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  1. Paulus

    New filter for 120x60x50 hightech tank

    Planning an upgrade on my current tank to a 120x60x50. Also will it get a twinstar light and co2 etc. Currently having a Eheim 2217 (and a biomaster 850T which will return to the shop because of the air purging problem and noise). So i'll go back to Eheim. (sorry oase) But which model/type...
  2. Paulus

    circulation pumps

    Any tips for some circulation pumps? Do you use any stream pumps in the planted tank? i am thinking to buy a HYDOR KORALIA 2800 or a HYDOR KORALIA 4000. which one will be better for my tank? my tank is 100x50x50cm 250L :)
  3. Paulus

    eheim 2217 filter media cleaning question

    i have an eheim 2217 with the following filter media setup: - fine (white) filter pad - eheim substrat - Blue filter pad - eheim mech but sometimes the blue pad is full of dirt. so it needs a clean. but when i remove the substrat it sometimes stick to the blue pad. sometimes i gives the...
  4. Paulus

    type of filter for 60x30x30cm tank

    I am looking for a nice filter for my 60x30x30cm tank. I found the Eheim 2211. Can i use this for my tank? or is it to strong? i owned a 2213 before and it was way to strong for the tank (water was splashing around :P) any suggestions?