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  1. jpgomes

    Couple of newb questions re co2

    Hi @Raws69 What are your gauges reading? and what diffuser are you using?
  2. jpgomes

    Urgent advice needed

    Hi there, Do you still have the issue?
  3. jpgomes

    Co2art Spare Washer/Seal Replacement

    Hi @Tankless, With the Pro-Se you are going to need the sodastream adapter also. the reg comes with 2 washer but I would recommend getting the sodastream washers as well. In regards to the glass U bend, if your tank is rimless then it will look a lot nicer having a glass Ubend so that the co2...
  4. jpgomes

    Which way up??

    Hey Guys, to all who have placed the in line diffuser upside down, turn it the right way round so the logo is upright ;) If you need any help just drop by our web page www.co2art.eu we will be mor than happy to help!
  5. jpgomes

    Ready to buy

    @Dadofthree If you need any help with choosing the kit from CO2ART just get in touch with us over at www.co2art.eu. We will be more than happy.
  6. jpgomes

    Possible CO2 regulator issue?

    Hi Glen, Can you please get in touch with us through our support portal on the www.co2art.eu
  7. jpgomes

    Solenoid coil replacement

    Hi there, Got your message over at our CO2art site. We will take care of you there :)
  8. jpgomes

    Dennerle SCAPERS FLOW

    Hi there Al404, Thinking of geting this filter, hows it holding up? any good?