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  1. Paulus

    CO2 tube splitting

    i was wondering if i can split the co2 tube i use for my big tank. I am setting up (again :P) my 60cm tank and maybe i want to use CO2 for it. before i used bioCO2 (works also). I have an empty 500Gr co2 bottle. but i need a regulator for that. and they cost alot :P so i was thinking how to use...
  2. Paulus

    glass diffusor cleaning tips

    Hi, I found an old glass diffusor in some old aquarium stuff boxes :P but the diffusor isn't tha clean anymore. the glass itself is a bit white and the ceramic plate (top) is green. how can i clean this? i cant get inside the glass. will war mwater do the trick? any suggestions? :roll: