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  1. tomsteer

    Neil's DIY cabinet

    DIY cabinet- Spray vs. Brush I agree with James, a roller would probably give a better finish, I would use one if the foam gloss rollers. Cheers, Tom
  2. tomsteer

    Dwarf Cichlids

    I would personally say that 35 litres isn't really big enough for a pair of apistos. If you want something colourful with a bit of character then maybe something like killifish? Aphyosemion australe maybe? http://www.killi.co.uk/SpeciesDetails.php?ID=12 Just a thought, Cheers, Tom
  3. tomsteer

    Aerate RO water or not?

    I know that it used to be an option to aerate water to remove chlorine before adding it to a tank. I don't think there is much need to aerate RO water, especially if you keep it in an air-tight container. Cheers, Tom
  4. tomsteer

    HOB filter modificiation?

    I would think that the only way to improve flow would be to reduce the amount/ density of media in the filter, this would have obvious implications. Cheers, Ton
  5. tomsteer

    Non Return Valves/Needle Valves

    It's the exhaust type your wanting
  6. tomsteer

    Non Return Valves/Needle Valves

    Nice to see people doing plenty of research before taking the plunge. Cheers, Tom
  7. tomsteer

    Saintly's 240L 'savannah dreaming' scape finished

    Saintly's 240L 'savannah dreaming' intensive treatment I still think it's stunning, a pleasure to read this journal. You've made a lot of people very jealous. Cheers, Tom
  8. tomsteer

    Non Return Valves/Needle Valves

    Hi, I use the valve that always broke linked and it's perfect, the size you need depends on what regulator your going to use or if your using a solenoid. I think I commented on your other post, and pointed you to airline pneumatics, 1/8 bsp is a standard thread size on the outlet of co2...
  9. tomsteer

    Will this regulator work with a FE?

    You will probably find the the threded outlet from the regulator can be removed (I think these are normally an opposite hand thread anyway) leaving a 1/8th bsp female thread which you can easily get fittings for. I think it's airline pneumatics that do loads of stuff online, including needle/...
  10. tomsteer

    How to raise nitrates in the tank

    Surely you want to lower them? Nitrates are toxic to your fish, they are a byproduct of fish waste and you should be aiming for 0. Maybe I'm missing the point. Tom
  11. tomsteer

    Dymax IQ3 Lighting

    Hello all, I received my Dymax IQ3 nano tank off eBay yesterday, got it for a bit of a bargain and I'm hoping to set it up at work. http://www.practicalfishkeeping.co.uk/content.php?sid=2546 Anyway, the LED lap that comes with it might be enough to help you find your keys but I can’t see it...
  12. tomsteer

    Absolute diffuser nightmare

    0.2 Bar is really low, I would up that to something like 1.5 if you can. Just to confirm, you have a cylinder, a regulator and a needle valve? A photo of your set-up may help. Cheers, Tom
  13. tomsteer

    "Fifty Shades of Green" - (1600 Litre Sanjarami)

    I'm so jealous, theres a spot in our front room that I could just squeeze something of that size in BUT it would mean that the other halfs piano would have to go and thats a discussion I know would only end with one outcome. Beautiful cabinet, great finish with nice lighting stand. As has been...
  14. tomsteer

    Ebay Tank - 4ft Tall :S

    Bored browsing EBay and I stumbled across this - http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/4ft-5ft-6ft-AQUARIUM-FISH-TANK-CURVED-520-LITRES-/250630470640?cmd=ViewItem&pt=UK_Pet_Supplies_Fish&hash=item3a5abd7bf0 Thats got some potential but maintenance would be a bit tricky!!
  15. tomsteer

    Dead camera what to get?

    You have lots of options within the Nikon DSLR range – Buy a replacement second hand D40 body – Probably the cheapest option, no improvement over what you have currently but if your happy with the images from your existing D40 then it’s a perfectly reasonable purchase. Buy a D90 –...
  16. tomsteer

    Pre-order acrylic 12" cubes for sale

    When will you be getting this? I'd be interested in two units. I see in your original information that they will be 6mm, I have had a quote previously from a company that advertises on aquarist classified (Not sure if I can mention them as they arent a sponsor) who quoted a 12" cube in 10mm...
  17. tomsteer

    Where to buy in Scotland.

    I have been to Ultimate Aquaticsa in Cupar, Fife this evening. There was a note on the door of where to get the keys to gain access. I spoke to a member of staff in the nearby garden centre who said they had ceased trading a couple of weeks ago. I cant confirm this but its a great shame if its...
  18. tomsteer

    Eheim 2224 or Ecco Pro 300?

    Hi, I'm looking to upgrade to an external on my 65L tank. I've used Fluval externals (304+305) previously, mainly due to cost (I was a student when I bought them) but now I'm able to afford the likes of Eheim I would like to spend the extra and avoid future disappointments. (Both of my fluvals...
  19. tomsteer

    Why use a Solenoid valve?

    I would second the Argos timers, Had a set for a few years now and they'v never let me down or lost/ gained time like some of the cheap ones do. I'd never thought of putting an air pump on over night, I take it you could use a Y splitter and pipe it into your co2 diffuser to save putting more...
  20. tomsteer

    Natural Lighting

    I would think you would have algae problems but it would be a nice money saver
  21. tomsteer

    out door moss. spore bearing organs...i think

    Great photos, nice fo you to show us the set-up you use. Tom
  22. tomsteer

    My favourite fish tank I ever made,,,

    Thats a lovely tank and awesome fish house
  23. tomsteer

    Pruning - A general guide to plant maintenance

    A very useful guide for us beginners. Thank you! Tom
  24. tomsteer

    Workshop backgroundbuilding Vivarium2010 - the result

    Thats brilliant, very realistic. Looking forward to the tutorial. Tom
  25. tomsteer

    How to clean inside a small Drop Checker

    Top tip! Cheers for the info
  26. tomsteer

    The Deep 130 litre

    Great journal and a great looking tank! Keep us updated. Thanks, Tom
  27. tomsteer

    Where to buy in Scotland.

    Outside Inside - been a few times, every time is just as good as the last. Great selection of healthy fish. They're reposible too, no tank busters etc. Ultimate Aquatics - Cupar, Fife, Good selection of fish, freshwater and marine. Well worth a visit.
  28. tomsteer

    Transporting fish from LFS...

    You shouldnt have a problem, cool bags are probably the way to go, Iive transported fished from Fifie in scotland to the midlands (6 hour drive) without any problems.
  29. tomsteer

    My new Corydoras trilineatus

    Gorgeous little fish, nice find
  30. tomsteer

    Aquael Shrimp tanks

    I've seen these a few places on-line, very tempting as a desktop nano, not seen anything in the flesh though.
  31. tomsteer

    Saintly's 240L 'savannah dreaming' scape finished

    Re: Saintly's 'savannah dreaming' Awesome video, tank looks great and the inline difuser is great.
  32. tomsteer

    My rekord 120, vivarium and aquaqube 40 from holland

    Lovely vivarium, Something I've always fancied but never got round to trying.
  33. tomsteer

    New Featured Aquascape....

    I agree, definately something to aim for. Congratulations
  34. tomsteer

    Walk in the forest

    Some really nice shots there Peter, Keep up the good work!
  35. tomsteer

    Saintly's 240L 'savannah dreaming' scape finished

    Re: Saintly's 'savannah dreaming' Inline co2 diffuser? Which one did you go with? Cheers, Tom
  36. tomsteer

    Saintly's 240L 'savannah dreaming' scape finished

    Stunning scape! I'm completely in awe. Now for the less fun part, waiting for it to florish. A pleasure to read, thanks for posting.
  37. tomsteer

    Canon 450d tips please.

    That's when you should look at adjusting yor exposure value, it's + and -, normally in increments of 0.3. Have a play around, take quite big jumps at first then fine tune. That's the best thing about digital photography, no film :) doesn't matter how many shots you take while your finding the...
  38. tomsteer

    Butterfly World - Edinburgh - Macro

    Thanks for the comments gents, I was pleased with the outcome. Great place for a few photos, Just had to wait about 15 minutes for my camera to adjust to the heat and humidity in there!
  39. tomsteer

    Butterfly World - Edinburgh - Macro

    Hello all, I went to Butterfly World just outside of Edinburgh last weekend and took a few photos. I was pretty impressed with the set-up in there, its £6.50 per adult (They had family tickets too) and worth a visit if your board one weekend. (It’s next door to the Dobbies Garden Centre) I...
  40. tomsteer

    flygja's Cascades

    Lovely tank you've got there
  41. tomsteer

    using reactor for co2 and o2

    For the more money conscious of us . . .. . http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Pneumatic-Push-Fit-Y-6mm-Pack-Of-1_W0QQitemZ120546954089QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_DIY_Materials_Plumbing_MJ?hash=item1c11288b69
  42. tomsteer

    Hagen Glo and Arcadia Plant Pro J5 Dimensions

    Steve, Thanks for the reply. Arcadias Plant Pro J5 tubes (http://www.arcadia-uk.info/product.php?pid=34&mid=10&lan=en&sub=&id=4) are designed for a new range of Jewel tanks and state 438mm for the 24w tube. I was hoping to find how much the Hagen starter plugs would add to this to see if I...
  43. tomsteer

    Hagen Glo and Arcadia Plant Pro J5 Dimensions

    Hello Everyone, I'm investigating a potential lighting upgrade on an Aquaone Aquastart 500 and I'm looking for some help. In the hood there is a ~450mm x ~100mm existing lighting housing, I would like to upgrade to 2 24w T5's with a Hagen Glo twin starter, slotting it into this space...