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  1. jonesy

    Random nitrite spikes

    Keep getting random nitrite spikes on my 50L planted which keeps killing my shrimp, the tank has 3x8w t5's co2 at lime green and i dose 5ml of tpn + every day, so my question is can a lack of nitrate in the tpn+ be causing my plants to consume the nitrate which is there to remove nitrite's which...
  2. jonesy

    Potted plants

    Ordered some potted plants from the green machine and some from aqua essentials but the aqua essentials order is out of stock till next week and i wanted to plant the lot together so can the plants from green machine (which will be here tomorrow) be left in there pots and placed in the tank till...
  3. jonesy

    My Tanks

    Been lurking and reading the fantastic info available on this site for afew months now so though i might post some pictures of my 2 tanks to get some honest comments :thumbup: This is my nano been set up since just before this xmas, nearly finished just trying to get a Staurogyne sp carpet...
  4. jonesy

    Lily pipe intakes and shrimp

    Just set up my nano tank which has cal aqua nano lily pipes and will be setting up my rio 125 in the next few weeks which will also have lily pipes, what do people use to protect there shrimp being sucked in or do you just check your filter every week along with the water changes ? seen these...
  5. jonesy

    what are these snails

    Keep finding the odd one of these snails in my tank dont no if they have came from one of the new plants i have bought or from my nerite snails any ideas, is it a pest snail ?
  6. jonesy

    growing staurogyne sp in a plant pot

    Any one tried growing this plant in a plant pot on there window sill, is it possible and does it grow any quicker ? was going to try this as its quite expensive to buy at £8 a pot and im going to need a fair bit for my new tank scape so anyone tried it. cheers
  7. jonesy

    Removing rio 125 background

    Got one of these back ground on my rio 125 and want to remove it so i can spray paint the glass black, what are the chances of removing all the background and silicon etc so the glass looks spotless for painting, dont want to remove it then be left with a scabby looking piece of glass, any tips...
  8. jonesy

    Staurogyne sp planting

    Ordered some staurogyne sp from the green machine and i dont think i have planted it properly as most of the larger leaves are dieing and falling off, its been planted for about 3 days now it came potted but was quite large in height so i planted it by trimming the tops off the plants and...
  9. jonesy

    DD Fire Extinguisher question

    Just a quick question (might be a daft one) got a dd C02 set which came with the adaptor for a fire extinguisher and just wanted to make sure that all 2kg co2 fire extinguishers are the same fitting and the co2 gas is all the same etc. cheers
  10. jonesy

    Feeding Crystal red shrimp and cherry shrimp

    As above i have seen loads of different products on the market but whats the best food to buy for the crystal red and cherry shrimp.
  11. jonesy

    plastic Perspex question

    got a 49 liter interpet fishbox and i have removed the old plastic lid which held in the lights so i can replace it with a luminaire, filled it up today and i am now worried the baby will throw something into the tank as its on my desk so was going to place a piece of clear plastic perspex over...
  12. jonesy

    Fishless cycle question

    Been collecting the bits needed to start my nano tank and currently have a fishbox 48 liter tank, tetratec ex600 filter, cal aqua lily pipes, and hydor 200w inline heater, but my question is can you cycle a tank without the substrate just a full tank of water then remove 75% of the water to add...
  13. jonesy

    Co2 really need help

    I have read loads of guides and been using co2 for the past 2 months or so but been reading afew different posts which bring up points that arnt mentioned in guides and i need help as i nearly overdosed my fish with co2 yesterday, not very good at writing posts so please bare with me :wink...