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  1. pariahrob

    How and what to feed celestial pearl danios

    They don't eat all that much. Mine didn't eat for a day or two then they happily took hikari micro pellets, blod word and daphnia. They are partial to a bit of tetra prima as well.
  2. pariahrob

    Feeding advice needed.

    Hi all, in my 300l tank I have a group of cardinal tetras, a larger group of rummy nose tetras and some sterbai. That wasn't a problem at feeding time, as the tetras all go mad for the prima. SOme of it made it's way to the bottom, which the sterbai enjoy, along with the sinking pellets I feed...
  3. pariahrob

    Oto's, are they eating my Willow Moss?!

    I've never seen mine eat moss before but I guess it could be them. I would have thought if they found something that tasty you'd always see them eating it. If there is easy food they don't like to leave it till it's all gone. You need a motion sensing camera to catch them in the act! :geek:
  4. pariahrob

    L046 Pleco

    Great timing. I'm thinking of one myself. I don't know a breeder but I have a seller I trust. I'm going to see him tomorrow so I'll ask for a price for you.
  5. pariahrob

    In praise of Oto's

    I don't think I could have a tank without them. Such great little personalities too.
  6. pariahrob

    Fish identification please.

    I don't know them myself but I'm not sure that's what it is judging by the seriously fish page for 'flying fox' http://www.seriouslyfish.com/species/ep ... alopterus/
  7. pariahrob

    Adding fish to aquarium - help please

    I said enjoyable! It's expensive enough as it is! I went in to see the LFS and he is keeping them in his tanks for a bit. I'll collect late next week. They look great by the way. Very vivid silver bodies with a hint of blue on top and lovely rich black skirts. He got in 12. Now I just have to...
  8. pariahrob

    Adding fish to aquarium - help please

    Thanks chaps. That's kind of what I 'felt' to be the correct answer but wasn't sure. This site is perfect for the less experienced of us and it's people like you guys who help make this as enjoyable a hobby as it is.
  9. pariahrob

    Adding fish to aquarium - help please

    Hi all, I've posted this in my journal but thought it might be sensible to add here in case different people see it. ok, so there seems to be a massive difference of opinion on the addition of new fish. If you didn't know I had what seemed to be a white spot problem but I treated it with...