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  1. tam

    Sourcing a 60x30x30 Tank

    I've (what I think is) a clearseal 30"x12"x12" in my kitchen - it does have a back/front brace but the top black trim came off easily. I think it's 6mm glass.
  2. tam

    Breeding cardinal tetras - transitioning from very hard to soft water?

    A TDS pen might be helpful to you to monitor the change. Have a read up on osmotic shock - that's the issue you encounter moving fish from one hardness to another rapidly. I'd also suggest considering lowering the hardness in your main tank - even if you mix that to 50/50 tap/rain it would give...
  3. tam

    Huge shrimp die off :( :(

    Maybe the water change triggered a moult and the parameters aren't quite right for the cherries and that's causing an issue - the water change made it really obvious as they did it in bulk?
  4. tam

    Holes on anubia leaves

    Could they be breaking the surface and getting little dry damaged patches? Is it just on the ones near the surface or all over?
  5. tam

    Huge shrimp die off :( :(

    Treated other pets for fleas or similar, touched someone else's pet that could have been treated?
  6. tam

    Fish for patio pond

    That's interesting. Maybe that's the way to go then. I think the kids would really like some slightly easier to spot fish. I need to move a tank around and then maybe have a go at the eggs as I haven't seen them available in any LFS. It is a shame there doesn't seem to be the colour options...
  7. tam

    Fish for patio pond

    I added four albino white clouds to mine (5th keeled over in the bag) the others have done fine though. They do show up against the black tub. However, I do find they stay in the bottom six inches - they don't really come up to the surface - where as in a tank they tend to be more upper level...
  8. tam

    Front loading vs daily dosing

    If you are dosing the same amount, but either in one go or split equally by day, aren't you either 1. dosing enough daily for the plants to have all they need for the next 24 hours so it doesn't matter if it's lower total at water change as it's still excess of what they need or 2. not dosing...
  9. tam

    Massive Nitrate spike after adding tons of plants? (Help)

    Keep in mind though, your tank/filter is 'cycled' to cope with the waste of one fish. That doesn't mean you can put lots more fish in and it will cope. I would wait a few weeks until your plants are actively growing and doing well (and your nitrite disappears) before considering adding any more...
  10. tam

    Fighting the BGM

    I'd still advocate a black out, in my experience you can do a thorough clean so it looks visibly gone and you'll be back to where you started a week later.
  11. tam

    Planted Tank Checklist

    Got all the non obvious stuff e.g. buckets, syphon tubing etc. tweezers for planting are handy although not a requirement. Bit of superglue for hardscape/epiphites.
  12. tam

    Before / After - Back Again

    This reddish algae is being very persistent, any ideas? 1. Size of tank in litres - 55L 2. Age of the set - up - 18 months 3. Filtration - Aquael mini pat 4. Lighting and duration 15w T8 6hrs 5. Substrate - fine gravel 6. Co2 dosing or Non-dosing - none 7. Fertilizers used & Ratios - 1 pump...
  13. tam

    Before / After - Back Again

    This reddish algae is being very persistent, any ideas? 1. Size of tank in litres - 55L 2. Age of the set - up - 18 months 3. Filtration - Aquael mini pat 4. Lighting and duration 15w T8 6hrs 5. Substrate - fine gravel 6. Co2 dosing or Non-dosing - none 7. Fertilizers used & Ratios - 1 pump...
  14. tam

    Oase BioStyle 115

    I'd be interested in what you think on noise level when it arrives. I have an aquaclear but found it annoyingly noisy so I feed it from an internal pump instead of the built in one.
  15. tam

    Rhinogobius zhoui fry

    Very cool. I've zero experience with this sort of fish, but have you considered some indian almond leaves in with the fry? They provide a bit of cover and food source as they start to break down and get a bit of bio film and are meant to be a natural anti-fungal etc.
  16. tam

    Fert Confusion!

    It depends, if you want simple then an all in one liquid fert is the easiest. It will cost you more than the dry fertiliser mentioned but you don't have to mix powders which may feel like too much if you are just starting. The TNC Complete has everything and is one of the cheaper options. Just...
  17. tam

    Bottom Dwellers

    I wouldn't add a bristle nose - big, but also very messy. Pygmy's aren't really a bottom dweller they are mid water, you could look at habrosus cory though - still small but more traditional in cory behaviour. Otos are nice, but again wouldn't really call them a bottom dweller - they'll be all...
  18. tam

    Is this BBA and how can I eradicate it ?

    Now your NO3 has dropped down again, I would be adding ferts, trace at minimum but might as well do something comprehensive. You want the plants to grow healthily to replace the old damaged leaves. Are the new plants growing? I've never been keen on the idea of complete restarts - you would...
  19. tam

    Is this BBA and how can I eradicate it ?

    No ferts at all? What's your NO3 running at now? What's the tank volume?
  20. tam

    Crackdown on Scammers!

    I've seen the glitter bomb before. I turned this video off when they introduced live animals.
  21. tam

    Tropica Specialised causing Nitrite spikes - false positive or genuine concern??

    Very helpful thank you. I'm one of those that's often reading old posts or google searching and reading other forums on a topic so I very much appreciate your way of writing.
  22. tam

    Tropica Specialised causing Nitrite spikes - false positive or genuine concern??

    So are there specific benefits to it - why have they picked that instead of KN03 as their base? If you were picking between TSN and TNC what would the criteria be? Is it something that the tank is going to adjust to over time too e.g. is it just a case of ramping up slowly so the plants adjust...
  23. tam

    Tropica Specialised causing Nitrite spikes - false positive or genuine concern??

    I can't help with the science, but I've been doing a 50l low tech tank, with approx. 2ml per day for the last 2 weeks - slightly over double the bottle dose. Which has successfully raised my nitrate from 0 to around 10-15ppm but still showing 0 Nitrite. Admittedly those numbers are from a dip...
  24. tam

    Before / After - Back Again

    Thanks :) The filter sponge is all algae growth, I give it a good rinse out in the bucket at each water change. I'll give it a pluck at the next clean though, see if I can get a bit more off and then scrub the plastic parts so it looks less grungy!
  25. tam

    Before / After - Back Again

    Been working on a little algae issue. First photo is 15th April, second photo 1st May. Not there yet, but I'm pleased with the progress. Thought you might like the dramatic before/after. Although the tank looks grubby in the first photo it's all algae not detritus. I think the issue was...
  26. tam

    Rain water questions

    Tested mine for you, the TDS was 48. Higher than I'd have guessed but I did just connect it and it's just got a downpipe straight off the main roof and has filled mostly from one down pour a month ago and a bit of drizzle so it's probably not very dilute. I think when I collected buckets mid...
  27. tam

    Rain water questions

    1. How much rainwater can I collect per week? Depends how big the roof you are collecting off, I can fill a 20l bucket in <20 minutes of heavy rain. There may be rain fall records for your area if you want to get technical 2. how would one go about getting rainwater to collect, off the roof I...
  28. tam

    Water conditioners

    Pick whichever is cheaper in your country/local shop (making sure to work it out by litres treated rather than price per bottle) - all the big brands are going to do the same job.
  29. tam

    What’s your flavour?

    I like tanks that look pleasing from a distance, but then you can put your nose to the glass and admire a little 6" section and it be full of details you don't notice until you look. And that create a good environment for the fish - some scape are a bit bright and bare and make me feel sorry for...
  30. tam

    Low Tech Fertiliser Dosing. Whats your technique?

    I think rotala could work as a rough under water indicator in low tech, if you look at a long stem you can see the leaf size and stem change when ferts have got a bit lean and then recovered again. I haven't paid attention to how rapid the reaction is though.
  31. tam

    Fighting the BGM

    I'm not sure I'd add add anything pre blackout as the plants aren't really going to do any growing in the dark so wont make use of it.
  32. tam

    Tropica Soil or Tropica Plant Substrate - which one to use in bags under gravel?

    The substrate is quite fine, I think it would depend on the mesh size. I've used it under gravel not in bags and not had a problem with it, so even if it came out the bags it would just sit in place. It's fine enough, you wouldn't notice it if you pulled some up on plant roots it would disappear...
  33. tam

    Fighting the BGM

    It sounds like the lack of ferts and detritus build up might have been the cause. The trouble with it, is that once you have BGA just fixing the underlying issue doesn't get rid, or at least not quick. I would suggest a blackout. That should knock it back and if your fixes have addressed the...
  34. tam

    Vallisneria in ponds?

    I had some outside in a container, it actually survived over winter (south, uk) I think it was sheltered enough it never froze. It didn't particularly take off, but to be fair it was just lose and would probably have done better with substrate and ferts.
  35. tam

    New custom build, 50L divided long tank

    Nice, makes the tank look huge with him in now there is some scale :)
  36. tam

    Plants for Tubs - What are you trying?

    We were having an interesting discussion on fish for outdoor containers, so I was just wondering what everyone was planning regarding plants (above or below water)? I've got a rectangular 2.5' long tub and thinking a line of pots hooked along the back and a miniture water lily.
  37. tam

    New custom build, 50L divided long tank

    I always like projects when there is attention to the little details, will be interesting to see how it all fits together. Just watch the vent width (is it smaller on the second design?) last thing you want is a fish wedging itself in and sometimes they aren't the brightest! That was a quick...
  38. tam

    Fish for patio pond

    I've just got a 90ltr (30 cm deep) tub and set it in a raised planter. I was contemplating the same question. Trying the ricefish eggs might be interesting. The other option I've thought about is albino white clouds (to make them a bit more visible) or just some male endlers. They could be...
  39. tam

    Getting tank water into hang on the back planters outside the tank?

    I've played with this using the breeder box mentioned - you can use capillary but obviously it limits flow through, I found the matting got a bit fuzzy too, it is very simple though. You can run water via a syphon using airline, but found that a bit of a pain to restart if mucking about with it...
  40. tam

    Nano fish advice please!

    A single scarlet badis - they will potentially eat baby shrimp but they only grow to the length of an adult shrimp, so other than very tiny shrimp will be safe and I'd expect you would still find your shrimp population grew. The neon blue rasboras are lovely too and not an issue with shrimp...
  41. tam

    Suggestions for low light, low tech plants which aren't green?

    Anubias nana golden might be worth a look, although it's green, it's quite a bright green compared to a lot of leaves. There are a few Bucephalandra that have different shades in too.
  42. tam

    Filter flow power for small fish and plants. Opinions please?

    Turn the filter off for half and hour and watch the fish - if you see a positive change in behaviour then you can try more complicated options to adjust the flow rate :)
  43. tam

    Lighting for Sprouts?

    To start them off? Brassicas are pretty hardy so I'd just do them outside. They also get big so I think you'd struggle to get an effective plant inside with hobby growing conditions. I shouldn't imagine cress would have an issue with aquarium lights as you only want to grow it to it's seed...
  44. tam

    how to keep a filter ready for emergency use in a hospital tank?

    You could run something like an aquael mini pat in the corner of your main tank too and just transfer the whole thing.
  45. tam

    Is 120l excessive as a shrimp tank?

    12l is too small - that's less stability and quite a small colony. 25l would make a ok shrimp only tank. Lets be honest though... it sounds like what you really want is a second planted tank, that just has a lot of shrimp in... so 120L would be perfect :D Bigger volume of water is easier to keep...
  46. tam

    Tropica Dose split into 7

    You could buy a 1ml pump bottle head and use that to dose daily, with a one day a week rest day if you wanted to be super accurate. Or you could pick up a 1ml syring and dose 0.85ml per day. Or dose every other day with the 2ml bottle. Or over dose - many use 2-3 times recommended if they have...
  47. tam

    Soaring energy prices & aquascaping

    I think a lot of people think tanks take a lot, but use a lot more on other household appliances if they actually worked it out. It depends on the tank you run though obviously if you are running high tech and towards the upper temperature range you are using a lot more. I think my...
  48. tam

    Easy Start Brewing Syphon

    Anyone used something like this for water changes? I usually syphon into a bucket (was shopping for a new bucket and came across them). I can start a syphon without sucking on it, but this seemed easy and a neat way of holding pipes in place - you could clip it on the tank at the height you want...
  49. tam

    Understanding new ember tetras behavior

    If you are just seeing that behaviour at the point CO2 would be highest then I'd be tempted to skip a day and see if that changes the behaviour - if it does you know it is the reason and can adjust it - maybe start a little lower and build up over time to help them adjust.
  50. tam

    Kitchen Tank

    After the photos, I think I'll have to let one of them grow out. The right hand one is Ozelot Tropica, the other was just a lucky dip so I'm not sure the variety. It might be they won't cope - there is glass over that side usually so it will more higher humidity - they may change their minds...
  51. tam

    Tips on moving a planted tank?

    Not at all, I've nicked them out the sandpit before. A plastic scoop (slightly higher sides than a spade) might work. Try the options in your local pet shop under cat litter scoop too. They usually have a few holes which lets the water through but the substrate is damp enough to hold together...
  52. tam

    Kitchen Tank

    Everything is growing. The red root floaters are crazy, but I like them thick as it reduced my worry of jumpers. The left had side usually has a glass cover which is why the escaping swords are a bit wonky. Should I cut back the sword leaves trying to grow emersed? Will they stop producing...
  53. tam

    Tips on moving a planted tank?

    I think you'll find it too heavy with wet substrate in. 25L brewing buckets (wilko etc. sell them) are great as they hold 25l and have clip lids which keep water and/or humidity in. I would use several, transport fish and plants in one, hard scape, substrate etc. You can run an...
  54. tam

    Stunted Bolbitis and fert dosing tweaks ideas.

    Is it attached to wood or touching the substrate? For me it has always done a lot better with it's roots in the substrate. Obviously don't bury a rhizome but it has a preference for growing along the gravel surface with quite long roots into it.
  55. tam

    Please recommend plants for 30L tank

    There are quite a few buces so you could consider more varieties of that. Schismatoglottis prietoi looks like small anubias with crinkly leaves. Have you considered some small crypts? Floating wise, I'd go for smaller so either red root floaters or salvina natans.
  56. tam

    Suggestions for peaceful softwater Cichlids that stay small . . .

    Just as another option - maybe look at the badis/dario group. They are a smaller but similar looks.
  57. tam

    Critique my hardscape Trying layouts for 30L

    Depends on plants and what else is in there. If you are planting heavily, you'll probably hide a lot of the rock work, so more bigger rocks will give you a rockier look - 2 would give you better scope for stems at the back. If you are having inhabitants that will sift/wonder around on sand then...
  58. tam

    To drop acclimate or not?

    Depends to where the fish are coming from - for example a LFS on the same water supply you probably don't need to acclimate. However, if your LFS runs on tap and your tank runs on RO there could be a much bigger difference. One of the benefits of a quarantine tank is that you can set it up to...
  59. tam

    Fish suggestions for a 30 litre Aquael cube.

    I'd do three male endlers (different colours) and some cherry shrimp :)
  60. tam

    T8 v T8 LED retrofit v something else

    I think I might just go for the replacement for now at those prices. Is there any difference between them other than the brand name stamped on? T8 1 Inch Diameter
  61. tam

    Hang On Filter Suggestions for Shallow Tank

    You could use flexible pipe on a submersed pump to feed it so you can place the pump wherever you like to improve the look. A DIY'd a breeding box (for actual fry) and had it fed from a pump one corner of the 90cm tank with a line (clear airline) going across to the diagonal opposite.
  62. tam

    Aquarium Vs. Landlord

    For a lid that looks tight, I would probably go with perspex, use a separate rectange piece(s) to go around your pipework if it's complicated. Then a panel over the top resting on the rim, with cut outs to overlap your rectangles. Then add a lip at the front (and optionally the two sides) only...
  63. tam

    Dirty Mischief

    I like the mini pat too - you can get extended tubes and foam blocks for them here: Filtration | Hamburg Matten Filter | Poret Polyether Foam Media they also do pipes and flat sheets that might work for your setup too.
  64. tam

    T8 v T8 LED retrofit v something else

    I was looking at aquarium specific ones - probably the same thing in branded packaging!
  65. tam

    T8 v T8 LED retrofit v something else

    The product description sounds good, but the reviews aren't very positive!
  66. tam

    Aquatic plants and fish flash cards or study

    The tropica website has photos of tanks with the plants growing in and diagrams of the planting scheme so you can work out what is what: Inspiration for aquascapes and planted tanks - Tropica Aquarium Plants
  67. tam

    T8 v T8 LED retrofit v something else

    I have a Tropiquarium 55 - it's probably 20 years old. It's got a single 15w T8 tube in and I remember it growing basic stems really well with that. It's currently growing algae - I'm guessing that may be related to the fact that tube (along with the tank) has been sat in a shed 5+ years and the...
  68. tam

    Centrepiece Fish for 100L Recommendations

    What sort of thing do you like the look of?
  69. tam

    Aquarium Vs. Landlord

    To be honest, I'd be inclined to agree with the landlord/handyman. An open top container full of warm water evaporating could certainly contribute. Maybe look at ways you could mitigate e.g. you might suggest that you add a lid and purchase a dehumidifier and then the landlord reinspects in 3...
  70. tam

    Looking for a light for 30L Nano Cube. £50-100…

    I'd be inclined to recommend to the Leddy too - maybe see if you can find a second hand one to try and then you'll have only spent £15/20. They aren't super flexible ie. no controller but they are neat looking and designed for that size tank. I really like mine.
  71. tam

    2 types of wood

    That's nice looking wood shape wise, but not really any different colour wise to how most aquarium wood ends up. If you don't want the ugly stage where they don't match you could soak it seperately for awhile until it darkens :)
  72. tam

    Filtration and flow for fish only tank?

    If it's open top, you could consider growing plants emersed in the top - that would keep them out of reach of the fish but give you some of the benefits of their uptake of nutrients from the tank.
  73. tam

    2 types of wood

    What does the oak look like in the tank? If you'd like it to match have a look at wood thats been in a tank a while when picking as the colours change a lot a few weeks in, so if you are worrying it will look vastly different it may not given a bit of time.
  74. tam

    Resolved! Is it possible to increase font size in an individual’s settings

    There are quite a few built in accessibility features on devices now, you might find this helpful: Get started with accessibility features on iPad They may help you whatever app/website you are using. If you have mobile phone, unless it's very old, you should find that has accessibility...
  75. tam

    Cold water Fish for paludarium.

    Just as another option, have you considered adding some leaf litter to the bottom and collecting some pond critters - you could add freshwater shrimp (can't remember the name someone will know), daphnia, snails, etc. so there was lots to spot. I agree, I wouldn't keep fish in such a small volume.
  76. tam

    Red moor location in tank

    Don't be afraid to snip if a limb is going the wrong way, you can still use the bits you detach just put them in better positions.
  77. tam

    Are CO2 and ferts bad for fish health long term?

    I think the answer is a sorts of yes, but also there are a lot of things bad for fishes health and a lot of things that we don't actually have data to determine either way. If you have two otherwise identical tanks and one has CO2 pumped in, the odds of something happening that effects the fish...
  78. tam

    Has anyone used tropica substrate, with a layer of sand on top?

    Yes, I've only had the tank set up a couple of months but no issues so far. I've done it with fine (1mm) gravel too.
  79. tam

    Can anubias heterophylla be grown out of water

    Here's a photo, as you can see it can grow out of the water, but the leaves do suffer. It's big too, the rhizome on this is about 20mm thick and the leaf stalks about 30cm long. The rhyzome goes from just above the substrate, diagonally upwards and splits into two near the top, there there is...
  80. tam

    RO water: Fad or neccesary evil?

    It's not so much plants as fish. If you've got very hard water that's going to limit to some extent fish. And, even if you say that tank bred are more adapted, so they'll survive but not breed - are you then compromising health because they are apparently ok but have a shorter or less healthy...
  81. tam

    Can anubias heterophylla be grown out of water

    Yes, I'm pretty sure that's the species mine is. I would say it suffers slightly and would prefer a smidge more humidity as the older leaves tend to get dry crispy tips as they age. However, it's been doing it's thing for a couple of years now so it's certainly surviving. An occassional misting...
  82. tam

    Urgent advice please…

    Snail will be fine. You'll probably get a spike anyway from all the disturbance. I agree with angus' advice. Only thing I'd add is it's a bit nippy so I'd be inclined to put a blanket or similar around the tank just to keep it a little warmer for the critters. Keep in mind though they get sent...
  83. tam

    Nitrates high!

    That would be my guess for the source then. I would continue as normal, and monitor it. Hopefully it will drop down again. Would be worth keeping an eye on the occupants/ammonia level, I'm guessing though it's already on the way to stabilising.
  84. tam

    Nitrates high!

    Was it new substrate? That could be a source of extra ammonia > nitrate.
  85. tam

    54 litre stocking ideas

    What's your water like? That's not a huge tank, so I'd be more inclined to look at male guppies/endlers over mollies. If you stick to males they won't multiply. You can get quite a range of colours, including yellows. Ember tetra would suit but are bright orange rather than yellow. You could...
  86. tam

    Nitrates high!

    Are you doing 50% water changes alongside the EI dosing? The idea is it resets each week. That seems quite high so I wonder if something other than ferts is causing it.
  87. tam

    Fluval Plant 3.0 low tech settings

    I think mines about 30% (not close enough to connect atm) - and I have a slow ramp up/down. I think I picked a pre-set I liked the colour tone of then reduced them all down proportionately.
  88. tam

    Fish catching tips?

    I'd be inclined to leave them in place. Up the water changes as that will dilute anything in the water, add air, because it never hurts to make sure fish have as much oxygen as required, don't accidentally overfeed if they aren't eating. Check the heater/pumps etc. to make sure everything is...
  89. tam

    Can tea be used to add tannins and colour to tank?

    Yes, but I don't think tetley - it has to be specific types. Tea is just chopped up botanicals after all :)
  90. tam

    To greenhouse or not greenhouse? Emersed growing

    I think there is a lot of over engineering going on. Potting compost, or garden soil, in a container e.g. a seedtray with some drainage holes. Plant the chain sword in that. Cover over with something e.g. an upturned clear plastic container (doesn't need to be sealed). Poke soil with finger now...
  91. tam

    Looking to change my substrate

    What plants have you tried previously? Do you have plant preferences? Your javafern looks very healthy. With your tank, I'd be tempted to consider some branchy wood for towards the back and tie on a nice selection of anubias. That would give you some height and they are easy to grow. I've also...
  92. tam

    Looking to change my substrate

    I agree, plain gravel can grow great plants. Failing at one plant doesn't mean you need a new substrate. It might be other things in your tank aren't suited to it, or just pop a couple of root tabs in and you are sorted. Have you got a picture of your tank?
  93. tam

    Apistogramma and....

    Thanks, that's confirmed for me no corys - I like them with eyeballs intact! To be fair the plants are doing well even with the current low TDS. I know the swords/crypts have access to the substrate but the floaters are multiplying very successfully too. I've just done a water change and added...
  94. tam

    Wavemaker only?

    I don't see why not, only benefit of a filter in that situation is collecting debris but you can do that with a syphon/water changes.
  95. tam

    Apistogramma and....

    I'd like some advice on stocking. I'd like to try a pair of apistogramma - first time I've kept cichlids. I think I've narrowed it down to cacatuoides on the grounds they look pretty, and small and seem to be one of the easier options? I like corys, but I've read corydoras are a no-no with...
  96. tam

    Spray bar mod/surface agitation help

    Glad you figured it out. I just run it now and then when I want to clear the film or when it gets very hot in summer as I don't like the noise either. Great filters though - small, flexible, easy to clean and do the job well.
  97. tam

    Spray bar mod/surface agitation help

    Use the venturi on the pat mini now and then and the air will break up the surface - you don't need it all the time, so just run it when your not there and you'll probably find that's enough to keep the film away when you are :)
  98. tam

    A bit of everything...

    You don't actually have to use duckweed for the duckweed index - frogbit would work great. The fact all your floaters disintergrated might also be a symptom of missing nutrients. You can use a ring of airline floating on the surface to contain floaters and protect them from surface disturbance.
  99. tam

    A bit of everything...

    The 3.0 is good because it gives you lots of flexibility. You can reduce light by having a longer ramp up/down. So it's lit for the 8 hours, but the light is much lower at the start and end of the 'day'. It can actually be nice as it looks quite atmospheric with low light and you'll see...
  100. tam

    Fish room, breed for profit and licencing.

    Keep in mind too, that if you are running a business with shrimp etc. you won't be able to sell fish etc. that do fall under licensing under the 'hobby' heading.