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  1. thewizardhunter

    Jewel Rio 240, Amazon, the Evolution.

    These are a few pictures showing the stages of my tank. After moving house I decided to treat fish and myself to a larger tank. Jewel Rio 240. I also thought I'd be artistic and call the aqua-scape "Amazon, the Evolution" The Photos show a week after setup to present i.e. a year and a half down...
  2. thewizardhunter

    My Planted Aquarium

    Hi guys, thought I'd share a feel pics of my planted tank with you. Dimensions 39" x 18" x 16"/100 x 45 x 40 cm Volume 180 l./40 gal./48 US gal. Aquarium details Used fishless cycling with king prawns. Tank fully cycles in 14 days. My record for a 180l tank. Thermometer was set to 28 degrees...