) I wonder what would happen if you told City Hall it's not a lawn. it's a wildflower meadow?
  76. sparkyweasel

    Can air pumps stress fish?

    You could get a splitter valve and use it to bleed off some excess air. Something like this; Valve
  77. sparkyweasel

    Hello crazy fish people

    Welcome! :)
  78. sparkyweasel

    Post Your Pics & Videos of the Great Outdoors

    Species with pendulous flowers and smooth fruits are now Brugmansia. The ones with upright flowers and spiny fruit are still Datura. Normally pollinated by hummingbirds, but I wouldn't be surprised if bees or moths could do the job; however, natural seed dispersal is believed to have been by...
  79. sparkyweasel

    Post Your Pics & Videos of the Great Outdoors

    Yes, very. Better not then :)
  80. sparkyweasel

    Helllllo freshies

    Welcome! :)
  81. sparkyweasel

    How to feed and raise honey gouramis

    Hobby Protogen is dried, dormant infusoria. It has worked well for me, but can be hard to find. If your LFS has it. I would recommend getting some. Liquifry also works, but you have to careful not to use too much as it can foul the water; little and often is ideal. Most aquatic shops stock it...
  82. sparkyweasel

    Hello from Nuneaton

    Welcome! :)
  83. sparkyweasel

    General advice, almost ready to call it a day!

    You could get a big bunch of Elodea from a pond shop; it's cheap and fast-growing to increase your plant mass. You can replace it gradually with more interesting plants as and when funds allow.
  84. sparkyweasel

    Hello from Chester

    Welcome! :)
  85. sparkyweasel

    does liquid carbon actually do what it says or is it not worth the money?

    Do you have low pH and low TDS for the Licorice Gouramis? I wonder if that affects how the Crinum tolerate the Glut. Or it could be something else of course.
  86. sparkyweasel

    does liquid carbon actually do what it says or is it not worth the money?

    You should be aware that some plants, under some conditions do not tolerate Glut. Best known is Vallis, which dies after dosing with 'liquid carbon' for many people. A few have had it survive though, so perhaps it depends on water parameters of other factors. People have also had various mosses...
  87. sparkyweasel

    Help make my aquascape better

    You could try a background, it's cheap and easy to experiment with different colours. And to change back if you don't like it.
  88. sparkyweasel

    Hello from Manchester(ish)

    Welcome! :)
  89. sparkyweasel

    I can't win with these plants

    Are those leaves brown in themselves? Or is it a coating that you can wipe off with your finger and thumb? Are the other plant species affected in the same way? What are the brown spots in the pic? What is the flow rate of your ffilter?
  90. sparkyweasel


    Welcome! :)
  91. sparkyweasel

    Hello from Bristol 👋

    Welcome! :)
  92. sparkyweasel

    Importing Aquatic Plants

    LibreOffice is freeware, it works with spreadsheets in various formats, including Excel ones, and can export them as .csv files. hth
  93. sparkyweasel

    Hello from Essex

    Welcome! :)
  94. sparkyweasel

    Algaecides (not Glutaraldehyde)

    With caution; remember clove oil is used as a fish sedative, anaesthetic or euthanasia agent depending on the dose.
  95. sparkyweasel

    Little video I took today now the tank is rebooted

    Perhaps you could arrange some rocks on the outside to hide it? Maybe with some terrestrial moss?