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  1. planter


    Hi All , Need A little Help - Just set up a new tank 555 litre (8x20x18) and am having a bit of trouble getting the Co2 level up. Indicators (one at each end) show different result dark green and Dark greeny blue. Im using 2 JBL 1500 filters and have installed 2 x koralia pumps total flow rate...
  2. planter

    TRYING TO SOURCE THIS ROCK (Now sourced thanks)

    Hi all, Wondered if anyone could tell me what this rock is and where it comes from, Is it a d-pac product?
  3. planter

    Toxic plants

    I been told that I should be careful with certain plants in my shrimp tanks. Ceratophylum, Cabomba , Anubias and cryptos can all apparantly be toxic to shrimps ?? I have kept Anubias and crypto in shrimp tanks before with no problem Anyone know if there is any truth in the above? Thanks
  4. planter

    Nice One George!

    Just picked up a copy of 'The 101 best Aquarium plants' by Mary E. Sweeney. Its a brand new Microcosm/TFH publication and it would Appear G.F has had some input ... Well done matey! :D Nice little book, Worth a read !
  5. planter

    A plug for UKaps

    A nice plug for Ukaps in this months Tropical fish Magazine! (October). See the article 'A progression into planted tanks' :D
  6. planter


    My Laptop has gone on the blink :( I have a Dell inspiron 6400. When I switch on I get this message - Dell wireless WLAN Card Wireless Network Controller stopped working and was closed Anyone know how to fix this ???
  7. planter

    ADA online Aquajournal

    WOW Just saw this on ADA japan http://www.adana.co.jp/aj_web/ :D
  8. planter

    Worth sharing

    Thought this was worth sharing - http://www.aquaticquotient.com/forum/showthread.php?t=44309 Aquascaping on a grand scale Enjoy
  9. planter

    60cm Iwagumi

    So heres My next little project .... Tank 60 x 30 x 30 opti white Stand Tetra (AquaArt 60) Filtration Eheim Prof II thermo 2226 established from another scape which I will be breaking down. Lighting Arcadia luminaire 4 x 24 watt T5 (though I may well only use 2...
  10. planter

    AGA 2008

    Hi All, Just a heads up to let you all know the AGA international Aquascaping contest is now open for entries. Closing date for entries is Sept 15th. Details and entry form can be found here - http://showcase.aquatic-gardeners.org/2008.cgi Between us we must have a good few scapes worthy of...
  11. planter


    Hi, I was wondering if any one had at any time treated their planted tank with wormer plus? did it have any negative effect? anyone tried treating a tank with wormer plus with shrimps in it? I think I might need to worm some dwarf puffers.... I figured some one must have treated there discus...
  12. planter

    Lusty Glaze (Inspired by nature)

    Last year we took a weekend break in cornwall and visited a place called lusty glaze beach in Newquay. I spent the whole day exploring the pools of water and rock formations left exposed by the low tide. I was in my element, Sea, rock, sand, the landscape was stunning. Back in Looe...
  13. planter

    The Cube

    Its been a long time coming but ive finaly started my cube tank up again. I decided whilst it was empty to treat myself to an Opti white glass aquarium (same dimensions). The tank size and the cabinet suit the lounge so this keeps the wife happy. An Opti white glass tank had to have glass inflo...
  14. planter

    Elatine triandra

    Anyone know anything about Elatine triandra. Anyone grown it?
  15. planter

    Pics of my 120cm Planted tank

    Never found the time to create a journal on this one im afraid but I thought you might appreciate some pictures. The tank is an AquaOne 120cm kit filtered with an AquaOne Aquis 1200 external canister. Lighting has been upgraded to an Arcadia Luminaire with 4 x 54 watt T5. I also added a hagen...
  16. planter

    Moss mesh

    Hi all , Does anyone know if its safe to use Aluminium mesh in my tanks as I found some and thought it would be great for my moss's. thanks
  17. planter

    My New Aquascape {Coast}

    Not Sure if should be posting this in the journals section but for now im just looking for some help with rock placement so figured this would be a good starting point - Im currently waiting for a 20 inch (ish) opti white glass cube to arrive but being impatient I got tempted in the meantime to...
  18. planter

    Opti white glass

    Hi, Im considering having my tank made in opti white glass, Just wondered if anyone could tell me if there is a major difference in this and standard aquarium glass as there is quite a price difference. appreciate your comments.
  19. planter

    Anyone got one of these?

    Anyone bought one of these sets ? The price is quite reasonable at £29.99 shipped. Just wondered if anyone had a set and could tell me what the quality is like. I realise im not going to get ADA quality at this price but i think if your on a budget, unless this is really crap, it seems like...