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  1. Eboeagles

    AZOO FLEXI MINI LED Light Fixture

    I'm still on the look out for a decent LED for my 60P that looks stylish and isn't just an ugly lump of plastic. My favourites by far are the Elos Elite 3 & 3L but the price is frankly ridiculous once you factor in the other bits you need for it. I'm still leaning towards an Aquasky but I'm...
  2. Eboeagles

    Tropica Aquacube - Coastal Path

    This is something I've been wanting to do for quite a while now, but not had the stones to make the steps - I've tried all sorts with varying degrees of success, but have recently found some miniature dry stone thats meant to build model walls etc from (I'm sad I know)... I guess the idea of...
  3. Eboeagles

    Going large (ish) with a 60P

    I've only had nano's so far and after collecting a few I've finally had the planning permission to go larger and thanks to Andy I'm now a proud owner of a 60P + accoutrements. Anyway I've been planning my layout for a while; basically bringing the rock together from 2 nano tanks + on the...
  4. Eboeagles

    Elos E-lite 3

    Has anyone had any experience of these units? They are the best looking light units I've seen and I'm thinking of going for the 3s on a new 60p 3s: http://www.elos.eu/productlines/lighting/e-lite3~19/e-lite3s~91.html#.UYYY74I3R4t or 3l...
  5. Eboeagles

    Mini Pellia/Coral Moss (Riccardia chamedryfolia)

    This is currently my favourite plant and I'm planning a new scape where I would like lots and lots of this as the main feature. However I've bought this twice now from a couple of different and very reliable sources. Both batches had hair algae or some a similar type of hairy algae and try as I...
  6. Eboeagles

    Hymenasplenium obscurum

    Anyone tried or have this? Details: 5 - 10 cm height Temp 20-30 ° C Normal light requirement pH 5.8 to 8 for soft and hard water to about 15 GH suited Hymenasplenium obscurum was until recently under the name Asplenium cf normal, a recent provision that assigns spleenwort Hymenasplenium now...
  7. Eboeagles

    Ty Canol Nature reserve South Wales

    During the bank holiday I visited the amazing Ty Canol Nature Reserve in South Wales which apparently has over 400 species of lichens and moss. My photography skills are pretty poor and I was only using my iphone & standard point & shoot camera, so I haven't really done it justice but all I...
  8. Eboeagles

    Moss ID help please

    I've had lots of different types of moss over the last year and now I'm more organised / experienced I'm trying to keep them separate so I don't end up with big balls of mixed moss again. So these are my current mosses - can someone help me ID them please? I'm assuming they should be xmas...
  9. Eboeagles

    can you use a solenoid on a small co2 set up?

    Has anyone ever used a solenoid with one of the small disposable CO2 sets? I have a solenoid that I bought off ebay a while back (Lunapet) but twice when I've tried it with my TMC 95g set it seemed to work fine on testing and setting up only for me to return after work to an empty bottle...
  10. Eboeagles

    Bumble bee / crystal black bee

    I want to get some of the above for my fluval iwagumi as I'm hoping the colour will contrast nicely with the sand & dragon stone & I think cherries will just blend in too much. Reading up though it doesn't look like they like hard water & obviously London water is very hard. Is anyone keeping...
  11. Eboeagles

    Fluval Edge Iwagumi attempt

    I've been quietly working away at my first Iwagumi but scared of sharing pics because I'm still a total newbie and can just about keep the hardy plants alive! So far my journals tend to not really be journals, more like a couple of posts of scapes with planting! I am however learning fast and...
  12. Eboeagles

    Geological photography

    stumbled upon this today on my iPhone Flipboard app. some beautiful geological photos and a lot of scaping inspiration: http://abduzeedo.com/geological-photogr ... fur-canyon
  13. Eboeagles

    Best sand to go with Dragon stone

    I want to rescape my Fluval Edge as an Iwagumi and after having it for about a year I'm fully aware of how difficult this will be. Therefore I've been looking to do an island surrounded by sand and looking around the web for inspiration has bought me full circle back to UKAPS and one of...
  14. Eboeagles

    Re: Shale Combe. My 20l - 2nd attempt. NEW LED LIGHT

    This is my updated 20L Dennerle nano - "Shale Combe" The original scape "A Japanese garden of Sorts" didn't really turn out how I planned, with the stems the only real plants that thrived and it just felt like a total mess... viewtopic.php?f=35&t=16382" onclick="window.open(this.href);return...
  15. Eboeagles

    The best nano filter?

    So I have a 20l Dennerle which is currently running a Azoo Hang on the back filter - Mignon filter 150: http://www.fish-fish-fish.com/azoo-mign ... r-150.html I like this filter, it's pretty small, looks more attractive than a lot of HOB filters I've seen and seems to do the job well. However...
  16. Eboeagles


    I love this site and check it every now and then. I guess a lot of you know probably know it already but today I noticed scapes from the Vietnamese aquadesign contest. The winner is absolutely stunning, although all of the ones shown look pretty amazing! Its from November so I could be...
  17. Eboeagles

    Rescaping tips - plant care

    I'm about to rescape, but want to use the majority of the plants I already have in the tank (mainly Blyxa, Postegmon and a couple of quick growing stems). I've done this before, but lost quite a few, mainly from stupidity and neglect. So before I start again I was wondering has anyone got any...
  18. Eboeagles

    DIY lighting using LED's

    So I'm thinking of making my own DIY hood - basically mixing and matching a few ideas that I've seen here and other places. My first thought is to go with LED's as it cuts out any major electrical work and I'm far from handy! However I'm still all at sea with LED lighting, knowing how much...
  19. Eboeagles

    Soleirolia soleirolii

    I have a lovely pot of Soleirolia soleirolii: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soleirolia_soleirolii which is a plant I have growing indoors in the kitchen, looking online it seems it can grow submersed in swampy areas! Anyone tried it? It's nickname is Baby Tears and isn't a million miles away...
  20. Eboeagles

    Diffuser positioning with a HOB filter

    Ive looked on the forum to see if I can find a thread about the above and I cant see one. So here goes... Currently my diffuser (I'm using a TMC aquago expert set) is positioned below my HOB filter (an Azoo Mignon 150) in my 20L Dennerle and I'm not really seeing much growth improvement. I've...
  21. Eboeagles

    Battery powered vacuum

    So I think these are probably a bit rubbish, and I'm obviously going to continue doing my weekly water change with my standard gravel vacuum, but I want something pretty small that I can use to clean my nano's in between the water changes without having to disturb too much and go through the...
  22. Eboeagles

    Cube Wars

    With the proliferation of the PAH cube on the forum: viewtopic.php?f=20&t=16036 and especially now that PFK are giving them away with subscriptions and following Sentrals Cube aquascape post: viewtopic.php?f=21&t=17035 I think that more and more people will be getting into the hobby via the...
  23. Eboeagles

    TV Tank

    You've probably all seen it as its pretty old, but I want one and surely it's a good way to slip another tank past the mrs!? http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2006/0 ... -tank.html Come on DIYers I want to see them on ebay!!
  24. Eboeagles

    Fissidens Geppii

    Anyone used it or seen it in the flesh? From the pics it kinda looks a bit like flame moss. http://www.adana-usa.com/index.php?main ... cts_id=400 They also have one called Fissidens Nobilis and Blepharostoma trichophyllum (mini Rose moss) - they all look pretty cool. Are these just different...
  25. Eboeagles

    Archaea Lights & shipping / nano lighting

    Right so I have the Archaea LED light fixture 17cm (clamp-on) which I love the look of etc and Im very happy with it in an aesthetic sense, however due to it being on my Dennerle 20l I'm not sure it's enough light - the Dennerle is 30cm deep. From all the searching I've done I just haven't...
  26. Eboeagles

    TMC Glass non return valve problem

    I have two TMC Expert sets - one of which I got new for £50 and the other used but off ebay for £10 - with the bottle still at least half full. Anyway having set them both up on each of my nano's (Its my first couple of weeks using Co2) I seem to be having problems with both glass Non return...
  27. Eboeagles

    Blue Green algae between between the substrate and glass

    So I think I have the above - it's been there a while but seems to be getting worse. I have a pic but have left my camera at home and its ADA Amazonia substrate. I've read on James' guide to algae that I should use dark tape to stop the light getting to it - which I will do this weekend...
  28. Eboeagles

    A Japanese Garden of sorts

    I'm about to embark on my new tank - a Dennerle 20l which will be my first fully planned and (hopefully executed) scape after fiddling constantly with my first tank. I've settled for the below rock layout which I hope will work with my planting plan, creating small natural looking terraces. I'm...