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  1. zanguli-ya-zamba

    DR Congo Expedition to underwater garden lake Fwa

    Hi Members, so after a long shut of on the forum, i am back !!! As my title says, i just went in expedition (very short but hard) let me explain the story, Back in October 2014, i have received a mail from a friend of my mother, explaining that a friend of her, have a Ichthyologist friend...
  2. zanguli-ya-zamba

    BlackWater dedicated Forum

    Hi guys, it's been a looming time since I came on UKAPS. I have a bit change orientation on aquaria this year. After a broken ankle and being on crutches for 6 months (so no way that I can work on my tank) I have decided to go on the direction of Biotope aquarium. My first Biotope is a Lake...
  3. zanguli-ya-zamba

    New plant Zongo

    Hi guys, So as said in my previous post, I went to Zongo waterfalls this weekend to hunt for plants in their natural habitat. After 5 hours of road we reach the falls. It was a huge deception to me when we reach the spot because the river feeding the falls was almost empty. First time in 15...
  4. zanguli-ya-zamba

    Just Hi

    Hi guys I comeback to UKAPS, after a long time of silence on the forum. I think since the end of 2015 !! It has been a long time and I missed you guys!!! I was a bit off of scaping, with a new born and a lot of things going on in my life. Hope every one is doing great in our community ? So...
  5. zanguli-ya-zamba

    ADA 60P One or two filter

    Hi guys, I am about to buy a ADA 60P, I currently have a Fluval 305 sitting in my garage but I know 100% by experience that this filter is not enough at all for a 60P. I wanted to know if it will be better to buy an other small filter like a Fluvial G3 or a Eheim Experience 150 (500L/h). Or it...
  6. zanguli-ya-zamba

    Stocking plants

    Hi guys, I have received my plants this morning but I am living for Congo only Tuesday morning. So I wanted to know what is the best method to stock it? Should I keep them in the shipping box inside the house at 22 C or should I open the box and the individual bags and put them in a bucket...
  7. zanguli-ya-zamba

    Hygrophilia Pinnatifida Emersed.

    Hi Members, I wanted to know if this type of Hygrophila is doing as well as the other Hygrophila growing emerged ? I know that the others are growing like weed in emerged set up. Would it grow better in substrat or on a wood that is sitting in water with leaves outside of water? If some of the...
  8. zanguli-ya-zamba

    Nikon D7000 lens 16-85 VR or Nikon D5500 LENS 18-55 VR II

    Hi Guys, hope you are all doing well ? Sunday was my 30th Birthday, so my wife asked me what I wanted for gift and I asked a camera. I will use it for family pictures, aquascaping pictures, and for motocross also. I was first tempted to go with the Nikon D5500 with lens 18-55 VR II, because...
  9. zanguli-ya-zamba

    DRC UKAPS member meeting

    We finally made it !!! So last year one of the men of UKAPS community contacted me saying that he is living in Kinshasa and that we should meet each other. His name is Jose Macedo. After a long time without seeing each other he decided to contact me saying that he will order shrimp and fish...
  10. zanguli-ya-zamba

    Save the last Discus of Congo.

    Hi guys, I didn't post something since a long time. I have a small story. A friend of mine order 8 months ago 7 discus coming from China. They had a long and hard trip to Congo and they arrived in really bad shape. Slowly they all died, leaving only one member of the group alive. Yesterday I...
  11. zanguli-ya-zamba

    Light for full coverage 90 CM

    Hi, As my title says, I am looking for a new light for my tank. My current light is a 4x36 PC from Natural Aquario. The problem is that the length of the light is too short ! I don't have a full coverage and plants on the edge left and right are suffering a bit ! Mostly on the left because...
  12. zanguli-ya-zamba

    Holidays Monster

    Hi UKAPS Members, I hope that every one is ok and that you are not suffering of heat during this summer ? I didn't post something since very long time in our beautiful forum, so I told my self that it would be a good idea to report a bit about my tank. NA 90x45x50 cm, in tank bazooka diffuser...
  13. zanguli-ya-zamba

    Resolved! Notifications

    Hello, hope every one is doing great ? I would like to know how i can do to stop receiving notifications about new thread or post. I keep receiving notifications about new new threads in the CO2 section. I have been looking in the settings to cancel that but I don't find it. Is it possible to...
  14. zanguli-ya-zamba

    NA 90 cm Zanguli

    Hi members I just wanted to share some pictures of my tank as I didn't post anything since a long time. Let me know what you think about it please. The ferns and mosses have to grow a lot ... Sorry it is only smartphone pictures. Regards Envoyé de mon iPhone en utilisant Tapatalk
  15. zanguli-ya-zamba

    Just to share

    Hi Maybe some of you are wondering if I am still aquascaping or that why that guy never post a pic of his tank lol Wanted to share a quick pic of my 90cm NA. Sorry for the poor quality. I did a huge trim yesterday and took out a lot of plants I will rescape a bit the tank in a week or...
  16. zanguli-ya-zamba

    Snails invasion

    Hi guys, I have a small problem. As the title says, I have a snails invasion and it's bothering me a lot ... There is hundreds of snails in the tank and they excrement every where I have to vacuum the substrate every 3 days. If not the substrate is completely cover of snail excrement. I know a...
  17. zanguli-ya-zamba

    Interesting Wood

    Hi guys Hope you are all doing well in the freezing winter of Europe looool. Here it is very hot these days around 36 C. Hopefully we have AC. A friend have dig multiple huge pond for tilapias reproduction in the wet land of Kinshasa on the Congo river, maybe some of you have seen the...
  18. zanguli-ya-zamba

    Mangrove park Congo river

    Hi members, We went on the Atlantic coast with the family, we have done Boma to Muanda by boat (4 hours) and we decided to stop at the mangrove park to have a trip in the mangrove maze. Here are some pictures of the park like that you can have an idea of how is that place. I know that we have...
  19. zanguli-ya-zamba

    What to do ???

    Hi guys I have just received a batch of plants today, They are in the box since 12 days now. You can imagine that when I opened the box all the plants are in bad shape !! What should I do ? As all the plants are emerge growing should I plant them in a propagator at the window with Congolese...
  20. zanguli-ya-zamba

    Algae problems

    Hi guys Hope you are all doing well. A good friend of mine have multiple pond were he breeds tilapias to sell it at the market. One if his pond is covered with an algae so I wanted to post in our strong community to have an answer and maybe a solution for these ponds. He have dig these pond...
  21. zanguli-ya-zamba

    Co2Art : Intense Bazooka diffuser

    Hi All, I wanted to share with you my point of view about this product. 10 days ago I was looking at a thread where Nathaniel says that he has a Intense Bazooka and it was working very well. As I had to order a regulator I decided to give a shot to that diffuser and order from CO2Art. The...
  22. zanguli-ya-zamba

    Light adjustment

    Hi guys, a quick spec of the the tank and light before my question. Tank : NA 90x45x50 cm lights : NA Sunfluor 4x36w PC on for 7 hours (only 2 bulbs on) CO2 : 24/7 So my problem is that I am currently running only two bulbs for this tank, since 3 weeks I have gradually lower the light and I...
  23. zanguli-ya-zamba

    LED for 50x40x25 cm

    Hi All, I am actually looking for a LED system for my tank that have the size specified in the title. It can be a hanging LED system or that you hook on the edges of the tank ( only problem is the weird length of my tank lol) I am looking for something not expensive but that do a good job and...
  24. zanguli-ya-zamba

    JBL proflora reg problems

    Hi guys I have a JBL pro flora m001 and there is a leak and I don't know how to fix it maybe someone have already had that problem. When I connect it to the FE and open the FE valve. There is a big blowing sound coming from the top of the reg where there is a black plastic with a hole in it...
  25. zanguli-ya-zamba


    Hi all, maybe some of you have seen that I want to build a shallow tank. Yesterday I was set on the height of the tank and wanted this dimension 50x40x25 cm. But I woke up this morning and started to think that maybe 25cm high will be too shallow, so now i am lost again hahaha. So I have...
  26. zanguli-ya-zamba

    Tank Size

    Hi Members, hope you are all doing well and that the summer is nice ? I am planning to build an other tank, as I really don't like the size of my small tank. The current size is : 45x45x50 cm This size is not aesthetic and not efficient for flow etc... So I wanted to have an aesthetic advice...
  27. zanguli-ya-zamba

    Id. please very nice plant

    Hi guys on Facebook a guy have posted the picture of this plant. I am sure someone will know it. Maybe Darrel ? Sorry for the low quality pic, but it is a copy/paste from my phone. Facebook aquatic gardeners association. Cheers
  28. zanguli-ya-zamba

    Idea for a new section

    Hi Members and Moderators, Couldn't sleep this night, and I started to think about our nice community and what we could add in this already beautiful forum. So I end up with this idea, hope you will appreciate and that everyone will be involve in this "game", particularly our experts of the...
  29. zanguli-ya-zamba

    Albinos cat fish

    Hi I just wanted to share with you these pictures. A friend of mine (the one that have the pond where we stock our plants) just called me to say that he caught an albinos cat fish in his wet land he send me the pics. I know the Congolese name of that fish : Ngolo. Does some know if it will...
  30. zanguli-ya-zamba

    Calling for help, starting to be tired !!!

    Hi guys, I am again in an aquascaping blues !!!!! :banghead: :arghh: I am very lost guys, after writing my first aquascaping blues thread, I decided to go for a new scape without informing the forum or starting a journal to be sure to succes before showing something. So I cleaned the tank, the...
  31. zanguli-ya-zamba

    Zongo Falls Zongo

    Hi guys just wanted to share with you this small video with a gopro on a drone, of a place where we go to spend week end and where I can find some Anubias, bolbitis and other plants. . Cheers
  32. zanguli-ya-zamba

    1-2-GROW storage in tropical environment

    Hi plants lovers, hope you are all doing well ? In prevision of my next scape I have order last week some 1-2 GROW pots, that I have receive this morning !!! You can imagine that if I post that, there will be a BUT in the story haha. Buuut I have a small problem, first I will not rescape the...
  33. zanguli-ya-zamba


    Hi Members, hope that you are all doing good, and that the Christmas time was nice ? I don't know if some of you have noticed my absence of the community ? As my title says, I went through an aquascaping blues and it has happen for a long time ! My last post or visit on the forum was...
  34. zanguli-ya-zamba

    Deep study on Peat

    Hi members, As I am going to do a lowtech tank with one of my tanks, I was doing search on peat and I found a very interesting scientific study of peat. I went through it and it was very interesting. Everything is cover in this study (nitrogen, carbon, phophorus,trace ....), so I wanted to share...
  35. zanguli-ya-zamba

    First Low Tech.

    Hi members, how are you all ?? Since I have received my NA tank, my 25 G is sitting in the living room empty. I wanted first to sell that complete DIY tank, because having two tank was a lot of work. But than I started thinking about Lowtech that is work but less than a hightech. I have a lot...
  36. zanguli-ya-zamba

    "Clan" Show off : NA vs TMC vs ADA Poll

    Hey guys, how are you doing all ? I have noticed that we have "clan" in this beautiful community hahaha. Like George and the TMC "clan. Me, I am happy to be now part of a "clan" the NA clan :D with Vito, Ady and many more (cheers guys). So I wanted to do a small "game", it could be cool if...
  37. zanguli-ya-zamba

    Zanguli's NA 90x45x50

    So finally here I am starting my journal :D. A month ago I have received my first Optiwhite tank, a NA tank with the Movel wide cabinet and a SunFluor hanging linght. It took me a while before taking decision to bring such a nice tank to Congo. After talking by mail and phone with NA Portugal...
  38. zanguli-ya-zamba

    Tiger Fish a bit of it

    Hi members, I wanted to share this article and website with you guys. the writer of this article send a mail to my mother yesterday, saying that it would be interesting for me to read this article about tiger fish in the Lomami River. These guys are in project to open a national park in this...
  39. zanguli-ya-zamba

    Trimming Rotala Macrandra in flower

    Hi guys, Just wanted to know if it is a bad idea to trim that plant when it's flowering ? In fact I really need trim it for my new scape. I need to put them in a bucket for one or two week to give it an help for transition from emerge to submerge form. Here is the plant with the flower, sorry...
  40. zanguli-ya-zamba

    Advice on this hardscape please.

    Hi members, So I have received my NA 90 cm since two weeks, and I have been looking for my sand, rocks and wood. The last few days I have been playing with hardscape. After a nice realization, I don't know why I decided to change things, and I end up with something horrible. So I stopped to...
  41. zanguli-ya-zamba

    Boil wood

    Hi members, I will soon start my new scape, I am now in the process of collecting hard scape, I already have substrat, wood and rock type (need to select and buy more). I would like to prepare my wood correctly for my tank. The wood I have Have been already use in previous scape but were out...
  42. zanguli-ya-zamba

    Suspension kit

    Hi guys, I have received my sunfluor light from NA, but the suspension kit that comes with, is not a quick height adjustable kit. It just have a screw a the the top wire, but you can imagine that if the light is hang from the "roof" that screw will be at 3,4 meter from the floor. So impossible...
  43. zanguli-ya-zamba

    Which one to select

    Hi I am in the process of looking hard scape for my NA 90x45x50 tank. I have took sand from Congo river, and passé it trough 3 different mesh to get the size of grain that would be good for aquascaping. First one was to remove the smallest grain just to keep the bigger one. The second mesh...
  44. zanguli-ya-zamba

    "NEW" PLANT Congo

    Hi members, Yesterday we went riding in the bush, and we passe trough a small river, where we stop to relax and refresh our self on that nice spot. With ukaps mind in my brain, of course I went around the river to check for aquatic plants haha. So by looking I have noticed that all the shore and...
  45. zanguli-ya-zamba

    JBL Regulator

    Hello members, I wanted to know what do you think about this regulator JBL PROFLORA m001 I currently have two of them, so wanted to have feedback from you as I start thinking that they are not very precise. Have you guys having problems with them best regards
  46. zanguli-ya-zamba

    NA 90X45X50 in DRC

    I just wanted to share my happiness with you guys. I just have receive a mail from NA portugal, with my tracking number for my order. I was very very pleased to see that my full set of NA will be in Kinshasa airport on friday morning, so if I can manage well I can take it out of the custom on...
  47. zanguli-ya-zamba

    Why do you spend so much time on UKAPS

    Hi Members, I know that most of you spend a lot of time on UKAPS, so I wanted to know why ? I spend a lot of time on our community (maybe too much haha), why ? Because every time I am on UKAPS I learn something or I build up more acknowledge on what I already know, I also like the sharing we...
  48. zanguli-ya-zamba

    New rocks. What do you think about it ?

    Hi members, This afternoon I went to buy rocks on the shore of the Congo river. I have found two different type of rock. People are going in the water and extract these to sell it. Do you think that these rock would have an nice effect in a scape ?? The first The second I hope that...
  49. zanguli-ya-zamba

    Holidays (BACK HOME !!!) DIATOM

    Hi guys I am at the airport leaving for 34 days of holidays ! Hope every thing will be okay ! Full clean plus 80% of water change yesterday new bottle of CO2, photoperiod of 5 h with one 36w bulb at 40 cm from the water ! Fingers are cross !! Hopefully I will have a nice gift when I come back ...
  50. zanguli-ya-zamba

    Prepare tank for holidays

    Hi every one, hope you had a good week end guys ? So in 10 days I am living the country for 24 days, and I wanted to know how to prepare my tank for these long holidays ?? I have someone who will come every days to feed the cats, but this person won't be able to do water change, and to put...
  51. zanguli-ya-zamba

    Liquid carbon bath

    Hi members, Yesterday I have put down my 70 G tank because I am living the country for 3 weeks. But I keep my 20 G tank running, I wanted to introduce some plants from the 70 to the 20 G but they have a bit of hair algae on it. Not much but I would like to "kill" them before they go in the 20...
  52. zanguli-ya-zamba

    Germination due to reduce light

    Hi guys I was wondering something. Since more than 2 weeks I have drop my light from 108 w to 54 w for 70 G. Since 5 days I can see that most of my Microsorum pteroptus leaves is sprouting a lot of new plants from above the leaves, and there is a lot of orange spot down there. I know that the...
  53. zanguli-ya-zamba

    NA MOVEL Elit cabinet

    Hi members I wanted to know of someone have this cabinet. Because I would like to buy it and like I can't see it physically I wanted to know : What are the dimension of the filter storage. What is the width of the door for that section of the cabinet. If I ask that it's because I have a FX 5...
  54. zanguli-ya-zamba

    What do you think about this rock

    Hi guys just wanted to have a feedback about this type of rock. Do you think the texture of this stone will be nice I can have exactly the same stone with the same texture, but with a greenish color like oxidized copper. Thanks
  55. zanguli-ya-zamba

    Is this BGA

    Hi guys I have been fighting this algae for more than 5 weeks. I think it was BGA so I started double dosing KNO3 and doing 2x50% water change, plus cleaning and substrate vacuuming (1/4 of the tank each week). But I still have this algae. So now I start thinking its not BGA. Here are the spec...
  56. zanguli-ya-zamba

    PROJECT : Congo planted tank

    Hi guys, I am living for holidays in one month for 23 days, so I will put down one of my tank. So I have been thinking last night about what would be the next scape, I couldn't sleep because of that :) . Until I found an idea ! I am living in Congo with an incredible biotope, I have already...
  57. zanguli-ya-zamba


    Hi guys I wanted to shear a video with you. for those who like extreme sport and for those who would like to see how is the congo river from the inside, there is a really nice movie about a kayaking crew that want to ride the strongest rapids of the world the INGA rapids on Congo River. It's...
  58. zanguli-ya-zamba

    ISTA Max Mix CO2 Reactor (Large)

    Hi guys, I was wondering if someone use or have already used this product ? Professional Aquarium Products in details Max Mix CO2 Reactor (Large) - ISTA I would like to switch from an up atomizer to this reactor for 70 G tank. ? My atomizer is no longer sufficient and mist is not as finer as...
  59. zanguli-ya-zamba

    CO2 in the intake of FX5

    Hi members, how are you guys ? I had two filters on my 70 G tank (FX5 and a 1100 L filter), I used to run an atomizer on the second one for my CO2 distribution, but this filter started to leak two weeks ago. Like the FX5 have completely different size of tubing I can't use my atomizer on it. I...
  60. zanguli-ya-zamba

    Turning off electrical devices with ph meter

    Hi guys I have read on barr repport forum that electrical devices (pump lights etc) can interfere with the reading of ph when using a electronic Ph meter. So I wanted to know if any one here turn off all electrical device when doing the ph reading. As it is on Tom forum I think it s a good tip...
  61. zanguli-ya-zamba

    Is this sans ok

    Hi every one I have to rescape my tank this week end and I was wondering if this sand is not too find for using it at is own for my substrate Thanks guys Cheers
  62. zanguli-ya-zamba

    200 Plants

    Hi members, hope you're all doing good ? I need a really important advice. tonight i am receiving 200 plants from a french web site. As you know where i live it is impossible to find locally plants for aquascaping. so a friend and I decided to order on one part more than a hundred plants form...
  63. zanguli-ya-zamba

    Up Atomizer problem

    Hi every one I have a up atomizer 12/16 on my outlet filter (fluval 305) with a working pressure of 2,7 bar. It is a new one running since two weeks now. My problem is that when I want to crank up the co2 instead of having a fine mist, I got a mist + BIG bubbles of CO2. And because of this I...
  64. zanguli-ya-zamba

    Slow Grow Island

    Hi every one Maybe some if you have seen that my first scape ( forest of Congo ) is finish since 4 days. I have decided to rescape it, and do a low maintenance tank. Unfortunately the same day I have inspected the cabinet, and due to my old filter leakage the cabinet is slowly collapsing ...
  65. zanguli-ya-zamba


    Just a shot that maybe will inspire some one for a scape. A shot took between Boma and maradi when we were landing at matadi
  66. zanguli-ya-zamba

    Resolved! Post a video with tapatalk

    Hi I wanted to know if it is possible to post a video using tapatalk ? If yes can you please explain me how to proceed ? Beat regards
  67. zanguli-ya-zamba

    Lava rocks as a biological filtration

    Hi, a friend of mine have a 900 L tank and he is using lava rock from a congolese volcano in his filtration. I was wondering if he can use this type of rocks for that purpose ? or it's not enough porous for that. the rocks he use are 4 to 6 cm diameter. and by the way he is also using the same...
  68. zanguli-ya-zamba

    Twigga Chemicals

    Hi guys, as you know I live in Congo and it's impossible for me to find aquarium product and ferts. I have to order it and make it come by plan in congo at the rate of 15 Euros/ Kg. that's what I was doing since more than a year. We have a Kenyan company here TWIGGA CHEMICALS that sales chemical...
  69. zanguli-ya-zamba

    Submerse and emerge plants in tropical pond

    Hello ukaps member, I wanted to show you some pic of a friend pond where we have started a month or less to grow aquatic plants. This is a test but it s going on the good track. We plan to put every species we have, like that we can stock plant and give space to our tanks and still keeping these...
  70. zanguli-ya-zamba

    DIY complete tank

    Hello This is not a guide or something like that. I just wanted to share my final work. Here is pic of my second tank 25 G. The cabinet , the light system , the tank are done by my self !!! Feel free to tel me what do you think about it. Light system is a bit big, because at beginning I...
  71. zanguli-ya-zamba

    ECA from ADA

    Hi every one, I wanted to know if some one have already use ECA from ADA ? I have 2 bottle of it, and I would like to know how can I associate it with my trace mix when I dose it ? Do I follow the recommended dose plus my trace mix dosing ? Or should I put a bit less than what they are...
  72. zanguli-ya-zamba

    Plant ID

    Hello, I have found this plant at the botanical garden of Kisantu 120 km from Kinshasa. They couldn't tell me the name of it ! You will see a pic of the plant growing in a pond near the water surface and an other pic of the same plant in a deep tank. Does someone knows that plant ...
  73. zanguli-ya-zamba

    Usine ATP water

    Hi , I was wondering if I can use directly the water from the tap to do my WC if I don't have livestock ?? I know that's a noob question haha ! But the only reason I don't do that, it's because after big rain here in Kinshasa the nation water society put some chlorine into theirs tank !! Some...
  74. zanguli-ya-zamba

    Kenyan inspiration

    This Xmas I was in Kenya. During the safari I took some pic that can maybe gives ideas for a scape. The Mara river Hope one day it could help some one Regards Zanguli Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  75. zanguli-ya-zamba

    Dymax Tropical 36 watt

    Hello, I am using 2x36 watt Dymax tropical on my 30 G planted tank, with CO2 and EI. First I was using 1x36 watt for 3 month or so, but growth was not very good so since 2 weeks I'm using the 3. I wanted to know if some one have already use Dymax Tropical light ?? Are they good for planted...
  76. zanguli-ya-zamba

    Resolved! Link to Tank Gallery

  77. zanguli-ya-zamba

    Butterfly barb

    Hello everyone, As you know I am living in Congo so for me it is suite hard to have fish that I wish !! I was looking for a group of 10 small fish for my second tank 50x45x45, It s running since 4 month now. I know I haven't put any pic of this tank but i will start a journal about it soon. So...
  78. zanguli-ya-zamba

    Discussion on water flow

    Hello, how you guys in the cold winter of Europe ?? Here in Congo we have very hot weather these days. So as my title says, i would like to open a debate about water circulation !!! If i have decide to open this thread it's because there are a lot of topic just on CO2 , or just on light, or...
  79. zanguli-ya-zamba

    Why my HC is doing that

    Hello my tank is set up since a month now 25 G, and since a week my HC is doing this flat branches. Can someone tell me why please. Here is a pic of the entire tank I have done the cabinet, the light system, and the tank my self !! I took this pic at night so you cannot see well the...
  80. zanguli-ya-zamba

    EI calculator

    Hi guys I have a 70 G tank and I have some problems in making my macro solution. I have different result of quantity in Grams with different calculator ( jame's, the nutrient company and yet an other nutrient calculator) Can some one help me please ? I would like to make a batch for a month...
  81. zanguli-ya-zamba

    African Rivers

    Hello every one I m starting a journal about rivers in Congo around the town of Kinshasa ! I will put pictures of these rivers as much as I can. I will also take info of the water chemistry of those rivers. I am doing this just to show to the world of aquascaping how rivers and their border are...
  82. zanguli-ya-zamba

    Forest of "Congo"

    Hello every one , Some of you know me since my presentation on this forum. I am living in Congo that's why I just call my tank forest of "Congo". I will put some pictures of the evolution of my tank! As we are going trough the time you'll see that the tank become a bit messy, this is because...
  83. zanguli-ya-zamba

    Hello From Congo

    Hi UKAPS members, I am Zanguli 27 years old living and born in Democratic Republic of Congo. i am keeping fish tank since i have 7 years old, and since more than year i am doing aquascaping. I have found your forum during research on the web. I am on your forum for more than a year now, and i...