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  1. oliverar

    A problem with alternanthera reineckii 'purple'

    I have got a problem, the alternanthera reineckii 'purple' has started shooting out loads of roots all up it's stem, it has done it at several levels, all where the leaves branch off the main stem, should I pinch these out, or are these Important? Any way, have an awesome Christmas everyone!
  2. oliverar

    Has anyone grown Utricularia graminifolia?

    Has anyone grown Utricularia graminifolia? If you have, please could you let me know, as I would love to ask you some question's, as I would love to try!
  3. oliverar

    Massive Import from Germany!!! Cheap shrimp, snails, crab's

    Hi,at the end of September I am planning a big import from Germany, this is from a well know German breeder who has lot's of experience sending to England and all his review's are great! He has almost ever type of shrimp I know excluding several blue and black tiger shrimp everything else is...
  4. oliverar

    Utricularia graminifolia and shrimp?

    Hi, I know Utricularia graminifolia is carnivorous, but if I had it as a carpet would it eat my shrimp's? Or shrimplet's?
  5. oliverar

    Amazonia aqua soil II

    I have ordered some of this, but have paused my order, after seeing a really bad review, has anyone else had any experiences, and should I go for the II or regular?
  6. oliverar

    What is reverse osmosis?

    I think it is designed to make pure water? But why would you want it, is it so you have water to use for your aquarium with out having to treat it?
  7. oliverar


    Hi everyone, I have just set up a Hamburg mat Filter, for shrimp, but I thought that my 700lph pump should have a pretty substantial flow, but I couldn't feel anything on the other side of the foam wall, so I figured that it was just filtering the water inside it over and over again, so I have...
  8. oliverar

    My Shrimp tank!

    Hi, I am just planning a tank, it is a bit of a rubbish tank ( a 12" cube!). I want it to be a shrimp tank primarily, but it is really good for shrimp if you have it heavily planted, hence I need your help! I have the small problem that I can't use any fert's with copper in them, but that will...
  9. oliverar

    ADA substrate and additives

    Hi, I was just looking on the ada website, and they are saying that the ideal substrate is the power sand, their soil, and then all these additives, which I was not familiar with, but basically there is: 1. Bacter 100 - to kick start your bacteria 2. Clear Super - a mix of activated carbon, and...
  10. oliverar

    What exactly causes the water to smell horrible?

    My tank water smell's truly hideous, I have changed the water 90% and with in a day, it smell's bad again, I think it might be the soil substrate, could that be it? How can I stop this happening?
  11. oliverar

    Broken internal canister

    Hi, I have got an internal canister filter, but it quite often makes some very loud grinding sound's and stop's working (the output is reduced to a sort of dribble, I thought it might be getting clogged, so I changed the cartridge, and cleaned the actual filter, but it made no effect, it has its...
  12. oliverar

    My Co2 system that was free!

    Hi everyone, I would just like to share my experiences with making co2 with everyone here. Well I made a DIY one for free! Here are some pictures! This is the Yeast mixture which produces the co2: This is the Diffuser: I mixed up the Yeast mixture with 1 sachet of dry bakers yeast, 2 cup's...
  13. oliverar

    Frustrated... HELP!

    Hi, I am trying to set up a yeast co2. I have got a mixture that is producing it well! I have got co2 tubing and my diffuser, I have set it all up, but I can't make it work, I can make it all leak proof but then it start's to siphon the water out of my tank, so I have got a 1 way flow regulator...
  14. oliverar

    More strange thing's in my tank! HELP!

    I have just spotted some more odd tank life! It looks a bit like a really thin, elongated blood worm, although it is white. I saw it moving on the glass like a leech, it grabbed onto the glass then pulled the rest of its body along. Then it jumped off the glass and spiralled down onto the ground...
  15. oliverar

    Plan for an basic tank with some plant's emersed?

    Hi everyone! I would love to try this out, but I have never done this before, does anyone have any plan's for tanks where you can plant emersed stuff that worked well? I have one problem with is that I have a cube tank, which makes finding the emersed space hard without looking weird!
  16. oliverar

    Green water will my circumstances sort it out?

    Hi, I am building up a planted tank, but so far I don't have any plant's! I do however have a ricca back wall which I plan to put in in about 2 day's, will this sort it out, I am also going to be adding more and more plant's over the next 2 week's or so!
  17. oliverar

    How to get the water clearer!

    Hi, I know this sound's like a sill question but how can I get my water clearer, I have got a internal canister filter but it is not making my water any clearer, it is not algae, it is just really fine sediment that is too fine for my filter. Any idea's? I have done a few water changes but it is...
  18. oliverar

    Naturally add co2?

    I am just wondering if there are any things you can put into your tank that will introduce co2 naturally? Like if you put in chalk for calcium, would that work, if it is calcium carbonate, what happens to the carbon and oxygen? Also I don't see why people are all so crazed about using ugly...
  19. oliverar

    My first serious Planted tank

    Hi every one, I doubt this post will be of much interest to anyone when compared with all the really amazing tanks I am against, but I am doing this in the hope that some people will read it and let me know if I am doing anything hideously wrong!! :D I am also seeing how cheaply I can do it so...
  20. oliverar

    Strange things in my tank!

    Hi, I have attached some photo's and a link to a you tube video, can you see the tiny little whit spec's that are darting about, there are loads of them, I have taken my shrimp out of the tank a few weeks ago, and I have just noticed these, could they be baby shrimp? If they are bad how do I get...
  21. oliverar

    apple snails and planted tanks

    Is this a disastrous mix or if the were well fed would they leave the plants?
  22. oliverar

    How do you connect co2 to a canister filter?

    yes does any one have any idea's?
  23. oliverar

    making regular soil safe

    Is there any way that you can make regular soil from outside safe to use in an aquarium?
  24. oliverar

    what should I do to my plants before introducing them

    What sort of things should I be looking to do before I introduce them? I have heard of fizzy water but is that it?
  25. oliverar

    good white sand plant substrates

    does anyone know of a good one of these. I have found some but some people say that they are too finee and don't settle properly.
  26. oliverar

    how were CRS originally bred

    how did people breed crs from cherry's? Does any one know? Or was it just a mutation that was exaggerated?
  27. oliverar

    micro crabs?

    does any one know where I can get micro crabs from?
  28. oliverar

    Biginner fish?

    Can someone recommend some good starter fish for a small 1 foot cube tank? Preferably colourful and easy to breed. I also keep shrimp so it would be good if they don't eat shrimp!
  29. oliverar

    Can someone give me some very general fert help?

    Hi, I am really new to the whole science of this! Please could some one really broadly outline the main fert's and what they do?
  30. oliverar

    Anyone know about inline co2 reactor's? ( like boyu)

    Hi, I have just read some reviews about boyu in-line co2 reactor's. Does any one know how these work? How do they get the co2? Do you need a pressurised canister? Is it possible to wire them into a canister filter? Anyone had bad experiences with them?
  31. oliverar

    Can someone recommend some good all round ferts for a shrimp

    Hi, I am planning a tank to help me get into aquascaping, But I am not sure about fert's. I would like one that I can put in my tank ( in what ever form) and it will last a few weeks. I also need it to be safe for shrimp,that mainly means it dosen't contain copper, but if anyone has a good one...