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  1. justin85

    Redmoor root wood

    Hi all I need to find some large pieces of redmoor root wood, does anyone on here know a good source ? Tank size is 6x2x2ft Thanks.
  2. justin85

    Beams works LED - Anyone used this unit?

    Hey all, I am in the process of buying the last few bits to start another planted tank up, its going to be a carpet of HC cuba only, I might decided to add something in the background now sure. So I have a Co2 system, ADA aqua soil and Dry ferts at the ready, what I dont have is a light unit...
  3. justin85

    Fissidens fontanus or is it ?

    I have got some large moss growing off my redmoor root wood, It doesn't look like Fissidens which is all I added and wanted to see what you think it is.
  4. justin85

    my water parameters

    Just wanted to run my tank water parameters pass you guys before I order my fish. The tank is 3 weeks old, you can read more about it Here PH: 6 Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate 5ppm GH: 40ppm KH: 0 (No reading) The KH reading is the main one I want some advice on, is it normal to have a no...
  5. justin85

    Regulator issues.

    I have just purchased a TMC V2 Pressure Regulator Pro with Solenoid Valve which I didnt know was fixed working pressure (oh well), I am using a up atomizer with it. Now my issue is, I cant seem to get the bps how I want them! when it first comes on I set it to 1 / 2 bps no problem but after...
  6. justin85

    Lighting height recommendation.

    Hi all, How can I work out the correct height to have my led lighting from my tank? Here's my tank journal ( Click here ) my lighting specs are: 10x 3w Cree LEDs (6,500k) - they are hanging 33cm from the water surface and 64cm from the lowest plant which is Eleocharis sp. 'mini' I have...
  7. justin85

    Cyperus helferi going brown.

    I have a newly setup tank ( Read more here ) my Cyperus helferi is browning on the end of the leaf, is this normal when the plant is newly added to a tank or am i adding to much or not enough of something? Here's some details of what i am adding: 50% daily WC Ferts daily: ADA Brighty K (2...
  8. justin85

    Seachem purigen

    I am just about to setup my planted tank tomorrow, using aqua soil will kick off the cycle but will also supplement it with a 7 day course of seachem stability. When do you think it would be best to add seachem purigen to the filter, right away or wait till the end of the 1st week?
  9. justin85

    Co2 refills

    Hi all, Does anyone know of a place to get my Co2 bottles refilled in Birmingham area?
  10. justin85

    ADA Aqua Soil

    I have used it many times in the past, and I am in the process of setting up a new tank. In the pasted I have just added the substrate (power sand/aqua soil/powder) to the tan dry, but I have read that some people pre-soak it to remove the ammonia spike also to stop the cloudy water. What are...
  11. justin85

    Co2 regulator

    I will be running pressurized Co2 on my new setup once it flooded, and will be using a up atomizer. I need help with my regulator, I am not sure what to have it set as. I read 2.5 bars is where most people set there's but I can not tell from the numbers on my regulator where that would be.
  12. justin85

    R/O Unit

    I am thinking about getting a R/O Unit to prepare my water for my planted tank although I know nothing about the units and there is quite a lot of different types of R/O units on the market. Seen as there not cheap to buy I want to make sure I get the right one first time around, so can any one...
  13. justin85


    Could you help ID these plants (sorry about the picture quality) any idea's or guess's welcome
  14. justin85

    Plant Selection - What Would You Do ?

    Hi all, I in the process of setting up a new tank. Journal here - Justin's ADA 60p and would like to get your advice on what plants you would pick in the selected area's in the photo below. I will be attaching mosses to the redmoor root wood, but I have having difficulty picking the...
  15. justin85

    Dry Start Method questions and advice

    Hi all, I in the process of setting up a new tank. Journal here - Justin's ADA 60p I am really interested in trying out a DSM for this tank, mainly to attach my moss to my root wood before I flood the tank. I have never do this start method before so want to get it right first time. I...
  16. justin85

    Co2 regulator issue with up atomizer

    I was using this Co2 Regulator on my 55L planted tank about 6 months ago: Along side the up atomizer I had issues getting the correct bps and even had the whole 5kg bottle empty in to my tank while I was at work (killing all my fish and shrimp) Being a rookie when it comes to Co2 I could...
  17. justin85


    Can any one help me by naming the plants in this photo please, I can see a type of moss has been used but not sure what it is, also I am terrible with plant names and i.d ing them lol
  18. justin85

    plants I.D help please (also suggestions welcome)

    Hi I am in the process of setting up my ada 60p, and have decided to go with redmoor root wood and would like to try something like this: (the first tank in the video) Clearly my tank would be scaled down some what, But I like how the plants are solid around the root wood, but I don't...
  19. justin85

    Recommended Filter media

    Hi all, I am in the process of setting up my ADA 60P and would like to see what you guys think is the best filter media to achieve crystal clear water. My filter is a eheim 2217 and the media I have so far is: Standard blue sponge, ADA Bio Rio and Filter floss. Any suggestions welcome.
  20. justin85

    What material do you think I should use in my ADA 60P

    As the title says, I am in the process of settingup my ADA 60P (click here to see more) and I can make my mind up on what hard scape meterial to go for. I am going to start a poll to see what everyone thinks, so please feel free to leave a comment and/or vote.
  21. justin85

    Ei dosing Vs ADA Liquid Ferts

    I have ordered this: Ei Starter Kit - Dry Chemicals - Fertilisers 2 x 500ml Dosing Bottles 1 x 500g Potassium Nitrate 1 x 250g Potassium Phosphate 1 x 500g Magnesium Sulphate 1 x 250g Chelated Trace Elements But I also have: ADA Brighty K 250ml ADA Green Brighty Step 1 250ml ADA Green...
  22. justin85

    Justin's ADA 60p - NEW FTS (page4)

    WELCOME Tank: ADA Cube Garden 60-P: 60 x 30 x 36cm Cabinet: Custom made ADA Style cabinet (white) Lighting: Custom made LEDs 30w, Custom made reflector, Customised light stand + suspension kit Filteration: Eheim Professional 2 2026 external filter • Filtration Media: ceramic rings...
  23. justin85

    Resolved! Change my Signature

    How do I change my Signature ? I cant seem to find it.
  24. justin85

    Plant Selection - What Would You Do ?

    Hi all, I am in the process of setting up a 60L planted tank and would like to get your advice on what plants you would pick in the selected area's in the photo below. The tank will be high tech setup with custom made LED lights (by Ps3Steveo) pressurised Co2 and ferts (depending on the plant...
  25. justin85


    Im justin, 27 from birmingham. Been keeping tropical fish for about 4 years now started off with planted tanks ended up breeding discus for about a year then moved over to African cichlids but always kept a planted tank to and now I want to setup another planted tank and need some advice on...
  26. justin85

    Fishless cycle help

    I need to run the last 2 days of results passed you guys as something has happened I was not expecting. Ok, so as you can see i dosed the ammonia back up to 4ppm yesterday, and it has already gone back down to 0, wasn't expecting that, the other levels are sky high so I am guessing I should...