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  1. wearsbunnyslippers

    photo shoot questions

    I have a local comp coming up. I have a small nano, i want it to be on a small stand, lit from the top and some diffused lighting from one side, how do i create that infinite horizon effect, using a white piece of card?
  2. wearsbunnyslippers

    how many types of moss in one tank?

    Just something I was thinking about... How many different types of moss can you use in a scape and still have it look decent? Is using a different type of moss on every branch frowned upon, would it make the scape less harmonius? What are your thoughts?
  3. wearsbunnyslippers

    carpet with MTS?

    by MTS i mean malaysian trumpet snails, not multiple tank syndrome or mineralized topsoil. too many tla's... how do you start a carpet with these snails?? you can spend hours planting hc or glosso, tenellus etc. only to come back in the morning and see all your plants floating... i just moved...
  4. wearsbunnyslippers

    blahblahblahblahblahblahblah Soap Berry

    This is a pic of one of my bonsai's. It is an indigenous tree, local to Kwazulu-Natal. I was playing with adobe lightroom..
  5. wearsbunnyslippers

    ada wannabe stand

    i decided to try my hand at making my own one, how hard could it be seriously, a little bit of ply, some laminate and there we go... here are the pieces cut and layed out, two pieces on top. all the pieces assembled, the joins were all glued and screwed and biscuited the obligatory ada...
  6. wearsbunnyslippers

    juwel rio 400l (new pics 03032011)

    hi everyone, this is my tank... it is juwel rio 400, 8 x 45w t5's with pressurized co2 and flourite. i dose 1 tsp kno3 and 1/8th tsp kh2po4 on mon, wed, fri, and 10ml traces tue, thu, sat with a 25% water change on sunday. i have been inspired by james and fluo preferring almost dutch nature...