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  1. chr15_8

    Monte Carlo lifting

    Hi all, Done a water change on my tank and while giving the sand a quick vacuum I floating above my monte carlo carpet. Unfortunately some got successfully into the vacuum and it has now begun to lift. Any suggestions on how to get it back down? It has been in there for almost 2 months now so...
  2. chr15_8

    2 types of algea

    Hi My tank has been set up since about January. Within a week there was a dark/¹brown stringy growth on the wood. I assumed this would of went away but it has grown a little over the last 4 months. I haven't really had the lights on much as I only managed to put the plants in Tuesday. I...
  3. chr15_8

    Chilli rasbora numbers

    Hi all, I'm hoping to add fish shortly to my tank after planting it this weekend. I'm thinking of going for a shoal of Chilli Rasboras. The tank is 130 litre with about 25 litre of displacement due to the scape. I was thinking about 40 should be ok? Any suggestions on if I would need more or...
  4. chr15_8

    Plant dip

    Hi, I'm getting ready to start planting up a new tank very shortly. Previously years ago I used a thin beech dip mixed with water to kill any pests such as snails. Is there any guides on doing this or any shop bought dips available? This will only be for the removal of snails and the like...
  5. chr15_8

    External CO2 reactor or DIY

    Hi all, Wondering if anyone can recommend an external reactor? If not I'm considering a DIY reactor using a external filter booster as the base APS have one for £15 with 16mm inlet and out let. The external filter booster is basicly an empty external filter. Thanks Chris
  6. chr15_8

    Which substrate with seiryu stone

    Evening all. I'm looking for a substrate to go with Seiryu stone. I have my eyes on unipac nyasa sand which is in the picture below. I'm using tropica soil in raised sections but want to use a sand in the front and lower valley section. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks
  7. chr15_8

    3rd Attempt - Horizon 130 litre

    Hi all, So I've decided its time for a planted tank. Had my first planted tank about 12 years ago, more recently set up a small fluval flex which was low tech but thats now just home to some cherry shrimp and the 2 remaining fish from 4/5 years ago. The new tank is a Aqua One Horizon 130. Not...
  8. chr15_8

    Critique my hardscape 90cm scape

    Afternoon, Had a little play about with some rocks and wood today. Let me know you think. Sofa is to the right hand side of the tank which is the main viewing position with a door to the left hand side. I do plan to possibly add a second tier to the right hand side but not sure. Any...
  9. chr15_8

    Aqua Oak 76

    Afternoon all, I'm looking at getting an Aqua Oak tank from MA. The diemensions of the tank itself is 70cm(W) x 32(D) x 50(H) cm. My only concern is the tank seems very high compared to the depth. I was originally planning a custom built tank and having it 80x40x40. The tank from MA just...
  10. chr15_8

    Adding co2

    Hi Im thinking about adding co2 to my system. At the moment I dose Neutro T and Neutro liquid CO2. Im fairly happy with the results but thinking about changing a couple of plants and add a carpet of 'monte carlo' When I add co2 obviously I will need to drop the Neutro co2 but can I continue...
  11. chr15_8

    Low Tech Fluval Flex

    Hi Previously Ive had a 60 litre planted tank and then had a high tech 4ft planted tank about 8 years ago, I then made a switch to a couple of reef tank up until 2-3 years ago when I sold up due to lack of time. I've decided to give a low tech planted tank a try and below are my efforts so far...
  12. chr15_8

    Hi again from 8 years ago

    Hi all First post but I joined over 8 years ago. When I first signed up I had a 60 litre planted tank then went onto a high tech 4ft planted tank. Since then I've had 2 reef tanks but due to time had to give them up. A couple of week ago I bought myself a nano tank to get my fingers green...
  13. chr15_8

    Chris' 13 Gallons/60 Liters Planted Tank

    Hi all, first post on here but have looked at the site since it was on Tom Barr's website (didn't sign up on here as i had nothing to say/show).Its been about a year since my last proper planted tank which got scraped. Tank size L = 26inch W = 12inch H = 13 inch About 14 Uk Gallons / 60 Litres...