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    ADC opening schedule

    Does anyone know if aquatic design centre in london are open on sunday or monday? Rang them but they must have closed already. Website doesnt say. I presume not - but let me know if you know.
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    Solenoid valve

    I have an Aquamedic M-Ventil Pulse Solenoid valve which is only a few months old but is stuck open. Luckily I recognised it a couple of days ago when looking at the drop checker in the morning before leaving for work. The fish didnt look too happy. Since there are several hundred pounds of...
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    Fish catastrophe

    This is a very strange problem. I woke up this morning to find 5 dead fish and the rest gasping at the top for air. I have solved it with some immediate water changes, but do not understand it. 3 year old established tank - 125 litres. Always been overfiltered - Eheim Pro 3 2073, suitable for...
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    Do plants care when it's lights on?

    I generally cant get home before 8pm. Although my setup is medium to high light, pressurised CO2, EI nutrients, I will be limiting the light initially, as advised here. I will probably go for 6 hour photo period initially, using 2 out of 4 x 54W T5. Since I would like to see the tank and it's...
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    2 filters and external pump connected together?

    Is it feasible to connect 2 external filters and an external pump together through a manifold type arrangement for return to two bulkheads in drilled holes in the bottom of a tank? Two eheim (2073) filters and an external pump – in closed loop from 2 drains and 2 returns in the bottom of the...
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    D-D Razor lights

    I need 4 54W T5 lights. Have narrowed it down to Arcadia new electronic and D-D Razor. T5 lamps appear to come in common sizes. But the D-D lamps (powerhouse) and others state slightly different lengths. It comes with marine lamps as standard but paraquatics allows plant growing lamps to be...
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    Dual stage regulators

    I understand there is a difference between dual gauge and dual stage regulators (one has two gauges for high and reduced pressure and the other reduces the pressure in two stages). http://www.barrreport.com/showthread.php/7278-A-Primer-for-Pressurized-CO2 I find regulators suitable for uk are...
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    ADA vs Oliver Knott vs Colombo?

    Setting up new tank - 450L. Would like good substrate. Will be heavily planted, with fish. Appearance not too important, as like the black look of the final three. Have read all the posts and still uncertain. Cost is not the main issue. Have narrowed it down to ADA Amazonia 1 aquasoil, Oliver...