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  1. J

    Whats this all about?

    http://www.j-tsaquaticplantfood.co.uk/ Anyone know what's going on here? Looks new today, came up in a regular search, odd there is no contact details :shock:
  2. J

    Green Water

    I have a case of green water, not really sure why :thumbdown: Going to do a blackout first, see how that goes, should I turn OFF the CO2 while in blackout and NOT add ferts? If this fails I have a UV filter that should help, again while doing that should I turn the CO2 off and NOT dose...
  3. J

    60ltr Lighting

    I have had a 24x12x12" setup for a few weeks, I have a FE CO2 setup on it, Tropica Plant Substrate + Capsules topped off with sand. Full EI ferts, CO2 in the yellow, good flow x15 turnover of the water. Lighting is 48w T5, but only 1 currently set to light, took the other out for the time being...
  4. J

    Echinodorus vesuvius Problem

    Planted up some of the Echinodorus vesuvius 2 weeks ago, I have now started to see some yellowing of the old leaves and they have started to die off :( normal? CO2 is in the yellow, so that would leave a defficiency in ferts? JOHNNY
  5. J

    CO2 and Pico Tanks

    Is it worth or even possible to do good pressurised CO2 in a Pico/nano tank (8ltr approx.) Currenly dosing with DIY TPN+ and Easycarbo, is it worthwhile investing in CO2, the Dennerle Nano crystal sets look nice (can't really afford the £200+ ADA ones :lol: )any other options? Thanks, JOHNNY
  6. J

    BBA and CO2

    I have a Rio180, standard 2x30w Lighting, Juwel internal filter(1500lph), Fluval 305, Korolia 2 powerhead. DIY TPN+ from James website :) and easycarbo. I have it medium planted with crypts, anubais, Hygrophillia, Echinodorus etc. I have some BBA on the slower growers. I have been dosing...
  7. J

    JBL ProFlora Co2 Set

    Anyone got one of these? Any good? Will they fit a FE??? :D JOHNNY
  8. J

    Badly Damaged Anubais

    I was given some Anubais, by a friend, they are covered in BBA, have holes in the leaves, the structure is overall very poor and look almost dead, I have cut the worse leaves off and popped the rest into my srimp tank, they have done a great job of cleaning the leaves up, still they are full of...
  9. J

    ADA Iron Bottom

    ADA Iron Bottom, anyone used it? I always have trouble with big swords, no matter how much I dose the water column, after a bit f hunting, these are suppose to help :crazy: :crazy: Any thoughts or alternatives? Cheers, JOHNNY
  10. J

    Royals, Whips and Diamonds

    :thumbup: just a few from my tanks
  11. J

    Nature is the True Master

    Did these last week, I have been trying to improve with the kit I have, learning all the time :crazy:
  12. J

    Growing Mosses

    I have several portions of moss which I'm not ready to use in any of my tanks yet, has anyone grown it on in glass jars? If so any tips for keeping it in tip top condition? Few questions that come to mind 1.Lid or no lid on the jar? 2. ferts in the water? 3. Easycarbo dosing? 4...
  13. J

    Opti White Tank

    I'm going to have a tank made, I'm just having the front panel with opti white(keep the cost down :shock: ) Rimless and braceless too :mrgreen: I'm thinking of a 20x18x18 to fit on a table I have spare, I think that will look quite nice, BUT I'm now thinking it maybe TOO tall at 18" and...
  14. J


    Ran this through CS3 just playing with it to get used to it. Pic was taken a few weeks ago, at a hotel we stayed at after going for a visit to TGM :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
  15. J

    Plec Pics

    oh and a couple of tetra's:D Any thoughts on how to get better with pics? I have standard Juwel lighting to get these nothing more. Shots were done with a Canon 400D some with a Canon 90-300 for the really shy fish and Sigma 28-80 (with macro) for the close in shots.
  16. J

    Stringy Algae

    I have a 50ltr-ish cube, filtration is around 700LPH, light is low at 11w. I feed with 20ml of from [6tsp of potassium nitrate, 3 tsp of potassium phosphate and 12tsp of espom salt mixed in 1000ml water] 3 times a week and the other 3 days with trace from [2tsp trace in 1000ml water] and daily...
  17. J

    A Rose

    Took last week at a hotel we stayed in, jut after visiting TGM :)
  18. J

    Anyone ever used...

    Soluble Angus Fertlizers, Potassium Nitrate??? I got sent this by mistake, looks like little brownish pellets, just wondering if it would be safe for aquatic use, I assume it will be, would the dosing be the same as powdered PN??
  19. J

    Asking for Trouble??

    I have a heavily planted tank 30x12x12" with 2x24w over tank luminaire on it, I have taken one of the lamps out when I first setup the tank as I didn't want to go OTT with light as its not got pressurised CO2 so has been running with just 24w of light. Now should I stick in the other lamp now...
  20. J

    L27c Royal Mini Picture Series

    Few snaps of my L27c (Panaque sp. cf. nigrolineatus`xingu`) Not the best fish to have in a planted tank, he likes to aquascape more than me. Last night he decided he didn’t like where the food was so he pushed it up the tank about 6”, covering over one of the slate caves the Wild Caught...
  21. J

    Echinodorus Problems

    I bought a few of these Echinodorus from P@H, they have new plants now(stopped selling Tropica :evil: ) been planted a few weeks now and as you see from the picture they have a few lines where they seem to be breaking down, is this a deficiency of some kind or just the leaves changing to be...
  22. J

    Ikea LED's

    I bought some of these http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/catalog/products/00119419 last year, never did anything with them, well you know how Ikea shopping is :roll: :roll: :roll: Would they be ok to use in the hood as a moon light(I got blue ones) anyone used these? JOHNNY
  23. J

    Boiling Water

    Does adding boiling water to my dry ferts mix have any adverse effects like rendering the ingredients useless? Would boiled cool water be better? Cheers JOHNNY
  24. J

    Dry Mixing Ferts

    Is there any reason I cant pre mix(dry no water) my KNO3, KH2PO4 and MgSO4 or am I going to cause a huge explosion that will kill my house? Cheers JOHNNY
  25. J

    co2 Saturation

    I have setup a spare tank just to grow on my plantlets, crypts, anubais, etc, nothing with high demands, just cuttings etc from my existing setups. I have got around to setting up a FE co2 setup on it, with reg, solenoid, bubble counter and diffuser. I have a pH test kit the JBL one, but no...
  26. J

    Hidden Caves

    Filter: Eheim Ecco 2232 Lighting: 2 x Arcadia Arcpods 11w each Heater: Internal heater 50w C02: Easycarbo Substrate: Tetraplant Compete topped with Silver Sand Ferts: 20ml macro every other day, 20ml micro every other day (home made mix :shock: ) Hardscape: Mini landscape rocks...
  27. J

    Bubble Counter Problem

    I recently bought a Do-aqua bubble counter, connected to the reg with line and a check valve then diffuser, the BC is a bit of a pig to fill, over the day today its lost water, no water is anywhere, the check valve is brand new, no idea where the water could be going. Any ideas? JOHNNY
  28. J

    How do Aquarium plants know when to flower?

    Simple question, after seeing some lilys flower.... I'm led to wondering how a plant "knows" when to flower in an aquarium? after all it's a climate controlled environment, about as unnatural as you can get, and the only way you can have seasonality in the tank is if you control it yourself...
  29. J


    A shots of my cherries and crystals, got a nice little colony of both producing babies on a regular basis
  30. J

    A Few Pictures of My Fish and Their Homes

    L091 Betta smaragdina Sparkling Gourami Hope you like :D :yes: JOHNNY
  31. J

    Johnny's New 180 Tank

    Just a few quick shots of my newest tank(number 9) Rio 180, Internal filtet 100lph, Fluval 405. 2 x 30w Standard Juwel lamps Tetra Plant Complete, topped with Silica sand Pressurised CO2(soon, have kit, no time) Daily dry ferts dosing along with easycarbo. Currently fishless cycling, with...
  32. J

    What Diffuser

    I have finally cracked and I'm going to have pressurised Co2 on my newest tank :mrgreen: I have bought a Lunapet System from a forum member :) (gas, reg, solonoid, bubble counter, nano diffuser, large reactor) I have a Juwel 180 with internal filter and also a Fluval 405 for some extra...
  33. J

    AquaSoil Leeching

    I have a 90ltr ltr tank that I will be upgrading to a 180ltr ASAP, I have the tank(picked up today), going to do a complete overhaul, will be buying some new plants and use some I already have. Currenty using Tetra PlantComplete in it topped with silica sand now, AS Amazonia is only a little...
  34. J

    Spare Plant Tank

    Hi have a spare AquaOne AR620, sat doing nothing in the garage, I'm thinking of setting it up to hold and grow on the many plants and cuttings I take, now, it has a built in trickle filter and I will add some powerheads for flow, lighting is built in PC, not sure of the size but there won't be...
  35. J


    Tanks are all doing well, but on ALL 8 of my planted tanks I am getting Green Spot Algae, dosing for a 100ltr tank. other tanks have a variety of dosing worked on the same dosing regime 3tsp. Potassium Nitrate (KN03) 1/2tsp Potassium Phosphate (KH2P04) 1/2tsp GH Booster in 500ml water 3x week...
  36. J

    Reducing Lighting

    I have a fighter tank, separated into 4 bits for each fighter, got a journal here somewhere, its 24x12x2" and is currently lit by 2x24w T8 over tank luminaire, which is the only one I could find to fit, now to me thats a lot of light, photoperiod is 10hours a day. dosing homemade ferts and...
  37. J

    Juwel Lamps

    Anyone know a good place to buy normal Juwel replacemant lamps 2x30w 895mm on line??? They are all pretty expensive in the shops JOHNNY
  38. J

    Bolbitis heudelotii

    I got a small portion of this at the beginning of the year, its was doing really well in my Apisto tank, even took several cuttings from it. I noticed recently that some of the outer most leaves are turning black :shock: not happy, lighting is 2x24w over a 30x12x18" tank, easycarbo everyday...
  39. J

    Staurogyne sp.

    I bought a few of these from AE when they were first released, really like the plant, I didn't do much with it beside breakdown into 3 pieced and stick in the sand, is there a better way of planting it? I'm thinking of using it as a foreground plant instead of Glosso so I dont have to add...
  40. J

    Anubias barteri var. barteri

    I have had this Anubais for nearly a year now, split several times and moved to other tanks, the mother plant is doing well, apart form 1/2 leaves that have got black marks on them, they look like small burns. Lighting is normal Juwel Rio 180 lamps, 10 hours a day, dosing; 3tsp. Potassium...
  41. J

    Siamese Fighter Tank

    This is a tank I setup for my OH, she has a soft spot for Fighters that are looking poorly when she visits the aquatic shops with me, so rather than have many little tanks, we asked Wharf Aquatics to build us something suitable for a space we had, so they came up with this for us, its been...
  42. J

    Glossostigma elatinoides

    I bought a pot of this today £3.29 :D cheap! I though, what is the best amount of light for it? I'm planting a shrimp tank with aquasoil topped with sand, purely as I dont have enough AS to do it :( Its a 35ltr tank, has an 11w light, but I do have another one I can add to it. or would that...
  43. J

    Nitrate Question

    I'm currently dosing potassium nitrate(other stuff as well) I was wondering, if the API test kit measures the amount of potassium nitrate any differently to the nitrates produced by the nitrogen cycle. anyone know? and if it is different, how(if I wanted too) would I test for the potassium...
  44. J

    Vallis and Excel/Easycarbo

    I would like to add vallis to one or two of my tanks, I have read on the net that vallis can be sensitive to excel/easycarbo dosing, does anyone here use it with them or have any hard evidence either way, I don't really want to go to the expence of adding something that may just die becasue of...
  45. J

    ID Help Nedded

    Bought this from an ebay Germany seller end of last year, was sold as Echinodorus latifolius, but looking on the net, it doesn't seem to look like what it says, it grows well using runner. any idea's or is it Echinodorus latifolius JOHNNY
  46. J

    Hemianthus Callitrichoides "Cuba"

    Is there anyway to grow this stuff over a cave or a rock?? I have a huge carpet that would look cool as a cover or a cave, more of a natural hiding place for the fish, any suggestions? How sucessful is this plant if just left as a floating carpet? one of my fighters love hiding under it? Cheers...
  47. J

    Fluval FX5 vs Eheim 2080

    Been thinking of changing my Fluval 305 off the Rio and putting on something a bit bigger :D Options are so far; Fluval, here.. http://www.thelivingseas.uk.com/p/474182/Fluval-FX-5.htm or Eheim, here.. http://www.thelivingseas.uk.com/p/474173/Eheim-Pro-3---2080.htm Anyone had any experience...
  48. J

    Johnny's 54Ltr

    Finally set this up over the weekend been thinking about it for long enough, we have various plants, mainly crypts; Hemianthus Callitrichoides "Cuba" Rotala rotundifolia Pogostemon helferi Cryptocoryne wendtii ''green'' Cryptocoryne "div" Cryptocoryne undulata ''broad leaves'' Echinodorus...
  49. J

    L190 Royal Plec

    Here's just 2 pics of the wee man 8) Hope you like Regards JOHNNY
  50. J

    External Filter

    I want to put an external filter on my new 54ltr tank, now its in the kitchen and I dont have it on a stand just on a work surface:o There is nowhere for a filter to go underneath and I'm not sure our landlord would like me drilling out the worktop:D so IS it possible to have a cannister filter...
  51. J

    Apistogramma Baenschi

    A few half decent pics of my Baenschi :D hope you like, these two hardly ever come to the front of the tank, so I'm pleased to have captured them. Regards, JOHNNY
  52. J

    2ft Over Tank Luminaire

    Anyone know where I can get a reasonable priced around 20-24" over tank luminaire, I had seen some cheapish ones on ebay but have lost the link, I have found some but no the one I wanted, i would like it to have half decent lighting :D Any help would be great Thanks JOHNNY
  53. J

    Dragon Stone

    I have had a delivery of Dragon Stone today from AquaEssential, lovely rock but a couple of the pieces are quite big :shock: I'm wanting them for a nano scape(54ltr) that i'm going to be doing, is it easy to split of break? I don't want to just hack at it and make a mess of the stuff, any tips...
  54. J

    Asian Plants

    Going to be setting up a 54ltr tank with a asian theme, even though we may be putting Kribs in which really buggers that idea up:o, but we'll see. going to be using http://www.aquaessentials.co.uk/index.p ... cts_id=576 for the substrate mixed with some normal sand to keep the cost down. Got a...
  55. J

    Echinodorus latifolius

    I have planted some of this in my 35ltr fighter tank, there's a journal in here somewhere :shock: Its growing very very well under the small 11w arcpod thats on the tank, its had a lot of runners sending new plants off, now I would like to thin it out a little, I know I can take off the...
  56. J

    What Substrate

    Going to be setting up a new tank soon, its will be a wood based tank with probably 2 types of crypts, and chocolate gourami's and possibly a group of dwarf loaches, need suggestions on what substrate would be best for this type of asain setup, lighting will be overtank luminaire with 1.5 wpg...
  57. J

    dry ferts not dissolving

    I have been dosing with Potassium Nitrate (KNO3) Potassium Phosphate (KH2PO4) and GH Booster. I'm mixing; 3tsp KN03 1/2tsp KH2P04 1/2tsp GH Booster 500ml Water I'm pretty sure that the GH booster is the one NOT dissolving into the water, I have tried tank water, tap water, boiled water, all...
  58. J

    Alternatives to Excel or Easycarbo

    As title says, are there any other liquid carbons available instead of these 2? as in one not aimed at the aquarium market? Cheers JOHNNY
  59. J

    35ltr Nano Fighter Tank

    Arcadia 35ltr Tank, 11w Arcadia Arc Pod Light, Eheim Aquaball Filter, Eco Complete Substrate, Mopani Wood, Ocean Rock and Pagonda Stones. Fish. 1 Siamese Fighter 2 BN Plec 4 Oto 8 Red Cherry Shrimp Plants. Its possible that some of these may not have the correct ID Echinodorus Latifolius...
  60. J

    Hydor CO2

    Picked up a Hydor Green NRG exclusive CO2 unit yesterday for a good price, was wondering if anyone has any experience of these and if any other CO2 bottles can be used or if its just the hydor ones??? Cheers JOHNNY
  61. J

    Sera CO2 Tablets

    HI Reading through a PFK blog saw mentioned about an article by Jeremy Gay about setting a nano planted tank up using SERA CO2 START tablets. anyone used them, how are they, good bad etc, would be great if I could get these for my samller tanks, any idea how long they last? need to compare...
  62. J

    Replacement Juwel Lamp

    My Juwel Rio 180 is coming up to be a year old. I'm now looking at replacing the standard Juwel lamps, anyone changed theirs for something better. Anyone know the size to look for of the top of their head, am at work at the moment and can't look :oops: Pretty low tech planted tank JOHNNY
  63. J

    Light Options for a Nano

    I have 2 tanks 18x10x10, which are currently using as a cory grow on tank. I want to plant the up and use them for 2 male betta's I have, now the tanks are basic, just glass with a condensation lid and a plain flexible black plastic lid. No what are the realistic options for lighting that...
  64. J

    Recommend Me a CO2 System

    May dip my feet into a full Co2 system for my rio180, what would you recommend for me, I a novice coming into co2. Cheers JOHNNY
  65. J

    More Algae Advice Please

    Been battling with a bit of BBA see post below, spot dosing seems to be helping with that. Now i have this to deal with? This is from my rio 180 10 hour lighting period with standard juwel lamps, with a 4 hour break Juwel internal filter with 1500lph powerhead Fluval 305 External Filter...
  66. J

    A Few Pics from my Low Tech Tanks

    Hope you like. JOHNNY 180ltr Juwel Rio-Community Tank South American Tank 90ltr-Apisto's Corydoras agassizii Amano Shrimp Corydoras Weitzmani Corydoras agassizii Corydoras Weitzmani Female Apisto Trifasciata Female Bristlenose Plec Male Bristlenose Plec Apple Snail
  67. J

    Black Brush Algea

    I have started to get some Black Brush Algea on my crypts in the Rio 180 tank, seems to be ever since I had the refletors put in its started to get on just the crypts. Now if i take off the offending leaves that will deal with most of it.? now from what I have read, BBA is often found in hard...
  68. J

    What South American Plants

    I have set up a apisto tank, got Baenschi and Trifasciata in there, I have Swords, cabomba and some crypt( not sure of the type), planted, looking for other nice south american, quick(is) growing that will help fill out spaces to make more hidey holes, got lots of branch wood in there and got...
  69. J

    Anubias barteri

    I have one of these, well pretty sure it is! I bought it at the LFS about 2 months ago, it was in a large 3" pot and cost £9.99, when I got it home, i took it out the rock wool and it bascially broke into 2! so i have 2 in different tank. Now its getting big again, how should i split it...
  70. J

    Ferts Help

    I have setup a 30x15x12" tank for Apisto's. I have a Tetra Plants Complete planting medium topped with sand. I am fitting 1 x T5 Lumilux® High Output 24watt daylight & 1 x T5 Lumilux® High Output 24watt cool white lamps. I have a pH of 6.6 and a kH of 1-2, so I don't want to add co2. I have...
  71. J

    T5 Lamps Recommendations

    Hello I have just bought, AED524-39 ARCADIA IP64 T5 ELECTRONIC TWIN CONTROLLER LAMP 24/39W THis is for a 30" tank, I'm looking for 24" T5 lamps that will give good plant growth. Anyone recommend where to get some from. Cheers J