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  1. Paulus

    Diffuser stop working

    do you get co2 out of the tube? If not the problem is higher in the line. Bottle, valve etc
  2. Paulus

    Diffuser making a strange noise

    Ah k. Never used this type of diffusor. Only the other types (acrilyc with the brown/orange disk on top of it) but they also made that "sissing" noise when in use.
  3. Paulus

    Diffuser making a strange noise

    Do diffusers not always make this kind of noise when pressing co2 through the disk etc?
  4. Paulus

    Brand new CO2ART Pro SE Problems

    Received mine yesterday. All working here. Did you plug in the cable for the solenoid valve (red light will turn on below the bubble counter) so the co2 can past that and into the bubble counter. First gauge here also sits around 700 with a new 10kg cylinder connected to it.
  5. Paulus

    Best reactor for 500l tank?

    I have used different types of CO2 diffusors. The "ADA" glass versions, DIY versions or the atomic versions: With the atomic versions you get a misty cloud in the tank. Same with the glass versions. I use a couple of years the AM 1000 now and it gave me the best results for plant grow and no...
  6. Paulus

    Best reactor for 500l tank?

    i use the am1000 in (below :P ) my tank :) photos: http://www.aquablog.nl/597-aqua-medic-reactor-1000/
  7. Paulus

    Which Co2 reactor

    They only have a 12/6 version of it: http://www.aqua-medic.de/index.php?r=catalog/product&id=13&cid=5 But you can place a short 12/16 hose on it and a 16/22 over that one. Some people use this model to make there own diy version of it. Than you can use custom parts that suits the hose type.
  8. Paulus

    Which Co2 reactor

    I tried a few one but the best results i got are with the aqua-medic version: http://www.aquablog.nl/597-aqua-medic-reactor-1000/
  9. Paulus

    new bottle

    ask the local liquor store. Thats where i bought my 2kg and 10kg bottle. When they are empty they can order a new one and change the old. Extra bonus, you get a new checked and save bottle everytime :)
  10. Paulus

    Need to Alter the way I inject CO2

    I am using these 2: My 250L is using an Aquamedic reactor 1000: http://www.aquablog.nl/597-aqua-medic-reactor-1000/ And my 60L tank is using a small atomizer like: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Aquarium-CO2-ATOMIZER-SYSTEM-Diffuser-16-22mm-Hose-air-/270720292227 Before i was using the glass...
  11. Paulus

    CO2 tube splitting

    i was wondering if i can split the co2 tube i use for my big tank. I am setting up (again :P) my 60cm tank and maybe i want to use CO2 for it. before i used bioCO2 (works also). I have an empty 500Gr co2 bottle. but i need a regulator for that. and they cost alot :P so i was thinking how to use...
  12. Paulus

    glass diffusor cleaning tips

    wow that works fast :D thx for the tip. :D
  13. Paulus

    glass diffusor cleaning tips

    Hi, I found an old glass diffusor in some old aquarium stuff boxes :P but the diffusor isn't tha clean anymore. the glass itself is a bit white and the ceramic plate (top) is green. how can i clean this? i cant get inside the glass. will war mwater do the trick? any suggestions? :roll: